Friday, July 27, 2007

Photo Hunters : Creative

photo hunters

Today's topic is Creative.

Introducing the cute and adorable Wheat Grass Baby (from Cameron Highlands)..

The Final Product after several days - The Hairy Grass Baby with long, spikey green-coloured "hair".. The person who invented the Wheat Grass Baby is indeed creative.

p/s:The sampat Winn joked with me 2 years back regarding the grass babies. She mentioned that Svenson and Yun Nam Haircare can adopt this grass baby as their spoke person. LOL

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Kenny Ng said...

Can eat or not? :P So creative la u

carcar said...

c a r c a r says:
c a r c a r says:
me hungry now

chen says:
go eat grass


chen says:
eat 3 spoonful

Chen said...

Can made it into wheat grass drink kua. Hahhahaa...

Abuthen, need to cut the poor baby's hair liao if that is the case.. Instead of having long, spikey hair, now the grass baby become botak baby liao leh. Cannot become Swenson and Yun Nan Haircare Product spokeperson liao..

sampat lah u ...
copy and paste my craps :P
Enjoy your eating grass session woh

Will said...

so sampat :P

Leonard said...

aiyo.. so cute... i thought it was giant mushroom! :)

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

That is very creative, lol. I plant wheat grass in my yard.
Happy Photo Hunting!

CRIZ LAI said...

Cool and cute! That’s real creative. In no time it's going to be a porcupine. Happy Weekend!

angel said...

why no grass grow on ahboy geh?? that wan lagi creative wor... kkkkk...


Chen said...

no more liuliuliu?
nowadays u start sampat-ing too?
soon, u will become the sampatest wan liao :P

Giant Mushroom ah? o.O
hehehhhee.. i never thought of that
YEah, the grass baby is indeed cute. The first time i came across it was 2 years back in 2005 in the Cactus Valley in Cameron Highlands :)

Vegan Momma,
That's cool. This is the only wheat grass "plant" i have throughout all these years :)

Chen said...

criz lai,
Hahhaha, The hairy creature definitely needs trimming. Else the hair will resemble bush or as u mentioned, porcupine.. LOL

Have a great weekend :)

*faint kaw kaw*

Sampat lah u :P
Ah Boy is not plant leh..
how to grow wheat grass?

can we plant & grow money ah?
That would be interesting :D

mistipurple said...

loctor, invent $$ plant leh.


Bengbeng said...

this is really cute n creative

Jemima said...

Do you have to trim the grass? :p :p :p

Happy weekend, Chen. :D

Anonymous said...

Never seen anything like that before, but it's cute. I would want one! That is very creative. Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend.

Liz said...

Very cute!

Tina said...

What a creative idea. Want one, too. :-) Happy Hunting and and have a nice weekend.

jams o donnell said...

Hey that's a great idea. Looks cutre too! Happy weekend

tegdirb92 said...

wow, what a great idea!! creative.

mousey said...

that is really an amazing and creative.

Jonzz said...

LOL, wah, they use wheat grass!

So healthy and creative. I assume you use the wheat grass right?

Dana said...

very creative. enjoyed it. happy hunting.

Wennnn said...

very cute thingy to put in the kitchen to let it grow grow

L B said...

*sends you big big wet wet hugs from Kota Kemuning*

eve said...

Ingenius...So how long did it last?

mistipurple said...

*sneaks in....* *runs out*

may said...

I'd love to have your Wheat Grass Baby. looks much healthier than my plants, aitelyu! I think I'm killing them all one by one... *sigh*

eastcoastlife said...

Oh this is so cute! Where to buy? Must go Cameron Highlands ar? I get motion sickness going up a hill. :(

Doreen said...

Wah, unlimited supplies of wheat grass drink wor. nice ler. Sooo cute can eat! Hehehe

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Ch - ch - ch - CHIA pet! :-)

Looks like those things they used to advertise all the time.

Blur Mommy said...

Very cute!! They sell this in Cameron Highlands??

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


Cocka Doodle said...

They could have been more shaping the wheat grass baby like a kkj.
So....when the grass grows it definitely looks awesome!

a^ben said...

wahahahha~ so cute the thing`

and that winn always got the wackiest idea` so sampatt can die one wheat grass` ahhahaha!!!

Lynn said...

Lol, brings back memories. This used to be popular in the 90s. I think they were called grassheads. I have two of these. :)

ehon said...

very the creative! lol!

next time u invent err.. grow money one ok?!

Chen said...

hehhhhee... If i is capable to invent such a plant, i will stop working liao.. Kkkkkkk

beng beng,
Yeah, and very cute too. Is it available in Sibu? I can't remember seeing it in Sarawak...

Yeap, need to trim the grass, else it will grow like jungle. But I dun have green hands. Hahahha, I only manage to keep the plant for few weeks :P

Yeah, the grass babies come in different sizes and shape. There are small little ones too. Cute and adorable :)

Chen said...

hehehe.. very cute and adorable.. with different sizes, shapes and designs :)

I bought three back home. The wheat grass babies are available in different sizes, shapes and designs.

jams o donnell,
Yeah, indeed. This is the second time I bought the grass babies :)

I love the grass babies too. It can bring smiles :)

very eye soothing, huh? :D

Chen said...

I use it for deco purpose only. Trimmed the grass occasionally on and off before the plant died of eventually... :)

I'm lovin' it too.
Eye soothing and adorable :)

Hehehe, I placed it next to the sink in the kitchen. Cute leh watching the grass grow especially in the first few days :)

I was blurred for few seconds thinking where was Kota Kemuning earlier on, Then I remembered...
Hahahaha, so sotong, huh? :P

*Sampat Hugs*

Chen said...

How long did it last ah?
Few weeks only leh..
Short life span, huh? :P
But indeed it's fun watching it growing..

Wah.. playing hide & seek game here ah? Kkkkkk.. u r the 3rd one tagging me with the one million dollar tag liao :D
TQ TQ for letting me day dream with the huge amount of $$$ :D

My wheat grass baby also didn't last long. Few weeks only the life span. Hehehe.. Likely i dun have green fingers kua :D

p/s: I think my alien furry plant is still alive, despite being neglected for months :P

Chen said...

I bought the grass babies twice from Cameron Highlands. Dunno whether it's available elsewhere? So far I didn't see it in Penang yet. Dunno whether it's available in KL or Singapore. Might be u can look out for it :)

Hahhaha... I used it for deco only, and kept it in the kitchen next to the sink. Trimmed the "hair" or the grass few times before the plant died eventually.. LOL.

Hehhee, i never heard about CHIA pet. Let me google & see what issit about.

Hahaha, now I get what u mean. Those CHIA pet are indeed cute :D

Chen said...

blur mummy,
Yeah, I got mine from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Bought the grass babies twice. The first time in 2005 and the second time in 2006.

woof meow,
Dunno whether the grass babies are available in Penang or not? So far I haven't come across it yet in Penang.

*faint kaw kaw*
Cocka is indeed Cocka !!

The "U rated" grass babies now become "18SX" rated liao.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

eh, got...

saw them b4...jusco kat queensbay got...

but not as big as the 1 you`re showing 1 laa...


Chen said...

very chu bee leh..
Issit available in Kuching?

Winn is always the most sampat or sampatest one mah... That is the known fact liao, but don't say out so loud woh..

Shhhhhhhhh.. Since she said she in the most innocent one woh. Shhhhhhhhhh...

Wow, it is available for so long already? Great... I only come across it recently, and love it at the first sight :D

hahahahha.. If i can invent a grow $$$ one, I will quit my job liao and shake leg kaw kaw liao leh... :P

Chen said...

woof meow,
Oohhh, it's now available in Penang liao? I never been to Queensbay Mall yet. Hahhahha, hard to believe leh..

I saw the smaller version in Cameron Highlands too. Similar as the size of ping pong balls. It came with several different shapes and designs too.

Karen said...

That is just so incredibly cute!

meeyauw said...

OMG I love those! Where do you get them? They would be so good for my indoor cats.

Dragonheart said...

Cute and creative. :) I wonder if the hair is good to eat?

Redsponge said...

eh..tell u hor...some pink creature something like that also wo..but ho...her grass nvr grow like urs ler...

sigh...i think memang no plant like her lo.

*wondering will she read this..mmm*

Vader's Mom said...

So cute! Great idea for the week.

giddy tiger said...

I had something like this before. it died, unfortunately..after the hair grew out :(

day-dreamer said...

I always wanted to own one of these...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

avail long time liao...but maybe due to no demand, hard to find lor...

1 small small pokok hor, for ard RM10 ++ lor...

Paulie said...

Creatively cute!

Come see mine.

Chen said...

Hehehe, there's another smaller version of the same stuff but the size of table tennis ball.

Yeah, i lup the unique "plant" too.
I bought the grass babies (3 of them altogether) in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

I never showed it to my doggy. Sked he might destroy the plant.. LOL

Hehehhe... never chew on the "hair" yet. They look too cute to be eaten ;)

Chen said...

red sponge,
The pink creature mia plant always dun grow wan.. Hehehe... She finally finished reading her pom chak chak hairy potter book liao and likely she now busy pak toh kua?

or busy Zzzzzzzzz... :P

vader's mum,
Hehehe, cute and adorable little plant. Too bad it only had short life span..

giddy tiger,
Hehhhehe... yeah loh, hard to "keep the plant alive" for long. Mine lasted for few weeks only..

Chen said...

day dreamer,
It's interesting to watch the grass or the hair growing initially.. Especially the few few days. Hehehhe... I even took photo of the "progress" daily in the past ;)

woof meow,
It's much cheaper in Cameron Highlands but I forget the exact price liao.. but it's definitely less than RM 10.

very adorable indeed :)
I love your turkey disguises too..

YTSL said...

Greetings from a Malaysian who's currently out of the country --

Have you ever heard of a "chia pet"? They were all the rage in the US a while back and that's what I got thinking about when I saw your wheatgrass baby! :b

rinnah said...

I didn't know it was wheat grass... I thought is was just some kind of normal grass!

_butt said...

omg! soo creatively cute! looks like a cross between a porcupine and a turtle. or a turtle with porcupine's quills on its back. lol

Chen said...

Hi, Thanks for dropping by.

I dunno about Chia Pet earlier on until another commentor leaves a comment about Chia Pet in this post. I googled about it and finally get to know what issit about. Didn't get to see Chia Pet in Malaysia yet :)

I read from the box/container mah. Written there those are wheat grass :)

Turtle with porcupine's quills ah? Hehehhe.. u r very creative leh to come up with such idea. I never thought of it that way :P

Simple American said...

Ah Boy is not jealous?

Chen said...

I presume Ah Boy didn't notice the grass baby kua, since I placed it high up, next to the sink in the kitchen :D

Winn said...

wah u still remmeber!! i forget jor lorrrrrrrr:P

Chen said...

Those interesting & sampat facts, I die-die also will remember wan. Hahahahha