Sunday, July 29, 2007

Longkang Date

*Warning : Sampat & Cheong Hei Post*

The story started with the unfortunate porky foot in a foreign land. Those who still catch no balls can read the details here.

The following day... Meeting Angel & LB. We found a new way of eating Vinegar Pork Knuckles, not with rice but together with Duck Egg Char Koay Teow. Geng leh? The dreadful hot weather was back. So hot can die.. We all minimise talking to prevent dehydration and to avoid from pengsan. After lunch, it's time to tapao Penang Assam Laksa, lormaikai, siew mai and one big curry puff for the injured ECL.

The happy (and hungry) ECL savouring the hot and spicy penang assam laksa inside the 1st class air conditioned room, and summore on the bed. So syiok.. Summore with free room service. We had a free demonstration how she hopped around in the room (Reminds me of the kangaroo. Shhhhhh...)

Following that, it's time for free show. Watching the free demonstration of the hilarious and stylish synchronised Olympic G Hotel Pool swimming. So funny can die. And we almost witnessed a free stripping show in the pool. Tick Tock Tick Tock... It's time for the "Add Salt" shopping trip. Mmmm.. The Giordano Outlet doesn't provide free salt, but they are generous enough to provide the priceless free "Air" with the split giordano polo (good to wear in hot weather mah, so thoughtful, huh?). Hahahahaha...

Visiting StarBucks is a MUST - somehow there was an unexpected magic show, and the supposedly tea was transformed into chocolate drink, courtesy of.. you know who.. Hahhaha. There were 3 antisocial people, sitting together at one table - never talk to each other but busy surfing online with the free WiFi. The story continues... and the highlight was the Small One hah, Not Big One joke. And not forgetting the "Ah Girl who walked to and fro several times in front of Star Bucks (She lost her way kua?).

Following that, it's the Lomantic Gurney Drive dinner.. The Emperor really brought rain to Penang. While we were happily eating Lormaikai, the 2nd class Penang Assam Laksa, savouring Penang Rojak (with the mysterious tungku?), Sweet Apom and slurping Soya Bean drinks, it started raining cats and dogs raining Liucat and Ah Boy. Stormy, stormy night, which doesn't stop someone from camwhoring.. We can still drool at the Lok Lok as Angel and I stood next to the Lok Lok stall for almost half an hour waiting for the rain to stop. Such a wet and sticky night... And the makan trip continued.. Loh Bak and Tofufah. I can heard someone echoing hungwee hungwee from afar in the middle of the night. MORE FOOD !!!!

The following morning is the Dimsum day in town - Lormaikai, Hor Yip Fann, Har Kau, Siew Mai, Char Siew Pao, Fei Chu Yoke or Sio Tu Bak and several dunno wat name weird stuff. Egg Tart and Yam Puff was out of stock woh... Bawl.

With hor yip fann and lormaikai fighting sitting side by side. Who is the ultimate winner?

Since no tungku siew pai kuat, Ah Boy had his fair share of Char Siew Pao & Char Siew Bun in return. And not only that....

He gets a free session of whole body massage leh, tickling and scratching and massaging.. courtesy of Angel and LB. Si Beh Syiok..

The long awaited Longkang Laksa Date finally arrived- a date which was planned since 2006. Long queue awaiting for the yummy treat in Air Itam Market... Luckily we dun have to squat by the longkang to savour the 1st class laksa, which goes well together with the Kepala Kelapa aka Coco-nuke drink.

Curry Mee? Ais Kacang? Nope... Must reserve some space in the single compartment tummy for Penang Road famous Teochew Chendol. How nice if we have 4 compartment tummy, as the MOo MoO? Tapao 2 more packets of mouth watering laksa back to the hotel.. And one big bunch of Penang Rambutan. Too bad have to give a miss to the lao hao sui Balik Pulau Durian.

After we hantam the famous Penang Chendol off Penang Road, the sky 'changed colour' within few minutes - which resembles chameleon. Good Bye to Mr Sun and a reluctant Hello to Mr Rain. Thank God we managed to reach the car on time before it started pouring, else will be soaked in the rain once again. The uplifting her koh smell inside the car and the lift.. And not forgetting the "phantom" durian incidence in the lift.. Really See Ghost. Kkkkkk.. Nope, we didn't tapao liulian back to the hotel :P

Another session of sampat Mono-The-Poly game on Palm Tx. We played the similar game almost a year ago, except this time Maymay was not around. Too bad... The defending champion struck again.*Ahem*, *paiseh*. Abuthen, that was a 101% fair game, guarantee no ti(p)u wan and no see ghost. Scottie Dog token really brings luck, that's why i always choose it as my token for Monopoly - my all time favourite ;)

Awaiting for Bernard from Sg Petani to join us for dinner. Somehow, he got stuck with an emergency surgery - Laparatomy for Mesenteric Artery Embolism. The supposed 7 pm dinner appointment had to be postponed till dunno when.. This time the lapar-atomy really made us lapar kaw-kaw liao. Tick Tock Tick Tock.. Everyone was super hungry liao.. The emperor had no choice but to beg for few rambutans from ECL's hubby. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk....

Called Bernard at 9 pm and found out he had just finished his case, but he was still inside ICU in Sg Petani. He suggested we had our meal first while waiting for his arrival, in an hour's time. It's time to sampat inside Chili's and have gastro resuscitation while waiting for Bernard's arrival. The exhausted Bernard nearly tripped on arrival when we waved at him from inside Chili's. He was too happy kua? or too hungry? or too tired? Luckily he didn't injured his leg, else really no eyes see.

Another session of crapping but we were not the most noisy wan, since there was an ongoing live drama next door... Someone was tempted to take photo of the explosive scene and blogged about it but too bad she was sitting and facing the opposite way. And not forgetting the Tu Kar talk before we finally called it a day.

* No See Ghost
but at least get to see the Pork Knuckles...
* No Ice Blended Durian
but at least get to smell the durians from afar (so far yet so near)...
* No sinful Gourmet Bak Kwa
but at least get to taste the plain soup BKT with sam chan yoke...
* And No Flying Peanuts either...


may said...

I know who's foot that is!
I know who's hand that is!
I know who's PDA that is!


when my turn jek...

Jemima said...

Wah!!! Must remember to go on a diet first before making a trip to Penang.

All those delicious food.. how to resist? :p

Chen said...

u recognise the sampat foot
u recognise the sampat hand too
and weeeeee... u recognise the sampat pda as well..

u turn will come soon kua..

heheheh.. coz we live to eat, not eat to live. But can't eat all those food too frequently lah. Nowadays I took my meals (dinner, of course) at home most of the time :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wuuuaaaahhh....i now really hungry can die lor..

jiejie makan dim sum at big tong ya? keke...


*pengsan* cuz too hungry...-.-

eastcoastlife said...

"Hello SQ, I want to book a flight to Penang this Friday! Economy class is full!? Give me Business class!"

hahaha.... it was an unforgettable holiday for me!

aiyooo... seeing so much yummy Penang food, I hate until teeth itch itch! 恨得牙痒痒!

Thanks Dr Chen for visiting me so late at night to check on me and bring me dinner, taking care of my tummy too!

I also want to thank LB and Angel for their concern and generosity (more food and lotsa laughter)! Keeping me in mind in whatever they do! kekeke....


mistipurple said...

wish my stomach got many compartments also. i think i will have to tapao most things back to hotel to slowly savour, right into the night! kkkkk.
so happies you all enjoyed your break and amidst great company!

Chen said...

woof meow,
u always go for 'big fish big meat" wan mah.. so u won't die of hunger wan.... hahaha

LOL at the translated name "Big Tong". Yeah, yr guess correctly. u always makan there I presume? Else how u recognise the place without me mentioning the name? :P

You are mostly welcomed :)
Likely that won't happen if Jaymes is accompanying u. Hahhahaha...
And remember to watch your steps next time liao. Hehhehe...

I presume G Hotel's staffs will remember u for long time :P

U were once a cow, right? Likely there are several compartments in your tummy liao. LOL

Miss my fresh supply of milk daily.

day-dreamer said...

Wahseh... so syiok!!!

Actually, ter kar cho can go with almost anything la. Hahahaha!!

mistipurple said...

mooooo moooooo lai liao.. come squeeze come squeeze.. self service. *grins*

angel said...

WAH LIAO EH! You really can write report... see, I knew that you are a FULL TIME BLOGGER and PART TIME DOCTOR! kkkkkk...

Next time we play Mono-The-Poly, the winner must strip! YES! Must! Must! What? Donwan?? Cannot... must want... you think everyday you get to strip arrr??? kkkkkk :p LB sure agree wan...

Eastcoastlife! We won't forget this holiday either... thank you for being you! WE MISS YOUUUUU!!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
u know wat? When i first glance through your comment regarding ter kar cho, i wonder how come u talk about teh kor leh, rupa-rupanya I salah tengok. Hhahahha...

Abuthen, tu kar cho still taste the best with steaming hot white rice :P

Hahhahha, we will have our daily supply of fresh milk again since the COW is back in action :P

Hahaha, now i very lazy liao, i only wrote the report a week later. Luckily my memory didn't fail me, and I can still recall part of the events :P

The winner of the Mono-The-Poly gets to strip others ah? Hahaahha, good also hoh? Let's see who I can made to strip :P

*HUNGWEE liao* kkkkkkkkkk....

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wer got "big fish big meat" ler...begining of the month, can laa...but towards the end of the month,really "chiak kaki" liao...=(

anyway,not always makan at there but the "plates" and the red chinese letter tells me so...hehe...=P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

and and...its Sunday ya? =P

Monk[+]Icon said...

whoaa.. that's like a fun fille day with kao kao hyper makan activities.. . lokter.. when wanna come down again for makan makan ah?

zeroimpact said...

I thought it was too familiar
Read bout it in ECL and then find so many similarities around the other blogs
Great great great food
Now, next trip had gotta be penang

ehon said...

apuuu!! FOOD FOOOOOOD!! Loktor, I want fooood! :( boooo.. so near yet so far... I want the CKT and the pork leg! said...

I belum have breakfast leh.
More and more hungry liao

Will said...

hahaha someone kena bankrupt :P

Bibik Nyonya said...

aiyoh....i just can't get enough of Ah boy.....bugger is SO cuuuttee! Ha ha ha!

Biby Cletus said...


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Warm Regards from India

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carcar said...

i saw her feet and his hand! right?


nice photo u have here. all lovely and nice.

i met up with ECL liao, she is a super nice lady! hehe, i like her!~

Doreen said...

Aiyo, look at those food! I just had my dinner and now hungry again liao. Dim sum there all use metal basket one is it? why don't they use those original bamboo basket? cleaner is it?

rinnah said...

*copy may*
I wanna go Penang too!
I wanna stay in G Hotel too!
I wanna tickle Ah Boy too!

When my turn jek...

_butt said...

wow wow wow... I am soooooo jealous... glorious foods, warm happy merrily gathering... and hugable loveable ah boy! someday when we meet, I shall hug him tight tight haha

it was really nice :)

*laugh at angel's score on monopoly*


Chen said...

woof meow,
At least u big fish big meat more than me. Hahhahah.. I seldom eat out leh, not like u all :D

Hahhaha, u even can remember which plates are from which eating outlet? LOL... Yeah, it's Sunday, that's why it's full house. Well, other normal days i'm working mah, so won't have time to go for dim sum in the morning.

All those events happened not in a day leh. It's over the weekends ;)
I will go to KL again in September, but unsure of the date yet. Either early or end of September loh..

yes, very familiar indeed.
just tat everyone put it in a different way, and i did the round up summary :D

See u in Penang then :)

Chen said...

Coz we live to eat mah, not eat to live. This is the modern life philosophy. Very true, right? Hhahahha..

When u wanna come Penang? We can go jalan-jalan cari makan then :D

I haven't have my dinner too leh.
Didn't have breakfast today. Eat brunch instead. Now i hungry liao...

Who bankrupt ah?
The one who lost in Mono-The-Poly game ah? hahahha..

Chen said...

bibik nyonya,
Ah Boy is indeed a cute & adorable doggy. He is cheeky at times too.
And his big round eyes, and the pathetic look - the usual trick he plays when he wanna begs for food.. LOL

bibi cletus,
Thanks for dropping by. Hope u enjoy your visit here.

Will visit your blog soon. Hope u have a wonderful week :)

Yeah, her feet and his hand, not the other way round. Kkkk...

now looking back at the photo, i feel like eating the longkang laksa again. Really lao hao sui leh..

Did u bring durian when u visited ECL? Kkkkkk...

Chen said...

Different shops or restaurants use different methods to serve dim sum. Some uses plates, some uses metal container, some uses bamboo basket.
I dunno what is the reason behind ah. I just hantam the dim sum only :P

depends on when u wanna come to Penang loh. Ah Boy awaiting u with BBB leh. Hahahahhha...

i'm still waiting..
waiting, waiting, waiting..
bila u nak mari Penang jek? :P

Shhhhhhhh... don't laff at Angel lah. Later she angeri then i dunno liao (transform from Angel to Anger) :P Kkkkkkk...

Besides being hugged tight-tight, Ah Boy wants food and massage too :P

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, how come picture #8 has a big red 粗口 writing on the wall one ?

Simple American said...

I wish I could have been antisocially wifi hogging with you at Starbucks.

Would have loved tickling ECL's toes.

And dun forget to dive in the laksa and dim sum.

One of these days doc!!!

angel said...

Yerrrrrr... those two laugh at my bankruptcy wan...

*grrr...shows gigi*

ps: Hungweeeeee... *real wan...*

zewt said...

the chest pain is back... despite me not coughing anymore... but it's strange... only in the morning and when i crunch myself... after that, the whole day it's gone.

slurp! said...

eat & eat, how many kilos extra now?
or you can share share yout secret recipe to maintain the weight ah LOLz

AceOne118 said...

I miss Penang food!!! Arghhhh!!!!

Bernard said...

Uahh... sorry for keeping you guys LAPAR.

But then horr.. looking at all the food you'all had on the day before... mebbe you deserve to fast a little bit liao. Hahaha. ;-)

Ish.. making me drool again. Not only at the food but also at the company :-)

And I didn't slip la outside Chilli's ... just showing off some fancy footwork ;-)

JL said...

what a long and interesting date... BTW who ter-strip? :P

Will said...

cooknengr: i went back to the post and look at the picture as you mentioned... the word is 席, not the word you're thinking of... hahahhaaha

eve said...

After reading this entry..i no nid makan oso pau much food can die..kakkakakka

Leonard said...

phew, really a long winded post!

most importantly is that all of you enjoyed yourself no matter rain or shine!

eastcoastlife said...

I miss Penang! I miss the food! Most of all, I miss the times with Angel, Bernard, Chen and LB!

Chen said...

Might be someone wanna paint the town red? Hahhaha... I didn't notice the wordings on the wall earlier on. Too busy eating and chomping the dim sum :D

Everyone is waiting for your grand visit to South East Asia. Heheheh.. Yeah, one of these days... Hopefully that day will arrive soon? KFC ~ Keep Fingers Crossed :)

Kkkkkk... Me bad, Me laff at u too
Piaks self :P

Wah.. beautiful gigi woh.
U brush teeth using which toothpaste ah? Colgate? :P

p/s: Me hungwee too leh.. Wanna eat Penang Fruit Rojak :P

Chen said...

There are several causes for chest pains. Better to have a proper medical check up to have an ease of mind :)

Thank God no extra kilos yet. Actually we didn't eat a lot, not that much. At normal times I eat very little nia :)

p/s: I wish I have that secret recipe too, so that can continue makan & makan... Hehhehe

Pay a visit to Penang soon? Then u can sapu whatever things u want to makan ;)

Chen said...

luckily u only have to do one laparatomy. If more laparatomy, sure we more lapar liao.. Hhahahha..

Someone already complain hungry, hungry the night before leh.. How to fast lidat? LOL...

Might be when u meet up with ECL in the future, u can "show off" your fancy footwork again. Hahahhha. She will sweat on your behalf :P

The one who almost ter-strip is someone that we dunno of. We just kay poh looking and enjoying the scene in the swimming pool :D

Hehehe... u so sampat, go back and look at the picture again. :P

Chen said...

Good huh lidat, can get full by just looking at the picture. Save $$ to buy food liao.

Hopefully u won't put on weight by just looking at the picture leh. Hahahahahha..

cheong hei once in a while is still acceptable and considered alright. If cheong-hei too frequently, then.. Mmmmm... then no eye see liao :D

Yeah, most importantly is the good company ;)

I miss you all too. Abuthen, there is always next time. We can always meet up again in the future ;)

Will said...

chen chen, he say got vulgar word mah... i didn't noticed, so mah go back and see the pic again lor :P

Chen said...

that's why u r sampat loh..
hahahhaha :P

zewt said...

i went to the gym today and certain movement and certain exercise seems to make it worse...

anyway, i have yet to find the time to go see a doc.

L B said...

Waaaaaaa, you wrote an Epic Novel ka?!!! Kakaka, very well written too! Even things I have forgotten about as well. Now, I've forgotten about them already. Have to reread again later!! LOLOL!! Sampat till pengsan!

L B said...

I miss you toooooooo.......

Chen said...

it might be due to muscle or soft tissue or cartilage related disorder, but still it's better to have a proper medical check up. Hope u can find time to do so :)

I also cannot believe I so cheong hei leh.. Unbelievable. Hahhaa... Too bad I can’t include everything inside :P

Wanna press replay button..
But.. WAIT.. this time I forgotten to take video clips !!
How can that happened???
The aftermath of too sampat till lupa kaw kaw about this..

Mischu :D

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