Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One Million Bucks @ 一百万

Wenn, Dancing Queen and Misti wanna know what I will do if I have 一百万.

If I have one million bucks, I will...
- Quit that damn job? (hehehhe..., how i wish, but at least can stop working temporarily)
- Plant some of the Moolah, $ grows $ mah...
- Invest in.. Dunno what yet, let me think-think first...
- Simpan kat Bank (not Piggy Bank nor Monopoly Bank and definitely not underneath the pillow)
- Go Jalan-jalan & cari makan.. See see look look, 吹吹风..
- Buy more gadgets
- Pay off loans
- Share a portion with my loved ones
- Donate a portion to those in needs
- Humming joyfully this sampat 一百万 hokkien song

* I wanna know... What will these two little boys (namely Ehon and Ben Ben) do if they have one million bucks...

一百万 (黄一飞)

若是我有一百万 一百万
我有一百万 一世人就轻松
无讲无人知 讲到真 paiseh
吃甲彼呢大汉 搁不曾坐飞机
打拼彼多年 无车无厝搁无爱人
看人娶某搁做生意 有钱搁有势

若是我有一百万 我要坐飞机 我要游世界
若是我有一百万 我要买车买厝山珍甲海味
若是我有一百万 一百万
若是你有欠用钱 开嘴免客气

若是我有一百万 我要坐飞机 我要游世界
ITALY 饮 Coffee 路边吃 Spaghetti
若是我有一百万 我要买车买厝买店来收租
间间免做工 带狗去散步
若是我有一百万 一百万
若是你有欠用钱 开嘴免客气

若是我有一百万 一百万
十千八千拿去用 免还嘛无问题
若是我有一百万 一百万
念白:Wai, 朋友啊,你想一百万真多啊!


Pink Cotton said...


go look see look see ah???
i cling to both your legs tightly then u hv to bring me also!

_butt said...

Belanja us who commented here makan! Have a kenduri! yay!! :P

Will said...

actually these days 1 mil is not that much after all... blame inflation lah...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hehehhe... lidat also can? u cling to both my legs, then how u expect me to walk woh? Sure PK kaw kaw liao if lidat... Hhahahhaa

Sure, no problem. Hard to earn one million bucks if makan gaji niah.. unless i open my own biz or do something different :D

yeah, although we can't buy much properties with one million bucks, but it's still a big amount of $$$, provided we spend it wisely :D

Will said...

from what you post... seems like you're not too happy about your current job wor :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Fooowah!! Why so ngam wan??
Both of us posted the same song!
Great minds think alike hor?
Yay! I'm beginning to think like a doc, and you are starting to think like a cock(a)! Muahahahaha!!!

Chen said...

if got money, sure dowan to work lah (at least temporarily).. i'm not workaholic mah. Why wanna waste time working all the time leh? Hahhahhaa... Must enjoy life a bit also mah :P

Great Minds Think Alike.. (at times lah). hahhahha.. If i think like Cocka all the times, then cham kaw kaw loh... :P

Dancing Queen said...

Hehe..I just dropped by to your blog & suddenly, you told me you already submitted your homework! So good of you! :D

Cocka Doodle said...

OMG! even the time posted was so close.
Yours at 7.32pm and mine at 7.44pm!

mistipurple said...

yes i noticed Kokokai and you very close tailed everywhere!

chio kaw kaw when i hear the song! so funnie you and the Cock's comments!!!! and Pink Cotton and you also! cling both legs how to walk hor???
*roll on floor so happies to be home also* siao already i cannot stop laffing!! helpppppp...

Chen said...

dancing queen,
hehehe.. kam ngam geh? We were visiting each other's blog at the same time ;)

yeah loh.. hou ngam.
I also cannot believe it.
Can buy mah piew liao..
Who knows, might be really can strike jipaban woh..

close tailed everywhere ah?
so kua chiong meh?

i lup the song leh..
u know who sent me the song ah?
Winn Winn leh, I think she sent me the song last year.
Hehehhe.. Cute huh, the song? :D

p/s: So nice to be at home, huh? :D

Jemima said...


Cocka & you can go karoake & sing duet now. :p

Simple American said...


Could you open your own practice with a million bucks?

day-dreamer said...

I want go overseas to study if I have a million bucks!! *wistful thinking*

angel said...

wah wah... u and cocka really ngam wor... so, u going with him to hawaii to look see look see oso arr?

lu oo ji pak ban, lu hor wa gor cap ban... kkkkkk :p

may said...

I think hor... you and Cocka used to be long lost twins in some previous life...

*cabut lari*

JL said...

quit which job? blogger or lokter? :P

BOth are equally life changing careers :)

ehon said...

early morning alrdy berangan angan. i also wish i have one million ler. ok ok. i'll go berangan angan with my one million now. lol.

a^ben said...

ITU LAGU ME LIKEY SUPER SUPER~!!! ahhahahahahhahha

na si wa wu jit pak ban~ wa beh ceh puey ki, we ai iu seh kai, ha wa ee sai tai yang, jit pun ciak su si~~!! wahahahhahahahahah

*io ka chng tunes~*

on the side note... I KENA TAGGED AGAIN!! OMG!! :X


i like that song

eve said...

Kakakkka..keep under pillow..i wonder now still got ppl do that anot..

Cocka Doodle said...

I think Ah May is right.
We must've been identical twins in our previous life....and Ah Boy was our parent!

rinnah said...

You should get your own domain with the million bucks. Hehehe.

Chen said...

Good idea. Will keep this in mind

If I hv a million bucks,
I would like to give myself a treat, and definitely I will stop working for a while..
There are so many things to do in life besides working..
(I’m definitely not workaholic :P)

nope, i won't open my own practice, this will give me further headache :P

day dreamer,
Wah… good lah u :D
DD is a book worm?
I guess many would think of how to invest the $$$ instead of further studies :P

Chen said...

This one million bucks is only angan-angan mia thing mah..
So the trip to Hawaii also angan-angan wan.. :P
Share-share half the $$$ with Angeliu ah?

In deep thought for 10 senconds..
*scratch head*
*pull out hairs*
*rub chin*
How can ????????
Impossible !!! LOL

quit both?
I wanna go kai-kai, tour around the world mah..
so quit everything..

Chen said...

I berangan-angan at night time leh..
Early morning cannot berangan-angan coz have to work..
So, can only start day dreaming when I am at home mah

But at times I dream of my bed and my pillows when I was at work.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh… :P

Itu lagu manyak syiok huh?
Super keng chau :D

p/s: would u get yourself another wife if u have jit pak ban?
Or another mistress?
Or few more concubines?

yeah, that’s a nice and hilarious song :D

Chen said...

Might be still got kua..
Those ah kong ah poh categories wan.. Hahhaa…
definitely not me :P

and u were always beaten and purnished by Ah Boy in the past coz u r notti?

Imaging Ah Boy holding a rotan beating your ka chng leh.
Really siu sei ngor :P

Wah.. abuthen, getting own domain dun have to wait till so long leh..
can do it anytime.. but at the moment, I will still stick with the current blog

giddy tiger said...

You can spend half of that on me :) hehehe..... just my 2 cents :)

Doreen said...

would be nice hor, if got 1 million. Can do so many things we want. Hehehehe

Leonard said...

i was also being tagged to do this..

i even thought of including the song, but you've did it... aiya!!

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Hahahha... Angel asked me to spend half on her earlier on, and now u asked me to spend another half on u. If lidat, at the end, I won't have anything to spend on myself liao.. very cham woh.. LOL

Yeah loh, with that amount of Moolah, we can buy lotsa things and accomplish several things that we dreamed of. So syiok :D

u can still include in the song in your tag mah. Hahhaha, no hard & fast rules wan :D

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

kaka...dat song...

last time very 'heng' de leh...


mudpie said...

*looking left and right* *lost* anyway so long the million dollar sign is there .. im sure it is all about moneeeeyyy!!!

*humming the song*

Chen said...

woof meow,
hehehe, the "last time" u mentioned was how long ago ah? When u were still small time? :P

Hahaha, the lyrics describe a poor guy who dreams of what he will do if he has one million dollar :D

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... I beh tahan with that song. Now days 1 million also not enough to round the world lor.

yenjai.net said...

When you have 1 million ...
and you don't have to work ...

Please come visit me.
Of course, I will still belanja you ^-^

eastcoastlife said...

Looks like so many people tio beh piao! So many blogging about their 1 million dollars.

It would be very boring not to work leh. Every day eat full, shop, watch TV.......then think tomorrow do what. Prefer to work.

Chen said...

Have to be selective where to tour.
At least don't have to rush and don't have to worry so much about money or currency exchange :P

TQ TQ, so good of u. I will key in this inside my pda :D

Not necessarily boring lah. I can do several other things btw, such as read up stuffs or learn new skills that i dun have time to do earlier on. Life definitely won't be bored. And the best thing is I can wake up at whatever time I like, such a luxury. LOL.

Btw, shopping is not my cuppa tea. To me, window shopping is a waste of time.. am i weird? Hahahha..

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the mp3?

Chen said...

if u r interested, u can drop me an email and I will send u the mp3.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chen,

I was brought to your Blog site when I was searching for the lyric of this One Million Bucks song. I love the song and thru your Blog I realised that this song was released more than a year ago.

I wonder I could have you to send me the MP3 of this song ? Really appreciated, if you would. Cheers.