Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Grass Babies

The first time I see this Grass Babies thingy were in Cameron Highlands ;)
My first impression is... Err, this is something very cute :D
These Grass Babies might be available in the market for long time already, but well, this is the first time I see them ...

They come in various sizes and shapes.. Easy to maintain. First, soak the whole product inside the water for 20 minutes to let it absorb enough water. Then put the product onto the plate and keep the plate wet with water, so that the product can absorb the water and "grow"... The grass will grow in few days time.. and needs to trim the grass regularly.. Life span is around 1 year :)

Bought few back home, one for myself and others to give to my sister in law and friends.. Planned to give one to Wynnie, but too bad... She knows why already :P Sorry lah for that ;)


Icey said...


itz so cute..

but nvm lar jie..

itz ok..

notty little black dog..


Darren said...

Aiyo, why dat small black dog.....


Cynthia said...

whats the grass for? medicine purpose? of just purely decorative purpose? i've neevr seen this.. hehe..

izchan said...

looks like one those anime characthers.

Chen said...

Little black dog is still very cute and very adorable, and cheeky as well... cheeky like u loh... hahaha :P

Btw, since u cannot get the pressie already, then let u see the photo loh.. as compensation :P

U can get that for her as pressie next time since she likes it ;)

For decoration purpose.. The name of the "plant" in chinese is "wheat grass" .. Whether it is the real wheat grass or not, I don't know loh..

Hahaha... To me, it looks very cute ;) Most people likes cute things anyway :D

phangan said...

so when the grass grows big you can harvest them and make wheatgrass juice... ekekekek

humblewarrior said...

I have seen some bigger ones. Those were ugly but yours has more character.

JoeC said...

nice, that reminds me of those creatures from princess mononoke. Cheers!

sLenZieLiECioUs said...

owned one few years back....but the grass never grow >:(

Chen said...

Good idea woh... Can drink free wheat grass juice in the future liao... :P

Humble Warrior,
This one is much more cuter than the others leh... ;)

Princess mononoke? Issit some sort of Japanese anime? I have never watch that cartoon before .. :)

U didnt take good care of the grass baby.. kekkee...

JoeC said...

yep, is anime...anyhoo, its cute at the same time is a lil creepy. Cheers!

glutton rabbit said...

Hi Doc, Grass babies are really cute!

BTW, I wonder why my previous comments about your post e.g. microbes and mykad did not appear... funny...

Winn said...

svenson and yun nan haircare shld adopt this grass baby as their spokeperson.. MUAHAHHAHA.

right right right?

your blog skin reminds me of my blog. I used to use this blogskin when i first started coz i like blue. i changed my template to the current greenish later on coz its right shoulder slipped to the bottom - just like what's happening to your template now :p

Chen said...

Issit? I will look for that anime later on :)

Glutton Rabbit,
Issit so ah? Must be the microbes eaten up your comments liao... :P
Btw, I dunno why MIA ... No idea

Grass babies as spokesman for Svenson & Yun Nan Haircare? Hahhahha
What an idea :P

Err... Does that means there's something wrong with this template? :P
That's why the display is "distorted" with IE ? ;)

Winn said...

Nothing wrong with this template. It happens to other templates as well.

After spending trillion hours finding the root of the prob, I finally know why sometimes the right panel will slip .

It's because your blog title's too long. As in, your blog topic punya titles are too long ie: "View Tower, Mt Brinchang (Cameron Highlands) " " jungle trekking..."

Try shorten it and see? OR repost those titles?

mine works - once.
Try n see, See whether i'm right or not:P

Chen said...

ic... but these problems only occur with IE.. With other browser like Opera or Firefox or netscape, the display is alright & perfect..

Btw, I don't think it has anything to do with the blog or posting titles leh.. Cos the posting titles for my old postings are short, and this problem occur as well...

Thanks anyway :)