Friday, December 14, 2007


This is what I want to, and feel like eating now.. My all-time-favourite mouth watering Chai Boey Soup (菜尾汤). In the early days, the soup is prepared with all the leftover meat and vegetables, namely roast pork lah, duck lah, chicken feet lah, bones lah, pineapple lah, tomato lah, chillies lah, mustard green lah, salted vege lah, assam lah, and basically all the ocipala leftover stuff. But those were the old days when the actual "leftover" were used as ingredients.

The Salty, Sour and Spicy "Triple S" taste, The Ocipala Soup... I like! However, I will have to drool for the time being, since what I have is only... Mushroom Tungku Soup. :(


angel said...

ocipala soup... kekekeke...

i not very likey... :P

Jellyfish said...

triple S pulak


eastcoastlife said...

yer.... like for pigs eat wan....

eastcoastlife said...

kakaka.... I have to keep it short so I can chup. No 3!!

moz monster said...

more like triple o ... "ocipala, ocipala, ocipala" !!!

angele said...

Right now I'd like a wantan soup for lunch.


Wantan soups are one of my faves ^^

mich said...

yum yum...
nice tat..apa pun tak nak d...
one dish of dat is enough for my lunch and

giddy tigress said...

Yummy yummy kiam chye boey...people sometimes buy the ocipala stuff to cook it need to depend on leftovers.

Chen said...

very ocipala indeed
can through in anything.
so sedap woh, why u not very likey?
next time hoh, u can give me your share. I will sapu all :)

Triple S is good mah. Too bad it is not sweet, if not can name it as Quadruple S liao.

Eeeeeeee.. u mean I'm pig ah? cos i eat that woh. But this is good stuff leh :P Hahahhahha.

*faint*. U also kena the chup illness liao ah? Kkkkkk...

Chen said...

CANNOT name it as Triple O, cos it can be misleading. Triple O sounds like Triple orgasms leh. Kkkkkk

Talking about wantan soup, I prefer the wantan more than the soup. LOL
I love wantan too. Yummy

Good stuff leh. I can just drink that for my meal too :)

giddy tigress,
That's true. During those days people will use the leftover. But nowadays people will go to the market to buy the necessary ingredients to cook this yummy soup :)

L B said...

This will always remind me of Day After Festival meals at my granny's house.. Wonderful stuff... Choi Keowk, right? Vegetable Legs.. so kinky name.. I miss it very much.

mistipurple said...

last time i was told that there is a person who sells all these in tingkats, collected from restaurants' leftovers. nowadays no one will dare to eat already. times have changed.
leftovers usually taste good overnight. *oink* *runs*

kyh said...

i lup too! we call it as "shiok chai" here. :)

Chen said...

Another feast after the Festival. LOL
Choi Keowk? Kkkkkk, what a cute name.
The Hokkien name for this dish is Chai Boey which means "Vegetable Tail". Although I had it few weeks ago, I still miss it. I WANT !!

Sei for, where to find Chai Boey Soup in the middle of the night? :(

Kkkkk, your story very.. imagine eating all the hao sui or saliva from the restaurant leftover. Summore dunno whose saliva is that. Yucks and yucks. LOL

Yeah yeah, leftover soup always taste better compared to the earlier version. I lup soup :)

shiok chai? what dialect is that? I know chai is vegetable :)

Kopisoh said...

i make dis soup oso during thanksgibing day, use turkey liao u got cuti ah?

Doreen said...

Haven't tried this before, but I guess leftover steamboat soup is quite similar? Very yum with all the tastes all merged into the soup over the night. Hehehehe

Selba said...

Sounds yummy and healthy. A good idea to make soup from "left overs" :D

may said...

I miss my mom's version... :(

Chen said...

kopi soh,
Wow, that's great. Here not yet holiday woh. Unless if we take our own annual leaves loh. We only have one day official public holiday, that's on Christmas day. But I'm taking leaves the last week of the month :)

I love spicy stuff, hence i love this Chai Boey soup. I never came across this soup in Sarikei too in the past. The first time I drank it was when I was in Peninsular Malaysia, and I love it :)

It's very yummy. And the soup is kinda thick with the spicy, sour and salty taste. Nice to drink when the soup is hot :)

My mum never cooked this soup. Might be cos we dun have leftovers? Hehehe. I never came across this soup in my hometown. The first time I drank it was when I was in Peninsular, and I love it:)

kyh said...

hokkien/teochew. MUAHAHAA.

padi_friends said...

my all time favourite too..