Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Green Plum

What is more exciting than seeing something extraordinary? Something that is different from the norm. This is the first time I came across Green Plum. I'm so accustomed to plums in other "colour".

Taste wise, it is similar just as the other plums. But it is still unique cos it is GREEN ! :P


angel said...

U always sampat with all the ocipala food/fruits wan hor? kkkkk.. :P

*waiting to pinch a Kuching Ka Chn'g*

day-dreamer said...

Wah, lately doing fruits documentary? Haha.

moz monster said...

Doesn't matter if its green plum or blue plum, as long as it tastes like plum, it's a good plum !!!! hehehehehehe ... that's me doing a Chairman Mao imitation ! =P

L B said...

Get APPLE!!!!! Comes in Black or White or ALUMINUM .. or Glass and Silver!!

Wennnn said...

I hv seen this kind of plums b4. I think I posted it up. The plums from France and is called greenage.

may said...

I remember the flat peach you showed us the last time... where you find all these weird fruits wan? your neighbour's garden ka? LOL!

stay-at-home mum said...

Just put some red and green ones together and it will make a nice centrepiece for Christmas!

Giddy Tiger said... really know where to find those exotic and rare fruits! Where can I get these?

Zhu said...

Oh, that looks good! A new color and it looks like a total different fruit!

Not likely to find it in Canada though...!

mudpie said...

maybe it forgotten to change its 'baju aka teh skin" heheheh

Chen said...

Errr.. Mmmm... Actually hoh, i don't sampat with them wan, i only take photo of them and eat them. Kkkkkk

Did u pinch both the Kuching Gluteus Maximus? Must pinch both sides so that balance mah :P

day dreamer,
Your statement reminds me that I haven't finish with my Taiping Zoo series which I started last year. Kakakkakaka...

Wah, Chairman Moz in action liao.

Chen said...

Most importantly is that is not a poisonous Apple. Reminds me of Snow White's step mum again :P

Hehehe, and btw there is Gold Apple too. I read it somewhere. Damn pretty woh that Gold Apple. Very bling bling :P

I have a vague memory of reading it somewhere but i couldn't remember where it is. Oooh, it's from your blog. Hehehhe.. Thanks for the name :)

Yeah yeah, that ocipala flat donut peach :D

My neighbour's garden ah? Only have those non edible flower leh, can see but cannot eat wan :P

I like to see-see and look-look around when I was in the market or supermarket mah.

Chen said...

stay at home mum,
Good suggestion but too bad I have consumed all those green plums as I bought the fruits few weeks ago :)

giddy tiger,
Cos I like to look around when I go to the supermarket or wet markets. I bought those green plums from the Giant Supermarket in Prangin Mall, but that was few weeks back.

Yeah, the green "skin" gives the plum a new look and a new appearance ;)

Muahahhahaha... might be next time hoh, we can ask the plum to wear a pink "baju aka the skin"? LOL.

Adino said...

I'm surprised that it tastes like regular plums. Looks kind of sour to me :)

Doreen said...

Green plum? First I see also. Emmm....dunno lah, green plum doesn't look sweet leh, the green colour give ppl the sour feeling, like lime. Hehehe

mich said...

mana u beli?

Chen said...

i know why u come to that "sour" conclusion. Cos of the skin colour, right? Hehheh.. most fruits with green skin taste sour, but there are exceptions ;)

Kekekke, u have similar thinking as Adino. There are fruits with green skin that doesn't taste sour leh, such as those local oranges :)

But I like the sour crunchy unripe mangoes woh. Nice to eat with spicy soy sauce or with rojak sauce. LOL

Giant Supermarket but that was few weeks ago.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...


This is actually common here, though I don't particularly like it, or any other fruit. Actually, I do like some fruit, like lychees, watermelons, japanese pear (sp?) and mangoes.


kyh said...

Looks like guavas/avocados/green apples to me. But still I prefer purple ones.

Pink Cotton said...

looks like pear!!!

tipuuuuuuuu said...

sour ??

mich said...

yum yum..
i didnt see any..
mummy only buy those dark dark colour..i dono wat colour

Chen said...

Oooh, u can get it easily in HK? Over here, most of the imported plums are those dark purple plums and at times yellow plums.

Hahaha, i love fruits, and fruits are one of my favourite food. Be it tropical fruits or imported fruits, all I like. I can have meal with just fruits alone. :)

Yeah, u can't really differentiate what fruit is that from the first picture. But from the second picture, by looking at the seed, it is surely a plum ;)

We are so used to the purple plum since that's the plum we eat all these while. Well, taste wise is similar, just the colour is different ;)

Chen said...

Ti(p)u your head ah. hahahhaa...
haven't scold u "your head" for long time liao. Must not let go this opportunity :P

Pear where got huge seed like the one show in the second picture wan? U lah yang main tipu. Kkkkkkkk

Not really. It taste similar just like the other plum, such as those dark purplish plums that we used to see in the market :)

Most parents will only buy those foodstuff and fruits that they are familiar with. My mum will never buy such "weird" foodstuff if she happens to see it in the market too. U gotta explore yourself to look out for the "good stuff" :P