Monday, December 10, 2007

Old TVB drama series

I have a good time watching those nostalgic late 70's - early 80's TVB drama series theme songs (无线电视剧主題曲). 令人回味的經典金曲. Remembering that night when I yakked with Angel for hours, reminiscing the old TVB drama series, and another time with Moz over the similar topic. Time flies.. Some of those series were broadcasted on RTM2 in the past, in the 80's. I took time compiling these theme songs so that I replay back and watch them whenever I feel like doing so :)

親情 - 羅文

網中人/ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1979)- 張德蘭

千王之王/ The Shell Game (1980) - 汪明荃

上海滩/ The Bund (1980)- 叶丽仪

万水千山总是情/ Love and Passion (1982)- 汪明荃

香城浪子/ Soldier Of Fortune : 心債 (1983) - 梅艷芳

警花出更 : 交出我的心 (1983) - 梅艷芳

播音人/ Radio Tycoon : 愛定你一個 (1983) - 甄妮

北斗双雄/ Angels and Devils (1983) - 张国荣

五虎将/ The Rise and Fall of A Stand-In : 他令我改變 (1984) - 梅艷芳, 張國榮

新紮師兄/ Police Cadet 84 : 伴我啟航 (1984)- 小虎隊

新紮師兄續集/ Police Cadet II (1985)

大香港/ The Battle Among The Clans (1985)

*Reminiscing The Good Old Days*.... 令人回味的經典金曲. Mmmmm...


kyh said...

wah chen liu u r so nostalgic. LOL!!!

kyh said...

*cant imagine myself watching those yellowish old dramas*


kyh said...

"long punnnn, long laooooooo...." :P

Chen said...

little kyh, cos u were not yet born during those days mah. U won't know the fun watching the series in the past :D

yellowish old drama? u think those are 3-Star movie meh? yellowish pulak :P piak u with Sotong then u know.. or should i piak u with iPod? :P

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

What a great find!

Sorry to change the topic, but could you kindly visit my blog and read my Monday post and give me your views?

Much thanks in advance.

Leonard said...

these are all time classics!

but i never watched them before..

why no return of the condor heroes???

moz monster said...

omg omg omg omg !!! this feels like i'm 20 years younger ... just watching the mtvs !!! i absolutely loved police cadet and the shell game during their run on tv2 ... !

sigh ... those were the days !

Chen said...

I compiled those video clips so that I can replay it back whenever i wanted to, anytime, anywhere. Just that hopefully the owner of those video clips won't remove it from YouTube :)

Sure, I just came back from your place :)

Hehehhe, and I saw someone who looks like u inside two of the theme song clips. Neh, Kenneth Tong in the 香城浪子 (Soldier Of Fortune) and 五虎将 (The Rise and Fall of A Stand-In) video clips. Hehehhe.. Your long lost twin brother? LOL

I didn't include in The Return of the Condo Heroes or 神鵰俠侶 cos I didn't watch the drama series in the past :)

Those good old days. Really good old days. The days when we are still happy with everything, or almost everything :) Those were the days when we were still young and innocent. LOL

mistipurple said...

so happies. no need go show already. i can watch for a long time. alot my favourite too. muacks and hugs for posting this. now i go do work first. *wink*

angel said...

wahhhhh... so many! dun have I Have A Date With Spring? kaka... that nite moz asked me why I hv a date wt spring kkkk... summore he gave me the mp3 :P

haha... now laffing thinking abt The Radio Tycoon kkkk...

L B said...


may said...

waaaa! Police Cadet! that used to be my favouritest favourite, 'cos of Tony Leung.

eh, can find out about all those Engrish series like LB mentioned ah? I know those better also! LOLOL!

narrowband said...

Old HK TVB dramas really have alot of impact on us here in Malaysia... Haha. Many of us grew up watching them and in fact, most of our Cantonese is picked up from these dramas. said...

Most of the readers are not even born yet

MONACO said...

thanks for visiting my site chen. I also love watching old reruns. though programs here may be quite different from yours, they bring back fond memories as well. see ya!

giddy tigress said...

I only know Police Cadet :P

Doreen said...

I haven't really watched all of them though heard of some. I was more into Taiwanese series. Hehehehe. Also, back then, watch too much series would get "piak" with sotong. Hahahha

Jellyfish said...

so free.....
im jeles :P

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkk.. Nice hoh looking back at those series theme song. The series that we loved in the past :)

Hope u manage to get some rest after pee-pee-pee yesterday night. I went zzz straight after chatting with u yesterday night.

Cos i never watched "I have a date with Spring" mah. Kkkkkkk... I still lol at how we started the conversation about that show "I have a date with Spring". Thanks to the "Red Date" post. Kkkkkkkk once again. So sampat :P

Yeah, we have a good time searching for The Radio Tycoon theme song video clip that night, which was few weeks ago? till i tidur lambat. LOLOLOL.

Chen said...

Thanks for the suggestion, and our ever effective Angel had come up with the post liao. Muacks and hugsto Angel for being so yao sum, compiling the post in the early morning, sacrificing her beauty sleep :D

Btw, what show is that "Angel & The Cow" ah? Really got such a show wan ah? :P

Reminiscing "The Plane, The Plane" from Fantasy Island... and the Little House on the Prairie. Syioknya...

Hehhehe.. Tony Leung looks so young and so cute in the past. Like a little boy. LOL

Hehehe, many thanks to Angel for volunteer to write the post for the English tv drama series in the 70's - 80's. I can shake leg liao :D

Chen said...

narrow band,
Yeah, I still remember how I faitfully glued to the tv (without fail) at 7 pm every night from Monday to Friday when RTM 2 started broadcasting TVB Cantonese drama series daily starting from 1987. Prior to that the cantonese series were only aired once a week, or is it once a fortnight? That was in the mid 80's :)

Wah yenjai. Most of the readers here are around my age lah, except a few minority niah. I don't have any underage reader here. LOL

Yeah, I watched mainly the Chinese and Cantonese tv drama series in the past but I did watch few popular English tv drama series too, such as Fantasy Island, Little House on the Prairie etc :)

It really bring back fond memories, those good old days when life is so simple :)

Chen said...

giddy tigress,
Err.. I guess u r more into English series in the past?

The actors in Police Cadet 84 looks so young in the past. Hahhahaha.. there was rerun on Xinghe Astro Channel 34 (now channel 314) of this popular series a year or two ago :)

I'm not into the Taiwanese series cos the storyline is too slow and I beh tahan with all the crying and poh-poh mah-mah scenes inside there. LOL. I prefer the HK series with more kan cheong storylines. But I have quite a number of friends who love those Taiwanese series.

U also free mah. No meh? :P
At least u r your own Boss. LOL

Wyn said...

wah...those mama n my papa used to watch 1...keke...

i heard before those dramas but watch them?? no gua?? keke..=P

Winn said...

last time not many choice. we sit still in front of tv when the clock hits we all watch the same series mostly. haha

Sean @ said...

So many I never watch before wor... I love TVB drama very much too!!

Chen said...

Most of those drama series are rerun on XingHe Channel, Astro. I still prefer watching HK drama series than the Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean drama series. At least the HK one is not poh poh mah mah and without excessive crying scene. :D

Kekekek, true also. We will sit in front of the tv without fail every day. To the extend of eating dinner in front of the tv. LOL, those were the good old days :D

Most of the drama series included here were the famous one in the early days :)

Yeah, I still prefer HK TVB drama series than the Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and China drama series. The story plots are much more interesting.

eastcoastlife said...

I watched only a few before the rest got dubbed into Mandarin (Singapore law). They lost the essence after the dubbing, so I didn't want to watch them.

I picked up my Cantonese from watching HK TVB drama. hehe....

I want to watch young Tony Leung!!!

slurp! said...

wow! all oldie but goodie
but i don't watch drama, TV & movies anymore LOLz

early greetings.
merry christmas & happy new year LOLz

mich said...

i don like the colour ler..
i prefer now punya...
plus old series dono wat they talking abt..haha

Zhu said...

I don't know these ones... but we watch a lot of retro Chinese dramas on WE!

Doreen said...

Oh haha. Not all Taiwanese series are like that poh poh mah mah and all crying one lah. I normally watch those funny and about those college life one, like Meteor Garden type lah. Hehehe. Rick is like you, he prefers HK series.

Doreen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doreen said...

in case you were wondering the deletion of the above comment. I blur sotong put wrong comment lah. That was to be addressed to kyh one. Hahahaha so blur can die. Muahahaha said...

A lot of nice songs that accompany me during my school time..

stay-at-home mum said...

Wah! I remember a lot of these serials too. Thats how old we are I guess! said...

I like watch those old TVB drama..

Tine said...

Oh my goodness, has it been THAT long? I had such a good time watching all these videos, thanks so much for putting them up! :)

Chen said...

I agree with u. Watching the dubbed show is not nice in comparison with watching the ori.

Hehehe, the young Tony Leung looks so.. err, dunno how to describe leh. His baby face, LOL. In comparison with his mature look now :P

Old is gold and old stuff are good stuff. Hehehe, nowadays I seldom watch tv too, and most of the times I only listen to tv. I on the tv but doing other things at the same thing. Sort of multitasking :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2008 a better year for each and everyone of us :)

Chen said...

Hahaha, u r too young to appreciate those old stuff :)

Great to know u all can get retro chinese dramas on WE. Nowadays I don't watch tv as frequently as those days. I spent more time online instead ;)

Heheheh, I'm sort of being "brain washed" with those earlier Taiwanese series liao. Phobia of those crying scenes already. Kekkekee

I stopped watching Taiwanese series since the early 90's and i have no idea what are their drama series since then. LOL :)

Kakakkaa, seems like i'm not the only one who left the wrong comment in the wrong post. Welcome to the Blur Club :P

Chen said...

Yeah, after so many years, we still remember those old songs :)

stay at home mum,
Hehehe, those TVB drama series accompany us as we grow up. LOL

Thanks for dropping by. Glad u like the post. Yeah, those are definitely good stuff :)

Thanks for dropping by. Glad u enjoyed the post.

Yeah, time flies. Without realising, 20+ years had passed by. We all love those old series, don't we.

mich said...

hahaa means i am not old lor..eheh

Chen said...

Of coz u r not old, u r still a teenager :D

Jellyfish said...

eh? 6pm i still not came back from school :P

Chen said...

Siapa suruh attend afternoon school woh? But good also woh, u can wake up late in the morning :P


Selba said...

Love old drama series from Hong Kong. I used to be crazy for the kung fu series, I bet you also watch those kung fu series ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, I did watch the Kungfu drama series in the past, but i prefer the "modern" series (series in the modern world) than the "kungfu" series (in the old old old days). There are several popular kungfu series in the past which most of us have watched :)

doc said...

you didn't mention Man In The Net, the one that started off the craze over Chow Yun Fatt & Dodo Cheng.

but then, that was ages ago in 1980 & shown in s'pore TV.

Chen said...

I presume the Man In The Net u mentioned = 網中人. I have already posted it but using a different english name "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" (as that is the name I get when I googled about the show.

That is the second video clip posted with the title "網中人/ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1979)- 張德蘭". Yeah, that was a very popular tv drama series in the past :)

Anonymous said...

9 out of 10 Hong Kong TVB drama series exhibit these common characteristics:

* Multiple 3-way love affairs
One series had 4-threesomes, the most ever. The latest "Mooncake series" had 3-threesomes

* All characters know each other
Small world...very small world

* They only sit half of a round table
The intention is for the [stationary] camera to see everyone's faces. The latest "Mooncake series", they sit 3/4 of a round table - quite a big improvement

* They talk to themselves like a retard
So that they tell you the story, replacing the need for 3rd person narratives

* Everyone eavesdrops
The human gene comes with bionic capabilities

* Wrongful accusation or mistaken identity
So single-minded....

* Government housing is 2000 sq. ft.
In real life HK, a typical family lives in a 500-600 sq ft. government apartment. That's already considers quite roomy

* People claim to have no money but live in big apartments
No wonder the real estate industry is in a slump

* They seldom have to wait for elevators
Private elevator - first class service

* They always get hit by a car/bus/truck, sometimes fatal
Talk about Deja Vu...

* Video conferencing on the computer is full screen and very smooth
They all use dedicated lease line full duplex gigabit broadband

* Eye-to-eye contact results in electricity
Chi-Ling baby, here I come!!

* They trip and fall all the time
Shouldn't they learn to walk before they run?

* An accident results in a kiss on the lips and sparks fly!
In real-life HK, you get a slap on the face for sure!

* The return of a long lost father/mother/sibling
So much for family planning. And 80% of the time their return serves a purpose

* All of a sudden the main characters turned out to be closely related, usually close family relationship
I am speechless. I don't have the words for this...

* A man gets punched while a woman gets slapped
Whatever happened to equality?!

* A punch to the face will bruise instantly
He's made of ToFu!

* Person always somersaults after being sliced by a sword (historcial / Kung Fu dramas only)
Dying with style, dude!!

* Person can die by a slice of a sword to the arm or leg (historical / Kung Fu dramas only)
Died of shock or a heart-attack maybe and not by the sword?

* Sliced/stabbed by a sword in any part of the body and his month spat blood instantly (Applicable to both modern and historical / Kung Fu Drama. The only difference though is that modern dramas usually use knife while swords are very rare)
The human anatomy is so mysterious

* Everyone knows "Hing Ku" (a Superman feature, somewhat like teleportation) (historial / Kung Fu dramas only)
It's in their genes. That will surely bankrupt the transportation industry



If you notice, the main character is always so nice. In a matter of speaking even if you annihilate his whole family, in the end he will forgive you. But his friends and families are more realistic, always giving him advices and direction but almost always the main character never listens. Subsequently, the main character realized he screwed up....