Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pisang Tanduk @ 牛角蕉

Following last Friday's Long Stamp and Long Card post, today I will continue with another "LONG" entry. Nope, this is not a lengthy post. Not only it is LONG but it's also BIG. And most importantly it is edible.
Photo taken at The Satok Market, Kuching, Sarawak @ July 2006.

Presenting the macho and gigantic Pisang Tanduk, aka 牛角蕉 (dunno what is the English name, could it be Horny Banana?) .

Photo taken at The Satok Market, Kuching, Sarawak @ October 2007

I heard from Ben Ben that Ah Winn gets pretty excited seeing the Pisang Tanduk, cos that was the first time she saw such a huge banana. So far I haven't come across the Horny Banana in Peninsular Malaysia yet.

The yummy Banana Fritters @ Pisang Goreng, bought from The Tabuan Market in Kuching, Sarawak (July 2006). Nope, u cannot peel the banana skin and eat the fresh Pisang Tanduk, even if the banana has ripen (unlike the other local bananas in the market). The sliced pisang tanduk are dipped in batter and deep fried, producing the wonderful snack. I'll get myself some during my next trip back home, cos it was one and half years ago since I last ate it. I used to have it as snack during my secondary school days.


L B said...

Waaaa! You are going to get Angel SO EXCITED now!!! *quick, go cover angel's eyes*

L B said...

I just realised how inadequate I feel now! Because I prefer the pisang mas, the kecil kecil wan!

_butt said...

omg so the giannnt! that's an equivalent of two bowls of rice for me!! LOL

happy weekend! :)

Chen said...

Kkkkkk, Angel should had saw it the gigantic pisang during her previous visit to Kuching. Dunno whether she fell in love with the pisang or not.

The pisang goreng using pisang tanduk is nice leh. Much tastier, sweeter and better than using the small pisang like what we get in Peninsular.

Pisang embun is better than pisang mas leh. Bigger mah, more filling :P

Syiok leh eating the pisang goreng. Much more tasty then the pisang goreng here. One whole pisang tanduk can made into many pisang goreng.

*Count count*..
More than 2 bowls rice liao :P

Wyn said... huge oh..

here also got sell this kinda "huge" bananas but i dun think it`s pisang tanduk...keke..

so cute leh dat pisang goreng..the pisang goreng here short short 1 hor...i wan some...can can? hehe

angel said...

*see ghost cos eyes kena covered*

Banana seller: This is niu jiao jiao...

SK : So the one next to it is ren jiao jiao...? *pointing to the smaller bananas nxt to niu jiao jiao*

lynnx01 said...

Yeah, my mum buys this gigantic bananas to make pisang goreng. Once I saw them on the table, I laughed and joked saying who would eat such big bananas. Then my mum explained and said that those are to be fried lah. Hahahaha.. me the ignorant one.

Chen said...

if not pisang tanduk, then it's different type of banana liao. The pisang goreng here not nice wan. If u wanna taste the pisang goreng tanduk, then u have to visit Sarawak :D

Hahahhaha... seven morning eight morning see ghost? Remember our ghost talk that night and following that we have to touch wooden things.. all the wooden chair and wooden table. Kkkkkkkk...

Sengkor is always Sengkor. He always come up with those sampat idea wan. The banana seller must have a shock out of her life with his remark. Kkkkkk..

Hehehehe... I'm not aware of that too when I was small time. We learn as we grow up. Heheheh..

may said...

I think hor... I eat that banana so long, my mouth tired liao...

oi, dun think one side ok!! :P

Selba said...

We have a lot of pisang tanduk here, very easy to find it.

Have you ever tried steamed pisang tanduk? it's yummy.... :)

day-dreamer said...

WAH!! Very the big leh!!! O_O

Kenny Ng said...

Ohhh... Pisang! u hiak jiu ah? LOL. Anyway... I always hiak jiu here.

Berberboo said...

I LOVE PISANG BERANGAN!!! daydreaming banana... haha....

and also pisang kiling... or keling... or keleng... AIYA... THE BLACK PISANG LA... haha...

i love bananas la...=D

kyh said...

walau so big! kia si lang!

i lup banana fritters... so tastyyyy

mich said...

wa so big...
just ate two nia..but vr kecil..

a^ben said...

*sunday market scene appearing*


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Lol, Debbie laughed so long when I showed her this post.

Good name 'horny banana'. :D

Chen said...

Hehehhe... luckily u mentioned before my imagination runs wild :P

Eat till tired? U must be eating several pieces of pisang goreng liao. It is nice when served hot :)

Yeah, I remembered u talked about it in the past. I never tried the steamed pisang tanduk yet. All the while i ate the pisang goreng only. I will buy the pisang tanduk the next time I go back to Sarawak and steam it. I presume it is sweet? :)

day dreamer,
Very big leh.
How come here dun have geh?

Chen said...

kakakkaka.. hiak jiu. Eat banana sounds better basically the "same meaning", but not necessary. Pun intended :P

How's the pisang in Dubai? It is as tasty as the one here? :)

LOL at the pisang kiling (at the meaning of kiling). U know i know. Hahhahaa. Yeah, that's the pisang emas.

There are so many different species of banana. Some I dunno the name. But they are all tasty and nutritious :)

I wonder if the pisang tanduk is available over here. Cos i haven't come across any yet. The pisang goreng with Pisang Tanduk tastes much nicer than the pisang goreng using the small banana :)

Chen said...

Here the pisang goreng are all kecik one, and not that nice. Some are even worse, cos they use the partially ripe banana which tastes yucky when fried. So I seldom buy pisang goreng here.

Hehehhee.. Replay the niu jiao jiao scene and ren jiao jiao scene. Wonder how loud u all laugh at that time when Sengkor said that. LOL

Hahhahaha.. Glad Debbie had a good laugh and enjoyed reading the post. It is good to have a good laugh on Sunday. LOL

Do u have this sort of banana in HK? I presume none?

nyonyapenang said...

i remember the lady selling the pisang told winn to buy and keep until ripe then can peel and eat wor?
she bluff ar? said...

Ooo.. that is pisang tanduk.. ooo heard that it is nicer..

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, I always enjoy watching the Ang Mo tourist buying Pisang Tanduk, peels and eat them raw.

eastcoastlife said...

So big!!! Now I'm excited! How many inches?

I've seen big bananas in Indonesia too and they also deep-fry them with batter. Tasted yummy.

*notes down, must try pisang tanduk*

Jellyfish said...

need a few days to finish satu batang :P

can stuff ahboy full full kakakkakakaa.....

Doreen said...

Oh I didn't know that the Horny Banana is exclusive to Sarawak. I luv it when it is fried, and also steam! YUM!

giddy tigress said...

I wonder if they have it in Penang...

Jun said...

my malay neighbour used to grow pisang tanduk and had given one to us, but we never gotten round to frying it cos we were just too lazy ;p best to leave it at the hands of the experts *hehe*

mich said...

yea lor...
my bf complain not as nice as those in sarawak wor...

Chen said...

keep it till ripe then peel and eat? Wah.. this type of banana are not meant to be eaten this way one. Hehehhe.. The taste is kinda.. dunno how to describe if u eat it without cooking it. Hehhehe, might be she pening liao with the ren jiao jiao remarks made by Sengkor earlier on. Hahahahhaha

Yeah, the pisang goreng is nice, nicer than the one we have here using the small banana :)

Those Ang Mo tourist must have a shock out of their lives wondering why the "raw" pisang tanduk tasted so weird. Hahahaha

Chen said...

dunno ah, didn't bring any ruler when i visit the Satok Market. Might be around one foot or more kua? :P

Yeah, Pisang Tanduk is also available in Indonesia. So u have tried the pisang tanduk goreng in the past in Indonesia? Yummy leh :D

provided the batang is cooked, else hard to swallow and not friendly to the palate :P

Wah, u asked Ah Boy to hiak jiu ah?
How can? Kkakakkaka

Horny Banana is such a cute name. It is also available in Indonesia and few other countries. Just that dunno why I never see it over here.

Chen said...

giddy tigress,
Dunno ah. I presume none since I haven't come across any yet. Dunno why the people here don't want to grow this sort of banana.

Hahahha, so u all wasted the whole banana? Should have just steam it. Hehehhehe.. My next trip back home, I will buy one, slice it and steam the pisang :)

Cham loh. Now i feel like eating it liao :(

Yeah loh, hence i seldom buy pisang goreng over here. Only once in a blue moon, unless if i crave for it :D