Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Choc Choc

Beryl Almond Milk Chocolate

Which chocolate do you prefer? :
Oval, Square or Weird-shaped Chocolate?
White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?
Sweet, Bitter or No Sugar Added Chocolate?

or It doesn't mater whether it is Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate, as long as it is delicious, it is nice chocolate (Modify Deng XiaoPing's (邓小平) famous quote "It doesn't matter if the cat is black cat or white cat, so long as it catches rats, it is a good cat". (不管黑猫白猫, 能抓到老鼠就是好猫). LOL

p/s: Do try out the Beryl Chocolate (local product). Good Stuff.


moz monster said...

plagiarism ! this is my green plum quote !

Chen said...

Kakkakakkaka, this quote can be modified and used in many other context. Great huh? LOLOLOL. May thanks to Deng XiaoPing and Moz Monster. LOLOLOLOL

angel said...

I oso wanna sampat this chocolate entry...

angel said...

Is Milo a type of chocolate ah?

Ah Boy said...

why never feed Ah Boy choc geh? :(

angel said...

What about Koko Krunch?

angel said...

Errrmmm... Nata de Coco leh?

Chen said...

sampat lah u..
u want me to piak u with chocolate, issit? :P

Milo is siblings of chocolate, since they are from the same family, cocoa. Kkkkkk

ah boy,
cos chocolate is poisonous to doggy mah, hence u cannot eat :(

Koko Krunch is chocolate's step brother. Similar reason as above.

Nata de Coco ah? That one is the ti(p)u family members of Chocolate. Hhahahahhaha

angel said...


errrmmm... no Chukulit Mouse arr?

L B said...

Brown klang klangs!!!

L B said...

And it doesn't matter if it's green, brown, or white, as long as it's Apple..

Doreen said...

I heart only and the only Ferrero Rocher! *slurp*

keeyit said...

Personally I love to eat chocolate very much !

stay-at-home mum said...

For me as long as its chocs, it will do. Preferred is dark chocolate.

Giddy Tiger said...

Oval, dark chocolate, slightly bitter chocolates. They are aphrodisiacs!

Wyn said...

wah..yummy choco..

white choco..choco with some alcohol..

yummm yumm

Chen said...

Kkkkkk.... Mickey Mouse chocolate got lah, but inside the chocolate shop :P

Hahahha, almost forgotten the story of klang-klang. Muahahahahhaa

LOL, Apple talk again. Must have another Apple Post soon ;)

u are indeed No 1 Ferrero Rocher choc lover. U r the same as one of my colleagues. She loves Ferrero Rocher too ~ her favourite chocolates :)

Chen said...

I prefer the dark bitter chocolates ;)

stay at home mum,
I prefer the dark choc too :)

giddy tigress,
Hehehe, another dark chocolate lover. Don't really know about the aphrodisiac effect of choc but I do know they are delicious. LOL

One good thing is nowadays we can buy the alcohol chocolate easily from Cold Storage. Unlike previously whereby we can only get it in certain places such as those Duty Free Shop.

Selba said...

Coklat!!! yummy!!! I've been eating M&M for these 2 days in a row, hehehe... and I shared with Lulu although Lulu was naughty again, for the first time, she pee on the couch!!! *big sigh*

Chen said...

eating M&M 2 days in a row? LOL
which flavour u prefer the most? The one with peanut or ?

Huh? u feed Lulu chocolate? Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and can be lethal if feed in huge amount. Better don't feed Lulu any more chocolates in the future :)

kyh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mich said...

got berry's one or not?
i don like almond le..

kyh said...

i lup milk and white chocs! i lup cadbury and toblerone! YUM YUMMMM

kyh said...

why choc poisonous to doggies? i thot u i(p)u ah boy tim!!! :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I want all! Can or not??? How cum whenever I poke into ur site I sometime end up feeling very hungry wan arrr???

plink said...

I prefer chocolate....

Chen said...

Beryl has a wide range of chocolate products. U can get further info from their website.

Chocolate is really poisonous to dogs lah. Why u think I tipu Ah Boy? U can get further info from these two websites regarding why chocolate is poisonous to dogs.
- Why Chocolate poisons dogs
- Fact or Fiction : Chocolate is Poisonous to Dogs.

The main "culprit" why chocolate is poisonous to most pets is Chocolate contains theobromine, which can cause several adverse effects in animal. And if consume in large amount, can be lethal.

Chen said...

and u should try out Beryl's Choc too. U will love it :)

hor ny ang moh,
Hahha, Luckily u won't feel hungry all the time when u come here lah. At least not the previous post, the rodent related post. Kekkekeke.. Imagine eating rat meat :P

How about durian chocolate? I saw it in the duty free shop but I didn't buy, cos expensive. LOL

Selba said...

I like the plain M&M, peanut M&M, and the other one (the blue bag).

Eeehhh... seriously, chocolate is poisoning for dog??? why??? chocolate supposed to be healty, no?

Btw, you are tagged with Christmas spirit! :)

nyonyapenang said...

Gua suka white chocolates....the dark ones give me headaches. Why lidat ar, lockter?

Chen said...

yeah, Chocolate is poisonous to dog. Chocolate is not only poisonous to dogs but to few other pets too. I have given the link to two websites regarding why chocolate is poisonous to doggies in my reply to kyh in the comments above.

Thanks for the tag :)

nyonya pg,
i dunno why woh. But dark chocolate is supposed to be more beneficial to health, especially to the heart :)

Angele said...

I don't fancy white chocolates.Too sweet!Hahaha :P

But gosh how i *heart* milk chocs and dark ones...which reminds me I have a few dark chocolates in my cupboards and i think i'll bake some brownies with 'em ^^

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Hmmm......I like round/oval chocolate. Usually M&M's with peanut.

I usually nibble away the outer chocolate first, then eat the peanut last.

Wonder if anyone else eats it like that?

winniethepooh said...

i like choc too, when ure down, choc helps to lift up spirit :)) yumyumyum...:P~~

goldiamondrich said...

wah no play play. i read the two articles. scary. thanks for posting them out.

eve said...

I am very simple one..Cadbury mia fruit n Nut sudah cukup...

Chen said...

Dark Choc with liquor is the best

Yeah, u going to bake some brownies soon? Christmas is just around the corner ;)

Hahaha, u eat the good stuff first follow by the peanut?
I will eat both together :)

This reminds me of the way how most of us eat the gem biscuit in the past. Some will eat the biscuit first whilst some will eat the icing/gem. But a small proportion will eat the biscuit with the icing sugar together. LOL

Hehehe, chocolate is good for both the body and the soul. Yeah, it can help to lift up the spirit. Especially those who are depressed or feel sad :)

mich said...

wa got green apple also..
i mau makan d!!!

Chen said...

Yeah, don’t play-play with chocolate ( I mean feeding the pets)

I didn’t know of the toxic effect of chocolate initially when I first have Ah Boy. I only realized about the toxic effect of chocolate to dogs when Ah Boy was few months old (after reading it from internet). Thank God I come across that article while surfing around.

And I remembered Ah Boy was super hyperactive in the past after eating one big piece of chocolate cake (before I realize chocolate is harmful to dogs).

*cold sweat*

And I know u hide your chocolate in the freezer compartment. So that your children won’t find it mah :P

Do try out Beryl chocolate. Hehehe, look out for it the next time u visit the supermarket. U will definitely love it :)

have fun makan-ing :P

Leonard said...

i always feel that chocolate is heaty for me... thus i seldom eat them.

Chen said...

How about chocolate ice cream?
It won't be that heaty then.

may said...

any shape, any size, as long as it's chocolate.

Chev said...

Let's have bitter liquor choc :)