Monday, August 06, 2007

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah..

Apa pasal Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah? Coz.. one year ago, on this day 6 August 2006.. Yours truly had the opportunity to meet up with few honourable sampat people for the first time - namely Angel, LB, May, Cocka, Zeroimpact, Carcar and Winn.. and not forgetting Liucas, the wonder dog. To those sampat people out there who wanna know the details of the event, the rerun is available here - The Crazy Sunday.

Reminiscing all the sampat and priceless wonderful moments we had that day, including the camwhoring... especially inside the Hakka Restaurant. Hahhahahha.... *Ahem*... And not forgetting, that night someone enjoyed the company so much till she missed the bus back home to Singapore leh :P

Mischu & Heartchu ...




angel said...

A E I O U...
Angeliu lup ALL of LIU!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

I remember we were the noisiest table in the restaurant.

I also remember 1 sampat standing on a chair taking pics.

I remember seeing mutilated kukujiao pics on your PDA. Luckily after makan already. LOL

Chen said...

sofa? I dun understand woh..

that is the most sampat meet up i ever attended
really laff kaw kaw

i heartchu everyone too :D

Kakakaka.. indeed..
not only noisiest, but the most dramatic too...
dunno what the restaurant waiter and waitress think of us leh..

LOL at the standing on the chair taking photo scene. Till now I still remember.. She said the photo taken from tat angle is nice woh

U forgotten about the amputated foot liao? :P

Kok said...

A.E.I.O.U? haha! Esok dalam sejarah got what hah?:P

Winn said...

wahhhhh u remembered....
when are we gona do this again??

may said...

I remember that day all too well, heheh. lots of food, lots of laughter, lots of cam-whoring, and flying peanuts at night! KKKKK!! we do again to celebrate Merdeka, ok?

mistipurple said...

one year so fast already hor? carmistwinanplinktitokichen also one year already. time flies.

Doreen said...

May be you guys should arrange for another anniversary gathering? Hehehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Anybody get drunk??? BTW tq for dropping by! Have a nice day.

carcar said...

im so touched when i read this..

after reading angel, cocka, winn and may's comment im once again brought back to the memories...


i miss u all so much!!~

missed the bus is ok, but friendship like us are rare, and precious, right?


Chen said...

Hahhaa, i simply choose 5 alphabets - sort of like "fill in the blanks" thingy :P Esok dalam sejarah got wat ah? Mmm... tat was my departure date from KL back to Penang after the Hari ini Dalam Sejarah event :D

Good things must remember mah..
Bad things... can sweep under carpet :P
Likely i will come to KL again in September...
Hopefully can have another sampat moment again.
Wah.. the last time I was in KL was in January leh..
I'm "supposed" to go there every month, right?

Hopefully can join u all for the "merdeka" celebration then.. Keep fingers crossed at the meantime... but not confirmed yet.

*can play monopoly again, huh :P*

carcar said...

wah so not sam pat comment, so not me :P

Chen said...

Yeah, time really flies..
and now is august liao leh..
seems like we just celebrated 2007 not long ago niah
scary huh?
Abuthen, soon Misti will be in town liao..
Kkkkk... I mean in KL lah :P

pssss... i think itu long alphabet company sudah bankrupt liao leh.. since MIA for so long liao...
must be hiding from tai yee long..

Hahahaha.. they do have gatherings on and off, just that it is held in KL. The last time I joined the meet up was in January. Hopefully can have another gathering soon :)

Chen said...

hor ny angmoh,
Nobody get drunk coz we didn't drink a single drop of CH3CH2OH :D

give Carcar Kleenex
help wiping Carcar's overflowing tear..

Happy Anniversary
No champagne huh?
Use sky juice as replacement, can or not ah? :P
*cheers once again*

*Mischu Mischu Mischu*
*Heartchu Heartchu Heartchu too*

Yeah loh.. so serious huh?
so not like us :P

eve said...

Very nice the way u do it..

eastcoastlife said...

Cannot see the faces wor. Want to see one year ago and now got what difference! I want to peep at cocka. hahaha.....

Chen said...

Kekkeke.. Thanks.
Btw, u mean the photo or the post ah? :P

Hahhaha, we all still looks the same.
One year only mah, not 10 years.
U wanna see Cocka ah?
He was not inside the picture leh :P

Simple American said...

I look forward to move camwhoring. :)

I live for camwhoring in fact. :P

AceOne118 said...

So nice! I not yet met you leh!!!

L B said...

I too remember this auspicious occasion! Very the ONG moment! Especially when Winn walked in the first time, LATE! And we introduced Cocka as Wingz..


when u're so lucky enough to get d 1st place in comment.. ppl called it 沙发

Chen said...

Hahhaha... Live for camwhoring..
very kua chiong liao.. :P
Looking forward for camwhoring session with u ;)

hehehe.. Dun worry, the time will come. Too many people to meet, but too little time..

Hahaha.. i forgotten about the mixed up identity intro part liao. Everyone has different identity. Kkakakak.. Now I remember after u mentioning it. LOL

I see. Something new I learn today :)

mistipurple said...

chenliuuuuu i bring you nasi paprik. quick OPENNNNNNN!!!!

Chen said...

Ah Boy opens mouth..
I open tupperware

TQ TQ for the nasi paprik

day-dreamer said...

If last year you all had met on 8th August, then next year you can "hari ini dalam sejarah" on 080808! LOL~

Chen said...

day dreamer,
kakakkaka... if that is the case, then i should have a meet up with dunno goodness know who (since today is 8th August mah).. Then I can write hari ini dalam sejarah again next year on 08.08.08 liao..


_butt said...

so sweet... :)

Chen said...

yeah loh, very sweet
just like the Assam Madu
not sour at all :P