Saturday, August 04, 2007

5 Benda ...

Lengchai Ehon very sampat, he wanna knows what are the 5 things inside my bag etc... :P

* 5 things found in my (working) bag:
- Paper & pen
- Handphone
- Stethoscope
- Umbrella

* 5 things found in my wallet:
- Money (what else?)
- Credit cards
- ATM card
- Mykad & driving license
- Handyplast (hahahha... can u believe this?)

* 5 favorite things in my room:
- Computer
- Camera
- Bed & pillows
- Ah Boy ?

* 5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- Zzzzzz ...
- Shake Leg aka io kah ( = RELAX )
- Trying out new makan place
- Travelling
- Buying more gadgets (wish I have more MooLah)

* 5 things I am currently into:
- Sleeping (i'm not zombie)
- Sampat-ing (just for fun)
- Eating (no eat how to survive woh?)
- Working (no work no $$ mah)
- Crapping & TCSS (working time need to serious mah.. after work, it's time to crap)

* 5 1 beautiful people I tag:
- beautiful Misti


sengkor said...

chup 1st.. read next week also.

oppss.. here no THHC hor..

oklah, unchup first, read now.. :P

mistipurple said...

aiks, got homework again. :P
*whistle whistle* poon pipi.. pretend did't see. :P *cabut*

mistipurple said...

sengkor ok bor?

mistipurple said...

i also not so scared no need rush rush read, becos no need kiasu chup like all the other places. but must admit got a bit kan cheong lah. still want first place. now sengkor got it liao. should've chupped then read after that. haha.
see lah, this emperor makes us all liddat.

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. in less than 3 hours time, it's next week liao.. :P

Yeah loh, here no THHC woh..
Here got sampat club only :P

*take Sengkor's temperature, to make sure he dun hv high fever*

Kkkkkk.. coz I sayang u mah ;)

I just took Sengkor's temperature.
36.9 celcius. No fever :)

LOL at the kiasu part.
Now is August liao hoh? Misti coming to KL soon :)

mistipurple said...

i kancheong about coming. kkkk. hope everything smooth.

may said...

how come ahseng didn't unchup and read mine today also leh? *pout*

you is always sampat-ing...


bingo! i hv Handyplast in my wallet too.. it's important~

and guess what.. i love shaking legs.. =P

Chen said...

Tick Tock Tick Tock..
very kan cheong leh? :P
I kan cheong on your behalf too..
cos I sampat mah..

Ah Sengjai cannot unchup at your place cos got honourable THHC mah, die die also must chup there wan :P

It's fun to sampat mah, another sampat post will be up soon ;)

Yeah, we never know when we will need it. I even have plaster and bandage inside my car. LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Ehon...her PDA got kukujiao picture wan.

pluboy said...

just bump on in... :P

angel said...

so rajin geh... :p

got no Funky pics to show ah this week? psstt... u shud dress up like ECL... and become SuperDoc! kkkk...

Kok said...

You've always wanted to shake legs? Now cannot meh?:P

Doreen said...

Eh, I also put handyplast in my wallet ler. Coz' I always very clumsy and often get paper cuts. Hehehehe.

carcar said...

wah, your 5 things always wanted to do also my favorite leh. hahaha.. i dont want more gadgets, i just want more shopping, more bags more shoes more clothings and more make up.


*sunday hugs*

eastcoastlife said...

izzit true? wat cocka say. got kkj pic in your PDA. why din show at the meet leh? aiyahhhh... hehehe... sei lah! I'm turning into a sampat por liao. kekeke.....

Chen said...

Muaahahhaha.. I showed u one year ago liao and yet u still remember? :P
Anyway, those are "diseased" picture, not the healthy picture.. LOL

Hahhaha.. Hope u enjoy your stay here :)

Rajin ah? Hehhehe... Ooops, I still haven't do your tag yet.. Neh, the tag u tagged me when I was still in Kuching time :P Kkkkkkk....

I lazy to search for picture from my archive mah. LOL at your suggestion. Cannot dress up and show pic lah.. cos we "cannot see light" one, we are anonymous mah :P

Chen said...

The "shake leg" i mentioned here is the chinese acronym of "relaxing" - which means relaxing lifestyle :P

Hehhee. Yeah, we never know when we might need it. It is even more useful when we go travelling.. :)

LOL, cos Great Minds Think Alike mah. ;) Wah.. u have room or space to keep all those stuff meh? :P

*Great Mind Hugs*

That was the fractured KKC pict lah.. Cannot cincai show those pict wan.. Cos there was once in the past, somebody wanted to throw my PDA away after seeing the amputated foot picture.. :P
Now I phobia liao.. kakakkakkaa

Jemima said...

Thanks for your well-wishes, Chen.

HUGS!!! said...

no radio / hi-fi in your room?
(another 8 gong here)

Will said...

guess what... i also got handyplast in wallet :P

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed.

Hahhaha... I have those stuff, but those are NOT my 5 favourite things mah. That's why I didn't include them in :)

Good good. Besides 杉 and Doreen, u r the 3rd person I know keeping handyplast in wallet ;)

ehon said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i also got plaster in my wallet! :P and one thing u're into also.. "sampat"-ing LOL! :P

Giddy Tiger said...

Does blogging come under the crapping category? I'm sure you didn't mean crapping literally, right?

Chen said...

Wah.. now only I know so many people actually keep plaster or handyplast inside their wallets. I just started doing so this year :)

I sampat in blog only. I'm not that sampat in real life

giddy tiger,
yeah, u r right...
clever lah u ;)
Hehhee :D

Simple American said...

So many fives. Want five hugs?

Chen said...

5 hugs not enuff leh..
I want 10 hugs

Simple American said...

Two sets of five hugs okay then? haha

Chen said...

can.. 3 sets also I sapu
The more, the better mah :P

_butt said...

um... what is TCSS? time crap... tak betul leh...

Chen said...

Kkkkkk.. paiseh paiseh
TCSS = Talk Cock Sing Song
u know what is that, right? :P
sampat word :P