Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Assam ?

What are these cute & adorable thingy?

Nope, these aren't groundnuts/peanuts.

These are Assam Madu. Nope, it's Not sour but SWEET !!

Not only sweet, but very very very sweet :P

p/s: The Assam Madu are handy Snacks (unlike the sour Assam, and it's NOT for cooking either).


mistipurple said...

chup ah!!!!!
chenliu be stwong!!! you must beat the URTI!! i heartchu kawkawwwwww!! can you hear meeeeeee??? lup youuuuuuu!!

nyonyapenang said...

assam madu? never seen before wor.
where to buy it from?

Chen said...

Hahahha, TQ TQ.
I will do what I can :)
Must drink more water and sleep earlier :)
TQ for heartchu me..
Archiu in return..

The first time I saw it was in Beijing, China.
The second time I saw it was in Kota Bahru, Kelantan.
The third time I saw it was in Balik Pulau market, Penang.

But I heard that the assam madu are widely available in the east coast -> Kelantan/Terengganu.

cooknengr said...

What's sup doc, every time I had these.. i went"ptui ptui ..." very sour one

Chen said...

errr.. might be the one u have is the different assam? This is not the sour assam. It is sugary sweet, hence the name assam madu ;)

I have tasted the other sourish assam --> sour till I cannot open eyes.. LOL

Will said...

just eat like that? or use for cooking?

mistipurple said...

i like everything sweet. cannot stomach sour at all at all. *cringe eyes tight tight*

Chen said...

just eat like that. It's not meant for cooking. Okie, I will edit my post and add in this caption to avoid confusion. ;)

Hehee... Not all assam is sour ;)
The Assam Madu is definitely suitable for u then since u heart sweet stuff. Sweet till u can smile or grin in your sleep. LOL

angel said...

Assam? Liu pregnant arr?

Chen said...

sampat lah u, nobody preggie here :P

this is sweet stuff leh..
u must try this out if u have the chance. Break the myth that assam is sour.. LOL

Berberboo said...

i thought it was pumpkin when i saw the first picture... u know... those labu air... haha...

where can i find asam madu? never seen before u know... =(

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

kaka...i had m y 1st taste of that few weeks ago...

local market got sell...some kelantan ladies with some thai background jual 1..

manyak selap...=) tot wana post it tim...mana tau, jiejie lebih cepat...keke =P

kat said...

Tern kiut geh? Looks like peanut liddat.

Simple American said...

That looks good. So it is not used in asam laksa?

I found some things in the Chinese grocery last week I had not seen before. Finally, see a jack fruit, and durian up close and personal. Don't buy cause I don't think it will be fresh. No idea how to tell. :P

Wennnn said...

looks like sumthin else lor!!! hehheheh... assam madu never heard before but now at east is an eyesight!! Thank Q Chen!

may said...

I've only eaten them when sold in small plastic bags. got shell like that wan ah?

and... and... why do they call it assam when it's sweet? :P

papercrazy said...

assam = sour; madu = sweet

= Sweet and sour

can cook fish??

ehon said...

where u get them? never seen them before gei.. sounds interesting thou.. sweet. :D

a^ben said...

call me suaku again~! heeheheh

Giddy Tiger said...

First time I have heard about assam madu. But it looks good though.

eve said...

Tak pernah cuba la..give me asam boi anytime..I kasi sapu ka liao..hehehe

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. I never tot of pumpkin or the labu air. But after u mentioned it, I looked back at the photo again.. it do have similarities :)

The assam madu is widely available in the east coast (Kelantan & Terengganu). Other places I think is hard to find..

woof meow,
The first time I tasted it was…
2002 if I didn’t remember wrongly :)

I saw the assam madu once in Balik Pulau market too, but not at any other markets.. Might be coz in there are more Malays in Balik Pulau?

The one showed in the picture above were from Terengganu. Nope, I didn’t go there but one of my colleagues went there and bought some back for us to savour. I took the photos more than a month ago liao :)

Chen said...

The one I showed in the photos are two-seeded assam. There are bigger and "longer" version too with more seeds.. Neh, those more "prosperous" assam with more "babies" - such as 3, 4, 5 or more seeds.

The two seeded Assam Madu are cuter, hence I left out the other bigger assam with more seeds :D

Hehhee.. these are for direct consume. Can break the shells and pop into the mouth, similar as eating peanuts with shells ;)

They use different assam to cook assam laksa :)

U gotta try out durian one of these days. I wanna know if u love it, or hate it. Hahhhaha.. it’s either u love it or hate it, no in between :P

Chen said...

Hehehe.. It does resembles many other things. And most importantly, it’s cute.. (and yeah, it tasted nice too :P)

U mean the sweet assam snacks twisted in transparent plastic bag, coated with sugar? I eaten that before, several times during my childhood days :D Used to be one of my favourites during those days...

Might be cos Assam wanna tell the whole world they have their sweet side too. Hehehhe... Else everyone will relate assam with sourness.

Assam dowan to be only related with sour face kua? :P

Chen said...

if used to cook fish, then it will become sweet fish liao instead of sweet & sour fish. Then might as well use sugar or honey only loh..
Scoop sccop scoop sugar cubes..
Easier tim than to peel assam madu..

The one showed in the photos above are from Terengganu. The assam madu are widely available there :)

I saw it before in Penang, but in the Malay area in Balik Pulau. I seldom go there also lah.. coz too far away :P

Chen said...

Hahhaa, u r not alone. There are many who never see nor taste it before too :P

I know u love sweet stuff, so I’m pretty sure u would love it :)

giddy tiger,
The next time u see it, u will know what issit liao. I showed it to my friends the other days and they couldn’t believe it is assam

Ngek ngek.. so I know something that u dunno of :P

Nak sapu asam boi ah? Gua sukak. Gua jugak mau.. Kasi sikit kat saya, boleh tak? Makanan lazat mesti dikongsi bersama mah.. :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

First time I see this!! It did look like hairy ball to me! I think not available over here in the east! Have a nice day !

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

town market also got jual...

u know the market near by kimberly street?

there got...1kg like rm 3 nia

day-dreamer said...

The fruit looks very familiar (like I've eaten it somewhere) but not the shell... LOL!

Doreen said...

Emm...never heard of it before let alone tasting it. Tempting.....does it smell like those sour assam?

Ah Boy said...

Eat all by yourself..
why u no feed Ah Boy assam madu geh? :(

Chen said...

hor ny ang moh,
Hairy Balls? Wah...
Looking back at the picture again.. Trying to figure out which part of it resembles hairy balls..

woof meow,
Issit available everyday ah?
or available once in a while or once in a blue moon niah ? :D

day dreamer,
Hahha.. The fruits are also available in packed form mah.. I saw it before. Likely that's where u ate it in the past? The flesh is sticky due to the sugary content.

Chen said...

Nope, no sourish smell at all.
The flesh of the fruit is sticky, cos of the high sugar content.

Sweet & Sticky stuff :P

ah boy,
wah wah wah...
complaint here pulak?

why u so tam jiak geh?
everything also u wanna eat ah?
Kekkekke.. at least I gave u cherries liao mah :P


looks like peanut

Bengbeng said...

haven't seen this before..available all over Malaysia?

Chen said...

Hehehe, there is similarities from afar. Abuthen, it is bigger in size in comparison with peanut :)

beng beng,
I never see it in Sarawak in the past. Might be u can try and look out for it. Who knows, u might be lucky? :)

carcar said...

get well already?

this is contradicting.

assam is assam, madu is madu

wat assam madu.


water_angel said...

*blur* apa itu URTI?? Some infection isit???

btw, your tagged! =p

Mr. Goober said...

looks like they belong to my family ;)

Kok said...

Looks like peanuts to me. hahaha!

mistipurple said...

chenliu always eat unusual food geh. *cabut*

Chen said...

Still having URTI woh..
Have to pop in two tablets of PCM and one tablet of Actifed in the morning before going to work.

This is life mah..
Very contradicting wan..
Even assam also cannot escape :P

water angel,
URTI = upper respiratory tract infection, Or in layman terminology = flu :D

Ooh.. kena tagged ah? Thanks for tagging. Okie okie, I will hop over to have a look..

Heheh, Luckily I did the tag liao last year ;)

Chen said...

Might be that is your long lost brother ?

Do we need to do an autopsy to confirm the diagnosis?
Or just examine the DNA? :P

Hehehe, It do resembles peanut from afar, but the assam madu are much bigger in size :D

Kkkkk, yeah yeah..
I eat a lot of stuff that u all never eat huh?
Inlcuding those exotic food stuff
But I dun eat cockroach nor spider nor scorpion leh :P

mudpie said...

my 1st guess was our sour Assam .. interesting, now they even have the Sweet assam ..

*trying one* :)

Chen said...

hehehe.. good guess woh..
u very pandai :D

_butt said...

sure not sour? i wana try! :D

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. i tarak main tipu wan..
101% not sour
in fact, it's manyak manis :D

Simple American said...

I hope you can be there the first time I chomp chomp on durians. :)

Chen said...

hehhehe... Hopefully u won't puke, but enjoying the fruit instead. ;)