Thursday, August 09, 2007


Even though I watched the HK TVB drama series 上海滩 (The Bund) more than two decades ago, but up to this day I could still remember the casts (Hui Man Keong, Ting Lek, Fung Cheng Cheng) and surprisingly, the ending. Imagine how great is the impact. Most of the time I couldn't even remember the ending of the series that I watched few months back. And not forgetting the nostalgic 上海滩 theme song by 叶丽仪 (Francis Yip). 上海滩 ~ 一部永远的经典.

上海滩 - 叶丽仪

浪奔 浪流 万里涛涛江水永不休
淘尽了 世间事 混作滔滔一片潮流

是喜是愁 浪里分不清欢笑悲忧
成功失败 浪里看不出有未有

爱你恨你 问君知否 似大江一发不收
转千弯转千滩 亦未平复此中争斗

又有喜 又有愁 就算分不清欢笑悲忧
仍愿翻 百千浪 在我心中起伏够

I found the following MTV from YouTube yesterday night.

Walao.. Chow Yuen Fatt manyak muda leh.. Hahahahaa.. :P


angel said...

Lorrrngggg parrrnnnnn... lorrrnnggg laooooo...


Go home oni see the video, now at work tak boleh tengok...

I want go shanghai... hmmmm... u been there b4 ka?

Jemima said...

That's a very nice evergreen popular song.

I like the singer - Frances Yip. :)

may said...

KKKKK!! I could almost imagine angel doing a Francis Yip!!

waaaaaa, dem old liao the series. makes me feel dem old too, since I remember watching it, though I never understood much!

Giddy Tiger said...

Yeah, everyone was glued to their TVs when they had The Bund on. Now that song is sung at karaokes :P

ehon said...

i feel so young! :D cos i've never seen the show. kekekeke. but that time i was prob a few yrs old. maybe? cos i rmbr hearing the song. :D

Will said...

last time my friend always sing...
"long pan... pang sai... long lau... lau sai..."


eve said...

Makes me feel so old la..cis..hehe..

_butt said...

wow! it was the best nostalgic song ever... loooong pannnn... loooong lauuuu... man nei something something... *quickly refer back to youtube clip*

it's a great song, really :) chow yuen fatt manyak muda dan handsome lagi!! :P

Chen said...

reminds u of last Christmas in Singapore ah? Kkkkkkkk...

sure sure, no problem..
still giggle at Chow Yuen Fatt's young look. Those really were the days, huh? :D

I tak pernah pergi Shanghai woh..
One day, one of these days I will visit Shanghai :)

Yeah, there are other singers who sing the same song but the feelings is different.

Hehehe, u all sang the song inside Misti's studio during your previous visit to Singapore @ Christmas time too, right? kkkkkkk...

I remembered this HK drama series was aired on TV2 in the past (in 1987 if I didn't remembered wrongly). That was where I get the chance to watch the series..

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Hahha, I was one of those who sat in front of the tv faithfully when the series was aired on TV2 in the past (in 1987 if I didn't remember wrongly). I still lup the song up to this day :)

of coz u r young lah..
u r "16" years old only mah..
But how come so weird geh, this coming birthday u will become 21 years old instead of 17 years old?
TI(P)U !!!

walao.. piak your fren kaw kaw for making fun of this classic song..
Piak with Shanghai Bun..

Chen said...

Eve jiejie, who is old ah?
U talking about Chow Yuen Fatt, right? Hahahaa...

u r Eve Leng Leng mah..
u r forever young and forever leng leng wan :P

Young Butt also knows this song.
Kekekeke... I know there are Malays who know this song too, and some even can sing it. Great, huh? :D

Yeah loh, everyone looks so young in that TV drama series, especially Chow Yuen Fatt :D

I can still remember the shooting and dying scene leh up to this day :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Wait ah....let me check whether there is a humsap version to this song sin...LOL

sengkor said...

'dun call me akit.. call me ah sir...!'

oppsss. wrong movie time.. tht one is better tomorrow.


i played this song when i started my piano lesson

Chen said...

wah... lidat also can?
hopefully no loh..
cannot imagine this classic song being hamsupified :P

LOLOL.. i remember that verse, by Leslie Cheung to Ti Lung :P Talk about it, A Better Tomorrow is another movie of yester-year, more than 2 decades liao too.

And not forgetting the legendary Mark Kor.. hahahha..

ic ic, u must be very good in playing this song liao

Wennnn said...

Waaaaa reminds me of how old I am liao!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...manyak lama oh that movie...but still, a good 1...

still remember that scene when Hui Man Keong mati...

few months back, astro got aired that show mah...Jie got watch?

angel said...

Wah liao... looking thru the MV, I suddenly remember Hui Man Keung!!! WAAAA!!!!

And also all the TVB series during that era... The Shell Game, and do you remember Radio Tycoon?? I love that song, shalala shalalala, shalalalalala.... mok wan lei, sam sei teik ngor... kkkkkk, not nyonya's shalala hahaha :p Nehhh, got Cheung Siu Fai wan ahhh... kei tak mou???

Then there's the other one title very long wan ah... forgot the engrish name liao... neh... chin san man sui chong si ching... ci tou mou??

KKKKK... those were the days of the 80's!!!

Chen said...

i thought i'm older than u leh..
hehehee.. if u r old, then i'm much older liao leh.. :P

woof meow,
errr.. this one is not movie leh, it's tv drama series, 20 episodes or more kua? i can't remember the exact number liao..

the one showed in astro is not the original tv series mah.. it's the new tv drama series by different actors and actress. Not so syiok liao watching.. hahah.. I still prefer the ori one :D

Chen said...

I know the drama series "The Shell Game". The gambling show - Watched it on TV2 in 1987. And it was broadcasted in Astro Xing He channel not long ago.

I know The Radio Tycoon
(all these series were broadcast on TV2 in the past. I still remember the radio tycoon was aired in 1984, once a week, every Tuesday night. LOL... Chow Yuen Fatt acted in that series too. I too remembered the theme song including the lyrics.. Shalalala sang by the veteran singer Jenny :D

I know the drama series "man sui chin san chong si ching" also.. by ah cher (wong meng chuen) and cher yin mah. Watched it on TV2 in 1987 too.

Hahhahha.. We are from the same era mah.. That's why we know the series :P

*reminiscing the old days of the 80's*

Simple American said...

Chow Yun Fat looks so young. Like me. :P

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah.. very N-lin-chin punye.. haahha... nostalgic...

angel said...

Mana itu Radio Tycoon mya MV??? kkkkkk.... *sampat*

Wah liao... u still remember which YEAR and which DAY it was broadcasted??? Omg... lu memang supercomputer mya otak la... kkkk...

*sexcited of being reminded of the 80's*



Chen said...

kakkaka, that is a good one :D

err.. u feel nostalgic also ah?
u r still young woh :P

die liao..
tonight no need to Zzzz liao :P
Looking high and low for radio tycoon 播音人 MTV 爱定你一个 by 甄妮.
Eee... YouTube removed the MTV liao
so potong stim :(

can find the mp3 but how come the shalala become some other phrase geh? ti(p)u mia mp3 :D
give us back the shalalala :D

Chen said...

we sing song first...


乐韵里 心声飘过
甜美意 快乐事

字句里 声声的爱
梦里意 变实事

百万人 只肯去爱你一个
千个梦 通通关于你未算多

为你作 心声广播
为了你 我誓愿

mistipurple said...

kia si lang indeed this doctor's memory, angel!!!! kkkkk.
cannot anyhow bluff her in future wan. hheheheh

kat said...

I also remember HMK being gunned down wor...

The remake with Sunny Chan and Lam Ka Dong cannot compare with the original, although Sunny Chan is quite comparable to Chow YF's HMK (cool enough!).

I also want to visit Shanghai one day. Shall we make it a blogger trip then?? :D I can imagine all the weird and wonderful photos that will come out!!

Chen said...

Hahhaha, I only have selective memories leh... Cannot remember everything mah, since i don't have "big" brain. Big brain more brain cells mah.. Hahhahahha...
*continue sampat-ing*

Yeah, I too prefer the original version. More syiok ;) I had a good time yesterday night with Angel reminiscing the old tvb drama series in the 80's, including searching for the songs and MTV in youtube. LOL

Blogger trip to Shanghai? Wah... that would be fun. Imagine we all painting the town red. Hhahahhha...

mudpie said...

H O W C O M E!!!!


Chen said...

Happy Weekend :)
Almost Saturday liao...
Tick Tock Tick Tock :)

Bengbeng said...

my mum was his number one fan....she said he was the most hensem man ever.

Chen said...

beng beng,
hehehe, he still looks good even up to today :)

Selba said...

So nice to hear the song again!!!

"The Bund" is one of the best HK TVB drama series. You brought back a nostalgic moment :)

Chen said...

Glad u enjoy the song. Yeah, that is a classic song, and a classic TVB drama series of yesteryears. I know there's a Malay artist who can sing that song too :)

Selba said...

Oh... really? Who is the malay artist who can sing that song?

Chow Yuen Fatt is really gorgeous especially in the old days (late 80s), don't you think? ;)

Chen said...

i dunno her full name but she is known as Regina. I have heard her singing the song thrice :)

Chow Yuen Fatt still look gorgeous even up to today. Hahaha, the mature look ;)