Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another SamPat Moment...

While reading Cocka's latest post, I accidentally ter-read the hilarious names he put up for the hyperlinks at the "Nothing To Crow About" sidebar. I have a good time laughing. Almost laff-die-me liao.. I will only listed out few (those whom I know of or whose blogs I read..)

Unker Cocka, 笑死我, 你係得 geh.(siu sei ngor, lei hai tak geh..). How should we link u up as? The Great Actor 刘丹? LOL


mistipurple said...

i thought i escaped until i went through the list again! i want to paint Kockokai purple already.

L B said...

Waaaa, he changed me from Mafia?!!!! Oiseh! Couldn't I have both?

Chen said...

u never notice your name as "Barney's cousin" all these while ah? Kkakakakkaka...
i dunno he put up there for how long liao.. Might be months (or years?) already?

*giggle under table*

Paint kokokai purple?
u wanna add another member to the Purple Family ah?
LOL.. earlier on u paint LB's Witchypoo Broom purple liao !!

laff laff laff

Chen said...

LOL... u r previously the Mafia ah?
Now naik pangkat liao..
Emperor is better than Mafia, right?

may said...

tell hiim his space in the tub gonna be taken by LB's toes if he doesn't come to visit soon!

mistipurple said...

*konk my own head*
i sawwwww Barney's cousin a long time ago and it never occured to me it's MEEEEEEE!!!! can peng hor? soooo funny this one, i am going to grin during sleep also. haahahaaa

Chen said...

now i become messenger pulak?
*pick up phone*
*dial cocka's number*

join in konk-ing your head :P
really laff die me again..
u so sotong wan

p/s: I will grin in my zzz too ;)

angel said...

kkkkkk... u baru saw? kkkkk...

the best one would be romeo & *ahem*, hor? :D

ps: Maybe u wanna try to giggle under the bed? New place might be more interesting... kkkkkkk :p

Jemima said...

Jemima's Journal = Jemima's toilet paper... 'coz journal = pages & pages...

That's how/why Cocka = Ayam Jantan links my blog as such. :p

Will said...

hahaha barney pulak :P

Chen said...

Kkkkkk... some of the "names" i baru saw.. eg. Romeo & Juliet

Giggle under bed ah?
underneath the bed is dark leh..
i sked got cockroach..
under the table is still better..
can still see some light

i see i see..
now i know liao..

cute hoh the name? :P
Barney's cousin..

zeroimpact said...

Not really understand yet leh, must go through a few more time
But then hor, if it's no inflation then I support, everybody, make sure no inflation hor

L B said...

True true, I can now summon the Imperial Executioner, and watch the Concubines squirm, instead of just ordering pizza..

Kenny Ng said...

I like Kenny Batu... LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Hi Everyone! Finally, you people saw ah? Aisey! it's been up there a week or so.

Kena scolding from Juliet summore...
"Juliet? what Juliet? Juliet Niakong!"...she said. LOL

Ok, LB's one shall be changed to 'butt pinching emperor' .LOL

_butt said...

don't bother.. busy laughing here Kkkkkkkkkkkkk


zewt said...

why zewt same wan ah?

i think we should all link him as the ultimate ham sup cock... oh... maybe he will really like that.

ehon said...

WAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHA!! damn creative! LOL!!!

Barney's cousin very funny ler. Lol!! Dr Jekyll! Hahahahaha.

a^ben said...

chen ah chen~~~

所谓天机不可泄露啊~! lolsssssssss

sbanboy said...

I am lost at usual :(

Wennnn said...

LAff die me too lor Chen I saw him putting Misti as Barney's cuzzie and then See fei as flying shit???? Alamak this Cocka!! REali cocka lor!!

mistipurple said...

i come back and laff somemore..

mistipurple said...

liu Dr Jekyll wor! hahaha. i was also looking high and low for yours. i am really a sotong.

Chen said...

hehehhe, dun really have to understand, cos mostly are crap components :P

and dun forget to order Lormaikai together with white coffee kaw :P

Wah... so we can call u as Kenny Batu in the future liao? LOL

Kkkkkk... yeah finally..
And the best is Mistipurple, who didn't realise "Barney's cousin" is actually her! LOL

Juliet scold u ah? Kesian, kesian..

Butt pinching emperor sounds good.
I can foresee the emperor going to pinch your butt personally this coming July ;)

Chen said...

laughing together...
but dun laff so hard, i sked he might later consider to put your name as ka ch'ng :P


Hhahaha, in real life, he is different leh, definitely not as hamsup as portrayed in his blog :P

i'm thinking..
ehon sounds like "easy to horn"?

where got 天机? That one no more 天机 liao.. since u know i know he knows she knows and Liucas & Ah Boy also know :P

Chen said...

dun worry.. nothing important here..
Most importantly is to have a good laugh :D

Cocka really geng hoh?
I still giggle at Barney's cousin

Earlier on I relate See Fei with 是非. Mana tau itu Cocka lagi keng, relate it with "flying shit" pulak.
I really wanna faint :P

wah.. apa pasal u so sotong liao?
must be cos yesterday u laff too much !! and summore cannot see me on twitter yesterday night !!
Really See Ghost liao :P

rinnah said...

That's a funny list. LOL! Can we start calling you Dr. Jekyll then?

mistipurple said...

i was wondering who denise was? ah ya.

eastcoastlife said...

You? Dr Jekyll? There's another side of you we don't know? hehehe...

Chen said...

wah... please don't
he cincai merepek only..
dun follow trend :P

siapa tu Denise?
now my turn to catch no ball liao :D

hahahha, itu Cocka simply crap only lah.. LOL
No another side of the story wan :P

ah nel said...

mine stil da same... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
hehehhe.. how come he didn't give u nickname geh?

WAIT.. how come your name disappear geh from the list? I remember added your name there last time. Really see ghost liao.. Must edit again & add in your name again :P

zewt said...

really? i would love to see that...

ah nel said...

he onli gv name to good civilian like u ppl...bad ppl like me he wont gv wan... :P

now i just know y they cal u SOTONG...remember 1st time we met in king crab n when i say someone link me but deleted my link and i forgot got ppl asked me who but i din say...

i tot u deleted my link coz last time after i post some salty pigcher then u deleted it...i seen all ur blog link r good ppl... :D

mistipurple said...

now more conpiusing. LB said denise chen came in mah. lol! pengsan. really see ghost now.

Cocka Doodle said...

Ok, there's an addition to the link...this lady who freed her staff's kkj from the zipper...has earn herself the link "Free Willy".


Chen said...

Yeah, indeed he is :)

ah nel,
Why call yourself bad ppl woh? U have a good heart woh..

LOL. Got little kids reading my blog mah, so cannot put links that lead to HS post wan :P

Now i remember liao who is Denise liao..
*Really See Ghost* :P

Kakkakakaka... I can't stop laffing when I read her entry. Poor Gerard. I will update on this, regarding "Free Willy". Kkkkkk..

ah nel said...

my hart whre got good as got hole n black ledi... :P

muahaha...i noe...tat y lin peh,cocka they all not in ur link... :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
if got hole, can tampal with plaster, or stitch with big needle
if black oledi, can use whitener

ah nel said...

tat wat u did in the operation room... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
at least i dun chop ppl :P

Bernard said...

Bernard = same. Hahaha.. kum boring geh?

Chen said...

u want some spark?
let me "think-think" :P