Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ah Boy Boleh !!

Remember the previous Satay post & the "to be continued" caption at the bottom of the post? The story continued... starring Ah Boy, my beloved doggy :)

Ah Boy has strong will power. He can stand temptation if being told to. He is capable to resist yummy food and he won't snatch if he is not given the green light to do so. I'm pretty amazed with his capabilities. Bravo, Ah Boy. I lup you. Ah Boy is the Best :)
I told Ah Boy "No", and he can stand the temptation, although he is hungry and he wanna eats the satay badly...

I'm amazed at his strong will. Ah Boy really Boleh.

Finally I let him enjoy the satay. *Open Mouth*

Btw, I sakit tangan cos holding the heavy camera with one hand.. (The other hand holding the satay mah)

Part of the satay was inside Ah Boy's tummy liao..

Ah Boy lovin' it, and I'm proud of him, and of course I sayang him lah. Ah Boy, you are the Best :)


L B said...

Try that on Cocka and see what happens?.....

Ah Boy is Great! Ah Boy is All-Powerful! Ah Boy deserves more satay (and pork rinds)!

_butt said...

so bad lar you, test on ah boy pulak.. :P but ah boy sure is boleh! you go ah boy!! we all sayang you kaw kaw!!


mistipurple said...

ahboy is good boy. very theng wah. next time got satay you feed me, i oso will demonstrate to you i very kuai. can tahan like ahboy liddat. then you sayangz me kaw kaw oso. so happies. roll on floor like ahboy!

angel said...

kkkkkkk @ misti! u dun hv to roll like ahboy! come to me, I feed you!! kkkkk...

yalar, u so bad 'test' ahboy... sure he beh tahan inside his heart cursing you wan... kkkk... :p

Cocka Doodle said...

If Liucas means the satay stick also hilang liao. kakakakaka!!!

kyh said...

lol @ misti and cocka!!! KKK!!!

ah boy really theng hor! kam geng geh??? temptations temptations!

may said...

Ah Boy good doggy! share-share with me can? you one bite... I one bite...

ehon said...

Ah Boy of cos boleh lar! We same same geng you know! :D Lol! He can, I also can mar.

Ok lar, actually if food har, I cannot lar. :P I 'kiasi' dont get to eat. XP Lol!

Ah Boy sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Just like me...! =D AH BOYYY!!!

Monk[+]Icon said...

ahahaha.. so cute la ah boy makaning sate...

zeroimpact said...

Very good boy ah boy
Should give him more satay
But leave some for me k

Wennnn said...

Chen U are sooo cruel la... U let Ah Boy look at the food and dun let him eat... Like Ah boy eat.. no Ah Boy stop,, okie Ah Boy eat... err no stop.... Okie la let U eat!!! Aiyaaaaa

papercrazy said...

I oso can resist satay like ah boy...so u sayang me oso???

ah nel said...

u should let ah boy eat the stick oso... :P

liucas said...

oi cocka! what stick? the hand holding the stick i also sapu ok..

JoeC said...

awww, how cute :)Very time i see ah boy i wanna giv him a big kiss! Cheers.

Selba said...

wah.. how did you teach ah boy to stand temptation?

I even can't teach lulu to behave, jumping jumping jumping, biting biting biting. She doesn't understand the word "No" though I've tried to make her understand :(

aNNie said...

my ahpui oso like tat.. stand for temptation.. he dont even dare 2 take his favourite foods from me.. if i din ask him to do it..
going 2 sayang ah boy n ah pui kaw2..

Chen said...

Might be Cocka will dance? LOL
Oops, don’t remind Ah Boy of the pork rinds :P

Ah Boy wants more food woh..
Dunno whether Butt will give him some or not?
He prefers meat than vegetable (although he sapu everything)

Faint… Next time I will ask u both sit on a row.
Think about this also I wana laff,
Imagine Misti begging together with Ah Boy????


Chen said...

I wanna see Misti rolling on the floor woh..
Another 7 wonders of the world liao..

Ah Boy has a good heart wan,
He dun curse wan..

Kkakakkaa… Liucas so ganas wan ah?
Luckily only sapu satay stick and not the hand :P
*really kia si lang*

Ah Boy very geng leh..
I’m equally amazed too with him.

u wanna tempt Ah Boy with the vegetarian satay ah? He sapu almost everything wan :)

Chen said...

wah.. can’t imagine if Ah Boy really doing that..
Might be he will give u the satay stick
and he sapu the satay meat

Hahhaa, u r the younger Ah Boy :D
(Ah Boy is 3.5 years old in human age,
but in doggy age, he is older than u liao)
Must ask my Ah Boy to teach u how to stand temptation liao..

Hehehe, I love the shots too :)

Ah Boy requests all the kor kor & jie jie out there to buy him food
Hehehe, he says he is pretty tired with the pedigree dog food,
And he wanna eats human food

Chen said...

hahaha.. once I give it to him, I won’t ask him to stop liao :P

of coz I sayang u lah,
regardless if u can stand temptation or not :P

ah nel,
later stomach ache then how?

Ini Liucas manyak ganas..
Tangan pun sapu ah?
Next time dun feed Liucas satay liao :P

Chen said...

besides kissing him, must hug him also mah
He enjoys being cuddled & hugged :D
Ah Boy is such a darling :)
Look at his big round eyes !!

Frankly speaking we never teach him that woh..
I dunno where he learn it from..
That’s why I’m pretty amazed with him.

Ah Pui also so cute & good boy ah?
Deserves to be sayang too

eve said...

aiyo..merana nyer...Poor fellow..the saliva got drip drip anot?..

dino said...

ah boy so "hang fook"...

rinnah said...

Aiyoh... why you kacau Ah Boy liddat one? Summore use the yummy satay... :o)

My Kelly also like that... don't dare to eat until we tell her ok, but she will whine and cry and look pitifully at us.

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Ah Boy's 毅力 damn 强!

Somemore you can capture "slow motion" like that, LOL!!

*thunderous claps to Ah Boy*

Winn said...

chen u holding a rotan behind also is it? heeeee!

mistipurple said...

*rolls on floor*

Chen said...

yeah hoh, very kesian..
That's why i let him eat the satay, since he is so good boy. No dripping of saliva yet, but i can see his tongue movement...

hang fook meh? Hhahaha...
Others say he very kesian woh, cos being tempted & test-ed.. :P

We tempted him with roast pork and char siew too previously, and HE CAN STAND THE TEMPTATION. Woosh..

Take lah photo of your Kelly.
We wanna see :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Ah Boy very geng huh?
He deserves to be sayang, right? ;)

Kkkkk.. if only i have 3 hands lah
one hand hold camera,
another hand hold satay,
all fully occupied liao...
no more hand to hold rotan liao :P

Ah Boy only roll on floor when someone tickles his tummy woh

Doreen said...

Wah~~ Ah boy so cute ler and smart too. *Doreen also sayang Ah boy* (^_^)

ah nel said...

beling ah boy to me as i noe how to cure...


King's wife said...

At first I tot you were tempting him saja...

Chen said...

Ah Boy happy when ppl sayang him
Can see him smiling liao :D

ah nel,
your head ah..
don't bully my dear ah boy :P

Cannot be so bad wan..
He was tempted for 5 minutes liao..
Should reward him at least mah..
Later he suffer from depression then cham loh.. :D

ah nel said...

don woli as i can reli take good care of him...faster send ah boy to me....

*finding some curry powder*

Bibik Nyonya said...

Wah...ah boy so clever...and cute!! Ha ha ha!

Chen said...

ah nel,
curry powder to cook u ah?

bibik nyonya,
hehehhe.. ah boy very happy liao,
cos u praise him cute & clever :D

ah nel said...

no lar...just cook somthing fotr ah boy to eat wan...

when wana send ah boy for me?

Chen said...

ah nel,
ah boy dowan to go by himself woh..
he sked :D

13th Panda said...



u r so guai

Chen said...

13th panda,
hehehe, can Mango resist good food if u don't give her the green light?
Hehhehe.. let's do the "experiment"

jane said...

Hi, found your blog thru links... LOL! that was funny! Your doggie is sooo cute! So obedient some more! :)

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
At times my doggy is stubborn...

kikare said...

Ah Boy really impressive!
My dog can also can wait for order, but I don't think she can hold that long (and pose for the camera!)
She will give out some whining sound because she REALLY wants the meat!
haha, dogs are the cutest.

Pink Cotton said...


so kiuuuuuuuuuut

esp the pic where he jilat jilat ^_^

only get to read this post today 'x'

Chen said...

Ah Boy has been begging for several minutes before i let him eat the satay ;)

Yeah, dog are the cutest :D

pink cotton,
si beh cute hoh? :D
still waiting for your Goldie picture leh.. Bila nak tangkap gambar?

lostsheep said...

How sad: My youngest daughter has less self control than a dog called ah boy.

Chen said...

lost sheep,
hehe, how old is your youngest daughter? :)

Adino said...

Waa... your Ah Boy very obedient la. How you train ah? If my doggy ah... he will eat first, and care later!

Chen said...

Frankly speaking we never teach him the bedside manners. I dunno where he learn it from, might be he inherited it? hahhaa... That’s why I’m pretty amazed with him. He won't take the foodstuff unless if i placed it on the floor, or if i give it to him. :)