Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Modern Bloggersaurus Dinosaurs

Ah Winn said she is old liao woh.. quote "当年二十六岁时就觉得哇,不得了,我他妈的老了". Fulamak, if she is old, then we are all.... ? May commented "Then we all dinosaurs liao! KKKLLLLHHHHH!!"

Introducing The sam-pat Morden Dinosaurs - The Bloggersaurus . Only those priviledged ones will be included here (aged 28 & above). Why using 28 as cut off point? Cos that "someone" is 28 years old loh, lidat loh :P

*First of all, the priviledge goes to the Winnosaurus, Winnociraptor & Winnratop (The best-est dinosaur who can give u complete care)
*How can I not mentioning Cheneosaurus? (But I still prefer Chennosaurus)
*And not forgetting the dearie Erectopus. (The Octopus or Sotong Dinosaur)

We have many more dinosaurs on the move :-
*L-Bex & Albisaurus (The great Italian KK i-Dinosaur)
*Angelosaurus & Angaturama (The heavenly Angelic Dinosaur)
*Mayliusaurus & Mei Long (The Chinese or Oriental Dinosaur who is now in a far far away land)
*Mistisaurus (The busy Dinosaur who always tak cukup tidur. Good fren of Barney, the Purple Dinosaur)
*Cockasaurus (The Chicken Dinosaur who enjoys tok kok)
*Carcarasaurus (The modernised Dinosaur who drives instead of walking)
*Willosaurus (The Dinosaur who cons people to write will worships BKT)
*Sengkorasaurus (The rich Dinosaur who owns kopitiam)
*Kennyosaurus (The Dinosaur who rocks & jeng jeng jeng)
*Nyonyasaurus (The Dinosaur who dances & sings sha lalala)
*Jerrisaurus (The dimsum lover angmoh Dinosaur from Texas)
*Jennisaurus (The glamour Dinosaur whose hubby is King)
*Monisaurus (The Sarawakian Dinosaur who crazes of paper)
*Benediosaurus Rex (The Canadian Dinosaur who loves karipap)
and many more...

Let's geder together, wear Croc (or pirated Krok shoes), sam-pat, have a cuppa tea & makan Dinosaur Pai Kuat !! Wanna wanna?


Monk[+]Icon said...

So if u guys above 28 are dinosaur...then me below 28 are monstaur....wahahahaha~~hence my name wud be monkster~~~wheee...gerori~

Winn said...

chen u are the liuest of the liu!! hahaah like that oso can ar? laugh die me!!

yeh lets krok!!
what color leh?

Winn said...


Chen said...

u will become dinosaur soon :D
But at the time being, we will call u Monstaur as requested (Monstaur sounds nicer than monkster leh) ;)

Monstaur, monstaur :P
What a nice name !!!!

So the sam-pat huh?
Beh tahan leh?
We can made a sam pat post out of every single sentence u tok about leh..

Yeah, let's Krok
Thinking thinking..
dark colour kua...
those bright colour wan too bright liao leh

Liucas not yet 28 years old mah..
When he reaches 28 years old, he will become Liucasaurus loh.. Just like Ahboysaurus too..


may said...

I'm a duck-sized dinosaur? KKKKKK!!! LLLLLLL!!! at least I'm not a River Lizard!! ok, I'm gonna go hunt down some croc, make my own croc shoes ya. lizard-colour wan.

Sin Ling said...

i am 21 years old, young young and chui pok pok, i am not dinosaur... :D

mistipurple said...

as long as mine not yellow crocs.
big feet will look like clown.

Chen said...

cute mah.. duck sized mini dinasour.
Small-small dei, like Ah Boy lidat.
So unique woh ;)

Wah wah wah...
We have a croc hunter here ;)
Your lizard karer croc shoes are the best-est liao !!
After u harvest the croc skin, we can makan BBQ croc meat woh!! So yummy

sin ling,
chui pok pok?
what a description !!

hehehe, abuthen, time flies very fast wan.. soon u will reach dinosaur age too. We were all once 21 years too leh several years back ;) LOL

If orange colour, will look like duckie liao.. Mmm... might be can
waddle like Donald Duck too ;)

L B said...


L B said...

ahem, no lah, AhBoy too cute to be Raptor...
*begs AhBoy for divine forgiveness..*
Sotongraptor better hor?

Will said...

eeee... so liu description of Willasaurus :P

angel said...


Peng KK! Peng KK!
Laff KK! Laff KK!
Roll KK! Roll KK!


Well done lohhh...
*high 5*

Chen said...

No wonder Ah Boy hides in the corner just now !!
I wonder why earlier on, now I know!! Hahhaha.. all your fault :P
calling him ahboyraptor

Sounds a bit like photographer tim ;)

lazy to think liao mah..
so cincai link up the word Con & Will loh..

So the KK

Thanks to Angel for the idea & contribution ;)
Happy KK
Smile KK
Grin KK
and Wink KK too ;)

Redsponge said...


really ah uuu...

but hmm dinosaurs gather together wear crocodiles shoes could be a very gempa bumi sight lor. Must take photos and show here!

nyonya said...

wuah, i'm truly honoured to be included in this esteemed hall of fame. kamsiah.

day-dreamer said...

Below 28 is what ah, my dear Chenosaurus??

Chen said...

red sponge,
really ah what?
buying krok ah?

since that skipping cotton buy liao, then we must give support too mah :P

Err.. take photo of the shoes can liao..
Everybody showing legs...

Nyonya so geng woh, our sifu woh..of coz must include nyonya inside ;)

below 28 will have a -saurus name too, which can be used once they reach 28 years old ;) No one can escape that loh...

Pink Cotton said...



so so how??? u all bcome the micro-organism that existed b4 dinosaur????MWEHEHEHEHE

YAY!!..even tho i blm reach the 'dinosaur age' can i wear my pink krok go yum cha??can ah???

Cocka Doodle said...

*Cocka starts drilling holes in shoes because he can't afford to buy Crocs*

Kenny Ng said...

I'm the dinasour who rock & jeng jeng jeng?... LOL, I like it! You forget another thing, all set the hair to punk, look more sampat mah... kekeke

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Mmmmmmmm... apa pasal u suddenly cakap u r so olddddddddddd? Cheh.. rupa-rupanya want us "the dinosaurs" to degrade to "micro organism" pulak.. CIS :P

Can, u can join since u already have a pair of Pinky Croc, oops.. should be Pink Krok liao

Mmmmmmmmm... what a brilliant idea. Engineer talk & engineer thinking.
Mou dak deng ah :)

U know? Winn started calling me Chen Chen Chen liao.. She says sound like your's Jeng Jeng Jeng woh... LOL

set hair to punk?
dowan lah..
later look like a group of ah beng & ah lian liao...
laff die me :P

Simple American said...

That would be Jerrisaurus Rex!

Actually if Winn is old and you are dinosaut, then I would be protozoa lor?

Dis is very unliusual.

a^ben said...

Ai si lor` i was looking for my name` thought chen dunno how to write`

mana tau~ it's for 28 and above saja` kekekkeke :D

i am underaged :P

kyh said...

LOL at Albisaurus!!! nvr knew there is one named after LB!!! or isit LB is named after it? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

CHENDOLsaurus tarak ka? fits u so much leh chen!

papercrazy said...

isk isk isk isk.....chen dropped my saham liaw lor....

If no krok, can bring keropok or not??

Age is just like wine.....it gets better as it aged...

age abv 28+with specs = a very very fine and precious highly intellectual people...

Wennnn said...

Wah liao eh liuliu lama tak datang suda become dinosaurus land ah here??? So many dinosaurs until I pun cepat cepat lali lor...... Scare la.. after I become dinosaur liao too.. I dun wan la .. Even tho i am over the 28 I am still not yet dinosaurus lor...

Chen said...

Jerrisaurus Rex ah? Kkkkkkkkk
Cocka also told me the same thing!
He wanna become Cockarosaurus Rex too !!

Cannot lah.. then I cannot see u with naked eyes liao
Need to use microscope then only can view u
Lidat no fun liao leh…

ai si loh..
This ah ben so perasan wan?

U r not yet 28 mah…
But I have one dinosaur name in mind for u liao..
Benjamosaurus. Nice or not?
Or U want Benjamosaurus Rex ? U can use it once u reach 28 years old

Wah… laff at people..
Might be later u might find a dinosaur with similar name as yours too :P

Chendolsaurus sounds more like food than dinosaur..
Jabatan Pendaftaran Dinosaur tak terima nama ni.. Ditolak ;)

Chen said...

Who say dinosaur has no saham who?
So many great dinosaurs here
Bear in mind not everyone can become dinosaur leh..
Only the priviledged ones ;)

No Krok ah?
Pinjam your mei mei punya pink krok lah..
Abuthen she wants to use also hoh?

Keropok also can lah.. Since we can makan it. Good also :)

I like this --> age abv 28+with specs = a very very fine and precious highly intellectual people...
How true !!

Heheh, u must be busy cooking so many dishes & different food stuffs for the past few days leh?

Here is a very happening land ;)
With different themes & topics on & off depends on the ongoing hot topics in the "community"

sengkor said...

Sengkorasaurus' kopitiam is to lure unsuspecting customers into the shop and then.. and then.. muahahahaha..

_butt said...

Whoa.. back to Flinstone age ka? :P

Chen said...

ini Sengkorasaurus
so the kuai kuai she she geh?
what happened after then?
U makan them up ah?
or make them into claypot dishes?

Syiok mah..
cannot play "Back to the Future" all the time wan.. Sometimes must rewind & playback "Back to the Past" too ;)

dino said...

wah.. all become same species like me... :p

Chen said...

yeah loh..
u r the baby dinosaur mah...
i still remember asking u to use Dino as your nickname instead of always using "anonymous"...
So fast time flies hoh?
That was more than a year ago liao ;)

dino said...

ya lor, time flies...
never notice that i have been here more than a year liao..

carcar said...

im away for a while and u turn crazy, poor thing..opps. poor dinasour...

Chen said...

And soon.. it's CNY liao ;)

We are not crazy leh...
We sam-pat only :P
The dinosaurs here are all waiting for Carcarasaurus for group photo session leh :P

carcar said...


Chen said...

of coz :)
The Dino Gatherings :D