Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Talk

Two days ago, I had lunch together with my friend. After a brief heart-to-heart talk about our ups & downs in life, she suggested...

Friend : Wanna go massage after work?
Me : Sure. Why not? I'll come & pick u up then. We go together in my car.

Later in the evening, we went for Shoulder & Back Massage (RM25 for half an hour session). So relaxing... So syiok.. So comfortable... No wonder I feel sleepy before 10 pm. Can zzzz & sleep soundly even without any somersault session.

Today, I was chit-chatting with another colleague cum fren after lunch. Just some normal keng kai, how's life bla bla bla session. Suddenly she put her head on my shoulder, giving me a shock. Of coz I shocked lah, coz I wondered what had happened. Rupa-rupanya she said i'm like a 大姐姐 (big sister) to her woh. Da jie jie ah? So sweet. Tonight I will have insomnia liao. Kkkkkkkkkk

What shall I do tomorrow night? Yeah, Bowling Games !! Hit & Knock Down the Pins. Strike!!


may said...

ermmmm... errrrr... you sure tai kah cheh ah? errr...

Will said...

chup chup chup...

wah so nice go massage...

tai kah cheh? err... you sure she no lesbian? :P:P:P

kyh said...

chup chup chup after will...

wah big sister ah... not big sotong meh? :P

insomnia nvm... cos got MISS INSO'N'MIA --- miss _butt accompany u! :D

Chen said...

pijak me pulak :P

u can go massage too mah :)
Can go for foot reflexology too ;)

walao.. say my fren till lidat.. :(
hope she won't notice what u say here, if not she pukul u then i dunno liao :P

Sei chai pao, big sotong your head ah :P I know ah butt wanna pukul u liao cos u big mouth earlier on.

Monk[+]Icon said...

to me Lokter memang sound like a big sister I assume we all can call u "tai ka jie"...kekekee

angel said...

If u dai kar jeh, then Nyonya & Me are wat worrrr :P


Chen said...

wah wah wah...
say till lidat
later i melayang-layang liao

i didn't say i'm tai kar jeh woh..
they call me lidat only mah :P

nyonya is kai ma mah
angel is angel jie jie
Remember the family photo in One Noodle?
We are one big happy family mah ;)

mistipurple said...

then i am 'ah ma'! hahahahaa

L B said...

Tomorrow you bring Ah Boy, come for Siew Pai Kuat!!! Ya?

day-dreamer said...


Nice leh, I call like that? :D

Simple American said...

No somersault session. Poor Mr. Dr. not have massage and then no somersaults too. I send him better luck next time. Kkkkkkkk!!!

Bowling! Charge!!!

Selba said...

I want a massage too!!! A reflexiology also will be nice... plus a hug!!! :D

sengkor said...

大姐姐, KL's massage cheaper wor.. rm38/hr..

papercrazy said...

I can never stand massage cos I'm ticklish....

people said hah people who are ticklish very the sayang spouse wan..true or not hah??

*giggles like the geisha in Memoir of a geisha movie*

hahaha...nasib baik you did not punch your fren's face. I know of someone who will.....

Pink Cotton said...

WAH...sudnly put head on shoulder???
if me i will also hak si khi!!!


hmm u r not my ta jie..u r my ER JIE


Pink Cotton said...

go for massage???

got tanggal everytrhing wan or not?


Chen said...

misti “ah ma”,
how are u today?
Taken breakfast already or not?

Can, of coz can …
Abuthen, still got leftover siew pai kuat meh after so many days? :P
Or another batch fresh from the "oven" wan?

day dreamer,
Hahaha, nice.. of coz nice :P
Call summore lah..
Take a chair to sit down & listen..
Munching popcorn :D

Chen said...

What lah u :P

Have u tried foot reflexology?
Painful & ticklish the first time leh, but syiok too !! Some people cannot stand it :)

U wanna go bowling too?
Bowl bowl bowl :D

A massage + reflexology + hug all in one session?
Can made that into a package, with special discount !!

小弟弟 ah,
the price issit for whole body massage or ? :D
I prefer shoulder & back massage rather than whole body massage leh

Chen said...

I heard tat saying before leh but how true issit I dunno liao..
Mmmmm…. Might be can enroll u into the study & see?
To prove that the saying is true mah !!
U will volunteer, right?

wah.. who is that someone ah?
So ganas geh? :P

pink cotton,
if I put my head on your shoulder next time, u won’t bok me hoh?

ER JIE ah?
*giggle too*

aiyoh.. I’m going for "shoulder & back massage" only lah..
ini tak perlu tanggal everything punya :P
not whole body massage leh :P

eve said...

wahhhhhhh..shoulder massage..i nid one leh..esp after work..if oni hubby will do tat for me..haihss..

VampireM said...

go where play? so happening... i go pass by the place. :p

zeroimpact said...

I'd like a full body massage to rejuvenate

Chen said...

go for the professional one lah
they can do better jobs
and do much longer too ;)
Worth the money leh :P

Went to Midlands..
Played 4 set of games.
Now my right hand aching liao :P

For whole body massage, the Thai massage is nice :)

zewt said...

25 for half an hour..?? that's freaking cheap.