Monday, February 05, 2007

New World Park

Sunday afternoon is another makan-makan session, since Kenny is in town.

Late lunch for the day - Penang Assam Laksa & Duck Egg Char Koay Teow in Greenlane.

And not forgetting the so-so Loh Bak. Btw, this is not Lobak nor Carrot. And most importantly, this was not the end of the makan session yet...... Remember the roadside hawker stalls in Swatow Lane?

These were the roadside hawker stalls in Swatow Lane of yester-months (taken in September 2006). These scene is no longer available, cos it is now replaced with the newly built......

And this place is now called New World Park Hawker Centre. More spacious, more airy, more seats, more privacy, less stuffy, cleaner, more food selection, more parking spaces bla bla bla.. Indeed it's a much better place to TCSS, and the food price still remains the same.

Ais Kachang and Penang Fruit Rojak with Sotong.

The ever famous Chee Cheong Fan stall in Swatow Lane. U can judge the popularity of the stall by the never ending, constant number of customers

Most hawker stalls still keep their old sign board & price list for the food items despite having a new food items & price list board on the wall. Nostalgic kua? Got sentimental value kua? Mmm.. might be easier for the old timers customers to recognise the stalls kua?

Very confusing & misleading signboard. The writing in Chinese means Koay Teow Th'ng (dried) or Koay Teow Soup (dried). Does this mean this is the Koay Teow Soup without soup?

We spotted a hungry doggy. So white and so obedience, just like Liucas ;)

And not forgetting the Sotong Stall.. Err, I mean the Sotong Kangkung Stall.

My dinner for the night -> the mouth watering Sotong Kangkung + Jellyfish.


angel said...

Yippie! Makan Chups!
I first! I first!

*go mandi*

Will said...

hehehe chup chup chup

i second :P

Will said...

wah sotong and kangkung and jellyfish... so sinful :P

next time i go penang must bring me there see see :P

mistipurple said...

ah ya new blogger slowed me down..
but ok lah. neber mind. *hold hands with angel chup*

day-dreamer said...


Wah... hungry la...

I want ais kacang!

Eh, is that Liucas' girlfriend?

kyh said...

i tot that was liucas at first glance! HAHAHA...

eh... why eat ur own brethrens one? :X

Sin Ling said...

hey chen, i went there a week ago, it is much more nicer than the old one, got more parking space, eating space too, not pack, food delicious, the curry mee there is nice, did you try it? the fried Oyster there is a bit disappointed because the portion is small, hungry liao, i want to eat the ice kacang again... :D

Anonymous said...

i oso cannot log in mayliu and LB Singh's blog liao. gotta borrow your blog and wave at them from here. :(

Simple American said...

It is kind of cute how they kept the old signs.

Makan makan. So yummy!

may said...

♥ I miss penang assam laksa ♥

L B said...

I saw so many sotong too!!!!!!

Chen said...

So the Loh
So the saurus..
yesterday night too sleepy lah..
no time for saurus talk yet :P

Will kena the chup illness liao?
I saw u chupping everywhere :P

Next time u go Penang, U wanna me bring u there just to see-see only ah?
Not bringing u there to eat-eat meh? :P

Must hold hand & sing song together too mah.. Such an occasion woh ;)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
i want ipoh sar hor fun..
i want ipoh yim kuk kai too :P

Errrr.. i dunno the gender of tat doggy leh.. Kkkkkk... reminds me of Winn's previous post about tat.. Err.. Kkkkkkk

tat's not Liucas - different size, different breed.. although both of them are white colour :P

My own brethen are humans lah !!
I mana ada makan orang? choy !!!
No cannibal here :P

sin ling,
Yeah, indeed it is
more spacious, better ventilation, less stuffy ;)
There are two curry mee stalls there, which one is nicer? ;) I haven't try it out yet

U can always go there makan again since u r now in Penang mah :P

Chen said...

Likely their server problem kua?

Can, u can always wave here...
Wanna dance or sing song here also can. Tarak masalah wan :D

Got sentimental value kua? Since they have been using the old sign board for ages liao ;) "No heart" to throw away :P

Ooops... I really hope I can DHL to u liao.. but u r now so far, far away in the faraway land :) Next time, okie? ;)

Those bit, fat, juicy & gigantic sotongs!! Does that reminds u of the "Pirates of the Carribeans"?

Pink Cotton said...


sudah kena revamped...

ok lemme think...hmm i wanto eat the duck egg kueh tiao,hmm eat chee cheong ice kacang..

MWEHEEHEHEHEHHe tebalnya muka... said...

YEs, how come the kuey teow t'ng no soup?

papercrazy said...

This lokter, everytime post food punya cerita to tempt people from outside Penang...

Now I know, Penang is an eating haven!! I'm sure the duck egg kueh tiaw is yummy....

I have sore throat, still coughing like a TB patient, runny nose like an open tap and I crave for char kueh tiaw with clams!!

lesson to meself - Never read Lokter's blog so early in the morning or towards lunch cos sure hungry punya after reading...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wah… u think this is kopitiam meh? I want this & that pulak?

U can soon savour all these dishes liao mah... U r coming to Penang in August, right?
Yes? No? Yes yes yes?

Tebalnya muka ah? U say wan hah :P Take ruler to measure "ketebalan muka"

Hehehe... new lingo
Might be soon we can have ICED lemon tea without ice too ;)
or barley peng without barley !!

Aiyoyoh, tarak tempt-tempt lah..
Sarawak is also eating haven mah..
Seafood haven.. Bilin haven… Kolo mee haven.. Kampua haven…

Poor papercrazy..
Hope your notti mei mei will take good care of you woh, instead of skipping around with krok :P

Aiyah.. dun run away lah, I promise not to post food post tomolo :P

Pink Cotton said...



Bernard said...

Uahhh.. spanking new Swatow Lane.. ! Heard about it but haven't been yet. Prices didn't go up, eh? That's comforting.

King's wife said...

**licks the sotong kangkung off the screen**

Kenny Ng said...

I just makan my favorite Jawa mee at my place :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
sikui, ini bukan kopi tiam lah..
wanna order kopi peng can go to Sengjai’s kopitiam ;)
Might be he will belanja u kopi leh?

Yeah, I didn’t know the new place is opened for almost one month liao..
Just realized it last Sunday.
Seems like people in Penang eat around the clock
Lotsa people makan-ing even at 4 pm :)

Make sure u lick the sotong kangkung only & not something else !! ;)
Luckily no cockroach picture next to it !!


Wah wah wah…
Mee Jawa !!
I also want leh :P

angel said...

*dances with misti*

So loh-loh, so sau-sau... kkkkk!

_butt said...

waaaaaa.. ajak kenny go makan.. so suaaang!!!

mistipurple said...

sayangz angel and dance some more!! *hold hands with sotong's tentacles and do skipping!!!* :P

mistipurple said...

hehe. *looks out for Mayliu in far far faraway land* *waves*

Chen said...

Sou lah sou...
loh loh loh...
sau sau sau...
rus rus rus...

so the syiok :D

if Ah Butt mari Penang, I will ajak Ah Butt go makan too :)
wanna wanna?

U made Sotong giddy liao leh...
no wonder Sotong sleeps so early liao.. Kkkkkkkkkk
now i know why :P

Join Misti waving at Maymay at far far away land :)

Sin Ling said...

the hawker food centre very near my house only... :p

nyonya said...

gua mau pigi makan...gua mau pigi makan....

Chen said...

sin ling,
Wah.. u stay nearby tat area ah?
Then everyday can go Giant liao...
everyday can go makan hawker food too
so syiok :P

nyonya kidnap lah angel & bring her back Penang. Then we can geder-geder go makan & sampat plus shaliuliuliu liao ;)

dino said...

wah.. i also wanna go.. i also wanna makan those food...and finally, i wan a map :p

Ah Butt said...

yay!! hopefully after April.. will see, will see.. :D

And also Ipoh!!

Chen said...

Come come come :) Mari mari !!
Hehe, this place is in Swatow Lane, nearby Jalan Nagor. Not far away from Penang Plaza or the Giant Supermarket ;) Very easy to find wan..

ah butt,
Good good. Ah Butt coming to town in April ;) First visit to Penang woh !!

Anonymous said...

u sohai, the koay teow soup (dry) means that u cn either order koay teow soup or dry koay teow la. lol...