Friday, February 02, 2007

Flying Cockroach

Yesterday night, I saw one sikui kah chuak (the RIP cockroach mia relative) flying around in my room. Gosh !! I then saw the cockroach landed on the wall in front of me and climbed up to the ceilings within seconds. Then, the sibeh hiao cockroach started flying again nearby the fluorescent lamp!! What I worried was the flying cockroach might landed on my head !! (I had experienced baby lizard landing on my head before liao.. Tat stupid baby lizard lost balance while walking on the ceiling & drop right on my head !! Cis...) No, no.. I won't let that tragedy or disaster happened. That was way too disgusting & very geli. There was no way for me to piak the cockroach with newspaper or slipper nor spray with insecticide cos the bugger is too far up the ceiling.

How to avoid the cockroach from landing on my head? The easiest solution is... WEAR A CAP !! Hahaha, clever or not? That was what I did last night, wearing my black adidas cap (with full alert mode on) and peeping at every single movement of the cockroach :P And these are some of the responses I get from few great people when I talked to them yesterday night.

Kenny : Later the kah chuak will fall on your head. (sikui Kenny, so bad mouth geh? :P)
Ah Ben: Chen buka mulut, then kokolotch masuk mulut. (Ini Ah Ben lagi teruk, u think this is Fear Factor meh? Choy Choy Choy!!)
Chen : I'm wearing a cap now. Dowan it to land on my hair.
Angel: ROTFL. U not sked land on yr face meh?? or yr body?? yerrrrrrrr (My main concern is my head mah.. I'm not so concerned if it landed on other parts of my body :P *Touch Wood*)
Nyonya : You stay so high up, the cockroach also know how to reach you ar? errr... must have used the lift kua. (Kkkkkkkk... nyonya indeed geng, can come up with such idea!)

p/s : The Malaysian gals won The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) yesterday night. The finale was held in Kuching, Sarawak. Wahhhh.. when I saw the teams flying to Kuching, my immediate response was to sms Pink Cotton & Ah Ben to watch the show !! Kkkkkk... The familiar cats statues in Kuching, the old courthouse, the Sarawak Cultural Village and the final pit stop at Bako National Park.. Congratulations to Tee Joe Jer & Zabrina Fernandez for emerging as champions in The First Amazing Race Asia. Well done, girls. I love their happy-go-lucky, sporting, modest, friendship and never give up attitude.


Will said...

chup chup chup chup chup :P

Will said...

you seemed to be a cockroach magnet... hahahahahahahha

Will said...

maybe because last time you dissect them, so now they wanna have revenge by flying and landing on your head :P

kyh said...

chup! chup! chups for the siu keong! this one might be siu keong's cucu-cicit :P

Chen said...

chup chup chuppie chup chuppie chuppie
like sing song lidat :P

I where got cockroach magnet?
*FKK* = Faint Kaw Kaw
*touch wood*

walao, U still remember I dissected cockroach? Kkkkkkkk... tat was decades ago liao leh..

The disgusting siu keong :P
I see one kill one leh..
those who runs on the road lah, which I can piak with newspaper or with slippers.. (not those flying one) :P

Kenny Ng said...

kekekekeke... I still laugh till now... can't stop it... so teruk la me... Wakakakaka!

mistipurple said...

i soooo understand you. kah chuak fly to me if they have a chance. very scary. in a room if there are many people, i am the one sure kena. even walking, they will follow my foot steps, even if there are others around me. *pengsan*

Chen said...

sikui, still laughing?
u also know u teruk leh? :P
I piak u with cockroach then u know !! hahhahha

the kah chuak fly to u when they have the chance?
fulamak !!
U r the real "cockroach magnet" then. The cockroaches are really attracted to u loh..
*faint kaw kaw*
Luckily i'm not as "lucky" as you :P

L B said...

That the same cockroach you killed? It came back to haunt you? You know what you must do, right? Find the Exorcist, and buy lots of KUM. And wash your whole body with 'flower' and 'lime' water, ya? Follow the steps properly, before it possess your whole head, ok? I will klang klang a bit for you too, even from here, so it will move on to the next floor below you.. And I will mumble a few phrases too.. like TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, lidilidilidilidilidiliuliuliuliuliu... Kan?
Fingers crossed for you, that you don't have to twist your head 360º tonight, or tomorrow... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMM...

L B said...

Really TKK!!....

Chen said...

Wahhhhhh.. so super duper cheong hei mia comment. Read till I eye blur-blur. CHW is back in action again.. Lolllll

Mmm... This one should be the RIP cockroach mia cucu-cicit lah... The other cockroach tat i killed, i made it so famous woh.. put up big big picture, die in glamour leh !! how many cockroaches can die this way woh? Kkkkkkkkkkk. Tat RIP kap chat should appreciate mah :P

I FKK at your TKK :P

angel said...

KKKKKK! Everybody oni tok abt the kah chuak... oi, tok lah abt the 2 gurls who made M'sia kembang! KKKKKKK!

Now hor my room got this irritating cicak! Ewwww!!! I chased it out that day and now masuk balik again... how to make the cicak go away???

Chen said...

hehhee.. Syiok leh seeing the moment Joe Jer & Zabrina step on the mat during the final race... *Kembang*
Did u watch the final race? ;)
I wanna watch the replay again :P

I just updated my post regarding cicak. I had this experience of a baby lizard falling right on my head !! So suay wan :P

Talking about lizard, nyonya very geng woh.. I only made "frozen lizard" in the past but she made "lizard soup" leh !! She went & boil the lizard :) Indeed my sifu ;) Must write a post on tat one of these days :P

I dunno how to made cicak go away leh.. Ah Boy will help me to do the job :P

kyh said...

who knows when u sleep, the whole nest of little siu keongs aka siu keong's cucu-cicit come haunt u! they hide under ur pillow, under ur blanket, under ur bedsheet.... and they crawl up to ur face one by one.... and they lay eggs inside ur ears, nose nostrils, and ur mouth! kkkkkkkkk....damn evil la me... :P

and when u r having ur meal, they rush up to ur spaghetti or watever food u're having....then u termakan mereka punya badan, kaki, kepala, misai etc... wah... so damn bbq lazat!

Selba said...

Oh.... on Thursday, there were a lot of cockroach coming out from, ehmmm what you called it *thinking*, the lines for water on the streets? So, when I came back from lunch, I saw cockroach in front of my lobby's office, so geliiii.... the colour is not only brown, but kinda red... hmmm... not sure what kind of type of cockorach.. hehehe

Saw the amazing race asia! So, there are many cat statues in kuching? Are there a lot of real cats on the street?

Chen said...

Why u have such a foul smelling mouth today? U didn't brush your teeth this morning ah? or u didn't gargle your mouth with listerine? Oops.. u might need to use Dettol instead cos listerine might not work for u!!

I think u must be talking from your own experience then? Must be lah u kena tat before or else how on earth u come up with such an evil idea?

wah.. tat must be prior to the flood? Insects have sixth sense wan. I heard or read somewhere before the rats and insects will run from their hiding places prior to the disasters..

U mean the drain or longkang on the street?

Yeah, there are lotsa Cat statues in Kuching. I have written a Cat post (regarding Kuching) in the past. Not many real cats in town. In fact I see more dogs than cats in Kuching ;)

Monk[+]Icon said...

i was hoping somebody else to winn geh...

Mr. Goober said...

why not just spray it with ridsect and let it drop dead on the floor??
hey wait...use those medical sprays to make it sleep also can

Selba said...

Not so sure when the crocoach came out from their "house". :D

I got the word!!! it's gutters :)
We called it in bahasa indo: got.

Oh.. yes, I remember your post about Kuching! We have a lot of kucing on the street here in Jakarta. Yesterday, I took some pictures of those stray cats but couldn't take nice one because they run away.. so shy shy leh... hehehe

psssttt... guess what? I've been seeing a lot of rats in front of my house since this morning. I bet they are so confused rite now because their houses got flood, LOL

King's wife said...

We were also cheering for them to win! So exciting towards the end, the kids were screaming and jumping up n down. Actually me also lah. :P

kyh said...

chen nampak macam marah2 wor... i sked... :( *pull ears*

_butt said...

*imagines chen wearing a cap*


chen, use soap water, I've read somewhere that it might kill them.. but I myself haven't tried it yet :P you experiment with it first then oni you tell me the result la ya hahaha

wah, tak sangka leh!! they won!! girl power!! :D

Chen said...

who u wish to Winn ah?
Andrew & Syeon ah?
or dun tell me it's Sandy & Francesca ? :P

the cockroach is so far high up on the ceiling woh.. if spray Ridsect, the insecticide sure will fall & drop down on my face wan..

if on the wall, still can piak or spray ridsect loh :P

LA spray ah?

gutter is known as got in Indonesia? Such a "cute" word :P

The cats sked of the camera, cos they dunno what is that, kekkee.
Errr.. I presume the rats u saw are those big, fat rats? I saw stray rats running around near the drain too!! So gigantic & huge...

Chen said...

yeah.. towards the last few minutes, very kan cheong one. I received a phone call during their journey to the pit stop. I told the caller I will call him back in 10 minutes time :P

They are very cool leh.. They didn't run towards the pit stop. But walking till the last few steps.

pull ears 20x :D

wah.. never see me wearing a cap meh? kkkkkkkkkkk
I do wear cap on & off when I go hiking :P

how to use soap water to kill a flying cockroach ah? won't it be very messy? :D later sure the soap water will drop on my face wan..
nyek nyek

yeah yeah..
they won !!
the first female duo team who wins the amazing race !!!

FireHorse said...

LOL, I oso hate flying kah chuak, my mom had one crawled into her ear when she was little and that freak me out till today. Have you ever had a nieo choo (rat) fall on you? No fun either.

may said...

the dreaded kah chuak!!
*looks around in far, far away-land*
no sightings of kah chuak yet...

Chen said...

my goodness, cockroach climb into the ear? o.O
My cousin was bitten by a nasty cockroach on her toes when she was small time ;)

Thank God no rat fall on my head before yet.
*touch wood*
Only experienced little lizard landing on my head :P

Wah.. long distance greetings from the far-far away land :)

Enjoy yourself there to the max with the great company, and don't forget to sapu all the delicious mouth watering food, and hopefully no kah chuak there to ka-ka cau-cau u all ;)

Pink Cotton said...



me so excited to see kuching in the shoe... ;p

actually we were all shouting out the directions they should drive...LOL!!!!

hmmm who wanto be my partner for the nxt amazing race??

Pink Cotton said...

u kno???

seems that my HATE for ka cuak sudah kurang sikit after my 'intimate' encouter with the centipede :(((

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Hahhaa... can imagine your excitement at that moment, cos I was equally as excited as well :P

Who wants to become your partner?
Your other half loh..
Neh, that lengchai there :P

But... if I were given a choice to choose, I prefer centipede than kah chuak leh.. Kah chuak is just too yucky :P

Hope the centipede or whatever other bugs didn't kacau u the subsequent days loh..

yenchiew said...

flying cockroaches!!!
pantang see those flying buggers..!!
another fella that i'm against of is lizards!!!
accidentally cooked a lizard which dropped from out of nowhere along with my maggi noodles.. only saw it after having a bite!!

Chen said...

Walao.. luckily u noticed the lizard earlier on. Imagine if u slurped the whole bowl of noodle & then noticed the lizard at the bottom of the bowl... or u ter-kepit the noodle together with the lizard while half way eating? Yucks XX(

I had a frozen lizard experience in the past ;) Frozen to death inside the ice cube container in the freezer. Luckily we saw the lizard before any yucky episodes occured :P

Simple American said...

But what about your face. I don't care if the bug is in my hair. I hate when they fly in my face.

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkk... I dowan the cockroach to land on my head - be it hair or face :P If other places I can still shoo them away..

The Texas cockroach is different from Malaysia cockroach, right? ;) Abuthen, both are still yucky insects :P Can't imagine people eating them. Ready *salute* those Fear Factor's contestants ;)