Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tong Tong Chiang

Ah Boy bengang cos being "forced" to pose for photo shooting session. He wanna eats the sweet, juicy lokam.


Will said...

no give ah boy eat ah? see he sian liao :P

mistipurple said...

ahboy getting more handsome each day. *swoon*

may said...

Ah Boy, peel one for me too! quick, before Chen comes back... *lidilidilidi*

Winn said... more gardenia bread?
he memang tong sampah wo

carcar said...

gong xi fa cai!

hong bao na lai!

carcar said...

u switched to beta?

is it better?

Redsponge said...


Chen said...

after the photo taking session mah..
He has several slices of oranges liao
He loves it ;)

ah boy sure flatter listening to your praise..
No wonder he melayang-layang a bit just now !!
Now I know why

No wonder one of my oranges is missing !!
Ah Boy took one for his beloved May jie jie !!
I wonder what happened just now - why the orange is missing :P
Now I know liao
notti notti :P

Chen said...

He sapu everything wan..
even medicine also he sapu
I really sked liao :P

tong sampah?
But dun say so loud leh..
later he merajuk :P

Gong Xi Gong Xi
Not yet time to give angpow leh

Yeah, I "migrated" there liao..
Angel also migrated there, one day earlier..
Yeah, it is better..
Just that some of the commentors of the earlier post now become "anonymous" :P

I flying back to Sarawak soon liao
in 2 weeks time ;)

Jerry said...

The orange is as big as his tummy? hehe

Such a handsum doggie. :)

kat said...

Cute-lah, Ah Boy. Next time, bring him to kay el-lah! Oh, and bring Liucas for his mummy also, can-ah??

I just read your post on Flower Crab Curry (Sep 25, 2005). May I have the recipe, please? How to kill crabs-ah? Do you clean them after or before you kill them??

angel said...

Pssst! Not the orange wanna eat ah boy arr? KKKKKKKK!!!!

*just woke up*

L B said...

Yeah!!! Ang Pow? Chen? Big One OKAY? Very ONG, Very Kong, Very Fatt, and Very Choy!! Woof me Die!!!

plink said...

AhBoy sudah become vegetarian ka?

Winn said...

i stay home whole of today. doing nothing and watch one dvd. i feel good!!!!!!

Winn said...

i cant access MAY and LB at home
:( cries..
they got update or not?

Winn said...

help me say hi...

Chen said...

The orange is bigger than his tummy
Hahaha, but my little doggy has very good appetite.
He has the ability to eat more than I, although he is much much much smaller !!
Amazing huh?

Ah Boy happy u praise him handsum

Ah Boy very happy liao
Cannot bring him to Kay El lah..
Cos most of the time, I either takes flight or bus :P

Wah.. Tat Flower Crab Curry was an old post :) Sorry lah, I don't have the "proper" recipe, cos we never measure the amt of ingredients we used. Mostly are the agak-agak style. My hubby is the main chef & I was helping him out. We never measured how much we put in .That's why I dun bake cakes or cookies cos these need accurate measurement.

How I killed the crabs? I put them into the fresh water for a while prior to killing them. Then, I turn the crab and poke a chopstick hard or edge of the knife into the "reverted triangular area" of the crabs. I cleaned the crabs after killing them.

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkkkk... Dun say lidat lah..
Later u sked ah boy liao

Just woke up?
Wah.. U commented at almost 3:30 pm woh. Yesterday night u all joget till wat time ah?
So syiok ;)

Big Fatt Ang Pow?
Can.. I stuffed into lotsa red coloured cotton wool inside, then it will become very fatt, very ong & bulky liao ;)

psss.. Ah Boy wants Bak Kua/Yoke Kon ang pow instead ;)

Kkkk.. Ah Boy eats everything wan.. But of course he prefers meat than vege lah :P

I slept the whole afternoon (on the sofa again!) and I just woke up an hour ago.. Now a bit giddy.. cos sleep too much kua? I stayed at home too.. Lazy to go out cos of the heavy traffic & people mountain people sea out there :P

LB & May both also got updates. So kesian geh u can't access their websites at home :( I say "HI" on your behalf liao ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Ah Boy vegetarian one ah? LOL

mistipurple said...

Winnliuliu, i oso have trouble logging in to LB and May's all the time. Angeliu's also. i have learnt some twicks. sometimes work sometimes don't. sometimes must click twice. (woof me die LB might say, i donno wat logic i am talking about!) then, a different way to open in office is to open a new window for comments. ya, many things gotta do to see them sometimes!
then commenting is another trial and error. i am 'perfecting' it! lol.

Chen said...

when i wants him to become vegetarian, he will become vegetarian loh..
otherwise he is omnivor.
hampalang sapu except hot & spicy stuff :P

Wah.. so complicated geh?
so u almost master the techniques liao? :P

Simple American said...

Jerry = SA

Don't know why when I am home it does that. Hmmm...

kyh said...

ah boy so kesian...

that lo kam so big and juicy wor! slurrrrp!

mistipurple said...

difficult to keep a dog or not ah? *suddenly thinking how nice*
but i think must have time for her/him, or else not fair hor?
bring vet often? groomer?

Pink Cotton said...


how come got such a hiao dog wan boooo...pandai pose here n there!

i guess waht they say is correct lo,like dog,like owner


nyonyapenang said...

ah boy thinks the lokam is sour lar. that's why his face also sour-looking lor.

zeroimpact said...

I don't remember the last time I had it also
I just very lazy to peel
And scared it to be sour leh

Chen said...

No worry, I know jerry is you :P
U left comment few times liao leh in the past using Jerry ;)

Dunno why ah?
might be cos that's the "real" u?

he finally gets to eat the sweet & juicy lokam too.. And he enjoys it very much ;) Perseverance pays, right?

not really difficult lah but it depends also on the breed u r keeping.. It's nice to have a dog pet at home, really brighten up my days ;) When I'm frustrated with works or certain things, the doggy always cheer me up with his own way.

Small toy dogs are generally easier to keep. My dog is miniature pinscher, a very affectionate dog.
No need grooming cos of the short fur (Yeah !! that's a bonus point). Dog, like human, needs attention too ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Nice leh my dog's pose?
Angel got pose lidat or not?
Sikui, how dare u say my dog is hiao? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Like dog, like owner?
Ai si... u wanna say i'm hiao too?
Piak kaw lu then u know :P

nyonya pg,
Kkkkkkk.. the lokam is very sweet & juicy lah.. Just that he was frustrated cos had to wait for photo session to be over before he can taste the lokam mah :P
Nyek nyek ..

Wah !!! U haven't have lokam for so long liao?
How can ????
CNY liao leh..
Fast fast go & buy or eat some ;)
Only available once a year woh :P

Monk[+]Icon said...

so kiut laaaa~

mistipurple said...

ahboy bark loud or not?
i went and see his 3 months old pic, soooooo cuteeeee. and now he so handsomeeeeee.

Selba said...

Oh... that gorgeous ah boy!!!!

*pad ah boy*
*kiss ah boy*
*hug ah boy*
*run away with ah boy*


Chen said...

cute leh?
but dun cubit his face woh..
else he will Grrrrrrrrr at u :P

ah boy very loud wan..
if u dunno, u will think he is a big gigantic dog leh judging from his barking tones :P

ah boy melayang-layang liao..
coz u praise him cute & handsome

I can see ah boy smiling happily now..

wah... run away with ah boy?
don't kidnap my ah boy woh :P

_butt said...

selba, quick! run!! before chen finds out you run away with ah boy!! :P

Chen said...

wah... u encourage Selba to kidnap ah boy? I piak u with cockroach then u know !! hahhahaa...

Sin Ling said...

chen, you let ah boy eat pork la, orange eat during chinese new year... :D

Chen said...

Sin Ling,
I couldn't keep all these oranges for the coming CNY cos I won't be in town. Flying balik kampung mah. So, I gotta finish up all the balance by hook or by crook ;)

day-dreamer said...

Kolian Ah Boy...

Me cough haven't cure, cannot eat lokam. :(

Chen said...

day dreamer,
no need to kolian him liao..
cos he gets to eat lotsa lokam over the past few days liao..
and he loves it :P

poor u
hope u get well soon,
cos.. CNY coming liao leh :D

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, is Ah Boy going pull a 有去無回 with the cooknengr's Cucur Udang ?

Chen said...

It's definitely 有去無回
good way of describing :P
He will grrrrrrrrrrr if u wanna take it back :P