Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wanna Prosperous?

Tengok Prosperity Burger means CNY is just around the corner. Time really flies, in 2 weeks plus time, it's Gong Xi Gong Xi time liao.. Why is it called Prosperity Burger or Prosperity Meal? Cos the price is fabulous.. McD become prosperous (in term of $$) and the consumer become prosperous in term of size (& weight), cos high calories mah :P

I crap with Ah Ben a week or two ago on Prosperity Burger..

Chen: Kuching this year got beef prosperity burger?
Chen: last year only chicken prosperity burger
Ben: NO! Ben: ki si lang. This yr also only chicken
Chen: chicken not so nice wan. Beef much nicer.
Chen: why tarak beef in swak?
Ben: buddhist a lot in kch? lols!
Chen: Swak more Christians than Buddhist leh, summore not many Indians in Swak.
Ben: then dunno larh
Chen: very weird wan
Ben: ppl scared of mad cow?
Chen: kekekke
Ben: lols
Chen: swak lang kia si ah?
Ben: kakaka

I dunno why Prosperity Beef Burger is not available in Sarawak. All these while, I prefer Moo moo than cocka koko kai.. My dinner for the night (after potong rambut).

Die die also must eat mia Prosperity Beef Burger. Why ah? Cos it's only available once a year, and it's so tasty......... If dun eat, then chicken run liao (chao kai mah) (or should it be cow run instead since this is beef burger?) I'm lovin' it

The crispy Twister Fries - reminds me of sotong tentacles :P Tempting, tempting !!

The Mmmmmmmmmmmm (No comment) Orange McFiss McFizz. Kkekk, Didn't realise salah eja tim cos too sotong liao :P Thanks, Ah May.


may said...

somehow the black pepper sauce is a little too pepper for me ler. I think I'll stick to Chicken McDeluxe!

ehhh... isn't that Orange McFizz and not McFiss? that's almost like... McPiss! hahahakakakaka!

a^ben said...

hahahah mc piss~

wei wei wei sikui chen sua sua quote me again` hahahaha :D

I WANNA GO EAT!! tomolo i go eat liaw` kakakkaka

ah nel said...

tis yr my place got pork polospelerty burger...

L B said...

Oi. I thought I took a whole big bite of that Prosperity Burger? How come still got wan? Had to buy another?

Sin Ling said...

Oh i had Mcd on Sunday, my mom ate the black pepper prosperity burger and i ate double cheeseburger, yummy, will definitely have the prosperity burger next week, or chen u wanna belanja me? hehe :D

Will said...

too bad no pork version here... :P

Simple American said...

Hey if you eat Prosperity Meal and you dun get rich can you sue McDonalds? Hmmmm?

mistipurple said...

i've got moomoo and kock's here. haven't taken them yet. will, when stomach can handle spicy. *wink*

Pink Cotton said...


kch not only don hv BEEF prosperity burger..but also no CHICKEN prosperity burger now!..out of stock d :((((

i think u shud tapao one for me when u come back..ROTFL...

stupid de...even quarter pounder burger is forever out-of-stock in sarawak now ...ggrr

p/s u changed to NEW BLOGGER???

papercrazy said...

Compraint about McD Prosperity Burger:

1) Start start got only chicken prosperity burger....then boi boi no more....chicken also gone...habuk also tarak now...

Tell me, how to be prosperous like dat???

2) Quarter Pounder - Sejak Zaman Rajah Charles Brooke, itu quarter pounder stopped for no reason....earlier earlier said stock stucked in the ship, then stuck punya stuck, i guess the beef already reincarnated to moo moo liaw

Sarawakians afraid of beef maybe, that's why Burger King (ahhhhhh, my fav) cannot come in lor....

I like the twister fries...

psst....somebody used to call the fries funky fries when she was still a little girl

babe_kl said...

i oso prefered the moomoo one cos they go very well wid black pepper. the fries very nice hor extra crisp. last sun we just got some normal fries but somehow got a few strands of these curly fries in it. my boiboi dang smart... he asked me more of those crispy one, dun wan the normal ones kekeke

babe_kl said...

i oso prefered the moomoo one cos they go very well wid black pepper. the fries very nice hor extra crisp. last sun we just got some normal fries but somehow got a few strands of these curly fries in it. my boiboi dang smart... he asked me more of those crispy one, dun wan the normal ones kekeke

Kenny Ng said...

I can't take beef lah... religion mia pasal.

Chen said...

I love the black pepper taste leh…

I didn’t notice tat earlier on
Too sotong liao !!
TQ for the correction

hahahaa sikui ah ben.. why always scold me sikui wan? :P

Must fast fast go eat liao..
Abuthen, I just heard from pink cotton & papercrazy tat prosperity chicken burger is temporary out of stock in Kuching leh..
So cham geh?
How leh lidat?

ah nel,
wah… so syiok :D
Must be yummy then…
Ah Nel now in Thailand ah?

yeah loh, one bite & u sapu the whole burger liao
hak sei ngor
No choice but I had to buy another one :(

Chen said...

sin ling,
U belanja me Big Mac, then I belanja u prosperity beef burger loh..

Can have our own home made pork burger…
Buatan sendiri :P
McWill Pork Burger !!

Will prosper in size mah..
So, it’s still prosperous but in different manner

yeah loh, Misti shouldn’t eat hot & spicy stuff now..
Must eat "mild" things at the moment
Must take good care of your tummy woh..

Psss.. Ah Boy also dun take hot & spicy stuff ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
walao !! so good biz ah?
Tat ah ben wanna go eat ayam prosperity burger today leh..
Looks like his impian tak akan tercapai liao if lidat :P

Tapao prosperity beef burger for u when I balik kch?
But I sked I will makan the burger on the way leh..
Coz too tempting mah :P
U didn’t eat that when u were in KL?
*wink wink*

yeah, changed liao..
I have itchy hand mah yesterday :P

paper crazy,
so cham gehhhhhhhh…
ayam pun tak ada :(
yeah loh, how to become prosperous if lidat???
How how how How HOW?

Cows so cute & adorable, might be tat’s why Swakians dowan to eat beef kua?
Too cute to be eaten?

That "someone" call that fries as FUNKY FRIES ah?
Kkkkkkkkk.. I know liao who is tat…
Funky funky fries…
Hehehe.. wat a name :P

Boi Boi is so clever..
On the contrary, I get one normal fries in my Twister Fries..
Luckily one only, else I mengamuk liao :P

Too bad, coz the beef burger tastes much nicer than the chicken burger :)

Winn said...

i wanna see ur rambut not burger le:(

angel said...

waa... u drink sape mya piss wor... KKKKKKKK!!

this year mya plospeliti barger tarak bagus.. :(

or2ng3s said...

aww so nice !! yesterday went to mcd but no prosperity burger, no twist fries, no orange... wo men hen ke lian ah~

Pink Cotton said...

funky fries???

who hoh???

hmmmmmmm *searching in brain archive*

Pink Cotton said...

lets togeder-geder laff at a^ben...he cannot be prosperous liao



Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Got no prosperity burger here, but can substitute with a Fatburger Super Double burger all 1 lb of it...

day-dreamer said...

I will go get myself a Chicken Prosperity Burger (cannot take beef) after I have recovered. :P

Looks very nice leh...

sbanboy said...

I also must eat the prosperity BEEF burger once a year ..... coz only once a year and it is just too tasty ... hehe

Chen said...

i like your comment
*laff die me*

I sent u mms liao of my rambut picture, cannot post here mah :P
Still black colour
Pink Cotton says she wanna dye for me woh.. I hope she won't pour paint on my head !!!

drink... drink....
drink that orange & sprite punya piss lah..

Piss Drink of the year?
One of the outlet put very little black pepper gravy leh when I makan last year, so I won't go back to that outlet again :D

Chen said...

why lidat wan?
semua pun tarak? :O

Quote "wo men hen ke lian ah~" - This wan sounds so familiar....
cos... pink cotton always utter this phrase ;)

pink cotton,
who else leh?
u know I know !!

Manage to recall back or not?
Funky Fries, Funky Fries
Dig further down your brain archives if u cannot recall :P

Although Ah Ben cannot prosperous now, but he can prosperous soon leh.. cos itu budak pergi KL soon mah.. He can eat the beef burger too liao.. :P

Chen said...

Fat Burger?
Wah.. Need to open mouth how big to eat that burger? :P
Can imagine..
open mouth big big..
then *ouch*
ter-dislocate the TMJ liao :P

u dun take beef cos of religion?

Mmm... after u have recovered?
Huh? u r sick at the moment ah?
Hope u get well soon then :)
take care woh...

eat ONCE only meh?
I eaten more than once liao..
I makan 3x liao :P
Should I or shouldn't I go for the 4th round? :D
Once a year only mah...

Cocka Doodle said...

Yes! Yes! spare the chicken and eat the beef!

Your hair so short still want to cut ah? Or are you referring to your hairy arms??

*kuat kuat lari*

mistipurple said...

hahaha. i help you pluck kokokai's feathers want?

kat said...

Mmm..just had prosperity burger for dinner. The cocka one, I don't eat moomoos. The onion plus sauce very chee kek!! Didn't try the McPiss though. Do you think I can ask them to mix Ribena with 7Up instead??

Eh, doc how come your old posts are appearing as new posts in my google reader? I just read about Ah Boy and how he likes to eat fruits and kuih and play with his giant dice.
psst... give him some prosperity burger and let him roll the dice-lah. Then we can prosper togeder-togeder...

nyonyapenang said...

why no post up picture of your Prosperity Hairstyle?

Chen said...

now I feel like eating BBQ chicken wing pulak :D

Ini ayam...
where got ppl so suku go & cut arm hair wan? Epilation mah !!!

Feel like plucking koko kai punya bulu pulak :P

Can can...
I was talking about plucking koko kai punya bulu, and now Misti join in the fun !!
Great great

Happily plucking ayam mia feather :P

Chen said...

Poor cocka kena makan again :P
The beef wan tastes better with the black pepper sauce, but since u dun eat moo moo.. so u can't taste it liao loh..

Kkkkkkkk.. now the drink changes name to McPiss liao
Ribena with 7 Up ah?
Should this combo be called RibeUp?

Oh... sorry for the confusion..
I just migrated to the New Blogger & I categorized few of my old posts mah (coz of itchy hands) ...
that's why it appeared as new posts in google reader :P

Kkkkkk... if lidat, then Ah Boy can become the Choy San Yeah liao for the coming CNY? Lol

Cos I didn't dye my hair mah..
No red-red hair aka "ang moh" hair
So no Prosperity Hairstyle picture to post up lah :P

Leonard said...

prosperity burger is also available here in sg, but i've never try it..nice anot ah?

_butt said...

chicken not nice? I kenot take beef wor.. but I loved twister fries!! oh, must get it tmr.. Chen influenced me liao!!

LOL@ may!! Mcpiss!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Simple American said...


I could not see the pics yesterday. So the yum. Put it in my tum. More more!!!

Simple American said...

Oh congratulations!!!

Chen said...

if u like hot & spicy peppery stuff, then tentatively u will like it :)

I won't say chicken not nice lah, but beef taste much nicer than chicken (in comparison mah) :D

Go go go, go & get some. Wanna McPiss too? Kkkkkkkk

Poor Pink Cotton - she cannot eat cos the prosperity burger is out of stock in Kuching :P

How come u can't see the pict yesterday? So weird wan :P Very yum.. I presume this (= prosperity meal) is not available in US, right?

Congrats? Err... Why ah?
*scratch head*

Rose said...


kyh said...

wah so prosperity burger!

i oso cannot eat even b4 becoming a vege. yeah... religious issues.

Chen said...

Let's visit the nearest McD outlet ;)

did u try the chicken prosperity burger in the past? Since u vegetarian now, u can eat the crispy Twister Fries loh..

kyh said...

nola...i havent tried any prosperity b4! that's why now so malang lo... langsung no prosperity! :(

haaa...i oso think of trying the twister fries leh! nice ah? last time i bought apple pie cos that's probably one of the things that i can eat in mcd! :)

Chen said...

see lah !! why u dowan to try prosperity meal in the past?

U must try the Crispy Twister Fries, it's nice but as u know, what is nice to me might not be nice to u. But all my friends love it too. Better try it out since it's only available once a year :P

Now McD got vegetarian Bun (or sumthing lidat, can't remember the name) liao mah, but i never tried it out yet

kyh said...

i no chance try ma. last time i very stupid + lazy one and din go and think more bout it... :P

so seems like i'm gonna get a twister fries very soon! hehehe... yaya de vege burger.... got a lil bit curry flavour one... nice pun la... quite interesting... and very cheap! RM 2.50 if i'm not mistaken...

hope they keluar more food which i can eat one la! *keeps on dreaming*

Chen said...

RM 2.50 for burger is not so cheap too lah.. The roadside burger is much cheaper ;)

Err.. u can eat McD's corn in the cup too ;)

KittyCat said...

We just had it for lunch! Hmm...one more thing about Sarawak to bug hubby about ;-)

Chen said...

Nice or not the prosperity meal? I'm sure you enjoyed it very much :)

Errr.... what u wanna bug your hubby about? The non availability of beef prosperity burger in Sarawak or the current "out of stock" chicken prosperity burger in Sarawak? ;)

KittyCat said...

It was yummy! Lucas loved the bits of bread with the sauce too :P Oops...will bug him about the no-beef lor.

Chen said...

Wow... Lucas enjoy eating spicy peppery stuff at such a young age? ;) Sure he will become hot & spicy food lover when he grows up ;)

U gotta have your fair share of beef prosperity burger before flying to Sarawak for CNY. Else no chance to eat it there liao :P