Monday, January 29, 2007

Botak !!

Few days ago I met a colleague cum friend of mine whom I have known for years (working in the same hospital but in different department). He starts balding in young age - started to lost hair in his 20's - those male-pattern baldness aka androgenetic alopecia. Not alopecia areata nor alopecia totalis though.

Each time I meet him, "Err.. 你越来越少头发了", (which literally means he is balding) will just come out spontaneously from my mouth, like a natural reponse. (All these while, I converse in Chinese with my close friends). Few weeks didn't see him so much difference oredi. Mmm... I know balding is a sensitive issue for some guys. Abuthen, I guess he is used to that liao cos I'm not the only one who says that, and summore this was not the first time I say that to him. Should I refrain from saying that statement in the future? Old habits die hard.. :P

It's time for me to have haircut soon. Might be tomorrow? Might be Wednesday? Might be Friday. Mmmm.. Should I dye my hair at the same setting?


Anonymous said...

chup chup chup chup chup :P

Anonymous said...

so bad, keep reminding ppl of their balding issue... talking about balding, one of the neighboring office got this balding guy who would spend a long long time in the toilet (we share toilet over a few offices) trying to comb his few strands of hair... at first i didn't noticed, until my colleague told me about it... :P

Anonymous said...

Luckily i got no botak problem... but I got white hair problem... very serious one, that's y i have to dye all the time.

Anonymous said...

chen, ask him go yun nam haircare in penang then shouldnt be a problem already.. :D

Chen said...

u very fast hoh?
must be u implant some sort of radar on your scalp :P

He admit himself is balding too..
He cakap too much stress woh..

wah.. combing few strands of hair?
not sked the only leftover strands of hair might jatuh too? :P

u mean u dye your hair black?
I have white hair since many years back liao..
but not so obvious lah :P

sin ling,
Hahaha, tat one needs lotsa $$$$$
This one no need to ask lah, the decision is up to himself ;) Some people dun really mind about balding loh..

Anonymous said...

dye dye dye!!! red red red!!! ong ong ong!!!


Anonymous said...

chen, u shud try BALDING! :P

then no need to mafan dyeing, perming, tying, braiding, straightening, trimming etc... so senang!

Chen said...

cannot dye red lah..
tat one too too too obvious liao..
too not me liao

why don't u shave yourself botak first? Then u can have new image for this coming CNY :)

I dont got for perming, tying, braiding, straightening, trimming etc cos i don't keep long hair :)

Anonymous said...

Pity your friend...

My hair also very little only, dunno why.

Anonymous said...

aiyo!!! so cham larh! dun say him like that larh` kolian eh!!!!

and hor` i support u go colour ur hair` hahahah :D

_butt said...

LOL@kyh's comment!

Quite a sensitive issue. I would avoid it if possible.. :D

_butt said...

Support angel! dye your hair red red red!!! ong ong ong!! :D

Anonymous said...

Not only dye your hair red, but perm it as well, ok? Wanna see Sotong Look. Very heng!!

Anonymous said...

OOps, just read you duwan to perm it... Cheh.. You know? Nice leh, like Pirates in the Caribbean, dreadlocks.. So Sotong!!!

sengkor said...

the word bald to a man is like the word fat to a lady.. very sensitive one.. (i think).

cut, perm and dye pink..!

Anonymous said...

sob sob..
i hope i dont lose my hair so soon.
later really look like peanut said...

Haha. He won't mind.
I know from first person experience

may said...

don't get a haircut at all, save your money for the year, and write me a cheque... big big AngPow, yea? ;)

mistipurple said...

lol at May!
i gib you free hair cut lah. i can cut anything layered. only once. after that, you have to go to real salon for remedial.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo dun say tat to ur fren anymore lor.. After he feel veli bad la... ppl who is botak sometimes has very low self esteem one la.. I hv a fren who ues to be lidat.. He lost his hair too when he was in his 20's..

As for dyin ur hair.. of course ler... CNY is kambin so change new hairstyle new look for the new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Botak looks cool also mah. Really.

eve said...

eh sometimes..some botak guys look real sexy wor..totalis la..not those with few strands left here n i sappot u dye ur hair too..

redsponge said...

dye dye dye!

Chen said...

Your hair might be thin but not that little lah ..

ah ben trying to relate my fren with yourself ah? I remember u say u r starting to get bald too many times liao.. But u still have lotsa hair lah...
Dun worry :)

Kekkeke.. u wanna made your hair wat colour this time for CNY?
Red red too?
Lion mane woh...
Can do lion dance liao ;)

Yeah, better to avoid but sometimes with close frens, hard to avoid mah :P Becomes too habitual liao..

Mmm.. but I dun wear red red clothes during CNY leh..
To the contrary, I normally wear black or dark clothes...
Kkekkeke... no pantang-larang in my house :P

Chen said...

perm ala maggie mee hairstyle ah?

Sotong hairstyle?
I think better not, sked everyone might pengsan looking at it :P

I know..KKkkkkkkk
Good comparison, abuthen..
Some are sensitive but some aren’t..
Just like some are thick skinned, whilst some aren’t :P

Wah.. pink maggie mee? :P
Might be I should ask Pink Cotton to dye her hair pink :P

So u r now a "hairy" peanut?

Chen said...

First person experience?
I guess he won’t mind too ;)

Wah... don’t get haircut for the whole year?
Die loh if lidat :P
Will become like jungle liao.. reminds me of the rainforest !! Kkkkkkkkkk

I can still give u big big angpow lah, but too bad u flying off to Sydney liao by then..
Writing cheque as angpow ah?
Wah.... new tradition huh?
wanna blank cheque?
without signature wan :P

misti so geng geh?
Next time I go Singapore I will ask u to become my personal hairdresser then..

Chen said...

Hehhee.. I heard he himself mentioning the same thing too at times. So, I dun think he really minds :P

Still thinking.. Should I or shouldn’t I?
I mean dying hair :P

Botak cool ah?
Kekekee... Some of the botak guys are indeed cool & macho..
Dun tell me u will change to a new image soon? ;)

How come u & Bernard shared the same opinion geh? :P
But I agree with u, some botak guys are really cool..
But not all lah... :P

Wah.. so many people asking me to dye hair liao? Will Redsponge dye her hair red-red this coming festive season?

angel said...

New Blogger! Yippies! :P

But hor... so many ppl becum anonymous liao... hmmmmm...

nyonyapenang said...

color and highlight using 4 shades. cantek ler.

JL said...

try something funkier lah...

Layer the side and the back kaw kaw, so it will have a lil spiky effect

the front make it a side parting bang

pick a warm undertone and a cool highlight

Gerenti lu become the most happening MD at ur workplace ;)

Chen said...

yeah loh..
siao siao one this new blogger
everyone now become "anonymous" liao

nyonya pg,
4 shades ah?
so the happening...

*fall down from chair*
If I do that, gerenti I will be called to the director office within minutes

King's wife said...

Anything, as long as you don't cut botak! lol!

Anonymous said...

kakakakakaka... CHW here loves being anonymous!!!!

L B said...

Now can...see?

Pink Cotton said...


i wanto see your hair yellow yellow ok ???

if no yellow u don let me see u! hmph

Pink Cotton said...

oops just realised me n red sponge say the same thing! 'x'

Chen said...

hahaha, I can't imagine myself botak :P I have my haircut liao this evening ;)

yeah loh.. that stewpig bogger..
now everyone become anonymouse :P

Pink cotton,
walao.. yellow colour?
look like kam mou liao?

yeah loh..
u & red sponge one heart wan mah.. tat's why will say the same thing wan :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Just ask him to go bald lah, that one the in thing now mah, i oso cut botak ... :P

redsponge said...

RED??? hehe...when i young young hor..i memang want to try that de...but hor..after seeing one of my fren dye her hair red color hor..i think it is abit too MENARIK perhatian lor! haha

pinkcotton, 'x'!!!!!

Chen said...

u also cut botak??
wah... show me your photo !!!
I wanna see your sexy look liao :D

not a bit too MENARIK perhatian, it's manyak-manyak MENARIK perhatian leh.. Center of attention liao !!!

Pink Cotton says she wanna paint my hair woh :P

Simple American said...

Hi. I won't mention your hair. There is none to talk about.

Try that with him. wakakaka

I'm thinking about dying my hair too. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Of course sensitive lah!
How you like if many years from now, we see you and say; "eh! lokter! Your nen nen droop liao!" LOL

Chen said...

try wat with him ah?
I confused liao :P

U wanna dye your hair?
dye wat colour ah?
Black-black tei like Asians?

Kakkaa... Only cocka will say such things :P

Simple American said...

Try this:

"Hi. I won't mention your hair. There is none to talk about."

Be very popular then.

I'm gonna dye it a reddish brown. If I dye it.

Chen said...

hahahhhaa.. I get it liao
tat day, I separate the lines, that's why I couldn't get hold of the meanings :P
cheeky lah u :P

Bernard said...

Chen, last Monday i went to the barber-shop.. the usual aya wasn't there.. so i let the ane cut it. He asked me... "Short ah?" ..i said "ya". Usually i tell the aya "pendek" also but he knows what to do.... so.. this ane went and cut it very short liao... hehe. The next day in hospital... all the staff were looking at me one kind.

Look like i'm going to have a very cooling CNY this year.

Chen said...

lol.. what a mishap
I guess your hairstyle must be like the supershot GI haircut liao? ;)