Sunday, January 28, 2007


I used to go hiking in Youth Park (up to Station 3), Penang quite frequently in the past, but lately I deferred the hiking coz of.. well, well... blame the rainy season + LAZY mah. Previously I can reach Station 3 ( the circled area with several Malaysia Flags) in the photo below within 20-25 minutes. After defer the hiking activities for quite some time, I went up the hill again using the jungle trail yesterday evening. Wow... I lost my stamina already.. Need to stop few times in between to catch my breath....

But nevertheless I can still reach the destination, within half an hour. I guess I need to go exercise more often liao.

This evening, I went jogging in Botanical Garden. Feel breathless again after jogging one round & I continued with walking the second round. Must do exercise more frequent liao...

Monkeys in Botanical Garden.


Anonymous said...

chup chup chup chup chup :P

Anonymous said...

aiseh... monkey also ask you to visit more often... LOL

Anonymous said...

The monkeys there getting more violent or not? Din go many years already lor...

may said...

errr... I think I shall continue to procrastinate on my exercise. those hills look too steep, to high, too far! I do much better climbing into bed every night... *giggles*

Anonymous said...

hohohhoh ang kao~~

uhh uhhh uuhhhh akkk akkkk!!!!

Chen said...

u kena the chupping illness too? :P
It's coutagious

Yeah loh, those monkeys..
no eye see :P
As long as they dun disturb me can liao :D

normally the monkeys only disturb those with food or drinks, or those itchy hands who disturbed the monkeys :)

But u do rock climbing & mountain biking mah.. I missed my mountain bike liao.. :(

I used to go hiking up the hills two to three times a week, but that was in the past - something like 3 years back? ;)

Climbing into bed?
tat was exercise too :P

since when ah ben becomes ang kao?
Can communicate with them summore?

angel said...

Waaa... so sihat geh?

U wanna join The Amazing Race ka? KKKKKKKKKKK!!!

Anonymous said... time please cross your legs when you sit.
Be more 'lady-like'.
Oops! Sorry! I thought the last picture was you tim. Solly! Solly!

Anonymous said...

After the last few Sot Sot Sotong posts, this one here sounds as if an alien being has taken over your body and mind.. So serious!

Anonymous said...

no wonder is a locter! so health-conscious one geh? XD

monkey and sotong, which one cuter?

kat said...

Doc, you very interesting-lah. You 'talk' so much in your blog and comments but in real life, so quiet!!!
A little bit like angeliu, no? :D

cynthia said...

hi chen..sorry. been out these days, an heavily ill here in melbourne. I might fly hoe early or something. will give u a call or email.

nyonyapenang said...

i heard BKT good for stamina wor? kakakaka....

dino said...

can jogging at botanical garden??
then monkey wont chase u meh??

Chen said...

Hehehe, gatai mah tat day :P
Yesterday night..
walao.. so damn tired...

Amazing Race? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Not so adventurous lah...
Do my own Race can liao..
Might be our version of "Angelic Race"? :P

*faint kaw kaw*
Since when I become malau aka monkey?

Cannot sot for too long...
There is a season to sot & a season to be serious :P
No alien, No invasion, No micro chips behind the nape...

I’m always serious at work – This one no play-play wan :P

Cow is cuter :D
The cute & adorable Moo moo

Chen said...

Hahaha, First time meet u mah, so quiet a bit loh...
I can be chatty & talkative at times, but depends on situation lah :P I can talk on the phone for hours too

Sorry to hear that u r ill :(
Hope u get well soon...
Take good care of yourself, gal.

Yeah, do give me a call or sent me an email when u r back home to Malaysia. I wanna meet up with u !!!!!

Let’s makan BKT then.
Good or not for stamina, I dun care lah, cos I know it’s sedap !!

I’m not the only one woh jog there. Got few other people jogging too & lotsa ppl walking or strolling..
Normally the monkeys won’t kacau lah except if they smell "food"
Or if someone provoked them in the first place...
Those nottie monkeys I dunno loh..
*touch wood*

eve said...

no stamina..age catching up izzit?..kakakkaa..

Anonymous said...

huah...lokter memang veli healthy...i used to climb mountains...but i doubt i can do it anymore...perut sudah naik....

Anonymous said...

ahem... i thought i heard someone mentioned bakuteh? :P:P:P

Chen said...

hahahaha, age is not a factor lah
I see so many gong gong por por ah pek ah mah going hiking too :P
U wanna join hiking one of these days? :D

used to go exercise in the past, but slow down liao lately…
till almost stopped…
kkkkkkk… cos lazy :P

Yeah yeah.. nyonya & I were yakking about BKT :D

Anonymous said...

lokter...i presume age factor is always the main factor of laziness...gero gero gero~~~~becos i oso bery the lazy~

Anonymous said...

BKT good for stamina meh?

Yes i agree... increases the BODY WEIGHT... therefore, increases the training resistance... therefore, training is more effective... therefore, increase in stamina. Haha.

Pink Cotton said...


u cannot go youth park lah!

cos u no more youth 'x'!

Chen said...

kekekkkee... u r still young..
So young oredi talk abt age factor? :P
I see lotsa grandma & grandpa categories gp of ppl go hiking too leh

Walao... very geng leh your theory, or should it be hypothesis? :P

pink cotton,
sikui, mei sei gor ah?
CNY time then u know :P

Aiyoh, gong gong por por also can go there, of coz i can go lah :P

_butt said...

LOL so yau yeng like dat the way monkey sits..

talk about exercise, gee.. the last time I did was.. just now! I had to walk very far to my car park leh.. considered exercise la hor. :P

so, when's the next round coming? :D

Anonymous said...

why u never bring Ah Boy go hiking wan? Ah Boy also wanna join in the fun leh.. :(

Anonymous said...

the monkey must be waiting for you for a long time already..

the trees along the jogging track had been growing taller, i've lost track on how tall it went too...i need to exercise jeans are gg to burst soon!

Anonymous said...

the monkey must be waiting for you for a long time already..

the trees along the jogging track had been growing taller, i've lost track on how tall it went too...i need to exercise jeans are gg to burst soon!

mistipurple said...

if i ever get there, i will prepare a picnic at 'base camp' and wait for all of you to come back.. of cos whilst eating and drinking and sleeping on the mat!

Chen said...

tat one is exercise too

my next round of exercise ah?
Might be eating exercise...
or talking exercise kua? :P
so sam pat

ah boy,
next time i will bring u, okie :)
Don't merajuk woh...

There are huge communities of monkeys there. Don't play-play with those monkeys. If they attack, walao.... :P

Go go go go jogging..
But I myself is lazy too :P

Ini misti....
so lazy geh?
but never mind too lah
can get food to eat & drinks to drink when we get down,
syiok also mah...

Anonymous said...

Youth Park after being vandalised not so nice already.

Long time no go Botanical Gardens already... dunno now how already. :D

Chen said...

Botanical garden still looks pretty much the same...
Monkey here & monkey there