Saturday, January 27, 2007

The SOT SOT lingo

The SOT SOT lingo (A beginner's guide to SOT-TING)
Sot Sot = Cat meows, Dog barks (& talks at times), hence Sotong sots...
Liu = which can literally means anything... everything
KKHH = Kuch Kuch Hottie Hai (including the hip & butt shake & rolling uphills )
Klang Klang (KK) = BOLA, but not the World Cup mia BALL. I saw many used Klang Klang happily without realising wat is the real meaning. Still catch no balls? Use your own imagination to figure out what issit then..
Bling Bling = anything attractive, wet & shiny.
Young Young = the opposite of Old Old
Lidi Lidi = Sot sot Sotong way of laughing.
LD LD = :D @ LOL
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk = kakakakaka
Hhhhhhhhhhhhh = hahahahaha
Keeeeeeeeeeeee = kekekekkee
Lllllllllllllllll = liu liu liu
Lollllllllllllllll = lolololol
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr = ROTFL (non stop)

The Sampat Brief Intro (The Hall of Fame of Sot Sot) :

Winn : The Melayang-layang Queen. The sifu who mastered the Art of Rolling Uphills. Her melayang-layang skill really ichiban. Echo-ing Leon Lai's ♪ ♫ 今夜你會不會來, 你的愛還在不在 ♪ ♫

LB : The super cheong hei i-Professor who teaches the world how to i and KK. Prefers the non edible Apple than the contrary.

Angel : The quiet Angelic "cannot count girl" who needs Math tuition (kkkkkkkkkkkkk). Where's #9?? Catch No Ball? Click here for further info. (Pssssssss.. Don't piak me with sotong :P)

May : The multi talented Lucky Ducky real Liu, also the cofounder of lidi lidi lidi.

Misti : The multi tasked "School Janitor" who also runs the School Canteen with Chandelier For Sale (but she very cham & busy wan, cos no time to makan although runs canteen. No time to Relac even).

Chen : the PhD holder of E=mc2 with specialty in mong cha-cha ala Sotong style

Carcar aka Carmen San Diego. Also Professor of Oh See Dept. Always missing in class dt excessive bowel movement aka oh-see-ness. (Carcar will sure scold me for writing this, but never mind.. Cos ..Scolding People is one of her speciality too. LOL)

SA, aka simple ameriliu : The Eggy angmoh who loves kai kheok (phoenix claw). Egg cos white outside but yellow inside. (The inversion of Banana).

Ben Ben : The TFK SFK (Si-Fatt King aka Butt Master) who master the art of io ka chng with capability of creating tsunami with his excessive overflow tears or saliva.

Liucas : The Poster & Ferrari doggy, also Master of Disguise & King of the Martial Arts but too bad he always Zzzz with the ugly ter-kang kang posture.

Ah Boy : The brainy one who is busy walloping pork chops behind the scene and gardenia bread at times. Only pose ter- kang kang when prompted.

Cocka : The Fencing Master. Don't play-play.

King's Wife : Oh shit... More shitty scenes, Fast-fast take out camera :P

Day Dreamer : Another melayang-layang gal cos she adores day dreaming. Merdeka !!

Will : The perasan one who always believe that "If there is a "Will", there is a way"?

Butt : Remembering the hot koay teow soup "ghost story" & fartttttttt. Highlight highlight highlight !! then u get the clue :P

Kenny : Jeng Jeng Jengggggggggggggggggg. Echo-ing "贺新年 祝新年, 新年啦 年又年..."

Pink Cotton : *ahem*. The "censored" scene.

Red Sponge : She raps in Hakka. Wai... Where is my Lui Char?

Sengkor : The soft-hearted HK film star wanna be with "Fried Wantan smell" Car.

Nyonya : Let's joget & Sha lalala.

JL : On your mark, Get set.... GO!!!!!! Run JL run.

Goober : The sneezing & coughing peanut who yaks non stop.

Cynthia : Longkang laksa, longkang laksa !! Bila nak makan? Faiti Faiti come back home.

Sbanboy : The stressful no heart boy camera boy who yearns to be stress free :)

Headache liao.. There are more to be added on the list but I need to get to know u better before I can yak further. That will be in Chapter 2?

**Background music : Who let the Dogs Sotong out? Woof woof Sot Sot
Pssss... Should I publish the School Magazine 2007 ??


Anonymous said...

LOL... my jeng jeng jengggggg not for CNY songs lah... rock ma :P

Anonymous said...

are we starting our Sot Sot Sotong Yearbook 2007 already? hahahaha! OMG Doktor, I salute your sampat and sotong-ness for coming up with this post!
*KKHH rolling downhill...*
*lidi* *lidi* *lidi*
*klang* *klang*
*sot* *sot* *sot*
*pengsan kau kau*

Anonymous said...

oh, and so very the liuliu!!

Chen said...

Cos the only song I heard u playing is CNY song mah...

Should I?
kekkeke... must compile photo, hobbies, loves, hates, birthday & all the sam pat info the SotSot Sotong Yearbook 2007 liao :P

*rolling upwhile while lidi lidi lidi*
lost control & ter-roll downhill pulak
*censor censor*

Anonymous said...

hahahahah` chen fatt hao :D kekekekekke

JL said...

CHEN - diam diam ubi berisi, bising bising very happening ;)

carcar said...

Oooooooooooooooooooo= oh see!

Chen said...

so drama oh????
indeed fatt hao

sek lai, sek lai

so the carcar...
Oooooooooooooooooooo = oh see :D
new lingo

Anonymous said...


You forgot to explain THE real reason how all these TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, kkkkkkkkkkkk, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhes came about! Because Sot Sot Sotongs too damn lazy to type kakakakakakaka, hahahahahahaha, lololololololoolm liuliuliuliuliu, despite all the extra tentacles!

Anonymous said...

Must do SOT SOT SOTONG YEARBOOK! Everyone, send in Class Photo!!

Anonymous said...

Day Dreamer : Another melayang-layang gal cos she adores day dreaming. Merdeka !!
>>> Ehhh!! I where got "adores day dreaming"??? Mana ade? Bila ade? Show proof, show proof! ;)

Yeah! MERDEKA doesn't sound any sweeter than now.

angel said...


Queen of Crrrrrrrr!!! (Crap)


Class Photo? Then have to wait until July for L B to come back then only can take mar...


Anonymous said...

hahah! thanks. kor jeong la!!
u forgot to write abt ursef leh chen chen!!!!


Anonymous said...

Angel, the Marvel™ of Photoshop©!! Remember how School Magazines have those IC pics style lay-out? Well, there's always the iPort™.. *sets up the HO KWAI FARN™ MASSAGE PARLOR*

Anonymous said...

I've also come to the conclusion that our iDoc really Eat Full Nothing Do!

Hurry, I'm waiting for the Lormaikai.

Chen said...

Not the sifu i-Prof too lazy to type meh?
Kkkkkkkkkkk... :P
The extra tentacles all serve different functions wan..
One for typing..
One for holding mug (for drinking mah)
One for holding Siew Mai (hungry lah)
Two for self massage
Two for piakking people who kaw kaw zheng & cincai lai
See? All the tentacles are occupied and fully utilized liao :P

*Compiling Data & Infor for SotSot Sotong YearBook 2007*

your profile name leh?
and your blog name?
Isn't tat solid proof?

How many times u shout MERDEKA ??
Don't shout too much okie?
Dowan u to get sore throat later ;)

Chen said...

sek lai, sek lai,
Queen of Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
Looking left & right, up & down :P
siapa woh?

Remembering those days taking class photos during secondary school time

July time ah?
LB is back but Maymay fly away liao to Sydney :(

Got mah, I ada tulis about myself leh... My name is below Misti there
*point point*

Chen : the PhD holder of E=mc2 with specialty in mong cha-cha ala Sotong style

I miss my old school magazine !!!!!
Remembering those days when we scribble & put down our signature @ Form 5 & Upper Six time...
Nostalgic leh..............

next time must shoot your face big-big liao for the class photo

pssssssss... Ah Boy halfway eating LMK now :P

zeroimpact said...

This is really funny
I think it will be book of the year leh, not just year book

Anonymous said...

so sampat :P

Anonymous said...

oh inside!!
*cries and cries till fall flat on floor.

yeah well..should start some blogger magazines ;) it'll be fun.

Anonymous said...


Chen : the PhD holder of E=mc2 with specialty in mong cha-cha ala Sotong style

motto of life: an occasional sampatness a day makes one a brighter person!! :D

tong ke long tong chiang comin liao!! everyone pls hold onto your sanity just a lil' bit more! LOL

mistipurple said...

laff.. even though depressed.
laff again..

Anonymous said...

Ayo me also kena ah .... wah me also mmm fong koh ... haha ... where got no heart .... erm the parcel I bring everyday to work just forgot to post only .... soon my heart will reach u in Penang ... hehe

Chen said...

Wahhhhhhh.....Book of the Year?
Must gather more info & particulars from all the members liao..
Must collect photo liao too...
Send me, send me :D

sampat is good mah,
sampat is better than boring,

I made the peanut cries till flats on the floor !!!!
Don't lah become peanut pancakes
I dowan to eat u yet lah :P

*gather more info*
Hopefully the magazine will be published in the next quarter :P

Chen said...

Kkkeeeeeeee.... I noticed u ROTFL for more than 20 minutes liao
Please get up woh..
Cos your light yellow clothes become dark yellow colour liao :P

Gee !!! I lap the motto !
So liuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Xin Nian Lai Loh.....
Soon, very very soon
in less than 3 weeks timeeeeeeeeeee

Smile Misti, Smile
Don't feel depressed...
We all sayang u leh..
Including Ah Boy :)

Of coz mah...
Kekkeke, cos I have looking at the mailbox everyday for the past one week liao :P
Wait & wait & wait & wait..
Wait till neck long-long :P
Almost become giraffe liao

Pink Cotton said...

wah apa nii~!

wat censored scene?!!?




Anonymous said...

*let me try some lingos*

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT - dis one damn vulgar

Anonymous said...

wah...aiyak...lui cha again...aiks!!!

okla okla! will tapao one for u! ;p

Chen said...

pink cotton,
apa tu ah?
censored scene is tat scene loh..
censored liao mah :P
apa pasal BOK me pulak? :P

why u TTTTTTTTTTTTT for no apparent reason? :D

red sponge,
lui cha lui cha lui cha
cos i didn't get to taste lui char during my previous visit back home mah...
tapao only ah?
chiu sak
sapu !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Profile names can be deceiving...

And my blog name is Thoughts and Thinking in Reality... isn't the word reality strong enough to prove that I am not in Fantasyland?

King's wife said...

Induction into the Hall of Fame ah?
Faster, faster, take group photo first!

Chen said...

I mentioned wrongly earlier on.. I was referring to your website address instead of blog name :P

But all the "students" very notti, they are running around.. Must catch everyone to pose for the group photo liao :D

dino said...

i like this quote :
sampat is good mah,
sampat is better than boring

Chen said...

U also agree leh..
At least sampat post won’t made others doze off or zzzzzzzz

babe_kl said...

LOL thanks for the brief... alway read until i si beh conpius... now can understand better a bit :p

Chen said...

sorry woh for making babe jie confuse woh :) Gua mintak maaf :D

Simple American said...

I feel so lexiconical now. kkkkkkkkkkkk

Thanks for the lesson.

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkkk...Glad u enjoyed the lesson