Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sabah : Tamparuli Market

The Tamparuli Market is located next to the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge in Tuaran district, Sabah. We stopped by the market for a short while before continuing our journey to Kinabalu Park.

The cute little boy with innocent broad smile whom we met in Tamparuli Market. 天真无邪的脸孔 . The little boy felt very happy when we took few snapshots of him.. He is so cuteeee... :D

Another young chap selling preserved and salted fish aka kiam hu.

More salted fish, dried prawns and other preserved foodstuff stalls..

Aunty seeling nasi lemak, doughnuts and all sort of kuih-muih. I remembered buying nasi lemak in plastic packets (instead of being wrapped up in banana tree leaves) during my primary school days. During those days, one small packet of nasi lemak was sold at 20 cents per packet (with groundnuts, sambal ikan bilis, slices of cucumber and eggs) . Those really were the days...

Vegetable stalls. One of the famous vegetable in Sabah is the Sabah Fern or Sabah vegetable, which is also known as Sayur manis. (The dark green vege in the photo) Sayur Manis is also available in Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. I still prefer the Sarawak Jungle Fern or Bilin, my all time favourite :)

Lazy bum cat in slumberland (dreaming of Fried Pomfret??).... lying next to the Roselle. I wonder why he chose to sleep next to the roselle? Cos of the nice scent?

Seeing this reminds me of the yummy mouth watering preserved Roselle :) Nice snacks.. better than Lormaikai :D


mistipurple said...


King's wife said...

The vege reminds me of those sold in Cameron Highlands. Fresh. What is Roselle? I don't think I've had it before.

Mr.Goober said...

maybe flowers remind the cat of his ex :P

may said...

that lil' boy's bugteeth are so cute!! hahahaha! the cheeky smile just for your camera leh...

Roselle itu apa ah? I don't think I've come across it before. can eat wan ah?

oooh, afterwards got surprise for AhBoy... *wink*!

angele said...

ohh is that a cat's leg that I see on the left side of the first pic with the lil boy on it? =P

Chen said...

chup & run?
scared Ah Boy barks at u leh for having funny thoughts earlier on?

King's wife,
I saw something similar in Cameron Highlands too when I visited their market last year.

Err... u never tasted Roselle before? Time to look for some? I will look for it next time I go shopping, cos I haven't tasted it for ages oledi :)

aiyoh.. so sad ah?
reminds him of the good old days?

mistipurple said...

eh... hi hi!! *waves innocently*

i like this post. simplicity is nice. looks so untouched those areas.

Kenny Ng said...

Nice pics, classic style stalls really impressed me.

Chen said...

kekkee.. We took several photos of that cute boy. We saw his two sisters later on too in the market. Hehehe..
*Kodak session again*
Those cute little fellas..
I even take photos together with the sisters :D

Roselle tu...
from the hibiscus family..
u never eat that before ah?
I saw it few times in the preserved fruit corner, normally placed next to the dried guava. I will look out for it next time cos I haven't eat that for quite some time already..
*slurp* Yummy..

wah.. got surprise for Ah Boy ah?
good good :D
wonder what u cook this time...
or...u cook pork ribs too?

yes... that's the leg of another cat. I have another photo taken of the boy together with the cat, but I choose to put the first photo up :)

Chen said...

Misti is back again..
*waves back*
i tot u went hiding just now cos u feel "guilty" for having funny thoughts !!
err... I saw the guilty look on your face !!!

u won't get to see places like this in Singapore hoh?
Singapore too urbanize liao...
with high rise buildings everywhere :)

Kenny, u r back !!
Hope u enjoy your trip & have a wonderful bestman experience in Kluang :)

Thanks :)
I can still get to see these classic style stalls in Sarawak :)

mistipurple said...

kakaka. yes yes feel guilty...
singapore yes very urbanised now.

Chen said...

now i know why u feel extremely guilty.. :P
looking for big sotong to piak u :P

it's time for me to pay a visit to Singapore after so long.... The last (& only) time I went there was almost 2 decades ago, in 1987 :)

mistipurple said...

kekekeke. i was wondering when you would have discovered that i was preparing a meal with AhBoy as the main ingredient. :PP

singapore is quite modernised now. maybe fun for a day or two. but i can only think of the heat here, though similar to malaysia, and can't imagine how anyone can enjoy the weather. :P
my malaysian colleague says the night safari could be worth a visit, but to-date he has not stepped foot there yet. lol.
sentosa seaworld or something like that, and the zoo. all these mentioned by him next to me.
btw, he was the one who came up with the AhBoy's menu. :P

L B said...

ooooooooo, i like the kiam hu! Great for PIAKING with! I love sayur manis too ~ Must be great in that misti Claypot as well!!
And nothing, NOTHING can be better than Lormaikai, except maybe.....

Chen said...

I have a friend with nick name Ah Boy too... I told him last year he shares the same nickname as my dog :P

Errr... Don't play-play with the little fella, he can bites wan when kena provoked :P Tell your Malaysian colleague that Ah Boy wanna bites him for coming out with that funny idea :P

I will go to Singapore again..
one of these days...
dunno when :P

kakkaka.. imaging piakking with kiam hu. Wah... Stink !!!

Only taste great in Misti's claypot which is substituted with beef :D What else can taste better than Lormaikai? the Pisang Tanduk goreng? :P

mistipurple said...

lol. shh shh LongBatang. no more talk of claypot here. vely sensitive subject.
eh.. Loctor, your pork meatballs got Klang Klang or not? *brings big empty bowl to bring some home* :D
(and in exchange, i got big bowl of stewed pork here)

mistipurple said...

all that talking got my colleague hungry and he had to get some food. when he come back, i tell him AhBoy wanna bite him. :P

Chen said...

kekkkeke... Now I can keep my parang liao. No Klang klang woh..
I don't eat those weird stuff :P
I gave quite a portion of pork meat balls to my doggy liao.
He loves it :)
Scoop some for u too :)

Ginger vinegar too kar? Sounds great :P Yeah yeah.. tell him my dog wanna bites him !!!

mistipurple said...

my colleague said he is not afraid of dogs anymore cos he kena bitten by two indian dogs (how he know indian i dunno) at the same time, one on each leg. liuliuliu hor?

may said...

ohhhh, ok ok, I know what Roselle is then! only eaten before in dried form, once ever. maybe should go hunt for it again, but not as nice as guava leh.

so your AhBoy like his new playmate anot? wakakakaka! go catch those KlangKlangs!!

where Liucas ah?

may said...

misti - did the dogs bark in Tamil ah?! or got wear turban? *konpiused*

Chen said...

wah.. kena bitten before can get immune to pain wan meh? Even kena bitten ten times also, the 11th time kena gigit will be painful too leh :P

Indian dogs? LOL at May's comment below regarding the indian dogs... bark in tamil or wear turban.. muahahahahhhahaha

Kkekeke.. dried roselle has tinge of sourness, that's why I like :P

kekekkee... I thought u r going to post up some food related stuff earlier on.. rupa-rupanya u r posting the cute doggy picture. Yeah I remember the little beagle which u talked about few weeks ago :D Finally the post for the cute fella is up !!

Lucas busy zzzz i presume?
or busy playing mahjong...
or busy wearing different costumes & pose for Winn..

I hope Ah Boy won't fight with Husky & Lucas..
He is the smallest among the 3 dogs.

13th Panda said...

Roselle can eat one meh?hamik lai eh?flower?

Pink Cotton said...

eeee the rosette is ang zhang liao cos the cat sleep so near to it..mweheheh

HEY the kid 'rongak' ... lost one teeth... 'x'

a^ben said...

hahahha like sunday market like that

mistipurple said...

to May: my colleague said when he was bitten, he talked to the two dogs in cantonese, hokien, malay, mandarin, and the dogs didn't understand him. so they must be indian dogs lor!!! wakakaa.

to Loctor: i told him your logic about the 'sure-pain-wan' when bitten, despite how many times. he said, this time know how to defend, so won't get bitten, so no pain chor. i told him if got pit bull, then nothing to say lor. he say can put hand up to ward off. lol. typical man replies! :P

Chen said...

13th panda,
can, boleh makan..
hamik ah? it's flower :)
The dried or preserved roselle, taste sweet with tinge of sourness :)

pink cotton,
never mind mah...
as long as u dunno the cat tidur next to it :P

even rongak, the kid still cute mah, so chu bee :D

should be daily market lah..
available every day mah..
Not like the Satok tamu market :P

misti purple,
might be those are japanese dog?

hahhaa.. what a reply :D

imagine if the dog is Bull Mastiff or Rottweiler :P Talking about bull mastiff reminds me of the Bull Mastiff & the other dogs I saw when I visited the pet fiesta few months back :)

slurp! said...

aunty not smiling leh ... u didn't buy anything from her rite kekeke ...

is this place near the sea? how come got so many salted fish?

it's pity to think only of sentosa, zoo when you think of singapore. it depends what you want to see, do, eat etc in this tiny island of ours ;)

angel said...

*read all comments and pusingpengsan*

i bought jeruk-ed roselle from CH! i think i still not yet eat 'em...

*goes look in fridge*

alamak! i so liuliu! i just saw that i didn't publish this comment earlier! adoiiiii :P

mistipurple said...

hehe. Angeliu stoned because sleepy mah. i oso sometimes soooo sleepy scared type lubbish. now i wake up liao can walk around again.

_butt said...

morn morning!!

that lil' kid really is photogenic.. :)

roselle.. how to eat wan? sure better than lor mai kai ar? :P

angel said...

misti, yeah, i really stoned last nite... and even now too... that's why i'm still in bed... *gasp*


eve said...

ohhhh sabah long liao havent makan..missed it..but i dun think they sell it here in PJ..roselle..taste like ribena nia..

Chen said...

I found it troublesome to buy things & carry them around when I’m taking photos. Most of the time, I will only buy stuffs after the "Kodak session". Or at times I will buy first, then put all the stuff inside the car, then continue on with photo session… Either before or after….

There is a river next to the market with the Tamparuli Suspension bridge crossing the river but no sea :)

Hehehe, those places are the highlights of Singapore… but of course there are many areas of interest too…

pusing pengsan?
U want me to bring out Skunkie? :P

Wah.. u bought the dried roselle from Cameron Highlands?
So syiok…
I just found out quite a number of people here never tasted roselle before leh…

Must be earlier on u get too excited liao till u forget to publish..
Or u are too tired? :P

This Misti never sleep wan ah?
Wake up at 4 am?
Wonder how many hours she sleeps per day? :D

Chen said...

Good morning…
Oops… I salah liao…
I should greet u good afternoon liao leh..

The roselle I ate in the past is the dried or preserved roselle…
Sweet with tinge of sourness… quite nice (IMHO)

walao… syiok lah u…
almost 12 noon liao u still fatt ngau dau in bed?

I saw the Sabah fern before in the market here… can’t remember where liao :D
Nice to eat when cooked with sambal belachan with lotsa chillies…
But some people might not like it cos of the “after-taste” taste (u know what I mean, right? )

Roselle tastes like ribena?
What a description :P

ah nel said...

kiam hu... *simeli*

blue danude said...

remember the time when we use to make cordial out of the roselle...taste very nice indeed!

Bernard said...

Pasar Tamu? Cheap vege leh.

Eh, i din know sayur manis is not the same as bilin/miding :-)

mistipurple said...

hahaaha. they say geniuses all need less sleep mah. (maybe siao lang oso hor??) o dear...

Chen said...

ah nel,
kiam hu reminds u of the famous ikan terubok masin? :P

blue danude,
roselle cordial...
trying to recall...
sounds familiar, but I can't really remember if I drank that before..
I guess I did...
but if so, that was many many years back :)

sayur manis is different from bidin, although both are ferns :) I prefer bidin much much more than sayur manis :D

in conclusion...
u r genius or... are u siao lang???

*cabut fast fast*

mistipurple said...

HAHAHA. sumtimes i not sure myself. :P

Red Sponge said...

roselle juice...

i dun like red red juice...oppss 'x'

Winn said...

now got real spammer in my site dy:P

no longer ah boy liucas or chen:p
nor kat or LB

Chen said...

so... tat means..
sometimes u r genius..
sometimes u r siao lang?

*cabut fast-fast again* :P

red sponge,
aiseh... u dun like red coloured juice ah? I presume u don't like rose syrup too? or tomato juice? or... chilli sauce juice? :P

yeah loh :( I saw liao just now...
those are not sebarang spammers, but the "high IQ" spammers - talking about all those "intellectual" stuff :P I noticed they visit pink cotton too after visiting u. I kenak before leh... during merdeka time...

hak sei yan hoh ... :(

L B said...

I want to learn to spam like that too!

mistipurple said...

i was Hannibal's assistant.
wait, i hear my name... *clarice.. clarice....*

L B said...

*WIND ALERT* at mistipurple's... Go with OXYGEN MASKS, or SKUNKIE!

mistipurple said...

lol, LB!! it's not that bad over there, or over at your's now... hehe.

Chen said...

that's the higher level of spamming..
the PhD level :P

*ahem* u sure boh? :D

okie. I will fully gowned with the protective equipment before I read her post :D

wah... ada drama going on now ah?
Must go there see see look-look liao :D

Simple American said...

What a yummy series of pics. No I don't wanna eat the cat. ;)

Chen said...

ahhaha.. the cat was worried earlier on :P Thought ppl might mistaken him as food (what to do? who asked him to sleep next to the roselle?) LOL