Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pink, pink & pink !!!

LB got told off by 车车 aka 卡卡 (Carcar loh) for being so long-winded, so he merajuk (ala sotong style with spreading tentacles) and started this Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks.. tag and managed to get the following helpless victims to volunteer subconsciously (on their behalf) to do the tag !! (Whom are none other than May, Princess Angeli, Chen/Ah Boysley, Datin WinnCi, Misti KLANG KLANG & 卡卡).

Luckily this is an easy tag - to post up six mindless but color coordinated pictures. I asked ah boy to help me to go through all my film rolls and my super thick photo albums (coated with one layer of thick dust) to pick up the pictures. I will choose PINK as my theme colour since I have lotsa "pink" photos, although pink is not my favourite colour :P

Remember the pink-coloured sugar coated pills? Looks like M&M or Smarties chocolate niah. These pills not only can fool children but can trick adult as well. These pills are none other than Ibuprofen, painkiller from NSAID group.

The "Run Away" pinky piglet (to a far-far away island called Borneo Island). Nope, I didn't bully the pig, in fact I sayang the pig... But too bad, the pig still has to go (*sob*)

Kakakkakkaka... I can't help but to laugh when I see this picture again. The Pink Octopus yang Merajuk - with fatt hao sexy pouting lips (preparing to squirt out octopus ink anytime) with tentacles folding inward.. awaiting to be piaked? This picture was dedicated to the tag starter, LB, few months back :P

This is another nostalgic picture, The Pink Banana aka Musa Velutina Pinkie which I saw in Unker's house. Too bad... the pink banana is non edible :(

Pink Vodka with minimal alcohol content. Don't worry, definitely won't get drunk after hantam one or two bottles.

My faithful pink companion - The Pinky Card Reader. This is my "must-have" tool :)

I need to pancing 6 victims and I will tag all the Sarawakians (& not forgetting the pink community) :
* Pink Cotton
* Pink Winnie
* Pinky Piglet
* Red Sponge
* Mr Goober
* Ben Ben

The Responses so far..
1) Colour Blindness Test - Pink Cotton
2) My Pink-pink Room - Pink Winnie
3) My Pink-pink Piglets (1) & (2) - Pinky Piglet
4) Colour of Blue - Ben Ben
5) Red - Red Sponge
6) Goober Secrets : The Color Code 6 TagGoober Secret : The Colour Code 6 Tag

yeah... Everyone submitted their homeworks :)


mistipurple said...

chuppppp!! *pengsan* this tag i kena-ed from LongBak, i have to rub oil on head alot. lol

mistipurple said...

chuppp for long alphabet company and the no alphabet company and all the liuliu bloggers who come here! :D

L B said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! So syiok!! I love this TAG! TAG me Tag me!!! LOL at Pink Sotong!! *SQUIRT*!!!

Chen said...

don't pengsan woh..
later we have to search for Skunkie to wake u up :P

This tag not hard to answer lah..
except that u have to post up pictures :D

thanks for chupping for everyone (including me too !! I always forget to chup for myself in my own post! kakkkkakaka.. so liuliu)

very syiok
Very "O"
Aiyak... how can I forget to tag the tag starter? How can I !!!
I must have eaten too much sotong flavoured ice cream yesterday night !! LOL

*hide behind the umbrella from the "squirt" *

angel said...


*wonders at My Colour*
Aiyoo! I love all colours! how? How? I actually lurve pink too! :D

ps: Got the songs! Tenkiuuuu! *muaks*

L B said...

No umbrella can save you, my dear!

Chen said...

I wonder whether we can use rainbow colour or not? Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red... So many choices hoh? Different colour for different items :P

I'm now listening to the songs too !!
u r mostly welcomed ;)

mmmm... I need to wear raincoat then :P

but.. I think it's fun being squirt by sotong ink.. just like being tembak when playing paint balls!

L B said...

Nothing wrong with a rainbow hue!! Anything goes mah... No need to stick to one color if it pleases you, right? LOL!!!

Ohhh, it would be great if someone did a BLACK theme. Tastefully, of course.. *squirts Black INK on the Doctor*

may said...

hahaha, I also tagged Pink Cotton! looks like she kenot escape now. but you took her colour... LOL!!

nice, I like.

Chen said...

Good Good..
Angel will be happy when she reads this :P

Actually I like black colour the most.. but too bad I don't have many black-coloured picture. I lazy to go out & snap new photos :P So have to sacrifice loh.. Mmm... let's hope someone will come up with BLACK theme :P

smear back the Black ink on Sotong LB punya face :P

yeah yeah.. I saw u tagged Pink Cotton, but I itchy hand & tagged her too (must tag the whole pink community). Err... can post the same colour again, right? There are so many other PINK colour items out there :P Not forgetting her pink baju, pink kasut, pink jam tangan.. mmmm.. what else .. :P

L B said...

Yes, angel will have her O-Moments again! How come she doesn't get tired wan ah? So many!! LOLOLOL!!!

Yeah yeah, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK! You need to start building up your BLACK palette!

I have lots of black pics..... Hmm... Black moon, Black dog, Black molly, Black spider, Black Mini Cooper, Black head..

Chen said...

Angel is angel, that's why she is so energetic with all the multi "O" sessions :P

actually... come to think about it...
I can use BLACK theme as well...
I can post 6 different pictures of AH BOY !! Ah boy is black mah...
kakkaka... is this called "cheating"?

mmmm... i heard someone mentioning blackhead? LOL

carcar said...

LOL LOL! at LB!! tag him again ah?

hey chen! awesome tag!! cool! simply fall to pink color once again, all because of this tag!

i thought can post any 6 picture and write some crappy story, huh? must c-ordinate with all the same color one ah? aiseh...

let me think again on how to do first..

Red Sponge said... many tags der... i must choose red lor? 'x'

Pinky_piglet said... pink tag, i like it...will do it ASAP..hehe..but i like ur pink pink pig...can u post all the pink pink pig that i have??

Pinky_piglet said...

may I post all the pink pink pig that i have??hehe...

Chen said...

yes, please tag LB !!!!

paiseh leh.. made u crave for assam laksa earlier on, now made u fall to pink once again.. Abuthen, this is something good, right? :P

LB just told me with his sotong voice & pouting lips that we can actually use rainbow colours and no need to stick to one color if it pleases you...

red sponge,
Now besides rainy season, it tagging season too !! LOL. I have another tag to answer, by pinky piglet. She tagged u too, right? :P

pinky piglet,
Glad u like the tag :)

can, of course u can :D
looking forward to see all the pink piglets :D

Mr.Goober said...

lol! what kinda tag is this?????????
not fair lehhh i don't have so much pics yet :~~~~~~~((

and uh..theres a pink vodka? i bet it taste like strawberries :P

Chen said...

mr goober,
This is color tag :P
U can always go out & snap-snap pictures here & there... and increase your collection of photos :D

I heard that SOMEONE is going out to capture some colours :P

Pink Vodka taste like any other flavour. Nothing special. I had that in Cameron Highlands in September, after one dose of ice cream (It's fun to eat ice cream in cold weather) :D

Pink Winnie said...

o.. it's many pink pink things of mine.. hehe.. btw, the medicine really look like candy o.. haha.. ur pinkypiglet is Pinkpiglet favourite thing.. hehe..

_butt said...

Weeeee... pinky pink!!

Pink Vodka? Sure won't get drunk?

Chen said...

pink winnie,
hahaha, I would like to see your "pink" collections. If my memory didn't fail me, I have quite a number of pink piglets & pink pigs. Might be I will dig them out one of these days :D

5% alcohol content only mah.. Definitely won't get drunk .. :P

Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice one, pinkie.

Enjoy the weekend!

mistipurple said...

loctor tonight sleep early again, or she went patt tor with other half!! :P

angel said...

Becos so many colors to do!!!

Misti, maybe lokter sakit gigi again? :(

Anonymous said...

that gives one hell of a meaning for the word "pink"! LOL

mistipurple said...

Angel, ya hor. kesian and sayang our Loctor. *leaves giant bowl ice-kachang*

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Thanks :)
Hope u enjoy your weekend too..
Your weekend should be a great one, since that roommate of yours had finally shifted out... after a long wait :)

I slept around 1 am yesterday night.. Crap a bit on MSN yesterday night before tidur :P

kakkakka.... now u wanna choose one colour theme or rainbow colour theme? kekkekeke.. rainbow colour might be u need to take 7 photos leh.. yeah !! break the rules.. include in extra photos !! LOL

*touch wood*
I didn't sakit gigi lah yesterday night :P But thanks for your concern woh.. So sweet :)

Hi dezmond, thanks for dropping by :) Pink is no longer ladies' colour. Nowadays, even guys wear pink shirt :)

Thanks Misti for the gigantic bowl of ais kacang :D I told Winn yesterday night I was hungry leh while I was chatting with her. At the end I ended up eating maggie mee at midnight. I had chicken congee for dinner, that's why I became hungry in the middle of the night :P

Pinky_piglet said...

I am the victim, chen always "piak" me, so i runaway and face off...become more slim and cute le...hehe...>>>>my new look...hehe

carcar said...

right yr head lah! piak u! why must you put that sentences as your intro? u can simple say like this :

LB tag me!

then u start lah, why must u say LB got told off by 车车 aka 卡卡 (Carcar loh) for being so long-winded... .....aiseh..

so when i do my tag i must start like this:

LB, you long winded! here is my tag homework!

something like this?

wahahahahahahhahaha!! just kidding lah.. end up im the one that long winded ya. hahahahahah...

pssst not at home this weekend, so don't miss me too much, unable to chat, hehehe...

mistipurple said...

whistles innocently, phee pi pi.. *looking for AhBoy*

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
my dear pinky piglet, when did i ever piak u woh? The most I do is pat pat your head & cubit your chubby face only lah... kekkekkke...

why u now so slim geh? They bully u over there ah? Nothing much to eat ah? or u miss me too much liao till u lost weight? poor piglet :( But seems like u grown up liao.. I see from the picture your limbs are now longer...

Actually that pink piglet is with someone else now :P

kekkee... I haven't being scolded "your head" for long time liao.. so sweet !! Kkakaka :P

Must be dramatic a bit mah..
Next time read back also syiok mah :P Cheong Hei once in a while is okie lah.. as long as not everyday.. LOL

This weekend u balik kampung ah?
I miss u liao leh... How? :P

Ah Boy hiding behind me...
He wanna hides from Misti Jie Jie, Winn Jie Jie & LB Kor Kor :(

L B said...

BBQ Ah Boy?!!! Waaaaa!!!!

LOLOLOL @ Long-winded carcar 'your heading' Chen!!!

Chen said...

aiyak.. u all so jahat wan..
especially that LumsingBee :P
don't bully my beloved ah boy leh..
I will hide in one corner & cry leh...
*sob sob* :P

cute leh the heading..
wah.. i like the way u use "your heading" instead of "your head" !!

Pink Winnie said...

hehe.. ok.. excited toc ur pink pink things.. :p

Anonymous said...

Ya ya, this weekend was definitely a better one, apart from the miserable fact that I'm gonna be sick.

Chen said...

pink winnie,
I will, but not so soon :D
Lazy to dig all the plush toys out...
I keep them inside one big box :)

day dreamer,
aiyak... going to fall sick soon?
I presume u are having flu?
U need sufficient rest and drink more water... Don't forget to pop in vitamin C :)

velverse said...

Pink is just so me :D I like pink. Hehe... I like the pink sotong. So cute!

Pink Cotton said...


my whole kampung mate kena tag ah??

aiyoyo...hey u steal our pinky village color! u must chg ur blog name now.!!..ermm change it to.............PINKY CHEN or PINK CHEN or hmmmm CHENIKY?


Chen said...

i know there are many who likes pink here... Including u, there are 4 already :)

Last time when i posted that pink octopus pict, many said that the octopus looks very hiao leh.. LOL

pink cotton,
yes.. must tag the whole pink community since I posted up pink related stuff :P

piak u lah..
cincai change my name :P
i tarak suka pink woh...
i song song put up pink theme oni

velverse said...

Hehehe... I think lots of girls like pink :D

Yeah.. but the octopus looks unique in pink :)

Simple American said...

Very pinkeresting.

So you did not pick your favorite color. Still trying to pick a color for me.

Chen said...

Hahha..I can't remember why I choose pink colour that night when I drew the octopus :P Might be that colour caught my attention. Made the octopus looks more gatal :P

my favourite colour is... BLACK :D
wonder what colour theme u will come up with :)
*waiting* ;)

Pinky_piglet said...

haR??WITH SOME ONE ELSE??pink cotton there is it?? look familar bo, dunno where i see this pig picture before...

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
bingo :D
u get it right :)
the little piglet is now with Pink Cotton :)

Leonard said...

hi there,

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment and linking me up.

too many pink here..eyes pain..haha..the pink soft toy very cute! :)

Chen said...

hahaha.. black colour is more eye soothing than pink :P I prefer black , which is my favourite colour ;)

yes, that pink piglet is cute, but I give it away as birthday present liao.
Manage to snap few photos before sending the pig off :)