Sunday, July 09, 2006

Octopus yang Merajuk

LB merajuk as well. The sotong this time merajuk with sotong style, with all the tentacles spreading inwards... LOL. I scared he might squirt the sotong ink at me if he continues merajuk for too long..

Talking about the Sotong yang merajuk with all the tentacles spreading inwards gives me the inspiration to draw an Octopus yang merajuk with all the arms (similar to sotong's tentacles) folding inwards with pouting lips, preparing to squirt out Octopus ink :P Watch out !!!


a^ben said...

aiyo~!!! hiao kao pua si eh sotong bin` hahahahha :P

Winn said...

KAKKAKAKA..wheres the starbucks for that octopus???

zeroimpact said...

Wah veli inventive this time...
N now got color sum more

Chen said...

hahha.. luckily not many people understand Hokkien here.. LOLOLOL

Somewhere there loh.. Or I guess any Setarbucc with a pool of water?

thanks to angeliu for the colouring equipments :P So now I can add colours to the drawing :D

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

hey the biggest damned sotong/octopus i just saw in Pirates of the Carribean...*shudder*

angel said...

hahahaha hiao hiao pink sotong... but very cool oso... pouting lips summore... ei ei, when u gonna draw our liuliu winnliuliu??

*special request*


Nolah... no pressure...just kacauing...

may said...

LOL! funny sotong yang merajuk. eh, so what DID a^ben say in hokkien ah?!

Chen said...

Haha, that one is the devilish octopus.

very hiao meh the sotong? Since Ah Ben & you share the same opinion, so the conclusion is.. that sotong is very hiao... LOL

draw winnliuliu ah?
u gip me some idea what to draw loh.. haha.. I sked later Winnliuliu might tim batu at me :P

Shhhh.. aitelyu only hoh.. ah ben cakap "the extremely gatal looking sotong face" in hokkien LOL

Winn said...

draw me ar???

oh i know i knowwwww!!!! can draw liucas!!!kekekke..

Winn said...

liucas white in color one...use white colored pencil ok. lololol!!

plink said...

ROTFLOLWakakaa @ a^ben mya hiao sotongface komen.... XD

Sotong's pouting lips preparing to squirt ink or to... ? ;)

sbanboy said...

wah sotong lb merajuk ah ???? Hehehehe

Chen said...

draw liucas? true also hoh.. liucas white white one.. use white colour pencil? I think no need to draw the body, head & fur, cos all white-white.. draw liao also cannot see :P just draw the eyes, nose & mouth/tongue can liao.. hahahha...

errr.. dunno leh..
didn't think of that earlier on :P
might be also.. hahhaha..

He merajuk yesterday :D But I guess after he makan all the goodie foodstuff & mamak food & lormaikai, he no more merajuk liao.. LOL

L B said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! Happiness is a Sotong made by the Doctor!!! Thank you so banyak banyak!!.. Waaaaaa, tonight fried sotong!!..Waaaaaa.. Heaty!!!

Chen said...

walao.. fried sotong?
got cold sore liao still wanna eat so much hot stuff? :P

Cynthia said...

Hahaha!! I am still waiting ..what's next? =)
Like you drawings. You gotta charge them.. ekkeke

Chen said...

I dunno what is next... :)

Good idea huh to charge them :D
Can generate some side income, so that I get more $$$ to spend when I balik kampung. LOL

_butt said...

Haha.. that pouting lips (is that sotong punya lips??) so cute!!

IML said...

Cute drawing!!
I am sure you can cheer your little patients with your drawing.

Chen said...

Hahah… have to watch out.. the pouting lips might squirt out ink any moment without prior notice :P

Hahaha.. I remember drawing picture for colouring contest for the little kids (5 to 10 years old) in the past, during my Community Health posting in university time :)

PhotoCrazy said...

you are good at cartoon.. why not start your own daily comic strip?

Chen said...

daily comic strip? I'm not so committed yet to draw daily :) At the moment, I will just sketch and draw at my own leisure time.. just for fun ;)

day-dreamer said...

Cute one!!

I second a^ben, indeed very hiao-looking sotong.


Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hhaha, so the consensus is... that pink-coloured sotong is indeed very hiao LOLOL

Simple American said...

Thats pretty cute. He misplaced his camera. haha

Chen said...

Hhahaha.. or might be he cannot find his Mac :P