Monday, July 10, 2006

Hazy Penang

Haze strikes again. Penang island was hazy for the past few days. We had suffered from hot and stuffy weather for the past one week (a sudden change from the rainy weather not long ago). Things turn blurry and visibility drops.. No outdoor activities for me at the meantime.

The clear blue sky of Penang taken few weeks ago.

The hazy Penang.. taken on Sunday noon. I can foresee more people will be down with cough or sore throat in the next couple of days. Likely more asthmatic patients will get exacerbation of bronchiol asthma and there will be an increase in URTI cases.


_butt said...

No wonder so hot la these days.. it's a sign.. haze haze go away, dun you ever come again.. shoo shoo!!

zeroimpact said...

Then doc oso must b careful la...
haze no good for everyone, including doc
Take care k!!

may said...

dat's still ok lah, not breathing in thick smog yet. those wld be the worst of days liao, when we had to wear masks when outdoors! can die liao!

slurp! said...

hmm ... doesn't look that bad yet.
how's the air quality index now?

angel said...

DYK yesterday on the highway, our own sawah ppl (Seberang Perai side) are openly burning their paddy field??? Damn liu, i tell u... And summore we dare to komplen abt the Indons... sheesh!!!

Thao said...

In Brussels, it's the same thing, heavy weather with the rain is coming while the hot air is still covering the city

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Errrrr its so breezy, oops I mean gusty, here that hazy days are kinda rare, but still got 3 months of summer to go and something worse, airborne pollen!

IML said...

Oh dear my little nephew going to having a sneezing time ):

Winn said...

wah faster go stockup the mask!! :P

FH2O said...

It's also slightly hazy over here in Kuching on a monday morning.

Chen said...

My friends in KL told me it is equally hot in KL as well. Thank God for the heavy downpour this morning.. Now the weather is much cooler and hopefully can clear the haze.. It is still raining out there at the moment..

yeah loh.. Must drink more water and stay indoor if possible :D

Errr.. those were the days :P Luckily there was heavy downpour this morning.. Hopefully can clear the haze. Miss the clear blue sky..

I don’t have the latest report . But after the heavy downpour this morning, surely there will be improvement in the air quality index & visibility.

wah.. open burning summore? That’s horrible !!! Luckily there is heavy downpour this morning

Chen said...

Is it summer in Brussel? Must be hot..

Hahaha.. I miss those breezy days.. At least today the weather is cooler, thanks to the heavy rain this morning.

poor boy. Hopefully the haze will be cleared soon after the heavy rain. I can feel the difference now.. Better air quality..

Hehhe.. I still have masks in stock ;)

Huh? There’s haze in Sarawak as well?

Red Sponge said...

HMM Kuching also wo.....

jonboy60 said...

biasa lah, middle of the years indonesian ppl burnt forest mah...

Wilson said...

Hi Doc
dont say Penang, at Kuching here was damn HOT as well...
rain, pls rain...why so hot...

Robin said...

it is this time of the year that I am most afraid.

The flu is in, the haze is up.. and the hospital is packed to the balcony..

Does this also happen in Penang?

Chen said...

red sponge,
Guess we share the same fate? :)

and the situation is worsen by few Malaysians who did open burning as well... haii..

Thank God there was a heavy downpour early morning today for several hours. Now the weather is cool and the haze is clearing :) Looks like it will continue to rain later on tonight... Hope it will rain in Kuching too.

So far, things are still under control yet. There are more people who are down with flu, but doesn't warrant any hospital admission yet :) The haze is clearing today after the heavy downpour this morning.

L B said...

So heaty also wallop, dun care!! Pay for it all later!! Haze Haze, Go away... An Apple a Day....

carcar said...

take good care ya chen :)

i want apple, and i want you :)

day-dreamer said...

It has been quite hot in PJ lately too... don't quite like it, especially when I have to walk to school.

Walking at the side of the under-construction road with heavy traffic, it's as good as having haze. I told my friend, our lives would be shortened by a few years if we continur walking like that (during some days)!


plink said...

LB is right... a MacBook a da... OOPS!

Chen said...

i know lah.. u wallop bakuteh.. So syiok... An apple a day, keep somebody away? LOL

sure, u take care too.. Didn't have time to kacau u today :D Wah.. u want apple, and u want me too? Let's break the myth :P

day dreamer,
Seems like it is hot in many places.. including east malaysia. Thanks to the heavy downpour today.. at least the weather is much cooler now. Hope it will rain in PJ too, as well as in other places in Malaysia.

Might be u can consider to wear mask when walking to college? ;)

Hhahaha.. Might be true, might be not :P

Simple American said...

So what causes this haze. Are the Indonesians burning forest again?

babe_kl said...

i'm having URTI now wor :p today still on MC... light headed now *spinning* super kheng MC since last Thurs. never so sick like this before. very hot in KL too and a bit hazy

Chen said...

Yeah, contributed by our neighbour country snd partially by the locals..

Poor babe, hope u get well soon..
So many people falling sick at these period of time cos of the haze..