Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Taiping Zoo (13) : Elephant

One of the animals that I love to spend time looking at inside the zoo are the elephants... Notice the little baby elephant and the toddler elephant?

What caught my attention is the pair of the lovely mother elephant & baby elephant..

Mother & baby elephant standing side by side.. Eating grass?

The baby elephant was thirsty.. He bent down & sucked the water from the pool with his little baby trunk.

The baby elephant blowed the water sucked with his trunk into the mouth ( Well, well... elephant's trunk is not a drinking straw. The elephant will fill the trunk with water and then use it as a hose to pour the water into the mouth).

Mummy Elephant playing with baby elephant.. teasing the baby elephant with her trunk.

Baby elephant manja back with his mother.. touching the mother elephant with his baby trunk.

Loving and affectionate elephants..

Mmmmm... on closer view... Aiyak, the baby elephant even though still young, has so much wrinkles liao :P Kulit berkedut-kedut... Definitely need to apply lotsa lotsa body lotion, hahhaa.... Anyone want to sponsor body lotion for this cute little baby elephant? ;)


zeroimpact said...

heh heh heh
I wan elephant
jumbo... dumbo

_butt said...

haha.. so bad la u.. kulit kedut kedut pulak.. no need body lotion la, natural ma..

_butt said...

haha.. so bad la u.. kulit kedut kedut pulak.. no need body lotion la, natural ma.. :P

may said...

not bad wei, can make story out of the photos you took! I think it needs a leather shine, not baby lotion... lol!

Simple American said...

*Tong Tong* for the baby elephant lotion.

Chen said...

the flying elephant ah?
Boiboi, u can dream of that tonight :)

True mah.. kulit indeed berkedut-kedut :P So much wrinkle :P

hahha, last time i even wrote crappy stories regarding the lala, cockles, balitong, crabs etc in the earlier posts :P

wah, leather shine? imagine the shiny elephant :P Good to hug, huh?

TQ TQ :) The elephants sayang u for your donation :)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I think lotion not strong enough, need body oil! barrels of it

slurp! said...

i think those elephants needs more exfoliating cream to smoothen out their rough & thick skin hehehehe ...

Chen said...

hahha.. barrels of oils.. Pouring barrels of oil on the baby elephant, and doing a thorough body massage for him... :P Syiok

might be several facial sessions too :P Expensive stuff.. Definitely not a small figure :)

angel said...

No no... I think the Jumbos need to go for Spa! After come out from spa, their skin will be as smooth as winnliuliu's skin! ;)

Winn said...

angeliu u berry kua cheong LOL*

my skin where got smooth..
i can see ur face very smoth la..liu very fairrrrr...cant even find a spot!!! i got a lot of freckles and orang tua spots:O(..

wrinkled like elephant!! ...

carcar said...

oh i don't know ah chen like to see elephant?!

carcar said...

no lah, i think the baby elephant skin is like human baby skin too, rememer those new born baby skin are also a bit kedut2? haha...

Kristopher said...

now that a cute elephant....hehehe

Chen said...

winnliuliu’s skin so smooth ah? Can pinch pinch her or not? :P

Wooh.. can I pinch both of u? LOL

now u know loh.. I love to look at animals :)

Hahhaa… I’m wondering, can we iron the kedut-kedut skin?
Just like ironing the kedut-kedut clothes, hahahha ..

I’m sort of lucky cos I get to see baby elephant each time I go to zoo (for the past few years).

zeroimpact said...

I wan go fly wit elephant...
doc bring mi go fly fly wit elephant

L B said...

Waaa, lotion must be a heavy commodity for this elephant!! Nice pics!!!

Chen said...

fly fly with elephant?
boiboi so brave?
not scared of falling down?
I bring u fly fly with aeroplane lah..
must safer :P

I'm compiling all the suggestions... Wondering which one is the best for the elephant :D
*body shampoo
*leather shine
*barrels of body oil
*exfoliating cream
*last but not least, leave the poor baby elephant alone :P

Sam I Am said...

large sensitive animals
It has been discovered that elephants can communicate over surprisingly long distances via low frequency infrasound, a sub-sonic rumbling which can travel through the ground farther than sound travels in the air. This can be felt by the sensitive skin of an elephant's feet, which pick up the resonant vibrations in much the same way as the flat skin on the head of a drum. We have only been able to discover this new aspect of elephant social communication thanks to breakthroughs in audio technology, which can pick up frequencies outside the range of the human ear.

a^ben said...

the mask and body scrub treatment is only for elephants 21 yrs and above` hahahahahah! :P

*subject to other terms and conditons`

L B said...

Baby sotongs everywhere!!!

Chen said...

sam i am,
thanks for the sharing.
Something interesting I learnt today :)

wah.. mask & scrub pulak..
apa pasal only for those 21 years old & above? Like that u also not qualified liao, cos u r still underage... Mmm.. anyway, u r not elephant, so never mind. LOL

all your fault :P
spreading all the baby sotongs everywhere.. LOLOL

zeroimpact said...

Dowan... I wan elephant
I wan dumbo...

Chen said...

boiboi so persistent..
how about getting u a dumbo coin box instead? :P

zeroimpact said...

ok la, give doc chance la...
coin box oso saaatttt
heh heh heh
but must have the ear span out like flying ah

Chen said...

wah.. this boiboi...
thinking where to find a dumbo coinbox with ear spreading out like flying..

Selba said...

hihihihi.... gajah!!!!! mom always says: "Gajah naik gajah" when I seat on her laps :D

Chen said...

hahaha.. sit on her lap? u mean... when u r small time, right? So u r the "little elephant"? :P

Thao said...

Ohhh, baby elephant is so cute...

Chen said...

yeah, I like the scene of the baby elephant playing with the mummy, and teasing each other :) Very sweet..

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