Monday, November 06, 2006

Before & After

One fine afternoon... after exam, Pinky Piglet came up with her own tag Before & After. Before and After... Before & After of Anything... Everything... Apa pun boleh.. Mmmm... As usual, I'm lazy to think so much.. Just scratch-scratch head a bit (I don't have kutu, okie?) and I will just write whatever things that "pop up" in my mind :P (pssss.. I just found out Mr Goober tagged me too after I answered this tag.. Luckily the same tag... phew... *wipe cold sweat*)

*Before and After Having A Dog
Before I have my min pin, I always have the thought that having & and taking care of dog is troublesome. After I have my little dog, I only know how much fun it is to have one. Definitely no regrets !! Can I conclude with this statement that.... Those who don't like dog dunno what they are missing out in life?? Kekekkee... Those who dislikes dogs (eg. Carcar & Redsponge) please don't piak me :P Btw, Carcar, your beloved iguana or cockroach won't come & greet u when u come back home nor manja with u leh..

*Before and After Blogging
Before I start blogging, I just want to have a space to write down some stories when I feel wu liao or jiak pa bo su chor/sek pao mou yer chou time. But after I started, I get to know & make friends with so many bloggers, including you, You and YOU. Yes !!! YOU.. You know who you are :D (and many of them have become my real friends in real life instead of just "blogger friends" - Quote what Carcar said - don't use the word "blogger friends", coz it sounds so lame. And not only that, I noticed I can write humorous and crappy stuff too which I never realised in the past :P

*Before and After Vacation
Before vacation, most of us will be looking forward to it cos we presume we can have a good time and most importantly have a good rest... But somehow, after coming back from vacation, I feel more tired and I feel I need another holiday !!! So... does that means - better NOT to have holidays? Nah... not true !!! I want holidays !!

*Before and After Ordering Food
We might crack our heads at times thinking what to order for meals, but once our orders arrived.. The food that others have seems nicer and tastier... Mmmm.... Is it true that other's food always taste better? :P

*Before and Buying Certain Things
Occasionally, before buying certain things, I might go all the way out to get those stuffs but once I get it, I might just tossed it aside to the extend forgetting about it .. Kakakakaa... Luckily not all the times lah.. Occasionally and once in a blue moon only. If all the time, then die lah.. my house will be occupied with rubbish :D

Nyek nyek... (rub hands). Time to torture few people to keep it going :P
* 美湄
* El Bee
* Horror Winn
* Princess A
* 车车
* Missi

**Updated :
The Responses so far...
1) Live Longer & Prosper - LB
2) It Could Only Get Better - Ah May
3 Before & After: Part 1 & Part 2 - Angel
4) "B" for After - Carcar


may said...

wahahaha... you remembered by chingchong name!! yerrrr, this tag so the hard liao, have to think so much!!


*wakes up and piaks Doktor with paikuat*

oh, and I'm like that too for #5 sometimes, unless it's a new toy!

may said...

eh, so how many before and after kena tulis ah? ummmm... just 1 can ah? dun piak me ok!!

Winn said...

hehehe wah i kena sayanged again:)

i stil owe LB tag lehhhhh

so i jus tell abt before and after is it?

Chen said...

keekeke.. your chingchong name so unique... die die also must remember :P

run fast-fast trying to avoid from being piaked with paikuat but failed :( now u made me smell like marmite pulak !!! LOL

how many ah?
no "hard & fast" rules leh..
any numbers will do
one also can :D

yes... I always sayang u wan :)

I sked of your new nick Horror Winn.. dowan to sayang also have to pretend I sayang u leh..
so lame hoh?
just kidding lah..

Yeah.. can tell anything before & after.. apa-apa pun boleh :P

mistipurple said...

wait ah... i pprrrroooooottt here for you oso. heh. chinese must 'got come got go' mah. more polite. like you gib me tag, i gib you prrooot.
i read later. must cuci pantat.

mistipurple said...

hahahaa you call me missi. sama kan dr.hannibal's nurse ya?? nyek nyek rubs hands together too.. where's my mask?? :DDD

*rubs some oil on forehead again*
cham cham i still owe LorBak and Zeroimpact for tag..

angel said...

OMG! Kena again?? I thot I tak kena cos u din leave tag msg for me, and i saw you 'tagged' mistiliu, so i cum la... tengok2 kena lagi... adoiiii... so many assigments to do... more teruk than study in uni...

*sakit kapala*
tq lah for tagging me... i feel like a fish now... kena pancing liddat... :P

Chen said...

prooot proootT or vrroooommm vrooommM
also can :D both also keluar asap... Tak kisah :P

cuci pantat? o.O
wah.. u hutang so many people..
cham loh u...
*no eye see* :P

kekkeke... tak sempat lagi leave message for u :P
So u find out liao hoh?

angel is the angel fish mah...
sui boh?


Mr.Goober said...

aik, you were tagged too hia????? aiya :P it's been so long till i've forgotten.

so you'd go all out to buy the things u want and once u have it you dun wan it?? nyahahaha...i'm like that too.

Chen said...

yeah loh... hehhe...
I just visited your blog & noticed u tagged me too :P

hahhaa.. refering to the last point...
so i'm not alone in that sense... welcome to the "gang".. :P

Kenny Ng said...

pewww!!! this time tak kena by u... LOL.

mistipurple said...

nite nite Loctor. better wish liu first. Angeliu sleep later type, so i can wish her later.

Cocka Doodle said...

Doc...before you got Ah Boy you shared your bed with the hubby.

Now after you got ah boy, hubby sleep on the sofa ah?

Chen said...

next time...
next time, okie? :P

good night, misti
u sleep very early tonight :D

kakkaka... piak u :P
ah boy doesn't sleep on my bed lah.. he has his own cosy little bed :D

mistipurple said...

found pie-ti pic for you oredy. :)

L B said...

Before and after?!!!! Interesting! Gonna crack my Klang Klangs tonight and come up with Omelettes..

mistipurple said...

klang klang omelettes?? don't know as big as ostriches or not? :P

Simple American said...

I am so happy to be your friend too. Interesting meme here.

carcar said...

chen, you have new fren here?



BEFORE i came to this blog, i am so happy, AFTER i came in, i saw my name AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

must follow cocka tactic now:

Refer To Clause No.2134 :
One Blogger Shall not kena tag more than twice in a month time!

i still owe some blogger many many tag and meme ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wake up wake up!!

Modified version Clause:
Refer To Clause 2134A :
I Shall not kena tag more than one time in a Year !!

L B said...

LOL!!! OMG, we need Flame throwers here too!

L B said...

Ok, Homework done, Doctor!!!

Chen said...

Thanks for the pict, Misti.
I know what issit liao
Eaten that in the past…
some called tat as top hat too :)

must break lotsa klang-klangs to produce gigantic omelettes :P
cos u need to feed the whole kampong ;)

misti ,
I wonder too :)

I’m happy to know u & have u as my fren too, SA :)

Chen said...

those “intellectual spammers”..
dowan them as frens lah…
they visited me once in the past during merdeka time liao..
now they come back again… :(
hope they won't visit u leh...
winn called them as BKT gang !! LOL

LOL at your modified Clause
*pretend didn’t see* :P

yeah loh..
they sak tou lei…. Hak sei yan :(
I spray Ridsect at them liao….
And sweep them inside the longkang :P

good lah u :D
So fast submit homework liao….

Btw…. I still wants my Pistachio gelato :P

mistipurple said...

which longkang you swept them into? not the assam laksa longkang hor!

Pink Cotton said...

those who don hv dogs before dont know what they r missing..MUAHAHAHAHA

*point and laugh at red sponge*


Pinky_piglet said...

paiseh,din online this few days...
Finally u done this tag...
**happy** ^_^
Chen, why u think to have a dog to be ur pet?? actually i like dog too, but i have been bited by dog when i was kid,so i don't think i will have one dog for my future..
feel "PA PA"

Chen said...

I swept them into the most dirty longkang…
Nope.. not the assam laksa longkang !!
Cannot contaminate that longkang leh…

pink cotton,
true mah….
That’s how I feel after I have my little min pin :D
Shhh… don’t laugh so loud lah.. I sked later red sponge marah :P

pinky piglet,
why I think to have a dog ah?
That’s my husband’s idea leh..
He loves dog :D
I don’t like dogs earlier on too… cos kena kejar & horrified by dogs (nearly kena gigit but luckily didn’t…) during my childhood time :P
Dogs are actually very cute and affectionate wan..
U won’t regret :)

zeroimpact said...

I want holiday too
Where to go
where to go

Kenny Ng said...

hehehe... no need next time... i tagged u ledi :P

Chen said...

go Langkawi? ;)
Haven't go there for years...
half a decade oledi :P

I kena tagged again? o.O
errr... I just visited your blog..
Actually hoh, I did this tag already with pink theme leh last Saturday when u r still in Kluang time :P

But since this colour tag is interesting, I might consider to re-do it again with different theme colour :D

Anonymous said...

Like that also can put as one tag?


sengkor said...

how come no tag me one? i got new hobby now. collecting meme. then go around and exchange meme.. no need to do, just keep. haha..

*runs away before the sotong piak*

Chen said...

day dreamer,
ini dunia semua pun boleh :D
Luckily u didn't create the "experience with room mate" tag :)

kakakka... go around & exchange meme ah? u think collecting stamp meh? Collecting meme needs a big big folder leh :P

This time I will use "katak" piak instead ;)

Red Sponge said...

muahahahah i very agree with u on the before and after order food! 'x'

Chen said...

red sponge,
I know liao... next time when we order food time, after our dishes arrive, we exchange our food :)

Leonard said...

although you mentioned that you came out of these answers out of the blue and things that pop into your mind, what you answered are all very true...i agreed to point #2-#5, i dun have a dog, so cannot agree #1..ahaha

Chen said...

checking what is points #2 & #5, cos I forgotten what I wrote there :P

get a dog, hahhahah and u will soon agree with me on point #1 :P