Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nice? Interesting? Cute? Scary? Geli? hak sei yan? kia si lang? chu bee? I bought these froggies from the Filipino Market in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Frog key chain and Frog "Handbag" or "Coin Purse".. LOL

When I was busy choosing the frogs, the storekeeper told me : "Pilihlah ni, katak ini gemuk.. Bagus, Cantik !!" Hahahha... I wanna laugh when I heard that. I'm not so kiasu lah.. I mean I won't pick the fattest frog :P I prefer a nicer looking frog than a fat tuapui frog :P

The unique Frog Key Chain

Wonder how they preserve the frogs... Not scary, right? Wanna pat the froggy's head?


Kenny Ng said...

not scary... but cute... :P

Soli la... i really dunno u did that tag b4, paiseh ah... no need to do anymore la... :P

carcar said...

*carcar is not here*

i think i got a wrong way here...

angel said...


Chen said...

yeah, it's cute :D
or else I won't buy liao.. :P

hahaha, no problem :P
if i itchy hand, I might do again..

someone "asked" or "directed" u to come here leh?

or... don't tell me u walk in your sleep? Somnambulism?

so cute why u wanna cabut woh?
u hurt the katak punya feelings leh..
katak has feelings too, u know? ;)

carcar said...

cheh, frog on yr bed ah?

fake one leh....

but seriously, very real.. i mean erm good preserved frog.

defrost it can cook tin kai zhuk liao!

may said...


*pant pant pant*

*poke poke poke*

gosh, they look so real. hey wait... are they made of REAL frogs?!! O.O

nyonyapenang said...

ewww.....geli la. ;)

Chen said...

frogs also wanna sleep mah..
so put them on the bed loh

these are once real frogs..
but now RIP liao..

no flesh leh.. only skin niah...
how to eat tin khai zhuk? :P

don't bully the poor froggies leh..
they are once... real frogs leh..
but now sudah mati katak !!!

nyonya pg,
cute lah...
not geli lah.. ;)

Pink Cotton said...


I VERY SKED LEH!..who said not scary!!!!!!


i think they make the frogs pengsan first....then they shellac the frog so it bcome hard hard..MUAHAAHHA

u b kful oh..mebe one day the frog will wake up 'x'

a^ben said...

AI SI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GELIK SI AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*PENGSAN, BUIH PUTIH ,LEG IN THE SKY shake shake abit!*

Pink Cotton said...

u forgot that "PEOPLE"'s theme animal is FROG ah???

u jaga jaga...i think she will invite all her kampung mates to attack u...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
mana ada scary
so cute leh...

lu mai chin chai kong..
wa piak lu !!!

where got geli woh?
so chu bee :D
just like Tomi

leg in the sky?
sounds like pengsan-ed kah chuak lidat...

pink cotton,
i know i know....
tat someone mah..
that PEOPLE? I remember she likes froggies :D

hope she won't invite the tadpoles too !!!

mistipurple said...

quick quick kiss the frog!!!!
he's a prince!!!

mistipurple said...

eh... tell your patients if don't drink enough water, become like this. :P

L B said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!! luckily this is not another TAG!!!
Steamed Frog legs tonight?

Pinky_piglet said...

OMG, so "kung bu" the frogs...yuacks...

i lari 1st...byebyeeeee

Chen said...

let u kiss loh..
*ka boom*
lengchai cheng wah wong tzi :P

later they say I give them ajaran sesat pulak :P

cannot tag everyday lah..
can die wan leh if lidat :P

not steamed frog legs lah..
but goreng !!!

pinky piglet,
so cute leh..
mana ada scary? :P
can pat pat the head..
sayang the frog..
or hug the poor fella

angel said...

ei see! not oni me say it's geli...
i dun like katak... even if he can change into prince, i oso no likes... and NO, i WILL NOT kiss any frog!!! i kiss dog, can... :D

Winn said...


*winn not here too*

i confirmed go wrong way!

L B said...

ah ben STILL didnt post his blue blue tei teh kor as promised :(

angel said...

where's a^ben's tei kor???

a^ben said...

why here also asking about my tei kor!!!

*fhoon thet`*

Chen said...

might be hoh.... can ask MISTI to kiss the frog instead. We just sit & watch the frog to transform into a charming frog prince :D

yeah loh..
likely loh..
here don't have blue blue dei teh kor pict :P

we are still waiting...

he is still wearing his teh kor now.. LOL

now your blue blue dei teh kor become hot topic liao leh...
kia si lang :P

Simple American said...

Ewwwwww! I guess you disected a lot of frogs in your scholastic pursuits. I dunno. Don't think I would want a froggie wallet.

Chen said...

I only dissected frog once during my secondary school time, in biological practical sessions in Form 6. We dissected real human in university time.. I mean the cadavers :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Psst! Got any stuffed penis from the hospital ah? I wanna make key chain also. LOL

mistipurple said...

i kiss the frog ah?? *think think*
maybe he prince leh. *think think*

....*purses lips and reach reach for Loctor's keychain pouch...* SMUACKS!!!!
sings... fairytales can come true it can happen to you.. if you're young at heart... *waits for frog to turn into prince* *waits* *waits*

L B said...

ah ben STILL didnt post his blue blue tei teh kor as promised :(

slurp! said...

pitiful frogs ... prefers non-living things (semiprecious stones) anytime! :)

zeroimpact said...

Wah so cute
What else do they have ah?

Pinky_piglet said...

-_-"...cold sweat here

Chen u kiss the ugly frog kah??OMG....is it u think to become the princess of the frog??and the frog will become the handsome prince...?? the fairy tale princess

Chen said...

kokokai punya kkc u want ah?
Tat wan can made into nice key chain :P

wait wait..
nothing happen also
the frog is still.... frog :P
No transformation seen..
Fairy tales still remain fairy tales :P

yeah loh…

ah ben STILL didnt post his blue blue tei teh kor as promised :(

Chen said...

hehehe… most people won’t care about the frogs, cos it's something too common :P

*thinking about tin kai zhuk :P*

It’s cute, right? Hehehee….

They have lotsa other souveneir stuffs..
I will post up a post on the Filipino Central Market next time :)

pinky piglet,
No lah…
I only pat the frog’s head…
Kissing part… I let someone else to experiment it :)
Cos… I don’t need a frog prince liao… kkaaka…

may said...

errrrr, that's so ewwwww, since they're really REAL FROGS!! ewwwwwww!!!

and yes, I saw a^ben's blue blue tei teh kor pix, hahahahaha! so the funny! must ask for Before & After he wears now!

Anonymous said...


So geli...

13th Panda said...

@@@@@@!!! its still looks gilik to me ler...imagine using a dead frog as keychain/ bag..EEEKK

L B said...

ah ben finally posted his blue blue teh kor as promised liao !!

Chen said...

don’t ya think that is a creative piece of art?
Hopefully won’t attract the Mr Snake or Ms Snake :P

Yeah… Ah Ben finally posted the blue blue tei teh kor as promised !!
Next, we will demand him to model with the blue blue tei teh kor hoh?

day dreamer,
wrong liao..
should be so cuteeeeeeeee !!!!

13th panda,
but u don’t feel eeeekkk when u eating tin khai zhuk woh… :P

yeah loh…
Ah Ben finally posted the blue blue tei teh kor as promised !!

sengkor said...

if at nite u sleep halfway got croaking sound.. how?

Chen said...

this wan ah?
easy lah..
just pretend I didn't hear anything & continue sleeping loh..
ignorance is bliss !!!

Anonymous said...

Real frog mati katak? ROTFLOLWakaka!

Chen said...

yes... the irony of life :P
suitable hoh to use this phrase Mati Katak on the frogs :P

Red Sponge said...


who kill my heng tai????

mama said she will beres this with u tonight!

*sob sob*

Chen said...

red sponge,
not me woh...
i sayang the katak mah..
u didn't see i pat pat their head meh?

i din't kill them :P
i don't know how they mati katak wan..

slurp! said...

>>*thinking about tin kai zhuk :P*
YES, in fact I'm thinking of this! so if people starts to make more froggie purse, wallet and key chains. and when supplies starts to dwindle, won't the prices of froggie porridge goes up leh?

SO REMEMBER, don't anymore in the future ok? kekekekeke...

Chen said...

hahhahha... I tot u kesian about the froggies earlier on :P

tin kai zhuk is yummy
tin kai meat cooked with garlic & ginger is nice too... :D

simmie said...

does the mouth open? can you put coins in there?

After looking at the siu yuk + siu yuk pics and then see the frog, I think I just lost my appetite.

Pink Winnie said...

oh my god.. hao er xing ah.. yiuacker... *running*

Chen said...

hi, sorry cos the pictures make u lost appetite :P

yes, can open the mouth, but not to insert the coins.

there's one comparment at the frog's body with zip to put little belongings or coins :)

pink winnie,
not "hao ke ai" meh?

dino said...

omg... is the preserved frogs???
to me, they are scary ... :p

Chen said...

they are once "real" frog but now sudah mati katak :)
to some the frogs are scary,
whilst to others, the frogs are cute :D

dino said...

what is the feeling of touching the preserved katak??
will u sayang it like u sayang ah boy??

Chen said...

no special feelings leh..
just like ppl asking me what is your feeling when u touch the cadaver.. my answer is still the same... no special feelings woh :D

aiyak, how can compare the katak with my lovely ah boy? of coz I sayang ah boy 1000x more :P

Pink Winnie said...

definitely NOT... hahaha..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
u made the froggies upset by saying them "hao er xing" :P There are now hiding in one corner, crying...