Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Char Siew & Siew Yok

Day Dreamer complained that my previous post, Before & After has too many words, unlike LB's Before & After post. (I quoted what she commented in LB's post "More pictures than words, unlike Chen").. Did she mean I'm very cheong hei? And this LB pulak "add salt to the wound" with his reply "Maybe Carcar should go inform Chen that she is more long-winded than me, you think? LOL!" Really Char Dou.. Nah....Today I'm going to post more pictures and less words to prove that I'm not so cheong hei :P

**Warning : Proceed at Own Risk**

The sinful but mouth watering Roast Pork/Siew Yok/Sio Tu Bak/烧肉 with crispy skin, layers of thick fat & lean meat.

Thinking about the sinful nice and crispy skin of siew yok.... Carcar, I presume u like this? I remember u love the fei chu yok :P Someone previously slurped and swallowed the fatty skin & the fatty layer of the fei chu yok.

Another equally sinful lao hao sui Char Siew (叉燒).

*Warning*: These are unhealthy food. Sad to say, All unhealthy food are delicious food. I don't promote unhealthy and sinful food, okie? Eat in moderation. Don't over indulge. Maintain healthy lifestyle.

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may said...


omg... drool... drool... drool...

I could almost "crunch" on that crispy skin and lick that sweet bbq meat!!!

angel said...

*lao hao sui*

i choose... errrmmm... siew yoke!

*throws a few pieces to Liucas*
ahboy kenot eat cos u gave him too much liao.. :P

Chen said...

wah.. drool so much, i scared u might be dehydrated then :P
u want 100 plus?

i prefer char siew more than siew yoke :D I know one stall selling delicious charsiew siewyoke at cheap price in Penang, but hard to parking place at that area :(

I prefer siew yoke too leh :)

*ah boy merajuk cos u only throw the yummy food to Liucas*
He also wants leh..
No one will complain of too much good food leh (including dogs..)
The more, the better.. right? ;)

Pinky_piglet said...

i like to eat siew yoke also...hehe...crispy...
"kak kak kak, yamm yamm yamm, nice nice nice"

nyonyapenang said...

gimme the siew yoke!

zeroimpact said...

I remember too
But then I always order and tell them I only want the lean ones

Kenny Ng said...

I like charsiew... but I seldom eat siewyok....

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
the siew yoke is only nice when the skin is still crispy & crunchy :D

Lai lai, i give u both the siew yoke & char siew :D

hehhe, u are health conscious hoh?
yeah, we can opt for the lean meat or the sinful fatty meat :)

i prefer char siew too. Char Siew Rice was once my favourite.. when I studied in KL time several years back :)

mistipurple said...

unhealthy food the best!! *raise hands!* yeah to unhealthy food!
*runs away from Loctor*

Cynthia said...

i love the roast pork skin.
i can eat the whole lot myself.and in the mean time, i tell ppl: eh! the skin not good for u, i help you to eat. ok? =)

Red Sponge said...


I just want the charsiew enough. ^^

me no greedy girl!! 'x'

L B said...

You ARE so BAD, so EBIL!!!! So how can wan?!!!! HOW CAN?!! How can.... how can........ ..... .......

HOW CAN!!!!???!!!!

L B said...

IT is ALMOST AS BAD as posting up succulent LORMAIKAI! Or ROAST DUCK!!!

Chen said...

u run away from who ah?
nobody chasing after u with syringe & needle leh.. :P

hahaha, what a brilliant idea :P
sked the others from eating, and then u can sapu all :) I learn one new trick liao !!

red sponge,
cannot just eat the char siew only,
must savour both :)
Sharing is caring mah... :D

carcar said...


you posted this thousand times liao lah...

Chen said...

oops... kena marah pulak :P
Hide under the table while replying this comment...

Should I post up lormaikai or roast duck?
Flip 10 cent coin to decide...
Looks like I must search for that roast duck stall liao..

lao hao sui

different picture, different write up leh.. this time the picture is much nicer :P

*wake up*
piak u with fei choo yuk

mistipurple said...

*continues running*
sees Loctor's syringe and needle..

kor lian LB. see the charsiew and siew yok. liuliuliu.

Ah Ben's blue blue tei teh kor doesn't look like his leh. :(

Chen said...

still wondering why u r running in circles :P Nobody chasing after u leh...

ko lian me also..
see the Marmite Spare Ribs & the Irish Beef Stew :P

wah.. how u know the teh kor doesn't look like his? :P

slurp! said...

unhealthy? so is the world getting healthier now by avoiding these? just packs of lies kekekekeke ... healthy eating also means have an healthy doses of daily fats as well rite? slurp!

mistipurple said...

*stops running*
and starts laughing!!!

mistipurple said...

Ah Ben say new one mah. and not his, i think.

Chen said...

hahah.. but if the blood unhealthy cholesterol level is high, no choice but have to give up all these food :P

phew... finally u stop runing around in circles !!! Make me giddy niah seeing u running round & round & round.... :P

u laugh at who?????

Might be he just buy the teh kor recently and hasn't wash nor wear them yet? :P

L B said...

OMG! I really burst out laffin OUT LOUD, and I was so glad I read that at home, rather than in the Office!!!

That part where you asked misti why she is running around in circles, and who is chasing her!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing! How?!!!

a^ben said...

ey` these macam u got post right last time?~?~?

a^ben said...

itu teh koh new one~ i buy want to wear larh! so simple` hahahah

_butt said...

I loved the crispy part of siew yoke the most!! *crunch crunch*

Simple American said...

Only live once. Fill my plate please. :D

mistipurple said...

hehehe. i so understand how LorBak feel. i was oso LAFFING out loud! kinda gave me a mental pic of myself running non-stop in a small circle too! how Loctor, i oso now cannot stop laughing?

mistipurple said...

to Ah Ben: okay lah, i stop badgering liu about your blue blue tei teh kor. *wonders suspiciously*

carcar said...


kenapa ada nama say pulak dalam your post...?

why why tell me why?

carcar has nothing to do with fei chee yoke!

mistipurple said...

LongBatang posted! quick quick quick!

may said...

doktor, why you so confusing wan? you tell me you prefer charsiew, but then you pusing-pusing tell angel you prefer siewyoke?!

*runs round only ONCE... not like mistiliu...*

Pink Cotton said...


i haven had breakfast u kno?

sob sob

i kno u put warnings and all that... but my hands just could not resist tempation and scrolled down..boohoohoo

u hv to bear the consequences!!!!!!!

Chen said...

Not only u leh.. I also laff when I thought of her running around in circles :P

same title niah but different content woh :P
next time u gotta buy the red red ONG teh kor :D

Can consider buying the crispy roasted pork skin next time :D
Extremely sinful :P

Give SA one small heap of siew yoke & char siew ;)

Chen said...

hahahaha.. let’s continue laffing together then :D

not carcar ah?
might be kereta-kereta has something to do with fei choo yoke then :P

Issit? Thanks :D

Alamak !! Now I’m confused too…

I thought all the while I like char siew but how come my mind think of siew yoke when I replied angel????

sei loh.. I have to run around in circles too?

mistipurple said...

wakakakaa. everyone here must run in circles liao! *imagine imagine* laughs somemore..

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I haven’t have breakfast too…

U gotta blame your itchy hand loh..
I warn u liao to proceed at own risk,
So u cannot blame me :P

Wat is the consequences??
U gotta eat char siew rice for lunch?

hahaah… earlier on everyone is craze about the blue blue tei teh kor
now the new trend is running around in circles pulak? :D

babe_kl said...

Major DROOLS here!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

*jumps over the wall*

Pinky_piglet said... lovely pig become the food on the chen table...cry cry cry

Chen said...

kekeke, hope no tsunami :P

Errr… dangerous to simply jump over the wall lah.
Later accidentally land on the fierce dog then susah :D

pinky piglet,
but errr.. I still remember u told me u enjoy eating the crispy siew yoke too :D
So the lovely pig actually become food for both of us ..

Bernard said...

I like char siew. I like char siew. I like char siew. Looks soooo... juicy.

velverse said...

huar... I am more tempted with the siew yuk.

The char siew seems to be lack of this glow and ermmm thin layer of fats!

King's wife said...

the siew yoke looks fat but damn inviting!

VampireM said...

Bangkok's sio bak is really really nice... M'sia cannot compare

Chen said...

char siew is nice
i prefer char siew too than siew yoke

hehehe... cos I asked for the lean meat for char siew :P Too much fatty layer of fat liao for the siew yoke :P

king's wife,
I took these photos quite some time ago (few weeks back). Now looking back at the photo, I wanna drool oso :P

went to Bangkok several times liao but never tasted their sio bak.

U tried the sio bak sold in the market in Cecil Street? Very nice & delicious. U should if u haven't..

dino said...

i wanna eat the char sie n siew yuk.....

papercrazy said...

No good wan...I'm hungry and I can't eat meat today....

The crispy pork looked so crunchy...yummy

*remind myself to eat the crispy pork tomorrow*

Chen said...

let's have char siew plus siew yoke rice for lunch :P

in 10 and half hours time u can eat meat liao...
very fast niah..
meanwhile u have to...
bersabah saja lah..:P

Pink Winnie said...

o... yummy yummy o.. i like to eat cha siew.. wa.. the pic r taken by u? so nice..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
cos ppl prefer char siew with bit of fat (cos more yummy), normally i buy those with less fat :D

yeah, those pictures are taken by me.. thanks for your compliment :)

Anonymous said...

Wei, it was merely a comment at LB's blog. Like that also you noticed? Like that also you wanna perasan about it and write such a big paragraph about it?


Hehe. Joking only la. No need to seek revenge by posting such mouth-watering picture to tempt somebody who has no access to non-halal food in hostel cafeteria.


YD said...

omigod. it seems that it IS proven that human mouth will water when we see food...

i think i flooded my room.

Anonymous said...

I like unheathy food!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
hehhee... I have sharp eyes so i can pick up small small stuffs :P LOL

last time we always tapao our dinner from other place cos we dislike the hostel halal food. Summore we went all the way from Lake Tititwangsa to Taman Bunga Raya (i hope i get the name correctly) nearby TAR college to tapao food (take turns lah to do so). But those were the days... hahhaha.. U study in TAR college too, right? Or somewhere else? :)

Someone even mentioned in the past that we can put on weight too by looking at yummy food !!! Can't remember who is that liao.. LOL

I like sotong, crabs & prawns too
all are unhealthy stuff :P

Anonymous said...

Me in UTAR, not KTAR. U and K different! Hehehe.

Not so convenient to go out to tapao because there are basically no other places to buy food within walking distance. So we have no choice. But during weekends we will take the bus to other place, of course.

However, I believe that everything will be different if one of us has a car. Hehe. :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
alright, u r in UTAR :)
I get mixed up U with K :P

I dunno where is UTAR ;) Cos when I study in KL time, masih tak ada UTAR lagi.

Yeah, it's much more convenient to have transport, especially our own transport. I love my motorbike :D

Nowadays most colleage or uni students have cars, but I know not everyone lah.. :) I take bus too in the past during uni time (for 3 years) before I bought the motorbike.

Anonymous said...

Well, UTAR's history isn't very long yet, haha.

Erm, I think my dad won't let me drive in KL/PJ. :(

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Well, most parents (especially those living outside KL) are worried to let their children drive in big cities.