Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roast Pork/烧肉 & Char Siew/叉燒

*Non Halal*

I guess we don't need any further introduction about these dishes. Every Chinese will know what are these... The fabulous Crispy Roast Pork/Siew Yok (烧肉) & Char Siew (叉燒). Bear in mind these are extremely unhealthy food.. oily & fatty.. But, the sad truth is that all unhealthy food are delicious food. I don't encourage eating these, but if your cholesterol level is normal and you maintain a healthy lifestyle with routine exercise, then why not eating this once in a while? (But definitely don't eat these everyday lah.. later get "blocked heart vessel" then susah)

The unhealthy Roast Pork aka Siew Yok (烧肉)- crispy skin, thick layer of fat & meat

Most people can't resist eating these.. but of course there are exceptions. I don't really fancy the roast pork, but I love the Char Siew :) Or to some, they will say "hampalang sapu"... What's your preference or what's your saying on this matter ?

The mouth watering Char Siew ((叉燒).

Char Siew (叉燒) is also known BBQ pork usually with a bright red, dark red or dark brown outer colouring.


sbanboy said...

Pengsan pengsan times 100 .... char siew another my favorite .... hmmmm .... are we twins ? Hehe

Selba said...

*drool* gosh... I love Siew Yok and Char Siew... Can eat it like a snack!!! hehehe

letti said...


Chen said...

don't pengsan..
later nobody come to do CPR for u at this weird hour :P

I guess.. the answer is..
"Great mind thinks alike"
hehehhe :D

wah.. eating as snack? I don't mind eating char siew as snack but not siew yok loh.. Siew Yok too oily and very fattening :D

heheh.. I guess it is hard to find good & delicious char siew in US ? ;)

Thao said...

MMM, all look so delicious...Although I don't like meat much, hard to resist crispy pork sometimes

Thanks for your comments on the blog, have not added any new entries, I guess after my exams ;-). Right now, I really enjoy reading yours ;-)

Sharl612 said...

Delicious!! I like both Char Siew and Siew Yuk. The Char Siew gotta have a little bit "fat", not all lean meat though, else .... *think Chewing gum*

slurp! said...

actually if you do workout everyday, i think having them daily is quite alrite, but pretty sure you get bored sooner :)

ok, i need to have these tomorrow then :P

Cynthia said...

i like the craker of Siew Yok! The skin, not the fat ...yum! =)

Chen said...

I guess u prefer vege more? since u don't like meat much :) Most people like the crispy part of the roast pork, especially the crsipy skin :D

All the best to u in your final exam :)

haha.. to me, I prefer char siew more than siew yuk (cos siew yuk too much fat :P) But the char siew with little fat is nice ;)

even though doing workout everyday also shouldn't take so much oily food leh.. :P -->

Hehe, i know u like siew yuk, right? Saw u having siew yuk rice that day on your blog :)

Hehe, eat the crispy skin &... separate & remove the fat.. and consume the meat again :P The more healthy way of eating siew yuk :P

IndaiYoyo said...

HHmmm...definitely dont have those in Austin. Im meeting somebody at Austin Community College to find out more about pre-course and Nursing next Tuesday. I dont know much at the moment hope my visit will be informative. Cheers!

YD said...

argghh... gulugugugluguggg... drooollll....

it's middle of the nite and seeing your shao rou made me hungryyyy...

I want one!

may said...

I'm a char siew fan, but the siew yoke sometimes make my mouth water too, especially when they've been freshly roasted with a nice and crispy skin.

nah, these aren't unhealthy food. they supply us our protein intake, with glucose and... ummm... more protein... heheheh!

fred said...

oh man.. i just remember I need my lunch.. like siew yok more then char siew. both of them is the best combination...

Dragon City said...

the siew yok look very very tempting... = P but a but oily.. hehe

a^ben said...

I just had char siew fan today~ wahahhaha

Sio bak I also like~~ but I dun like those super fat one larh..

*takes pail to sambut saliva~*

carcar said...

sbanboy, i also your long lost twin leh! me love char siew!! love it love it!!

chen your char siew so delicious leh, juicy enough, and some fat mix with the lean meat!

i think don't keep on mentioning the food are unhealthy, since you decided to eat it. let it be loh, and like wat u 've said, we are not having it daily or very frequent mah, backup with healthy lifestyle or adequate work out, i think it is alright lah...

it sound weird when we said it is unhealthy food, and yet we still eating it.

Chen said...

hope u get more info on what u wanted to know when u meet that someone in Austin Community College :)

eat burger for replacement at the moment since it's already late at night :D?

Mmmm... I guess roast pork is expensive in UK?

Another char siew fan :)

Hehe.. yeah, they supply us with protein & glucose; but u forget to mention something important, dear... :D Don't hide the other thing that they supply too --> "fat" hehehe...

Chen said...

I guess u get to eat "babi hutan" or wild boar meat as well? I ate that few times.. they are delicious :D

dragon city,
hehe.. the oily part do put some people off from eating, but still.. the temptation is there..

I remember roast pork & all the pork related products are widely available in Sibu evening market.. They even hang the pig head in the stall.. Quite a shockening scene when I first look at it, but with times, that become a norm already :D

wah.... salivate so much ah till need pail? I thought use a small rice bowl can liao? :D

wah.. so now u become sbanboy's long lost twin already? I can see u are big "kipas" of char siew..

wah.. cannot lah.. later people say I promote "unhealthy" food :D
Cannot denied the fact or the truth that those food are really unhealthy :) Just in case public might get misunderstanding :D, especially those people with high cholesterol level should really avoid these dishes :P I know mah, and u know, and most people know.. but in reality, not everyone in the community knows that.. There are still ignorant people in the public out there :)

carcar said...

hey chen, thanks for pointing out or explain to me what is the reson behind you kept on emphasis on the UNHEALTHY warning on the food. yeah, we know doesn't means ALL know. hmmm, i am shallow. *deep thought now*

thanks again :)

day-dreamer said...

Wah... sinful, sinful!

Who cares? I love both. Hahahaha!

Chen said...

:) And another important key point to bear in mind is.. eat in moderation ;)

day dreamer,
Haha, u feel guilty or not after eating the sinful food? :P

L B said...

OH WOW!!! So .....delicious!! Hello there, Dr Chen, curiousity got the better of me, and I just had to drop by.. after seeing you as a stranger everywhere..

Chen said...

hi lb, thanks for dropping by :) I remember seeing your name appear very frequently in Selba, carcar & may's blog :)

day-dreamer said...

Nope, not a tiny hint of guilt! :D

After all, as the Cantonese saying goes, "sek dak hai fook" (being able to eat is a blessing).


Chen said...

day dreamer,
hahaha.. well said :P

But remember this, don't eat by yourself.. cos 獨吃難肥. Must share-share ;)

Kristopher said...

hungry.....early in the morning...

Chen, u no good la... make me hungry only..hehehe

Chen said...

haha.. might be u can have char siew rice for lunch later on? :)

Alicia said...

siew yok.. nice lei.. especially when it has just been roasted xD .. sin sin.. crispy skin and tender meat...

Chen said...

the crispy yum yum skin :D