Monday, May 01, 2006

Taiping Zoo

We went to Taiping Zoo yesterday morning followed by Gua Tempurung (near Gopeng). Very eventful day, but tiring towards the end. Do lotsa walking, and sweating is inevitable.. Since we reached Taiping Zoo early.. a quarter to 8, we stopped by Taiping Lake Garden for a while.

I visited Taiping Zoo several times already (including once to the Night Safari), but it is still fun to visit the zoo. If I didn't remember wrongly, this is the fifth time I visit the zoo over the past 7 years. The first time I went there was in 1999. We always go there early in the morning (the zoo open at 8:30 am) whereby the animals are still fresh, less visitors and most importantly.. the weather is still not yet "hot". Imagine walking under the hot sun at 12 pm.. all the animals will be sleeping or yawning by then, or soaking themselves or hiding underwater.. And we will get tired/exhausted and dehydrated easily too as well. The four-couched mini train is available but I never take that.. Prefer walking on foot & get to see the animals at closer view, at my own leisure.

The zoo is very huge, covering an area of 34 acres. Each time we will spend more than 3 hours inside the zoo. It takes at least 3 hours to complete the whole tour (by walking). Reaching there around 8:30 am & by the time we finish walking around, it's almost 12 noon. The taiping zoo practice the "open concept" animal enclosures, taking into consideration the natural habitat of the animals :) To me, the night safari is not so interesting cos most of the animals will be sleeping, and we can't see the animal clearly cos of the dim light. Hehe, any animals lover or any "zoo" lover here? Anyone here been to the Taiping Zoo before? Entrance ticket is cheap not expensive.. RM 5 for adult. The night safari entrance ticket is more expensive, something like RM 10.

Since we are going to Gua Tempurung after the taiping zoo tour, we didn't stopped by the nearby Maxwell Hill. More animal photos on the way (after I sort out and arrange the photos). Taken several hundred shots of the animals :)


Cynthia said...

Hehehe... I used to live in Kampung Jambu. Did you manage to find the place to have breakfast?


IndaiYoyo said...

I always love the zoo. Singapore has great Night Safari Zoo has all the noctunal animals. Been there more than once, I could never get enough, will always go back. Looking forward for your animal pic

Chen said...

I thought I have written down the name Kpg Jambu in my pda but I didn't.. I couldn't recall the name yesterday :P So we ate something else instead :)

I will give that a try during my next trip to Taiping :)

I've been to Singapore Zoo once many many years back, but during the day time :) Zoo is indeed a great place to visit :) I will post up the animal photos soon, in batches..

sbanboy said...

I went to the night zoo in Melaka ... it was nice ..

Selba said...

I consider myself as an animals lover specially for the mamalia :)

Zoo lover? hmmm... not really because don't get too much chance for it, but I really don't mind to visit a zoo if I have companion :)

Ok, if you come to Jakarta, I will bring you to Ragunan Zoo (located in South Jakarta) then the Sea World (located in Ancol - North Jakarta) then we can go to Taman Safari (located in Puncak - West Java, it's the tea plant area, Puncak mean "san shang")

Chen said...

never been to the Malacca zoo yet..but been to Malacca Butterfly & Insect Farm :)

Selba the mammals lover, hehe..
I guess u will enjoy my next few coming posts on the animals :D

Thanks for the arrangement :) Will surely inform u in advance if I'm going to Jakarta :)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

The Taiping Zoo night safgari is the greatest!! Did you see the owl? And the wallaby? XD
(Being forced to spend time in Taiping has its little perks.)

Selba said...

whoaaaaa.... can't wait! what mamalia are you going to put *wonder.. wonder... wonder* :D

Chen said...

u enjoy the night safari? I prefer the day-time zoo :) I remember seeing the owl (I remembered the eyes!!) during the night safari but can't remember about the wallaby. I didn't took any photo during the night safari session, since flash is prohibited.

I'm now looking through the photos.. and now only I realised I have taken almost 600 shots inside the zoo.. amazing :P I think I will put the photos in batches after selecting which one to put up :) Coming soon... :D

slurp! said...

Not too fond of going to zoo becoz
1. I probably will be stucked (myself) there for a whole day
2. I've yet to acquire a proper telephoto lens :(


Chen said...

haha.. I went to Singapore Zoo once.. and that was almost 2 decades ago (in 1987) :) I still remember watching the elephants performing etc on the stage inside the zoo.. How time flies.. Still have the photos with me ;)

Kristopher said...

zoo!!! i lov zoo....but sadly there is no zoo in ho ho... the only zoo i being to is Singapore Zoo...that is almost a decade ago...kekeke

Chen said...

Sad huh? no zoo in Kuching. We don't have zoo in Penang as well. Taiping Zoo is the only zoo available in the northen region.

Kristopher said...

oppsie....i tot Taiping is at bad...hehehe

Chen said...

huh? u thought Taiping in Penang earlier on ah?

hahah, u must have given all your geography back to your school teacher liao :P

Daniel Yiek said...

S'pore's 1st Night safari in the world is worth a visit. Lots of nocturnal animals viewed from a tram or walk. It's very well done.

Chen said...

will keep that in mind :) Only been to Singapore zoo once.. and that was in 1987 - almost 2 decades ago :)

Alicia said...

did u join the river adventure tour? (gua tempurung) xD

Chen said...

no ah.. I join the dry adventure.. not the wet adventure :P Took the "Top of The World" package :)