Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Gadgets, My Toys...

These are my toys and my beloved gadgets... which are either black or grey in colour.. I love black... I don't fancy pink. Black is great. Black is cool. Black is mysterious. I know Leonald loves black too, judging from his Black, Blacken, Blackie post.

My one year old Pentium D processor-based Desktop, with my doggy picture as wallpaper.



Volume control for PC speaker.

My Digital Cameras - Konica Minolta Z2 (bought in 2004).

The handy digital camera, Minolta Dimage X50 (bought in 2005).

The Nokia N73 handphone (bought in September 2006) with the misty Mt Kinabalu scene as wallpaper.

My faithful companion - My PDA, Palm Tx (bought in July 2006).

The Transcend JetFlash 512Mb Thumb Drive (bought in 2005).


padi_friends said...

Dr Chen, considering the amount of gadget you own, i reckon you must have done quite a lot of research before purchasing them. Do you have any recommendation of a handy camera that ia below RM1000?

carcar said...

show off lah!!

may said...

I Heart Gadgets!!

much as I like black, I also like white. because my Mackie and mousey and iPod are white!! and red. just that splash of nano red. oh-so-lovely...

Chen said...

padi friends,
I don't really do tat much research :D
Most of the time I will only look for the specification of the items I want to buy ;) I didn't really read about handy digicam nowadays. Sorrylah, I can't give u any recommendations.

kakakaka.. jealous ah? :P
if I wanna show off, I will show my video camera & lotsa other stuff too :P

Chen said...

hooray to those who heart gadgets :D
I have a friend/colleague who likes gadgets too :)

Errr.. I wanna cry liao..
i don't have laptop/Mackie ...
i don't have ipod ...
come to think of it ...
i don't have lotsa things hoh?

psss.. your red karer ipod nano is indeed very sexy ;)

carcar said...

im gonna show off my bags, clothes, shoes, make up, wat else ah..

maybe BFs too !! LOL!!~

mistipurple said...

Loctor so neat. my desk sometimes cannot find. opps.

Chen said...

yeah yeah...
i know u did the toy stories series liao...
i wanna see your BFs collection :D
BF can be breakfast too, right? LOL

i'm not that neat lah..
depends on my mood :P

errr.. u sometimes cannot find your desk?

Simple American said...

Wow! You even painted your dog black. Not a very good job as you missed some spots. See that brown there? :P

I like Minolta cameras. Bought 3 Minolta 35mm SLRs when I was younger. Though now I am using Canon Rebel.

Anonymous said...

wow.. they are same colour as Ah Boy...
all black-black wan like Ah Boy...
Ah Boy likes all these gadgets :D

L B said...

I love all these things that costs a lotta money but go obsolete in a couple of years' time too!! Absolutely love them, cos there's nothing better than fondling a fresh new gadget each single time you buy one, right? All those strokes, all those orgasms.. It's like just too sexy! I am about to dive headlong into another major purchase soon.... the Aluminium MacBook Pro, so sexy, so luscious, so pengsan.

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy, you happy or not, see your photo in Chen's computer. she lap liu vely much. so next time, she drive car, liu must be good boy don't manja at that time okay?

Chen said...

Hahhaa... Ah Boy is so happy my gadgets share the same colour as him. Black is elegant :P Earlier on I wanna posted his pict up too.. but cannot.. coz he is not a gadget :P

Hehee, I just realised u posted about Black Friday too !!!

ah boy,
Black colour very nice hoh?
I like :)

yeah.. I agree..
Very "O" & syiok :D
Aluminium MacBook Pro??
Fuiyoh.. u can donate your old MacBook to me liao..
I won't mind :D
Thank u very much ;)

Did Ah Boy tell u I created my own screen saver with his photos too? ;)
Ah Boy generally very good boi but just tat sometimes he is nottie :D

angel said...

i have no toy :(

Winn said...

my gadget is liucas!

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah...can be inspektor gadjet liao...nice nice...i dun have many gadget except my mini O2, my Gshock...err that's it...but i got many many toys....!!!! gerori~

a^ben said...

waiseh` this chen` tsk tsk` wanna be like may and lb` post post post barang hor! hahahaha :D

Kenny Ng said...

WOW!!! Lovely gadgets u have. My gadgets more to guitars and musics la... LOL

carcar said...

my BFs is BF lah.. not yr bf lah..

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are a Dr???

Pink Cotton said...



mistipurple said...

lol at Pink Cotton! fierce wor, don't play play! (can't imagine pink being fierce though) *runs a mile away from PC*

_butt said...

What happens when you suddenly bumped into your favourite idol or celebrity on the street?

You get star struck.

What happens when you bumped into Chen's gadget post like this?

You get gadget struck.



Chen said...

u have handphone,
u have digital camera,
u have pocket pc,
u have laptop…
u have toy lah… just that u didn’t realize it :P

or… u r talking about different category of toys? :P

I heard Liucas telling me his gadget is his mummy leh…

I don’t have laptop woh…
I don’t have ipod either…
I don’t have dSLR too… :P
so I'm not inspector gadget... :P

Chen said...

my barang is not as canggih as LB punya barang woh..
mine are little little things niah
those tiny mini things :D

I don’t have any musical instruments ...
Except during childhood time, I had a mini piano..
Can play do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do wan…

okie okie…
BF is BF..
bf is bf..
both are not the same…
one is edible, the other one…
should be edible too kua ???


Chen said...

aiyoh.. why u say lidat who..
Dr can play around with gadgets too :P
We are no longer those "square-faced physicians" who know nothing else other than medicine :P
U should meet one of my colleagues.. he changes pda and handphone very frequent..every few months :D

pink cotton,
wah.. apa pasal u jerit-jerit woh..

I say I don’t like pink mah
Cannot meh? :P
I like black mah..
Black is nicer than pink… LOL
Black more urmphhhh, more elegant.. :D

not scared of u lah.. LOL

u scared of her liao ah..
then u have no choice but to say u like PINK liao…

wah… ini Butt mia philosophy ah?
So deep geh…
Mmm… or should I put it this way….
So crappy geh?

Pink Cotton said...





carcar said...

thanks IML for bringing out the good dispute question here!

are you sure you are a doc?



after a short (we make it simple and sweet u see) conversation and thorough investigation....between carcar and LB...

we conclude that Chen is a Full Time Blogger, Full Time Pet Keeper!

LB beat me on this, my initial statement was Chen is a full time blogger, part time pet keeper cum part time photographer!


*carcar in her red trench coat again*

King's wife said...

hey, I'm also using the Dimage X50, bought in 2004. I'm so familiar with it, it's hard to get used to another one.

lynnx01 said...

Superduper cool! Good thing you have two cameras. Take turn to take the picture of each other.. get what I mean? Hehe.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wah.. shout so loud ah?
later sore throat then susah..
wearing headphone or ear plug.. :P

I still don't like pink colour woh..
how leh?

wah.. no wonder lah I sneezing just now.. u people gossip about me :P

wai wai.. I'm a full time photographer too !!!! :P

Hooray !! u r using the same camera as mine leh :D the camera is very handy and easy to use hoho?

hehhehe, actually I have more than 2 cameras :P Shhhhh... Cannot tell how many I have, later ppl say I show off pulak.. LOL

L B said...

Ok, time to switch on that cam with me!!! I want to see your Instruments of Torture!! To see whether what we (harharcarcar) concluded is correct!

Chen said...

wah wah..
Instruments of Torture?
cracking my head wondering what issit :D

Switch on cam liao..
Switch on fan too..
Haven't switch on air cond yet :P

L B said...

Instruments of Torture = Sotong Massager!! Haha!! SWITCH ON FAST! Wanna see!

Chen said...

Sotong Massager = Instrument of Syiok !! Very syiok :D
how zheng ah :D

switch on liao mah..
showing the whole world my cute Sotong Massager :D

VampireM said...

can donate any to me if u're bored with it liau ar?

fyi, I changed my Windows UI to Vista style... now it's black and green... shiok...

Anonymous said...

OK AH...u finish taking photos of them all liao ah?

Now i sapu liao! tsk tsk tsk...i like the PC lor..

oh talking abt PC...eng eng liao...i no eye see you liao!!! But u like the pink pig u gave her, bukan? ;p

Chen said...

i won't feel bored with them lah
they are my beloved gadgets :D

black & green?
wah.. must be nice :D

red sponge,
haven't woh..
there are few more gadgets that i tarak ambil gambar :D
i also like the PC woh..
not talking about Pink Cotton lah, but Personal Computer :P
nyek nyek...

I like the pink pig cos I like the pig mah.. not becos of the colour :P

Anonymous said...

Wah... next time if I wanna rob, I know who to turn to. :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
rob LB better..
his gadgets are more canggih .. :P

Anonymous said...

Nope, L B too far already... Penang nearer. After the robbery still can go and eat a bowl of Assam Laksa near the longkang. Hahahaha! :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
wah.. u openly say lidat..
if anything missing later on..
then u become the biggest suspect liao.. hahhaha

Anonymous said...

I didn't say who is going to be robbed also. :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
hahaha... but at least u have the intention to rob, whoever that is..

changed profile pict again? ;)
oops.. nope..
the picture is bigger only..
still the same pict :D

Anonymous said...

Wah... your observation not bad!

Chen said...

hahhaa.. tat's the benefit of having 4 eyes instead of 2..