Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kenny is in Town

Kenny, the rocker is in town.. He balik kampung to visit his parents and took this opportunity to jalan-jalan cari makan in Penang. What else to do in Penang besides eating ??? First of all, we visited the famous Penang Assam Laksa (the one next to the longkang) in Air Itam Market. As usual the place is packed & full house. Manage to get a seat after a while. The vendor must be making big bucks huh? Halfway eating, we witnessed one sad incident... stray puppies being caught by the MPPP. The puppies were yelling and crying for help.... The way the puppies being caught was kejam. Don't ask me how... *Sob*.

While we were savouring the assam laksa in Penang island, that someone-someone out there at the same time having nice food & long hours of chit-chat in KL ;) After our first round of food, we wandered and drove around a while.. Well... come to think about it, not many interesting places to go in Penang except makan... So we ended up in another makan place called Swatow Lane. This time we managed to secure a seat inside the air-conditioned room. The place is fully occupied and noisy like pasar :P

Kenny said "This is what we called Char Koay Teow" (in comparison to the char koay teow he had in KL) :D

This is what we called Chen-dol (with my name in it.. *Perasan*), the sweet concoction with gigantic kidney beans.

White-white tei Chee Cheong Fun with stinky black-black tei prawn paste gravy, red-red tei chilli paste, sesame oil and sesame seed. Time to play with the rolled up steamed rice flour. The one I like the most is from New Lane, but only available at night time.

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carcar said...

welcome kenny!

may said...

oooh, oooh!! me next week! me next week! kenot finish eating also wanna tapau home!!

*skips around excitedly*

angel said...

LOL @ ah may!

Ei ei, who's that someone-someone har?? Who? Who??

Chen said...

got red carpet or not? :D

yeah yeah..
next week next week :D
Ah Boy very happy too

trying to imagine ah may tapao big packets small packets back home..

that someone-someone is that someone-someone loh..
they had great time chatting for hours leh, remember?
neh, those few people loh..
point-point finger :P

_butt said...

waseh! having a rocking good time eh.. :D

L B said...

Where's my Dim Sum? Where's Lormaikai? Where's Ah Boy? Where's the cacing?

Chen said...

hehehe.. and it started raining on our way back to the car :D

Your dim sum? still inside the dim sum shop
The Lormaikai? inside somebody's stomach kua?
Ah Boy? He is sleeping at the moment
The Cacing? Must piak u liao for calling him cacing !!! LOL

a^ben said...

hahahahha` wonder when will i go

Cynthia said...

haha! CHEN-dol. =)
this is cynth-ful! :)

Winn said...

Chendol, liucas almost kena tangkap just now too:(

not by mppp but the stupid security guards in my apartment.

they very stupid they send a fella to follow my sis back to the house coz she didnt wanna tell him which block we stay. my sis called me la so i asked her to wait for me in the garden while i rushed back from work.

blah blah blah...(long story)

.....luckily a police officer with his wife passed by and they helped my sis , they own a dog too.

quite liuliu la the story..i tell u more tomorrow la.....

kan cheong or not the 'blah blah blah'part haha.. quite exciting.

Chen said...

come back from Sibu liao ah?
yeah loh..
bila u nak mari???

do u agree with me regarding...
eating Chen-dol is not cynth-ful??

sounds very chi kek & kan cheong geh the story...

waiting for "tomorrow" for the details...
but abuthen.. "today" is actually "tomorrow" liao (looking at the time.. )

mistipurple said...

longkang laksa the best!

Monk[+]Icon said...

*burppp~* geroo~~

nyonyapenang said...

next time gua ada peluang, gua jemput locter pigi makan sama-sama, ya?

Pink Cotton said...


the puppies...

aiyooo...will they put them up for adoption or not?? muuuuu :(

u shud go n stop them then say I WANT ALL THE PUPPIES!

wahseh 'x'

Chen said...

Waiting, waiting...
bila misti nak mari? :D

Hahha, u want a Eno? :D

nyonya pg,
sure :D
bila nyonya balik Penang, jangan lupa jumpa gua :)

pink cotton,
Dunno ah..
wah... If I take all the puppies, then where to keep ah?
Ah Boy sure angry wan... :P

Monk[+]Icon said...

kennot tahan laa...u all keep on posting foods...make me hungeli~~~i miss penang food too....*sniffs*

velverse said...

hemmm wah the asam laksa looks good.

eh.. btw hor.. you are in s'wak or penang geh? I am a little bit konpius here :)

Kenny Ng said...

wahhh... so fast ah? tot wanna post it up soon. LOL...

anyway... nice to meet u Chen. Today my mission is Hokkien Mee, Wantan Mee, Jawa Mee in Butterworth... kekeke.

Chen said...

I miss KL Bakuteh too :(
BKT in Penang tarak sedap :(

sorry woh for making u confused..
I'm Sarawakian but working in Penang :D

nice meeting u too, Kenny :)
Hokkien Mee, Wantan Mee & Jawa Mee?
Haven't have Jawa Mee for quite some time oledi..

I'm on leave today..
having porridge for brunch..
tonight I'll eat sandwiches :D

Anonymous said...

Lucky I had lunch before coming. Otherwise my 可怜 stomach sure suffer...

Hehe :D

Monk[+]Icon said...

ahh...come down kl..we go BKT at Subang SS14, not as good as Klang but its not that bad either...

Chen said...

day dreamer,
now u learn the trick liao..
must eat full-full before visiting :P

too bad i'm not free to go KL at the moment :D Miss the BKT there..

Anonymous said...

Wahlau... =.="

Not everytime also so ngam eat full full one mah~

King's wife said...

omg! that is a bowl of heaven!
I also want to play lah! **saliva spilling out**

lynnx01 said...

Salivating now... only had guava and strawberries for dinner. Hungry..

liucas said...

auntie chen !! i almost kena kidnapped:( *cries*
u can see how priceless i am or not?

compared to ahboy:P


Anonymous said...


food...sien...can only eat with eyes.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Chen-dol.

Oh, for chee cheong fun with heirko....

Chen said...

day dreamer,
don't worry...
not every time got food pict here :P

king's wife,
wah wah wah..
don't spill saliva on my bowl of heaven :P

I haven't have dinner yet..
and gosh.. now is 11:30 pm liao..

On leave today and I had been sleeping the whole evening from 4 pm till almost 10 pm. If not becos of one phone call who woke me up just now... I might be still zzzzz in bed :P

Guava and strawberries sounds good to me too.. especially when I'm hungry now :D

Chen said...

wah.. nearly kena kidnapped ah?
so priceless ah?
your mummy got cry or not?
if she no cry, that means she no sayang u enuff liao :P

I scared to leave ah boy alone outside leh.. sure ppl will take & bring him home wan...
cannot let this happen..
must keep him under close supervision all the time..

why u no kesian the poor doggies? :(
Eat with eyes is filling too, right?

Chen-dol is the name inspired by Winn last year...
got story for that wan...

Simple American said...

I wanna go. It looks so good. :)

velverse said...

hehehe... ooo.. now i am clear jor. I always tot you are from somewhere but work in sarawak :)

Terbalik pulak!

Monk[+]Icon said...

Lokter...worries not...someday when u do come...we got makan makaning BKT ok! gero gero geroooo~

Chen said...

not only it looked good, it tasted good too :P

hehhee.. I'm someone from oversea - over the South China Sea :D

no problem :D

eve said...

aiya...why do i have to read ur blog now oni ar?..sei for..dinner hungry..waiting for hubby to bring the dinner over..*keep checking watch....

Chen said...

waiting for hubby bring dinner over?
wah.. he tapao dinner for u?
so sweet ...
eating dinner together inside clinic ah? :D

Anonymous said...

Yippeee!!! it'll be my turn next week when I get back to Penang for my holidays with my whole battalion.

Anonymous said...


muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu but i dun like doggies berkeliaran boo...

Chen said...

yeah hoh, now school hols liao..
can balik kampung with the kids :D

The little puppies are so kesian leh... :(

izchan said...

Its been a while. Coming here makes me hungry. :P

mistipurple said...

i nothing in head so donno wat to say.. *runs away before loctor checks me*

ah nel said...


Chen said...

hehhehe... yeah, it's been quite a while already.. I still remember your unique profile pict :)

Misti manyak lama tak update liao..
bila mau update..
we are all waiting leh, including Ah Boy :D

ah nel,
Muahhhh... :D
Enjoying life now? ;)

dreamie said...

WOW.. all the makanan look so tempting and yummy !!!

Chen said...

Too much temptation in Penang..
can see food everywhere.. :D
Food, food and food.....

Bernard said...

Wah!!! The photos are making me lau nua liao.

Chen said...

SP is nearby Penang :)
Feel free to drop by anytime to the Pearl of the Orient :D

dino said...

my favourite laksa, char kuei teow and chee cheong fan.....

Chen said...

hehhee. u prefer the ipoh chee cheong fun or penang chee cheong fun? ;)

dino said...

both i also likes...
how about u?

tomorrow, i will buy chee cheong fan for lunch... >.<

Chen said...

is ipoh chee cheong fun similar to KL chee cheong fun? I can't really remember liao. All also I like.. All also I sapu :D

Wah.. chee cheong fun for lunch?
so syiok geh? :D

dino said...

KL chee cheong fun quite similar to penang 1, it use har guo to make 1, red red color..

ipoh chee cheong fun, they will add on some curry chiken, mushroom soup, curry pork skin etc.
u can choose wat u wanna add >.<