Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Magic Wand??

I came back home during lunch hour in the afternoon to get some important documents which I left behind. When I was just about to leave home, I heard the ding dong sound... I opened the door & saw Mr Postman awaiting out there with a parcel... all the way from the KiasuLand, Singapore !!! Thanks Carcar for the wonderful gift. Guess what is it???

I opened the parcel and saw this... Little Octopus or Sotong? Two words to describe it - So cute !!!!!!!!! Hold on... there is a wooden stick attached to the octopus... I'm cracking my head, wondering what is it....

It looks like Magic Wand woh.. Remember the fairy godmother with the magic wand (with a star attached to the other end) we read in the fairy tales during our childhood time? Might be I can turn people into octopus or sotong by pointing the octopus end towards them.. Taa-daa... What a brilliant idea !!

But when i looked at the octopus again... examining in great details.. front & back, up & down, left & right, again & again... I come to the final conclusion.. This is an Octopus Stick Massager !!! Might be I can use the octopus to piak at others too... Wonderful piak-ing tool !!! I like !!! Muacks to Carcar for such a wonderful gift :)

Psssss.. Ah Boy loves this toy too leh.. He admires it and pleads me to give this cute little fella to him.. Sorry lah, my little doggy, The cute octopus is mine.

Yeah, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carcar once again for the lovely heart card which she sent me in early November. Thank Q Thank Q.


L B said...

WAAAAA!!!!!! I jeles already liao!!! Summore this harharcarcar asked for iPod nano (any color)!!! *sob* *sigh* *sniff* *grin* No lah, just merajuk big-time only. Won't disown that girl yet. After all, she's the Super Sleuth, in Red Cloak! So CUTE!! .... heheh. *going green*

L B said...

Do you think it's painful for the Octopus like that?

Chen said...

waaaaa... u r super duper fast leh.
i also want ipod nano leh..
any color will do too :P
can hoh?
boleh lah... :D

LB again,
mana ada sakit woh?
should be syiok :)
hou zheng ah...

carcar said...

hahahahah! glad u like it! the moment i saw this 'sotong stick' i thought of you! so sotong! hahha.. and so sweet and so cute right?

so conclusion, do u know how to use this "magic wand"?

it is good for you to piak yrself (massage yr neck) at night, expecially u chat a lot with me in front of the monitor.

and i got one too, diff design, not cute one :P

Chen said...

so sotong ...
so cute ...
so sweet ...
so adorable ...
so SOTONG !!!

yeah, now i know liao how to use this magic wand.. can knock knock & piak piak at shoulders :P or if i boh song certain people, I will point the sotong at him/her & turn him/her into sotong !!! LOL

I wanna see yours :D

may said...

hahahaha!! that is so you!! a beautifully crafted piakking tool, and a brilliant one at that. errr... just don't piak me with that mmmkay?!

*runs away from piakking sotong wand*

Anonymous said...


carcar giv u the magic wand to piak her when she is no kuai.

mwheehe...u cannot cincai use it to piak other ppl! ;p

Chen said...

yeah loh..
so Me :D
tat is what came to Carcar's mind when she saw the sotong :D

Mmmm... i won't piak u if u behave yourself.. else... kekkekkee

red sponge,
Carcar where got not kuai wan? Beh sai cincai kong wah woh..:P

If u r notti, then u know what will happen lah!!
nyek nyek

Kenny Ng said...

got such thing one ah? really macam macam ada... LOL

a^ben said...

wow` it's really very cute` :)

Anonymous said...

Yerr... *merajuk* I also want one!!

Cute leh, but don't always use to piak people la, no good.


Simple American said...

Cool. If I could pick a power for your sotong wand, it would be ink. Spray somebody and then run away. haha

It's the boss! 0.0 Wait I have my wand.


*runs away*

angel said...

*Synchronised Merajuk With L B*

Liuliu cute. But I donwan to be piaked with it :(

Monk[+]Icon said...

waa...honto kawii-desu the sotong-o!
hahahaa...u like soft toys huh! geroo~

mistipurple said...

*hides from Carcar's magic sotong wand now belonging to Chenliu*

Pink Cotton said...

so cute ooo

HEE the mouth is =o

wah can use it for massaging meh?then the octopus' mouth will be kissing u everywhere lo? 'x'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww so cute ... please dont piak me when I come visit u in Penang

sengkor said...

it's not a massager la.. u try to hold the stick and put the sotong to an open flame.. it will turn into bbq sotong. yummy.

liucas said...

i know i know . it's lok lok.

liucas so pandai

Winn said...

can pukul ahboy with that sotong stick.......hahahah

Chen said...

yaeh loh…we see and experience new things day by day :D
Life is full of surprises :)

as chu bee as your little nodding head Japanese toy.. forgotten wat is it’s name liao :D

day dreamer,
u also want?
U can print out the picture mah.. :P
Then u have one too liao :D

what a suggestion !!
I like…
Imaging splurting of black ink from the sotong
How dramatic…

Chen said...

merajuk also can synchronise wan ah?
I learnt something new today..

Okie okie.. I won’t use the sotong to piak u,
I will use it to sayang u instead :D

ini bahasa jepun memeningkan saya :D
soft toys are cute..
I like..
I guess most people like soft toys too..

u can hide, but u cannot avoid from being piak-ed…
or being sayang-ed :P

pink cotton,
octopus kiss is good mah…
as long as it doesn’t spit ink :P

can also use the octopus head to massage..
round-round tei..
syiok :D

Chen said...

Hahhaa… u gotta bear in mind that this octopus might eat your share of char koay teow when u r in Penang :P
The octopus is always hungry …

But the sotong so cute..
So chu bee..
how to BBQ the sotong??
Sakit hati leh.. :P

Lok lok ah?
Wah… good lah u…
But I won’t eat it..
Later get indigestion then susah… :P

muahahaha.. jahat lah u :P
wanna pukul my cute little doggy with this cute little octopus..
abuthen, i like your suggestion :D

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

nice nice! I oso wan....

lynnx01 said...

The card is so nice! And the wand is cute!! You should share it with your dog lah.. haha

Anonymous said...

hahaha...just saying its cute...macam bole makan jer..gerori~~

Anonymous said...

LA LA LA ..lepak here for a while

do u know who am i??mwehehehe...

Chen said...

This cute pie from Singapore leh...
might be u can hint hint Carcar to give one to u too? :P

Hahha, if i give it to him,
then it is permanently his liao..
i cannot take back liao leh later on if i wanna do so :P

monkticon the anon,
okie okie..
wah.. too cute till become like boleh makan ah?

another anon but unknown one,
wah.. mana I tau who are u?
Jellyfish ah?
dunno leh...
siapa ni?

Joycelyn said...

wah,it's nice n cute leh...where did carcar get it from har?
i tot the stick can be pulled out n then use it to dig your ear....hahahha

Chen said...

bought in LionLand or KiasuLand :D
Hahhaa.. Might be I should go & try to pull the stick.. :P

Pink Winnie said...

yi.. so cute.. :p

Chen said...

pink winnie,
as cute as Winnie the pooh :D