Sunday, October 15, 2006

Brunei Again

We passed by The Jerudong Theme Park in Brunei, which was once a great place for exciting rides but the place is quite run down nowadays. You can have the whole theme park and enjoy the rides all by yourself. No hassle of queueing up for tickets. Since nothing interesting there, we continued on our sightseeing tour somewhere else.

Saw these smart looking horses not far away from the Jerudong Theme Park. So we stopped by to kay poh for a while.

Handsome white horse. (Can we relate this white horse with the 白马王子 or White Horse Prince in the Fairy Tales?) Too bad this white horse is botak (bald) :P

All the horses here have "tattoos". This horsey's name is 514. Everyone, say Hi to Mr 514.

The little White Egret/Bangau is a common sight in Brunei. Everywhere I go, I see little egrets. Seeing the egrets reminds me of the childhood song -

"Bangau O Bangau,
Kenapa engkau kurus?
Macam mana aku tak kurus?
Ikan tak mau timbul..

Ikan O Ikan,
Kenapa engkau tak timbul?
Macam mana aku nak timbul,
Rumput panjang sangat.."

I can't remember the lyrics for the whole song. Anyone knows this song?

Our next stop is one of the several beaches in Brunei. I can't remember the name of this particular beach...

Is this a Lifeguard Tower or ??

Colourful Speedboats.

The angry and fierce looking cat. Might be someone has accidentally stepped on his tail earlier on? This cat is definitely not as gentle as Liucas. So don't play-play if u dowan to get yourself into trouble .

Seeing this somehow reminds me of "something" - pink coloured flurry and fluffy thingy. What else will u relate this with? Neh.. Point finger at Pink Cotton.

Errr.. this pink coloured fluffy stuff is some sort of kacang flower.


may said...

Hi, Mr. 514 Horsey Sir! mind giving me a ride? don't step on Mr. Angry Cat now...

angel said...

Why not Mr. 584 eh? :P

Errr... I dunno the bangau song worrr...

Nvm lah, Happy Sunday!
*chups for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjali*

angel said...

Oops... lupa...
*chups for LooBang Khan also*
Cincai lah... just to repay him some chups :D

Mr.Goober said...

eh..the last pic looks like green peas no?? i mean the flowers

Mr.Goober said...

oops i mean the leafs :)

Chen said...

wow.. Maymay is now enjoying her lomantic ride on Mr 514. Mr Angry Cat told me he wants fried ikan bawal :P

Kekkee.. All the horses have different numbers. I dunno how they choose the numbers :P Wonder is there any horse with the number 666 or not? :)

yeah yeah.. someone chup for me too
LOL at the LooBang Khan.
Walao nowadays all sort of liuliu names are out ;)

mr goober,
I was looking at the flower after I read your first comment.. kekkeke.. mana tau kena conned :P I dunno how the green peas leaves look like..

My concern is.. Are those kacang edible? ;)

mistipurple said...

thankliu Angeliu for chupping for liu. (see we all kena reinfected by the liuliu disease. we know who culprit lah hor!)

the scaredy cat, vely well taken shot! liu dare go close or not ah?

and... confession time.. *paiseh*
when i saw the horse....
i confess i thought of something vely liuliu. ah ya, don know wanna say or not..
okay i say lah. afterall in cyber only and my reputation sama half gone oredy. yesterday i happened to be curious about long... the that part..*neh point under there*.. is. do you know, can be about 18 inches or more!!! liuliu hor?
lalalala....*skips away innocently*

a^ben said...

pai kia cat` tsk tsk tsk` hahahahha

must be someone owes him kui pak ban~ hahahahah :P

Chen said...

Dunno ah..
Outbreak of Liuliu disease again..
who is the culprit?
*innocent eyes*

I didn't stand very near the cat lah..
but not very far away too..
Can zoom zoom mah with the camera :P

I really wanna laugh leh reading your "confession" :P
18 inches? *gulp*
I came across this news not long ago.. Those parts are apparently available for consumption in one of the makan place (Guolizhuang) in Beijing's West Lake. Read this post for more details. So the liuliu..

might be hoh?
who knows..
might be really got someone owes him kui pak ban
that's why the cat so geram...
else he can be millionaire liao
no need to beg for food in the street.. LOL

L B said...

I duwan to read about 18" long dinners!!! Waaaa, how come today got 18" dinners and pink fluffy balls and angry pussy treats wan?!! LOLOLOL... Thank you, angel, for another gracious chup! How sweet. Hahaha!!! *throws one flying kacang into every nose*

ah nel said...

bangau o bangau mengapa engkau macam siput...


Chen said...

apa pasal my innocent post can turn out to be 18" dinners and pink fluffy balls & angry pussy treats?

Muahahhha... You are good lah.. I never thought of relating all those pictures in this mannerm cos I'm innocent :P

ah nel,
Lyrics baru ciptaan ah nel? :)

mistipurple said...

hehe. still end up talking about food right? whether 18" or not! hahahahaaa

_butt said...

Hi Mr 514! *waves*

ohh.. the bangau song.. used to sing back in primary.. but now forgot edey.. LOL

lemme see can find the song or not..

I know why the kitty got angry!! u snap his/her pic without permission.. kekeke

_butt said...

aiyo.. it seems the 'egret' song's been misused.. but still manage to find the ori wan

enjoy!! ^^

Pinky_piglet said...

yeee...ada kucing....
hehehe....but i think that kucing so garang, Kucing itu ada attack u bo,chen??

Chen said...

hhahahha.. cos we live to eat :P
hampalang sapu :D

Mr 514 winks back at Butt
sak sei yan the horsey winks :P

That kitty ah, should be happy I took photo of him/her.. (dunno the gender) Cos not many people will pay attention to the meow meow :P

Thanks for taking time to find the lyrics ;)
Remembering the good old days singing the songs :)

Syiok also leh reading the modified lyrics :D

pinky piglet,
ada Kucing tapi bukan kat Kuching ;)
out of topic, I see more dogs than cats in Kuching :P

I was few metres away from the cat, so I considered myself safe. If he wanna attack me, I can still run for my life :P

angele said...

Lol.I like the expression on the cat's face.
Looks like he's in a bad mood.Very bad mood!! =P

L B said...



sengkor said...

actuary hor, u see all the bangaus also got tatoo one..

Chen said...

moody cat..
If that is a cat with chromosome XX, we can assume the cat having PMS :P Since we assume that is a male cat, Might be he lost in a fight with the other cats earlier on (fight for food?)

mmmmm... I see there's one extra "b" in the long alphabet company carmistwinanplinktitokichenjalib, that B represents u or ?? :P

Too bad the bangaus scared of me :P
They run.. (okie I exaggerate)
They actually fly far far away when I go near them...
Might be they are shy of their tattoo?

Winn said...

poor 514...kena painful:(...

the angry cat macam pms aje..

liucas oso waiting for his period...he quite anxious leh..

hey i finished my tag!!:)

Chen said...

Luckily Liucas tak kena tattoo-ed :P
Wonder if Winn wanna tattoo Liucas, what will be the tattoo be? :P

Yeah loh.. that confused male cat having PMS (dunno macam mana ni boleh berlaku.. memang kisah ajaib)

Liucas also waiting for his period?
Does his mummy anxious as well?

I read & chuppp liao at your post.
Wah.. U ask Liucas to do the tag for u, Clever lah u ;)
*Winn Winn instead of Wink Wink*

Red Sponge said... many bangau..

u know? certain area in Kuching got bangau too, namely Petra Jaya.

Bernard said...

Those egrets remind me of the bangaus of Bintulu. They were the symbol of Bintulu.

mistipurple said...

tonight everybody liuliu active! must be the 18" chinese dinner liu recommended. lol!

angel said...

*catches flying kacang*
Oooops... :P

*looks at misti*
18" dinner?

_butt said...

*pengsan* due to Mr 514's megawatt wink.. LOL

Kenny Ng said...

The cat looks so funny... must be u step on it's tail :P

Chen said...

red sponge,
Woo.. I dunno about that :P
Trying to recall where is Petra Jaya
hahhaha.. okie okie..
I remember liao where is it :P

yeap, I remember seeing lotsa bangau in Bintulu too. I went to Bintulu few times in the past to visit my sister & her family. The last time I went there was in November last year.

Hahhaa.. I guess it's effective to feast with the eyes too?

Chen said...

catch flying pistachion nuts :P
or flying Indian figs?

Misti gets pretty excited today
*point point*

Don't pengsan too long leh...
else I need to ask Mr Skunk liao to wake u up ;)

yin wong ah..
I didn't do anything to the cat :P

Might be the cat wants a digital camera and he gets jealous (hence angry) when he sees I have one?
who knows? :P

mistipurple said...

why LB throwing kachang at our noses and not our mouths huh?

Angel, it is loctor who posted the 18" menu + other 'ahem' parts menu wan. so don't look at me liddat leh. :P *cabuts from loctor*

mistipurple said...

loctor, effective to feast with eyes also ah? *grins & pretends to be innocent 7 yr old*

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! Doc...didn't visit the Sultan's harem meh? I heard very keng women from all over the world wan.

Chen said...

might be to produce salted peanut as suggested by Ben earlier on in the previous post?
*no eyes see* :P

Woooi...I posted the menu only, I didn't post about the 18" thingy

I know u r as innocent as the 5 years old gal lah..

pssss.. I can only visit the palace during hari raya aidilfiltri :(
Wrong timing :P

o.O thinking about the 1788 rooms in the palace

Anonymous said...

that last piktures i think is in petai family ...

Pink Cotton said...



it is pink cotton lai eh ahhh!!! :)

u shud take close up!..then i can use it for my banner..LOL LOL..

eh eh ..the cat really kia si lang leh!..wat hapnd to her!...r u sure its a domestic cat???looks like wild cat 'x'

See Fei said...

any good makan place in brunei? the cat looked really famished. so difficult to cari makan meh in brunei, even for cat...?

carcar said...

thanks angel for the chup! muacks muacks! haha...

hey chen you dint post up some photo for the jelutong park?

the bangau amd ikan song so funny, sing me tonight can?

Chen said...

pisang goreng,
Ooooo… I have never see petai tree before

pink cotton,
Pink Cotton loves the pink cotton :D
Good.. this shows u love yourself, which is a good sign :P

Can crop the original photo also leh for the pink cotton since the ori picture is 4 MP, kekekeke

Dunno what cat is that.. What I know is that is a fierce cat. Don’t play-play :D

No special or good makan place there AFAIK. IMHO, Malaysia food tastes better :P

The currency exchange in Brunei is the same as in Singapore lah..
It’s not difficult to cari makan there :)
Life in fact is quite peaceful and relaxing in Brunei, unlike Singapore (too hectic).

I see see look look there, nothing interesting… That’s why I didn’t tangkap gambar in Jelutong Park lah, my dear carcar.

U wanna the whole lyrics for the song? Butt manage to find the link for the whole lyrics. The song very cute leh.. I scared u might pengsan if u hear my singing, kakkaka…

mistipurple said...

singapore cari makan is akin to jiak kaki. opps. i'm outta here before the man in white catches up.

Chen said...

so jialak meh working in kiasu-land?
I have several ex-classmates & ex-colleagues working in Singapore :P

mistipurple said...

i think the rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer. maybe same everywhere but the lower rung will feel very bad all the time.

Chen said...

One of my close friend cum colleague when to one of the hosp in Singapore for interview. Despite the good pay, she gives up after knowing the working hours (seems like no chance to see the sun). I guess u r facing the similar "problem" too, right? No change to say hi to the beloved Mr Sun :(

mistipurple said...

yup. even without seeing the sun, it's still hard to get things done. it's a dog eat dog world. but i think it's because we're a fledgling company.

some private GPs have to keep long hours. the hospital docs i think keep inhumane hours, especially the 'new' ones, but i do see some of the specialists having normal clocking times.

overall, to make a sweeping statement, i think people in different countries have different personalities. *wink*

mistipurple said...

eh.. somewhat disjointed sentence above about different personalities.. it just struck me many times when i encounter people from different states. so, the rather abrupt statement above. *wink*

Simple American said...

Brunei looks real pretty. I wanna be a lifeguard. That looks so comfortable.

Chen said...

the irony of life...

Can we consider the grass is greener on the other side?

Mmmmm about the different personalities statement..
but that was somehow true also lah
jsut as most citizens from kiasuland have different personalities from those from bolehland :P
Oopps.. I'm making sweeping statement too :P

Brunei is a quite town.
No night clubs
No pubs
No disco
and supposedly no alcohol too, but.... u know lah

mistipurple said...

yes, generally, bolehland people are indeed different from kiasuland's. *wink*