Saturday, October 07, 2006

Greetings from Borneo Island

Yesterday was quite a tiring travelling day - long hours inside the LCCT waiting for the "connecting" flight. The first sms I get after I switched on my mobile phone in the LCCT was "Hoi! you go KK liaw ka?" from the cute gal :) Had my breakfast in McD - having the same meal and sitting exactly at the same seat as what I did 3 months back during my previous trip to Sarawak. Busy exchanging several sms with the pink lady gal too at the exact location. Hahaha, just like history re-write, but this time I was flying to different destination.

Finally I stepped my foot in Bandar Seri Begawan, after a longgggggggg journey. After dinner, we went for a short sight seeing tour before we balik zzZZzzz...

This is Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, sitting on an artificial lagoon near the Brunei River in Kampong Ayer (or so called Water Village). 52 meters in height with a gold dome supported by walls of Italian marble, which also forms the mosque's columns, arches, and towers.

The structure that resembles ship in the water was at one time used for official state ceremonies.

No lantern, and I didn't look out for the moon yesterday night... Get too carried away with some other things :P But at least we had mooncakes to celebrate the liuliu Mooncake Fesitval :)


a^ben said...

whahahahhahhahha!!!! my lucky day !! hahahahhahahah

big big mosque~ lalalalala

Chen said...

hahhaha.. u r indeed very fast :D
big big onion :)

may said...

ooh, this is the first time I've seen photos of Bandar Seri Begawan from a blogger! yes, very onion. I wonder if the whole nation would cry if it started peeling... oooops! I know, very lame joke. my bad.

nice scenes!

Chen said...

oops about the peeling onion :P

There are 2 magnificient looking mosque here, and not forgetting lotsa other little little small mosque ;)

Haze is here in BSB but not as bad as in Sarawak or KL.

angel said...

waaa! so so, the toilets all got gold wan anot?? :P

oi!! faster go sightseeing! dun stick to the comp screen! faster!! faster go faster kambek! hehe...


Winn said...

wah liuliu blog queen. u brought laptop to vacation?

so cool eh!! so we can reach u anytime anywhere anyblog...

got bring viewcam ar? so ah boy can see u mah

nyonyapenang said...

the place must be nicely decorated for aidil fitri.
have fun. ;)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

thats some really nice pics, happy mooncake festival!

ah nel said...

wuahhh...ur tang lung manyak nice...

*a mosque and a ship*


Red Sponge said...

woooo...nvr know that mosque look so grand.

I think I took some pic for the mosque in the car when passed by. It is so plain in the day time ;p

L B said...

Where's my POSKAD?!!! Hehehe, actually, .... got gold ka? In the toilet? Really?..

Mr.Goober said...

hey is that boat movable??

so this is where all the borneo water come from ?

Kenny Ng said...

nice pics... no haze over there ah? Penang very hazy yesterday.

_butt said...

Waseh.. such majestic looking mosque!! All gold gold sumore..

Daniel Yiek said...

The 1st pic is very flash.

Visit the Water Village and the free amusement centre if it's still around.

Chen said...

kakakaka.. dunno ah?
I just see see look look from outside only :P
Tak masuk dalam..

oops... kena marah by angeliu liao..
i heed your advice liao leh this morning ;)
Baru niah come back half an hour ago. Tired liuliu liao
Tomolo morning pergi KK :)


wah.. panggil I queen pulak..
kekkee.. no lah, I tak bawak laptop
btw, I don't have laptop leh..
this is someone else laptop
i pinjam pakai niah..

ah boy dunno how to on computer leh
he only knows how to press on the space bar & press on the mouse..
so bring webcam also no use :P

nyonya pg,
Mmm... I passed by the shopping mall today, there are decorations but not the grand deco :)

Chen said...

Thanks, flyboy :)
Happy mooncake festival to u too :)

ah nel,
itu special punya tanglung
don't play-play :P

Red sponge,
kkekee.. yeah, the place doesn't look so grand at day time. I passed by that place too this evening but didn't stop by to take photo.

oooo.. next stop, next stop..
Going to KK tomolo..
abuthen, hantar poskad pergi mana?
searching for address :P

Chen said...

mr goober,
I wish I can take a tour around the grand mosque in that "boat".. but too bad I can't :( Might be in my dream tonight...

Borneo water..
might be, might be not..
every water source from Borneo island can be considered as borneo water, right?
U wanna some? I can scoop some for u :P

haze is here but not as bad as in Sarawak or other states in Peninsular. Furthermore it rained tonight. I heard about the haze in Penang too :( Aiks...

This place is full of mosque. Can see mosques everywhere.. Two grand mosques and several smaller mosque..

Thanks :) I had visited the water village today :) Passed by the amusement centre but the place was so run down.

King's wife said...

Wow, nice and clear. Good shots. Show us more...

L B said...

oops, yeah, you don't have my address? How can? Ok, wait wait, emailing now... Wait ah... Sending.............~

Anonymous said...

I want to go Bandar Seri Begawan!

zeroimpact said...

There also got mooncake ah
What does it look like
Hope it was a good holiday

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Finally I can online and come kacau blogs~~ *evil laughter*

Nice pictures! Happy Belated Mooncake Festival, hehe!

Cocka Doodle said...

Did the 'sultan of swing' show you his harem?

papercrazy said...

Wow! Very nice...was there 6 years ago and it was not that nice

Did u go to the theme park? Heard it's quite run down now

See Fei said...

nice pic! encore encore!

Pink Cotton said...

dint knwo u can still update ur blog!

oh so sorry! pls forgive me :)

mistipurple said...

i in space yesterday, lost abit. hard to log in here just now. but i try hard hard. macham constipation oso must try liddat. opps, sori.

mistipurple said...

so nice the place at night. they light until so bright. so magical.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey there,

I found your website searching for Balitong on Google. Nice blog you have there...

I am from Penang, but currently reside in the US. I have a food blog at

Have fun in Borneo!

velverse said...

huar... I actually have no clue how it looks like before.. No I have a little clue. more pics to come?

L B said...

Where she go now?........

_butt said...

aiyak.. i comment on the wrong post!!!! so paisehhh..

angel said...

L B, she not go to your place arr?

L B said...

Looked in the bathroom.. looked in the kitchen sink.. looked in the closet.. looked up the trees.. No sign of Chen..

L B said...

Looked in the bathroom.. looked in the kitchen sink.. looked in the closet.. looked up the trees.. No sign of Chen..

mistipurple said...

ask ah boi find her.

Chen said...

okie okie..
Took too many photos liao..
Will have a hard time to go through all the photos, hahaha..

receiving... receiving...

Come come, but nothing really interesting here, better visit Sabah or Sarawak (promoting my hometown, hahhaa)

mooncake ah, I brought from Penang lah.. Brunei mooncake also the same as the one in Malaysia, but much much more pricey :)

I tried the porkless dimsum in Brunei too ;)

Chen said...

Day dreamer,
*closing my ears*
your evil laughter manyak high pitch :P

welcome back, DD
happy belated MC festival to u too :)

hehhee... this reminds me of the "forbidden city" :D I heard that there are 1000 +++ rooms in the palace

The theme park is very run down now. I passed by the Jerudong Theme Park but didn't stop to visit, cos the whole place is so empty

Thanks :)
ore picts on the way :)

Chen said...

aiyak, why say sorry woh?
what are u guilty of this time?
curi makan ice cream when u r coughing ah? kekekkeke....

misti purple,
trying to pull misti back from space :) There are mosques everywhere in Brunei.. I have lost count how many are there altogether.. what i can recall is something like every few hundred metres I travel, I can see a mosque :)

rasa msia,
thanks, rasa Msia :)
I'm from Sarawak but currently residing in Penang

now u can have a glimpse of the city :) More to come, including KK photos too :)

Chen said...

went to Limbang, then Temburong, then Lawas, then bla bla bla all the way up to Kota Kinabalu... but I guess I stopped by somewhere in Italy too to eat the Giant moist muffin :P

doesn't matter lah.. :P
No mata-mata (police loh) to catch u here :D

yeah, I curi makan his Giant Moist Muffin inside one of the cabinet .. kekkekeke

I curi makan your muffin, that's why I need to hide in a secure place :P

misti purple,
Cannot.. later ah boy will fight with me for the muffin.. :P

Simple American said...

I thought I left a comment here. Hmm...

What a beautiful place? Gold? Wow! Not a hershey kiss wrapper?

I like the boat thingie too. Though if I did not know it was Brunei I would think it Chinese looking.

Chen said...

might be the comment get eaten up by bugs? :)

LOL at the hershey kiss wrapper :P Seeing this reminds me of the hershey kiss choc which were left on the shelf for quite some time (I have totally forgotten about that :P )