Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Keropok Bayam

This is something that caught my attention - the Keropok Bayam or Spinach Crackers.

I bought one packet of Keropok Bayam (RM 3 per packet) from one of the roadside stalls in Kundasang, Sabah. The stalls are located not far away from the Kundasang War Memorial.

Now I regret. I should have bought more cos ... delicious :P


Kenny Ng said...

Kundasang ah? Why last year I went there never seen this ah?

mistipurple said...

chuppp ahhhh!!!
welcome home!! post this first or else people cheong my place!

mistipurple said...

liddat donno whether can go and buy all the bayams from the pasat and fry like keropok hoh? then sell RM4. kakaka

Chen said...

Might be u didn't notice it during your last visit there :) The Keropok Bayam is available in almost every stalls there. There are several stalls nearby the Kundasang War Memorial. I have taken several shots of the stalls. Will post that up one of these days :)

TQ misti. I haven't reach Penang yet. Will only arrive later on tonight, or early morning tomorrow? ETA 12:05 am :)

kekee.. yeah, u can fried the spinach or bayam yourself.. Use rice flour, egg, water and salt as batter.. then goreng :) Sell in Singapore must sell in Sing dollar leh..

may said...

hmmm... where's Popeye when you need to verify if these green stuff do make you stronger?

I think I'll stick to keropok udang. oh, and salt & vinegar potato chips too. love those!

angel said...

yerrr... misti din chup for the liulius...

i chup for winn kaur, LaosaiBackside, plink kaur, carcar kaur, cotton kaur and oklah, cincai, i chup for misti kaur oso... let her feel guilty... muahahaha!

angel said...

Itu nampak maciam Spinach Tempura... *LOL*

Aiyak! May Kaur chupped first!

papercrazy said...

Wah!! Nice.....I like keropok bayam too. Kim Hock Lin Coffee House @Hui Sing sells very nice keropok bayam but it cost more than RM3 oh...

Healthy food some more (errrrr....vege mah, ignore the frying part)

*Munching Keropok double decker as substitute*

Chen said...

popeye is busy having his spinach snack :P But better don't let him know.. later he might come & grab my keropok :(

another keropok that I like is the keropok Amplang - the Sabahan version of the Tenggiri fish crackers :)

mistiliu gets too excited liao I presume? ;)

wah.. so many kaurs :P
LOLOL at the "LaosaiBackside"
must catch up what's going on these few days when I balik Penang :P

Spinach Tempura ah? wah wah..
make me feel like eating Japanese foodstuff now...
dreams of sushi..
dreams of sashimi..

This is available in Kuching too?
Must look out for that next time i balik kampung :)

healty food (vege) + unhealthy food (cos fried version) = balanced food.
hahaha.. what an equation :P

Kristopher said...

nice..... how come ur is little bit purplish wan ahhh... those we get at Kuching is in green color.. :)

domesticgoddess said...

i want i want!

L B said...

I hope that's included with the postcard too, eh? Not just the others. It looks great since I love spinach. I culd eat spinach everyday.. Come, come, Olive..

Mr.Goober said...

oh hey chen, back already??

those keropok look as if they just took the plant out and fry it with some flour :P

papercrazy said...

Kuching gottttttt

Like the way u described the food...Balanced to my ears!! Loktor memang Loktor

Going to buys lots and lots of seaweed keropok..balanced food too....

Winn said...

really har!looks nice wor.
eh..DHL one piece can?
ONE ONLY LAaaaaaa!

send to

i wait ya??

Chen said...

i dunno this keropok bayam is available in Kuching earlier on too till papercrazy mentioned about it... This is the first time i eat the spinach crackers :)

mari mari...
Too bad I didn't buy extra, or else I can bring some back home to Penang.

Kekeeke, I wanted and tempted to do so...
but I sked to include that together with the postcard cos there's a possibility that Mr Ant & Ms Ant might end up munching the postcard :P

Chen said...

Still jumping around in the land of Borneo (leave my foot prints everywhere in Borneo Island- in Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei, except Kalimantan).

Will be flying back to Peninsular this evening..
Few more hours to go

luckily u didn't throw slippers at me :P

seaweed keropok?
Have u tried the wasabi seaweed potato chips? I love that in the past but haven't eat it for quite some time oledi..

yeah loh..
not only look nice, but it taste nice too leh..
oops... supposed to be finger licking good but I lupa licked my finger when i makan the keropok earlier on.. so liuliu..

I will attach one keropok bayam to your email :P
click attach button,
then press the send button..
kao tim

i'm sure Liucas won't fight with u for the keropok, right? I guess he doesn't eat spinach. He only eat Haagen Daz :P

velverse said...

wah i tot oni got fried mushroom.. now spinach also got... now I must say... things have evolved!

Winn said...

dint buy anyting for ah boy? he still alive or not:P ....stay home alone so many days i think he must have gone crazy liao:p

Pink Cotton said...


kuching also got leh!

Anonymous said...

Hmm~ looks weird. But nice?? Never had this before.

Chen said...

yeah yeah..
nowadays nothing is impossible.
just like the fried ice cream --> something that we will never think of in the past :P

*smack forehead*
I lupa to buy things for ah boy leh.. liuliu liao..

I will buy something for him from the airport then.. Shhhhh.. don't tell him about that :P

Ah boy enjoying himself to the maximum leh.. He is now staying together with my father in law & sister in law. I guess he dowan to follow me back home tonight :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I dunno mah..
i'm not Kuching lang
what else Kuching has which is not available in Peninsular?
Next time I balik I must go & sapu all liao....

day dreamer,
I guess most of us haven't tried this snack except those from Kuching or Sabah or those who visited those places before in the past :)

It's crunchy, just like any other crackers. It is interesting to see the structure and the colour of the leave is being preserved when they deep fried it in the oil.

Might be I can tried it out one of these days.. Buy some spinach from the market. Make my own batter and fried it.. see how's the outcome ;D

babe_kl said...

wahhhh can courier some to me!

Cocka Doodle said...

Kundasang! I love the tranquility of this place. Once stayed there a month working on a project between Ranau, Carabau and Kundasang.
Never got to climb Mt Kinabalu though.

Anonymous said...

eh? now only i realised that the title is not Ramblings liao...

from bulat bulat moon mia budak kekekekeke.....


ah nel said...

docter eat grass? ;P

Red Sponge said...

wahhhhhhhhh...nvr tried that yet.

I only tried a kind of fried leaf before...BIG leaf...hehee..the leaf is delicious too..

I think ur bayam shud be more delicious...

Red Sponge said...

the one in kim hock lin is bayam??? why the colour not parper ler?

hmmm I like that one tooo...yum yum..

ok..rupa-rupanya i pernah makan keropok bayam...mwhehehe

carcar said...

post some to me, pleeaseeeee..


eh, i din know winn also ask for one ah..

eh winn ah, come let's go bersabar sabah lah...

budak jahat itu ialah jelly good!


Anonymous said...

looks yummy

mistipurple said...

*paiseh dare not look up*
i didn't chup for the chupchup corporate company because i want to be first second third. mine mine mine all mine!!

....kidding!! sorrryyyyyy!!!
angeliuuuuu forgib me!!!!!

mistipurple said...

... wait you liu...

mistipurple said...

there is a 'for' somewhere up there. :P

zeroimpact said...

New keropok
I want I want
Can courier some to me ah

sengkor said...

pls fax 1 to me.. dun wanna leave some oil stains in my email box..

a^ben said...

oooooooo~ i pernah makan!! hahahah got different type of vege also` hahahah :D

angel said...

Waaa!!! KLIA! So near, yet so farrrr!!! And so late! Aiyooo!!

mistiliuuuu!!! u so greedyyyyyy!!! LOL!
i forgib liu if liu bring me the keropok ayam :P

mistipurple said...

angeliuuuu, ah yo you say i tarm sim. you see your keropok bayam can become ayam!! see who more tarm sim. :P

Godknows said...

Hi there, I never ever seen this spinach before. How do you cook them?

Chen said...

habis makan liao loh..
can courier u the picture instead :P

I didn't climb the Mt Kinabalu too, but went to the Kinabalu Park. Interesting place. I might go back there again in the future :)

I change the title quite sometime ago liao lah..
now only u realise meh? :P

bulat-bulat moon punya budak?
riddle ah?
siapa ni?

ah nel,
why not?
u also eat garbage :P

Chen said...

red sponge,
kekkeke... what is the other fried big leaves keropok that u makan before? Nice ah? Where is this Kim Hock Lin located? Keropok Bayam is only available in that place ah?

searching for any leftover keropok bayam...
looking under the chair...
searching inside the cabinet..
liuliu loh...
none :P

Bila u wanna go "honeymooning" or bersabah-sabah with Winnliuliu?
*scratch head*
apa tu jelly good
*conpius habis* :P

this is something that I have never tried nor see before ;)

Chen said...

LOL at the "kiasu spirit" :P
keep it up ;)

dowan to loook up ah?
never mind lah.. can look in front or look behind or look down or look left & right :P

u must be too liuliu liao... till missed out the word for. I liu u too ;)

searching hard for any leftover keropok bayam... aiyoh.. seems like habis makan liao...

might be can ask the "skipping cotton" to courier some from Kuching, since I just found out it's available in Kuching too :P

fax ah?
then will leave oil stain in my fax machine leh..
lagi jialat :P

Chen said...

previously i dunno this is available in Kuching too.. Just found out a couple of hours ago :) Wonder what other fried leaves keropok are available in Kuching...

yeah loh..
so near yet so far :)
at least got free WIFI, so won't feel so bored while waiting for the flight.. can blog hopping & kacau u all too...

keropok ayam?

angeliu gets too excited liao lah.. or... might be she prefers keropok ayam than keropok bayam? :P

These are deep fried spinach crackers coated with batter (mixture of rice flour, egg, salt & water)

mistipurple said...

nite nite loctor. hope you have reached, and going to bed soon too. rest okay? blog tomolo!

mistipurple said...

yeah! just realised you home oredy! nite nite! happy you safe balek!

Simple American said...

Those do look nice. It's just toasted spinach or baked?

IndaiYoyo said...

Hi Chen! My mom used to make and sell the keropok spinach. It was yummy...

fred said...

>_> go to KK but didnt tell me... bought that keropok during my last visit to Kundasang. How was Sabah? Hazy?

papercrazy said...

Kim Hock Lin is at Hui Sing, neh....the previous food caterer for MAS...

but the bayam keropok that they sell are not the parple type one....

I always grab 1 pkt whenever I dined there and munch munch the keropok while waiting for my dish to be served....

*munch keropok kangkung*

Chen said...

Thanks MistiP
I have a good night sleep yesterday..
now I'm sorta refreshed...
I'm still on leave today ;)
Will go out in a short while..

I think it's fried spinach crackers :) Something that I have never tried in the past..

Wow.. that's great :)
Yeah, I like the keropok.
Yummy & delicious..

Chen said...

sorry sorry ...
When I passed by UMS, I think of u but too bad I don't have your number..

The haze is not that bad in Sabah and during my visit there, it rained most of the time. Luckily it didn't rain when I visited the Kinabalu Park in the afternoon (but it rained later on in the evening).

okie.. I'll put that in my "what to buy" list when I balik kampung :)

LOL at the keropok kangkung :P
Might be ... u can start producing keropok bilin.. Bilin is my all time favourite. Too bad I can only savour it when I balik kampung since it's not available here :(

Think of it I also lau nuah.

mistipurple said...

acheooooooowww!!! i think i dropped my nose somewhere.. *looking thru loctor's wastebin*

velverse said...

true true... okay lah... i go fried taugeh

Chen said...

aiyoh... poor misti's nose running away ah? oops.. I mean running nose.
take care loh..

*bringing out warm chicken soup*

hahaa.... might be someone can come out with fried taugeh crackers too in the future :P

_butt said...

Wow!! I didn't knw! first time see such interesting keropok made of popeye's favourite food LOL!!! Izit crunchy? How does it taste like?

Chen said...

Yeah, it is crunchy :)
just like munching any other keropok.
The difference is I'm munching leaves ;) Dunno how to describe the taste, but for sure, it taste good :D

Pink Winnie said...

yi.. so cute..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
hi :)
I like your profile picture
so winnie :)

hehhee.. keropok bayam is "cute" food, but still kena makan although cute :P

Pink Winnie said...

thank u.. i like it very much too.. wuahaha.. ur answer very LIU oh.. is right too although it's cute..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
I have few winnie the pooh plush toys :)

If the food is cute, it's still "edible" but if they are too cute, then susah loh.. just as few weeks ago, I bought two cute piglets "mooncake" which were too cute to be eaten :P
Dilemma, dilemma, hahahha

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