Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flying Soon...

Mid Autumn Festival/Mooncake Festival is just around the corner (in 2 hours time).. Coincidentally, I didn't celebrate Mooncake festival at "home" for the past few years.. I won't be in town for Mooncake Festival too this year.
Mid Autumn Festival :
2001: can't remember where was I..
2002: Kota Bahru, Kelantan
2003: Germany
2004: China
2005: Penang (finally)
2006: somewhere in Borneo Island :P

I'll be flying in few hours time... Okay, time to pack my luggage :)


Winn said...


Winn said...

safe trip!
dont worry abt ah boy he will have fun at home...messing up eerything! mauuahaha

Vito said...

looks like a brain!

may said...

I want to fly away...


on second thought, I'll stay home in bed!

happy mid-autumn festival, enjoy yourself, safe journey!

Cynthia said...

Have a nice holiday!!

Kenny Ng said...

Have a safe n enjoyable trip!

angel said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
Must play tangloong, ok??
But must faster kambek! If not kurang one liuliu to liu liao!!!!

Chen said...

thanks :)
Ah boy is good boi.
He will behave himself when I'm not around, else no pressie for him loh :P

brown coloured brain? ;)

Thanks, happy zhong chiu jie to u too :) Staying in bed is a good option too.. Can laze around, hug the pillow & drool saliva ;)

thanks, Cynthia :)

Wish u a safe trip back home to Penang too :)

hahaha... I will play tanglung in my dream, together with angeliu, mistiliu, winnliuliu and all the other lius :) Liuliu rocks, Miss liu too

mistipurple said...

aaaaaahhhh i late come in!! have a good trip!! don't forget me! hehe.
i will miss liu till liu come back.

L B said...

I came late too, but always still in time to wish you happy moons and happy trip. That was a brilliant Mooncake entry, btw.. Nice..

a^ben said...

pergi mana owh` hahahahha :D

happy moong kek festival~~

Chen said...

no, u r definitely not late :)
u r still early :)
the day is still early.
only 12 sumthing in the early morning ;)

just as what I told angeliu earlier on.. I will dream of playing tanglung with all the lius ;)

still early, I tak tidur lagi :P
Guess I can only sleep 2 hours or so tonight.. TQ TQ. Have u swallowed your one & only pandan flavoured mooncake?

ah ben,
happy kuih bulan festival to ben ben too. I'm going somewhere somewhere in Borneo Island (not Sarawak loh.. :P )

zeroimpact said...

Have a great trip doc
don't forget to bring back memories

mistipurple said...

so happy i managed to catch liu before you fly. take care! enjoy liuself! i will play tangloong with liu oso in my dreams!

Chen said...

Thanks boiboi. The memories will be captured in photos so that it won't fade away with time ;)

so happy to see liu also :) We play tanglung, eat mooncake, eat mini yam, eat pomelo together with all the other lius in our dreams, okie? ;)

Simple American said...

Have a safe trip. Hope your arms don't get tired flapping. ;)

ah nel said...

dont forget to play ur tanglung in the plane ya... ;)

Mr.Goober said...

happy moon cake festival to you too chen :P

bring free borneo water for us when you come back

Kristopher said...

go Sabah ahhh? or Brunei? hehehe

happy mooncake festival...

sengkor said...

safe trip!

dun burn borneo's forest when play the tanglung, ok?

lynnx01 said...

Going back to Swak again? That's so so cool! But beware of the haze.

may said...

Happy Zhong Chiu Jie to you, my dear Sotong Sister!

_butt said...

have a great trip!!

King's wife said...

Enjoy your trip, wherever you are going (gone) to!

Anonymous said...

selamat berbuka puasa...
aiks... selamat bergembira bulat bulat punya bulan kek


nyonyapenang said...

wuahh, go sampai broneo to carry lanterns ah? enjoy & have fun. ;)

Chen said...

thanks, SA :)
I feel sleepy now :)
Long journey today before I reach my destination..

hehehe.. luckily the big "bird" saved me from over flapping my arms.. I just sit on top of the big bird and save the trouble :)

ah nel,
cannot find any tanglung woh.. So i will play tanglung in my dream tonight :D

mr goober,
happy mid autumn festival to u & your dearie too :)
eat more mooncake..
eat the moon and eat the cake,
oops... how to eat the moon? :P

LOL about the Borneo water, I will try ;)

Chen said...

clever lah u :)
go to both places..
brunei & sabah :D

Happy mooncake festival to u & your wifey & not forgetting your little baby gal :)

Thank Q. I have a safe but tiring trip, cos of the long waiting hour inside the airport. Feel like wanting to zzz but sked oversleep, then terlepas flight pulak :P

I'm flying to Borneo but not to Sarawak ;) Haze everywhere, damn cham :(

happy zhong chiu jie to u too, my little sotong sister :D No lantern, no bright shinning moon tonight.. but at least I still have mooncake :) Will play lantern in my dream tonight with all the liuliu gang :)

Chen said...

Thanks butt :)
I arrived at my destination safe & sound, except i felt tired :)

I'm now in BSB (not bad street boy though) :)

haha, i don't puasa but good thing is that I can enjoy buka puasa too..
Happy mooncake festival to u too :)

nyonya pg,
Nicer to carry lantern there..
but too bad i didn't get the chance to play with lantern tonight.. hahhaa.. too tired to play with lantern lah.. rather sleep :P

Winn said...

hahah blog queen u oso blogggg!!!!!hehehe

mistipurple said...

here got many blog queens. *wink wink*

_butt said...

wahh.. on holiday oso you check your blog ar.. very rajin lol

we'll be waitin' for photos from the trip.. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mooncake Sotong Liuliuliu!!!!

Chen said...

hahhaha, haven't go to KK yet lah.. Going there tomorrow morning :) Free mah at the moment, so must disturb & harress the computer a bit :P

u r one too?
**instead of wink, wink.. we can winn winn ** :P

Haven't go jalan-jalan yet, free mah at the moment.. Will go out later in the afternoon :)

Can we celebrate mooncake festival for 15 days like CNY? :P
Happy Mooncake festival to liu too :)

_butt said...

celebrating moon cake festival for 15 days? ^^

_butt said...

just dropping by to see how you doing.. miss your post la.. :(

Chen said...

after celebrating for 15 days, everyone will have "moon face" - the face will be round like the moon.. cos too much high calories stuff :P kkekekee....

I'll be back soon.. very very soon ;)