Saturday, October 14, 2006

L.O.V.E. is ... ???

Because I big mouth commenting in Red Sponge's LOVE post, with this comment "wah.. what sort of liuliu tag is this?kekkekek... next time I create one tag with the topic "S.O.U.R" pulak.. LOL". Mana tau the consequence of big mouth is.... kena tagged by Pink Cotton She beh song with the reason "MUAHAHAHAHA who ask u mulut besar (big mouth) laff at the tag being liuliu 'x' ". But since she mentioned she tagged those people whom she LAP, so okie lah.. I know she LAP me then, that's why she tagged me (perasan again) :P

What is LOVE? I gotta give 3 answers regarding this question "What is LOVE"..
Mmmmmm... *scratch head*
  1. LOVE is LOVE lah.. why so leceh one, asking this liuliu question.
  2. LOVE is... when we have that indescribable feeling - whereby we can tell those whom we love with either I LOVE U, I LUV U, I LAP U, I LAFF U (or better still I LAUGH U), I LIU U (this is the current in thing among the liuliu community), I SAYANG U etc etc etc..
  3. LOVE can be a noun or verb with the spelling L, followed by O, then V, and last but not least E. L-O-V-E.
Phew... *cold sweat* Finally habis answering the LOVE tag. Pink Cotton, don't vomit blood nor throw slipper at me, okie? I told u oledi this is a liuliu tag, that's why I give liuliu answer :P

Since this is a liuliu tag, so I will tag my liuliu gang whom I liu ;)
1) Winliuliu - the Co-founder of LIU. Read this post if u dunno what is LIU.
2) Angeliu - She once suffered from LLS aka Liuliu Syndrome ....
3) Mistiliu

**Point to remember : Must bear in mind not to BIG MOUTH again in the future


Winn said...

LOL!! Chen i knew you gonna tag me when i first read u kena tag by pink cotton!!! so liuliu!! hhahah...okok homework liao dam semangat!

this topic so liuliu but i like the way u answered it! giving ppl a ' huh' after reading it. LOl

angel said...

aiyoooo!!! baru habis satu, kena lagi... this tag i really dunno how to do... cham bo? but thank q lah for liuing me :P

chup for all! datin misti, datin winn, datuk LooBang, datin semua-semua dari syarikat Alphabet yang panjang2!

Chen said...

u really liu me for liuing that I will liu u in the first place. So liu :P
My answer is very liuliu, right? I wonder what will your answer be.. Looking forward to reading your homework :P

just talk liuliu craps in the tag can liao, like what I do, hahhahah...

LOL at the long alphabet company, carmistwinnanplintitokichenjali with a new member joining yesterday night. I gotta update the new company name liao :)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I'm rather liu liu-ed with all this loveliu

may said...

so the loveliu!! the LAFF U is the best-est!

mistipurple said...

hahahhaaaa got such a tag ah?? i thought liu joking!!! *pengsan*

Red Sponge said...

hahahahahaa...ya...yup can treat a tag seriously or jokingly..

But I think NO2. is quite true..;p

Chen said...

u kena bitten by the liuliu love bugs? :P

loveliu is in da air :)
love & laff sounds similar :P
next time can say I LAFF U instead of I LAP U (If I tell u I LAFF U, then u know what I mean leh.. :P)

yes.. nowadays got all sort of tags. Might be u can create a KAUR or SINGH tag too ;)

read too much of the "serious" LOVE tags liao lately,
so I gotta answer this tag in a different way to make it sounds more liuliu & more interesting :P
kekkeke :P

Mr.Goober said...

"i lap you" sounds like trying to clean someone up :P

Liu Boleh said...


Chen said...

clean someone up with the tongue or ??

LB aka Liu Boleh,
open eyes big big
Your definition of LOVE is indeed very liu. Liu indeed Boleh :D

ah nel said...

*go pick some smelly sotong with flies on it and stuck in docter mouth*


Chen said...

ah nel,
Wah.. U kena marah by your boss this morning till u berkelakuan tidak senonoh? Later what goes around comes around then u know :P

angel said...

actually hor, i tersilap spell our multi-billion dollar company's name again lah.. .it should be carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjali! terlupa ah plink mya "k"... kakaka!

plink baby, dun angry me, okays? *muaks*

lokterrrr... i in opis nowwww! lucky i cum, if not, monday i cum sure i pengsan cos got soooo many emails :(

Happy Liuliu Saturday! ;)

Pink Cotton said...


u very the LIU! lah!!!!!!!!!

hmm *look for slipper*

OH! u r lucky, no slippers in the vicinity!

OHHH!...I LIU U is the IN thing ha??? ok ok! i wanna be in!!



Chen said...

shhhhh.. don't say so loud
plink might not notice the spelling error :P

Angeliu must be busy reading tons of emails inside the opis. Hope u can go back home early tonight :)

Wish u a happy liuliu Sunday tomolo

pink cotton,
I told u liao yesterday night this is going to be a liuliu entry :)
No yuk-mah or hanky panky stuff here :P

I LIU U too..
I LIU U very muchie :P

_butt said...

fuuu yoo.. kena tagged hahaha.. i can laugh 'safely' now.. dun marah ya, i laff u!!! :P

very straight forward eh your love. thought u gona get all flowery (berbunga-bunga) pulak like the rest.. lurve mah.. heheh

point no.3 reminds me of a song by Grasshopper (chinese) band.. they go L!O!V!E!.. Lurveeeeee...!!

may said...

in that case, I think we can also say I HAHA U... kan? kan?

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... tag war now ah? Love is like how I love rock n roll... will die for it... kekeke

Pink Cotton said...


so touched...

u liu me muchie!


Pink Cotton said...

shhhhhh don let red sponge know we 'run lion'


Chen said...

i won't marah..
cos I laff u = I love u :P
so, I know u actually lup me, kekkeke

Eeee. dowan those flowery yuk mah thing lah.. very bei :P

Oh.. I dunno about the LOVE song by Grasshopper (i know the band). Instead u reminds me of the HK Wynner group in the 70's (The former band by the veteran singer Alan Tam, Kenny B etc). They have one popular song in the past with the title LOVE.

kakkaka.. yes yes, I HAHA U too

your definition of LOVE is very keng chau :D

pink cotton,
yes, I LIU u very muchieeeeeee..
die loh..
later I cannot sleep tonight

where we wanna "run lion" to?
Shhhh.. don't let Red Sponge know about this.

I learn something new about LOVE today from the wedding dinner I attended..

Before paktoh,
LOVE = Life Obviously Very Empty
After paktoh,
LOVE = Life Obviously Very Exciting
liuliu boh?

_butt said...

Eh, maybe it's that band I'm refering abt!! Err.. now I'm not sure if its Grasshopper.. but I always hear that infamous L!O!V!E! in chinese shows wan.. :P

Chen said...

infamous L!O!V!E! ? hahhaa
what a description :P

Pink Winnie said...

ReALLY LIU oh, ur description.!!

Chen said...

pink winnie,
hahhaha.. indeed liu :)

Simple American said...

I been tagged by mistiliu. Stillthinkingabouthowtodoti!!!

Chen said...

hehehhe... take your time to think about it. I wanna read your version of L.O.V.E :)