Monday, October 16, 2006

World Bread Day

Anyone knows 16th October (today) is World Bread Day? Bread is staple food for some and dietary food for others.

What should you do on World Bread Day?
1. Bake bread? (Mmmm... I guess this option is too troublesome)
2. Buy bread from the local bakeries? (This sounds better, right?)
3. Eat bread. (What's the point of buying bread if u don't consume them? But before eating, remember to take few nice shots).

Let's celebrate WORLD BREAD DAY

Tonight I will have Gardenia Bread with Chilli Tuna. What is your favourite bread?


may said...

I ate bread this morning!! much prefer bread to rice. oooh, must also play songs by the band, Bread.

Roti. yumyum and absolutely cool music.

L B said...

Chuppping for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib too!!!

I too had bread for lunch just now ~ together with assam chicken curry!! *burp till sotonged*

L B said...

Too late ~ already eaten!! Unless........ wait a few hours an see...?

Chen said...

Wow.. I ate bread too this morning ;)
Gardenia bread with peanut butter.
I prefer bread than rice too. Can I say rice is less popular than it was before? ;)

wah.. There's actually a band called Bread? I dunno about that :P

kekkekke.. thanks for chupping for the long alphabet company. Thanks on behalf of Mistiliu, Angeliu & Winnliuliu :D

Assam Chicken curry? Wooo.. sounds delicious. I had assam fish curry yesterday night (eat with rice :P)

Eeee... I only want to see the bread prior to consumption...
Not the "after product" :P

ah nel said...

ohh...Happy World Breast Day to you docter...

mistipurple said...

hahaaha Ah Nel can only see the word 'breast' :P *runs and hide*

thank liu LooseBalls for chupping for us! did you tell Loctor about your klanging bola problem yet?

Chen said...

ah nel,
this ah nel sibeh HS
*see no evil*
Happy World Bread Day to u too :)

yeah loh..
I really no eye see

apa tu 'klanging bola problem'?
I liak boh kiu,
Catch no balls :P

Mr.Goober said...

wah..if i knew i would've made myself known as Mr. Bread!

but...why is there such a day?? oh well, time to eat some breads now

mistipurple said...

it's a men's thing i think. lol.
LooseBalls might be too embarrassed to tell liu. Angeliu & i discovered his liuliu problem. it has become more pronounced when he liuliu dig for sandcrabs, in the sand of course. he goes klang klang klang when he walks. sounds serious to me. :P

Chen said...

mr goober,
better not :P
I prefer to call u Mr Kacang than Mr Roti ;)

Bread in itself means so much to many people that it truly deserves a World Day :)

Eating roti sapu mentega kacang?
Oops, sorry..
u shouldn't eat peanut !!

sounds so complicated :P
Just now I *see no evil* when ah nel mentioning World Breast Day,
now I *hear no evil* pulak

Pink Cotton said...


luckily i ate bread oredi!

hmm i ate bread with cream cheese just now..i told u i m feeling restless bukan?then i go outside to kiap some bread for myself ma..WAHAHAHAHA

no wonder suddenly feel like eating bread loh! its BREAD DAY!


my fav bread ah? i LOVE GARLIC BREAD =)

Pinky_piglet said...

i ate bread this morning also, Turkey Apple bun bought from SuMo...nice nice to eat...hehee..
chen, the photo like like roti canai o...sedap makan??

Chen said...

pink cotton,
no wonder lah u disappear for a while just now after telling me u r restless.. I tot u go mandi, neh.. shower with cold water ;)

I like garlic bread too
but not those hard like stone punya garlic bread :P

pinky piglet,
turkey apple bun sounds yummy :)

that one is not roti canai leh..
those are french toast
I prepare & masak punya :P

mistipurple said...

i love sandwiches. any type also make me happy. jam with bread, ham with bread, egg with bread, curry with bread, everything works with bread!!
sometimes at work, actually all the time at work, i think of eating bread only. but hard to find simple sandwich. must ta-pau but abit lazy. :P

Red Sponge said...

BREAD + kaya...mwhehehe my breakfast since i start primary 1 until now... of my nick in primary school days - breadman! 'x'

Chen said...

simple sandwiches is nice
bread + butter
bread + peanut butter
bread + strawberry jam
bread + kaya
bread + luncheon meat
bread + chilli tuna
bread + bak kua !!!!
now I gila bread liao :P

red sponge,
roti + kaya = your all time favourite? No wonder u so kaya (rich ) liao.. eat kaya since small :P

not breadgirl meh?

mistipurple said...

bread with the orange color kaya also very nice. the last time type of bread very nice. not like the now mass produced type. can liu remember the kopi tiam soft soft brown/black crust type? they slice thick thick then generously cover with the orangy color kaya, aka basketball brand. and then got butter somemore. wahhh... what i'll do for a slice like that now? got money also hard to find oredy.

Simple American said...

Bread is so good. Just try and eat whole grains cuz it is healthier too.

And don't forget some nice bread spreads. Like Chen's peanut butter. Yum!

Chen said...

sounds like the "Benggali bread" sold by the Roti Man on motorbike :) The bread are in loaf form with dark hard crust and is cut into the thickness we desired. Those bread are not mass produced :) Normally most people will cut the bread into thick slices :)

u sounds like my hubby :D
He always insist on eating wholemeal or whole grains bread ;)

Peanut butter plus jam..
yum yum :)

angel said...

Yippie!!! Got chup here also! Tenkiu L Beeeeeee!!! Sek sai lei!!

From now on, can I call you Lokter Loti arr? :P

I like noodles better :P

Oklah my fav bread would be the toast from Old Town Kopitiam! Liu!!! The bestest!

And also those from Sun Moulin bakery and Bread Story...

mistipurple said...

yes yes, that is bengali bread ah? sometimes sweet sweet also. i like. now hard to find. if have, not authentic enough.
like the chincheong farn. last time the gravy is reddish. now all blackish type. not the same anymore. maybe carcinogenic reasons no more but still..

Chen said...

fulamak.. apa pasal call me Lokter Loti pulak.. so liuliu geh the name :P

I prefer wantan more than noodles :P
nyek nyek

Toast with butter & kaya from old town kopitiam ah? and eat together with hot black coffee? ;)

We call it as Benggali Bread in Penang. I dunno whether there is other name for it else where ;) The Benggali bread here is not sweet leh.. it's plain white bread :)

Trying hard to figure out what is chincheong farn.. Issit the same as chee cheong fun? :)

mistipurple said...

yes yes cheecheong fun! hahahaa. *slaps head*
the benggali bread got another kind, a bit fatter and rounder. that type sweet taste wan. and yes i like the normal benggali not-sweet wan also. i am confusing you alot right? that is so my speciality. lol

Kenny Ng said...

i remember last time radio station got an advertisement about how bad is 'skim cepat kaya' in the end the person kena cheated said... 'apa boleh buat? makan roti lor....' LOL

Anyway... bread r expensive nowdays. makan roti lagi pokkai... hahaha

Cynthia said...

i like wholemeal!! slice, bun, any shapes!

i love rice as much as bread. hahah

angel said...

Becos liu like loti so call u Lokter Loti ;) I smart anot?? Hehe...

Ei, misti & lokter loti, if mangkali cum and read the comments, both of u sure kena liu 9-9 wan! *LOL* :P

mistipurple said...

eh Angeliu!! mangali will be pleased no end. he might want to wear his turban and start baking those delicious bread again! kkhhkkhh!

ah nel said...

*no wonder that nite in room 205 someone mouth full of karlic smell when she laugh*


papercrazy said...

Aiks...I missed the bread day>>>No wonder during lunch yesterday, there was an inner voice asking me to buy bread but I ended up buying char siew pau....

I have dissapointed the bread community.

*go and make Happy bready day card to compensate*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

bread makes me fat..

carcar said...

happy bread day.

so wat day is today?

Winn said...

i love uncle toby bread

but i dun love butter. no kaya. no strawberry or any kind of jems, no condense milk......

peanut butter stil ok.

the bread skin, no like oso but still wil leat if liucas refuse to clear them up for me..

Chen said...

Hehehe.. I thought got some new food which I dunno of earlier on.. :P
Really confusing lah ..
Wah... Misti specialize in confusing ppl? Fuiyoh..

Hahhaha, but true also. Roti nowadays are expensive
unlike during those early days during my primary school time..
20 cents can get one tausah bun oledi.. or 7 buns for RM 1.
Now? More than one ringgit per tausa bun :P

I remember u like bread, cos u told me previously u r “Fan thong”  Rice pail :P

Chen said...

I like lotsa other things too leh..
I like Bak Kua too..
Hope u don’t call me Locter Bak Kua then, muahahahhaha

Shhhh.. Don’t tell mengkali about what we craps here :P
Just keep quiet .. Sshhhh…

hahaha.. true also hoh?
Mana tau?
Might be he will bake more buns & more muffins :D

ah nel,
If that someone read that, sure she will phik phiak u :D

Chen said...

paper crazy,
Eeeyah, how can u do that?
U let all the bread down…
No wonder the bread feel so depressed :P

Abuthen, char siew pau indeed taste better than bread

How about char siew pau? :P

Happy Bread Day to u too..

Looking at the calendar on the wall..
Today is Tuesday lah, my dear Carcar :P (don’t piak me, okie?)

I always "bully" ah boy by feeding him bread skin and he happily sapu all (except sometimes if he merajuk lah)...

Sshhh…. Don’t tell him that is bread skin :P