Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sarawak : Limbang

Limbang, a peaceful town in the northern region in Sarawak, is located between the two halves of Brunei. Limbang is a "passer-by" town for most travellers, who pass by Limbang either to go to Kota Kinabalu, Miri or Mulu. This is one of the towns I stopped by on the way during my short journey from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu.

Pengkalan Jabatan Laut Limbang

The Milo susu or Teh Tarik muddy Limbang River (cannot resist to relate things with food)

A thriving village with wooden houses across the Limbang River. I guess these are the residency area for the fishermen in Limbang.

Local fishing (with fishing net) at the Limbang River river bank together with his kids.

This two-storey wooden building is Limbang Museum. The building was previously an old fort built by Rajah Charles Brooke in 1897. During the Brooke’s days, half of the ground floor was used as jail while the other half for storage purposes, whilst the upper floor housed the offices of the Resident and the District Officer and their staff.

Limbang Town

We had a good laugh when we saw this traffic light... The "No Traffic Light" Signboard on the traffic light post :P


Kenny Ng said...

errr... never heard b4 the place name... looks nice, will try to visit there if got chance.

L B said...

*Hand-delivering Muffins for Ah Boy...*

Chen said...

This is the first time I go to Limbang too :) I stayed there longer on our way back home. Visited the small regional museum, buy some foodstuff from the Pasar Tamu and bought some snacks from the local grocery shop :)

Ah Boy sayang u
he is now busy savouring the yummy muffin & mg choy ngor...
really kek sei yan

carcar said...

aarh... next time i dare not drink milo or teh tarik already :(

Pink Cotton said...

WAH the town quite happening also ho?never been to limbang b4 :P

eh the museum sure got momok wan...since it was a jail before..muahahahhaha

Chen said...

okie okie..
next time u drink kopi-O ;)

pink cotton,
Cos it's sort of "out of the way" - too far away.
This is my first time to Limbang too.
But I can consider myself going there twice liao..
The "to-and-fro" trip.. hahahaha

Aiyah.. relate jail with momok pulak. Talking about momok reminds me of ah ben :P

Loong said...

It does look pretty modern ... hehe.

Red Sponge said...

hey, the no traffic light sign is farni ler...wondering what is the purpose having the sign...

wah...u "song" la...visiting from town to town..;p

may said...

that "no traffic light" sign is a riot! almost as good as my song for question #10... feel like makin' love...

Chen said...

I haven't been to Miri yet.
Might be one of these days :)
If u r still there, I can go & kacau u :D

to remind the drivers there is no traffic light on that road kuah?

"song" for a short duration only lah.. but I want to be "song" again end of the year :P

And that is not the only "no traffic sign" in Limbang. There are few others in town too.. So hilarious :D

Mr.Goober said...

now i know where milo is manufactured..

Anonymous said...

nice town.... i like it...
peace full

mistipurple said...

peaceful town. i'll visit later tonight. i mean come and read again afterwards. now i go eat loti. just balek. nite nite loctor loti! :P

angel said...

aiyo this mistiliu so late oni makan loti...

the Limbang that i remember was from my Ilmu Alam/Geografi lesson, tempat penapisan minyak... :D

_butt said...

Eh how come the 'no traffic' signboard is there wan? *scratch head*

Simple American said...

I think it looks neat. Don't know if I want to live on top of the river though.

The museum looks interesting. I always like to admire the old architecture.

This is the pole that is formerly a street light. Sort of reminds me of the artist formerly known as Prince. hehe

Chen said...

mr goober,
This milo is indeed very nutritious hoh? :P

pisang goreng,
Peaceful & quiet.
To those who are used to nightlife, then life here might be boring to them.

kia si wa..
I thought u like Limbang so much that u wanna visit Limbang tonight earlier on :P

Misti so ko lian this loti is your dinner or supper?
Don’t tell me that is your lunch !!!

Chen said...

Misti manyak sibuk, no time to makan :(
Tempat penapisan minyak ah? Issit ah? I dunno about this leh..
I thought tempat penapisan minyak is somewhere else?

to reminds the driver that there is no traffic light in that area kua? :D Further down the area, there are few “real” traffic light post ;)

I guess I don’t mind living on top of the river for few days, but not for long period of time.
Somehow, I feel more secure living on the land.

Points to add on for the Limbang Museum. The original building (the museum) was burnt down in 1989.
It was rebuilt again on the exact site maintaining the original design and architecture.

Kristopher said...

nice......... the traffic light like that also can ahhh.... hehehe

Cocka Doodle said...

Whats the attraction there ah? I've been tempted to visit Limbang but never did.

Winn said...

aiyo...me same as carcar. got no appetide for milo or teh tarik now!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Thats a good traffic light sign, whatever works eh

Chen said...

First time I see such traffic lights ;) Wonder if such “traffic lights” are available elsewhere besides Limbang :P

I don’t really know what are the attractions there.. We visited the Limbang Museum, had a stroll along the Limbang River, visited the Limbang Waterfront, bought some foodstuffs from the Pasar Tamu and drove around the Limbang town

Wanna go Starbucks for coffee then? Starbucks don’t serve Milo nor Teh Tarik :P

I won’t believe such “traffic light sign” exist if I didn’t see it with my own eyes earlier on :P Hahaha, seems like nothing is impossible ;)

ah nel said...

limbang are those bruneian heaven which cant find in brunei...

Chen said...

ah nel,
no need to go till so far lah, Bruneian can go to the nearby town Kuala Lurah, next to the border :)