Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ramadhan Treat

Bought these buka puasa (break fast) foodstuff from the Ramadhan Bazaar. Tak puasa pun boleh beli makanan kat sana, kan?

Roti Jala (roti = bread, jala = net; So in conclusion, Roti Jala = Net Bread? kekeke... Don't throw rotten eggs roti jala at me, okie? Mmm... I think it's better to call it as Latticed Bread :P)

Chicken Curry (the gravy for Net Bread Roti Jala)

Pasembur, the mouth watering Indian Rojak - shredded cucumber, turnip, bean sprouts, beancurd, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, prawn fritters, sotong etc etc served together with the sweet & spicy gravy. However I prefer Penang Fruit Rojaks more than Pasembur. Winn, we go makan fruit rojak next week, okie? *wink*

I have forgotten what is the name of this kuih.. bla bla ayam.

Curry Puffs with potatoes filling.


Winn said...

CHUPYES!!! i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak i wan rojak !!

with kiwi and oranges?

*chen u ok ar ? haha*

Chen said...

eeee... u tell the whole world what i told u in ym.
Must piak u liao with kiwi..
or should i throw oranges at u?
cannot lah.. later i won't have anything to eat with my rojak sauce liao..

those are the only fruits available in the fridge mah :P
must use whatever resources I have ;)

angel said...

Multiple Chups for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib!

Ini datin lupa dia mya kompeni lagi... tsk tsk tsk... :P

Dun care!! I wan! I wan! I wannnnnnnnnnNNNNNNN!!!

mistipurple said...

rojak ah??? i want i want oso!!!!!

Red Sponge said...

muuu...i wan rojak too...

Chen said...

TQ liu for chupping for the long alphablet co :P

Cannot blame itu Datin Winn,
cos we too syiok talking about dogs :P

u also want rojak ah?
U balik kampung or not during this raya hols?
come lah, come back home :)
so that we can ajak u out makan rojak too :P
else we will MMS u the rojak photo that we sapu... LOL

mistipurple said...

i like to eat roti jala. my favourite. i also like one type of desert. i think got gula melaka syrup on top of the white and green kuih. they sell in little tubs. vely hard to come across. only buka puasa this type of occasion then can find.

mistipurple said...

take liu loctor for informing us Angeliu posted. but i hurry not in time. sari half way drop on way.

Chen said...

kekkeke.. u laff rojak too?
(laff = love, my liuliu definition)
I just realise the liuliu gang likes rojak leh...
winn, angel, misti & me..
semua suka rojak :D

give u the indian rojak first :D
will think of u when I eat Penang fruit rojak next week...

red sponge,
wah.. another rojak lover
everyone loves rojak eerrr? :D

i dunno whether u r talking about Tee Nya Kueh or not? a Nyonya dessert (chewy kueh served with gula melaka @ palm sugar syrup). I have posted picture of Tee Nya Kueh in one of my old post :)

today is a busy day & night for poor Misti hoh? :)
U take your dinner liao or not? :)

Cynthia said...

nice nice.
here no ramadhan. we eat 24/7 =)

Cocka Doodle said...

These days, whenever ppl mention rojak, I think of this fellow all appetite disappear liao.

Chen said...

I can tahan not eating but cannot tahan not drinking, especially on hot sunny days.. :)

that one is the inedible rojak ;)
u never makan him before, how u know he is not nice to makan? :P

Daniel Yiek said...

Hungry already!

L B said...

Aiyoh, can I have a little bit of everything there? Especially the Kalipap? *sigh* Now I have to go cook my own dinner again.. so sien liao.. My tummy making very loud sounds, and it's not KLANG KLANG KLANG!!!

may said...

I'm a fan of roti jala! and a bit of karipap please too, thank you... *holds out plate*

Simple American said...

Those curr puffs look 100% wonderful. Like net bread. It just sounds cooler than latticed bread. I'm scared to eat anything latticed.

_butt said...

Perfect for breakfast too~~!! ^^

izso said...

Oh my freaking goodness.. that looks soooooooooooooo good... *drool*

Kenny Ng said...

ahhh... where is KFC, McD, Burger King, A&W?... opsss I gone too far liao... LOL.

lynnx01 said...

Rojak in Miri still the best! Specifically Krokop 5 one.

Pink Cotton said...


the indian rojak i like the crunchy kueh..dono wat is that :P

and the curry looks mouth watering oooo

*steal chen's drumstick!*


zeroimpact said...

I like the bazaar too
Can buy so many food there

Mr.Goober said...

blabla ayam looks like chicken pie..does it taste like it as well?

yteh said...

Hi... just visiting... your pics make me hungry... yummy. Will visit again.

Chen said...

late supper? :)

can can…
roti jala setengah, karipap satu, pasembur 2 sudu…
in exchange with your giant muffins :D
what’s for dinner? Giant chicken pie? ;)

u want karipap too?
No problem…
Fast-fast take back karipap offered to LB (before he realise) to give to Maymay :P

I gave half of the curry puff to my dog and he loves it too :D
Eating “latticed” thingy gives u the choking sensation?

Chen said...

in fact perfect for breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner & supper..

Get yourself some foodstuff from the bazaar ramadhan before it ends..
Few more days to go :)

KFC, McD, Burger King, A&W are still available in their respective outlets :P

Never tasted the Miri Rojak..
Will give that a try if I visit Miri in the future.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Shhhh.. don’t shout so loud
Later everyone will look at u :P

The name for the crunchy kueh is... the crunchy kuih?

Errr.. that piece of meat in the chicken curry is chicken wing leh..
Nyek nyek..
So no drumstick for u to steal :P

I haven’t go to the “big scale” bazaar in town yet..
Only went to the ‘small one” nearby my working place :)
One of these days I will visit the one in town area….

mr goober,
it looks like but it’s not :P
The blabla chicken is some sort of kuih made from flour with chicken meat fillings.
I like it.
I bought the same kuih for the past 2 days :P

You can feast the food with your eyes. Hope u enjoy your visit here :)

Winn said...

u finsihed ur strawberry oredi ar?
else can use as rojak ingredient too

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

waaaahhahahhahaaaa Kari Paps!!!!!

papercrazy said...

Anything rojak, I'm ON!

so the mouth watering, no pulut or lemang ah??

U guys syiok 23rd public holiday....oso can eat chapati one day and the next day rendang.

* cry while eating the putu mayam*

See Fei said...

so mouth watering can die lidat! next time must give WARNING FIRST lah cos unker here on diet wor...:-(

Chen said...

yeah loh.. habis sapu the strawberry long time ago oledi lah..
so tonight I will have kiwi, oranges & tomato rojak. (so colourful)

yeah hoh?
How can I lupa about Karipap Boy?
*smack forehead* :P

Another rojak fan :)
The bazaar ramadhan I went to is a small bazaar next to my working place. They didn’t sell pulut or lemang. Must go to the bazaar in town area this coming weekend liao.. before the Ramadhan ends..

23rd Oct is not public hol in Sarawak ah?

*curi the putu mayam from papercrazy while she was busy crying.. LOL*

see fei,
unker? Where is the unker? :P
Give warning first ah?
Mmmm… next time I must inform one day before hand liao what I gonna post the next day :P

Pink Cotton said...

hmm i look up look down look left look right ...still look like drumstik bo..

boohoohoo i m soooo hungry now..but stuck at office cos NO CAR.. MUUUUU

Chen said...

pink cotton,
eeeee.. why your eyes cheated u?
no good one :P
Noticed the chunk of meat at the botton right hand corner?
That's the "wing" :P

Poor Pink Cotton..
don't worry..
your beloved personal "driver" will come & pick u up soon :)

ah nel said...

can i hv tauhu rojaks??? ;)

angele said...

OMG!!! I'm hungry now!This pasembur thing looks yummy. *drooling*

Among all those dishes,I know only the chicken curry!We also have roti here and we usually accompany the roti with chicken curry and other kinda dishes.Ohh and the roti I know is different from the one on the pic.

Chen said...

ah nel,
can, of course can...
why not? :)
one plate of tauhu rojak with extra kacang :D

The pasembur is indeed yummy :)

oh? how about the curry puff? :)
the roti u talking about..
is it roti canai?

angele said...

Uh..actually the roti I'm talking about is also called farata here in mauritius.
Check this link:

You'll have a pic of what it looks like =)And there's a recipe also...just in case u like cooking and wanna give it a try =D

Chen said...

The faratas looks like the roti canai (Indian food) we have in Malaysia :)
The ingredients looks the same.
Is faratas = paratha?
if it is so, then we are talking about the same thing :)

angele said...

Yeh I guess we're talking about the same thing here. =P Same ingredients and same roti...except for the name.Lol.

And u know what?My cousin just brought some roti and chicken curry for me this evening.She made it herself.Hihiii

Chen said...

same food but different name.
nasi lemak & roti canai are the common breakfast for most Malaysians :)

wah.. home made roti & home cooked curry? nice :D

papercrazy said...

Apa lah this lokter....People cry did not console, yet curi the putu mayam some more

23rd mana ada holiday? Kita orang sini no deepavali holiday lei...

Have to wait until 24th to eat curry liaw lor..

*Quickly hide my putu mayam underneath my blouse so that lokter wudn't curi*

Chen said...

since u busy crying, so I eat on your behalf :P I haven't eat putu mayam for quite some time already.

yeah, Swak tarak Deepavali hols.
But at least u all have Good Friday & Gawai hols :)

Hide putu mayam under blouse?
Don't care... can curi as well :P

Anonymous said...

I like roti jala... long time no eat liao... :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
go, go & get some...