Thursday, October 19, 2006

Timber Trailer Crash

On 9th October 2006 noon, on our way to Kinabalu Park, we witnessed this.... road blocks and an overturned trailer lorry carrying timbers.

Typical Malaysians will stop by to have a look at the number plate of the vehicle involved in the accident (so that they can buy 4-digit-numbers later). I'm not the typical one, cos I didn't pay any attention at all to the number plate (Buying numbers is not my cuppa tea). I presume this was a fatal accident, and even if the victims survived, they were be in critical conditions judging from the scene.

The overturned timber trailer from different angle...

This is the snapshot of what I read from the local newspaper the next morning. Three men were killed on the spot when the trailer lorry they were travelling in crashed near Kpg Kiau junction here yesterday morning........... Initial investigation showed that the driver was driving fast & lost control of the vehicle, resulting it overturning. The three men were pinned to their seats & succumbed to severe injuries.

Do drive carefully especially during this coming DeepaRaya Festive Season. Don't drive recklessly. Treasure your life and remember your loved ones at home....


L B said...

CHUP first, read tonight, ok, can? Chup for everyone in the Co!

L B said...

I remember whenever I am driving in Malaysia, I used to curse a lot at trucks, and lorries, and tour buses that are speeding to hell.. Sorry these three had to die, but at least glad they didn't cause harm to others.

may said...

oohh, that's so unfortunate! drive safe, y'all. better late than never, all that.

and CHUP for everyone not in the Co! :P

Chen said...

can, can..
read tomorrow night pun boleh :P
now our company has become the Pte Ltd Co, thanks to Angel ;)

errr.. I thought u want to read tonight? :P

Some long distance express bas drivers really speed like there is no tomorrow :( They are not only playing with their own lives but put many other lives in danger too.. their passengers and all the other road users..

Nice & meaningful saying --> Drive Safe & Better to Late Than Never :)
Wow.. basically you & LB chup for everyone liao.. hahhaha..

carcar said...

thanks LB for the chup!

oh my! so scarry! yeah one of my sarawakian fren told me bout those driving and timber truck driving skill... erm, is kinda like bet with their life.

13th Panda said...


Kenny Ng said...

Good meseege for all drivers. Wish all have a safe journey home during this festive season.

Chen said...

yeah loh.. sad to say that.. many people still "playing" with their lives. Lives really have no value meh? :(

13th panda,
hope everyone can do that..
but still, there are lotsa "selfish" drivers out there who only think of themselves..

u coming back home this festive season?

Mr.Goober said...

chen, hope you don't mind me using this space for a while.

gotta inform you, about the little ammendment to the pic about the mirror match challenge. Thanks~

Mr.Goober said...

thats one serious crash.
i bet the road was wet..

Red Sponge said...

pha pha...

but never follow a timber trailer too close...

mistipurple said...

so tragic. sometimes they rush rush to complete more trips to earn more. then kill themselves and everyone in their way. :(

Chen said...

mr goober,
my eyes are still blur blur after staring at your picts for so long :D
Gotta rest my eyes for a while :P

It rained the night before but not that morning. I presume the road shouldn't be wet when the accident occured.

red sponge,
I never like to follow trailer, big bus or big lorry too closely cos I can't see what is in front of those gigantic vehicles. Always keep a distance in between. In fact I hate to drive behind those gergasi besar :)

we can anticipate more accidents to occur during this coming festive season whereby everyone rushing to balik kampung :(

Anonymous said...

Well it is the festive seaon ..... may all who travel have journey mercy to reach their destination safely

Kenny Ng said...

chen, no... i have to on call standby duty incase got heavy rain in KL. If KL flood I gonna in big trouble if I'm not around.

angel said...

kenny, so what are u gonna do if got flood in KL? becum like superliuliuman and blow the flood water into the sky to be turned into clouds again arr?

Shucks! Wot am I toking?? :P

Lokter, so that means when the kokokai cross the road during this Deeparaya, they must look left and right many times b4 they cross, rite?

Cocka Doodle said...

Some of these irresponsible truck/bus drivers are high on stimulants.
I can't help, but put the blame on those who issue the license to them and JPJ for the lack of tough enforcement.

L B said...

I couldn't resist reading, because I kaypoh too, a little bit.. Couldn't wait till tomorrow night, otherwise you think I pengsaned from the shock.. Scared like Teflon jump outta Frying Pan liddat..

Kenny Ng said...

LOL @ Angel...
If I'm superliuliuman... no need stay in KL la... can fly to KL anytime la. Actually I have to duty in my office control room to forecast all rivers water level, if it's in danger level I have to activate the siren to inform people who live nearby the river. I also have to inform Police, Bomba, JPA3... for emergency rescue. Am I superliuliuman enaugh? I save KL people life wor... kekeke

Chen said...

Are u on call during the festive season?
If so, hope u have a quiet & peaceful on call :)
Headache when on call during festival time, cos lotsa MVA cases…

u really plays a very important role.
KL people should be grateful to u :D
Heavy rain is good too in a way..
At least can wash away the haze
But hope not to the extend of causing flood :)

LOL at your comment to kenny :D
Kenny the Malaysian version of Superman
(so long geh the name?)

Kokokai cannot cross road these festive season..
Else they might end up become ayam panggang

Chen said...

on stimulants?
I heard rumours that some of the bus drivers and other heavy vehicles drivers are illegal immigrants too..
dunno whether true or not

There are just too many temptations out there :P
Hard to resist at times..
Well, well…
Kaypoh a little bit is alright
Kaypoh a lot is alright too, hahhaa..

Hehehe.. might be if u wait till tomorrow night,
I gotta send Liucas to do the rescue oledi..
U remember right?
Liucas knows how to perform CPR :P

cos u r the Malaysian version of Superman,
not the original superman..
hahaha… haven’t learn all the superman skill yet
one day u will pick up..
and can fly here & there within seconds ;)

u r indeed VIP
save KL ppl life woh..
very important person :D

papercrazy said...

sad case, inconsiderate motorists

I doubt the government's instruction of reducing speed limit during the festive season will help. Heard over the radio this morning there are a substantial number of accidents happened during the balik kampung thingy..

sad sad sad

Chen said...

MVA will still occur if the motorists refuse to change their "attitude"... Sad to say that most motorists don't follow the speed limit :(

_butt said...


Simple American said...

That looks simply horrible. Glad you were not on the road then.

Chen said...

yeah :(

luckily that day when we were on the way to Kinabalu Park, it didn't rain.. else the road might be slippery...
By the time we finished our visitation to Kinabalu Park & Kundasang War Memorial in the evening, the mess had been cleared...