Sunday, October 22, 2006


After I posted up Good Old Times - Old Good Times - Old Times Good, we (Me, Carcar & Cynthia) had a group conversation in MSN yesterday night.
Cynthia : u guys make me cry, celaka.
Cynthia : I'm very ‘kan dong’
Carcar : don’t kan dong
Carcar: We were talking bout u for the past few days.
Chen : yes
Cynthia : Why me ah?
Carcar : Old timer frens mah
Chen : Recalling those good old days mah
Cynthia : I know… can u imagine that
Carcar : wat?
Chen : Imagine wat?
Cynthia : That’s why I wanna cry man..
Cynthia : Imagine.. such a short time.. but it looks like we know each other for years
Chen : yeah
Carcar : yes
Chen : Cynthia, carcar has a request leh..
Chen : Just now, carcar suggested to ask Winn & Cynthia to write similar post on good old times. So Cynthia… can u?
Carcar : Yes
Cynthia : I’m half way writing.. Chen kacau.
Chen : Woo

What Cynthia mentioned is indeed true.
Even though it's just one year, but it seems like we have known each other for ages. Carcar even dedicated a song 红蜻蜓 (Red Dragonfly) by 小虎隊 to Cynthia, Winn and me in her blog. Since I have the mp3 song, I will upload it here. (Hahha, none other than... so that we will remember about this and can listen back to the song dedication over & over again in the future :P).

红蜻蜓 (小虎隊)

oh oh oh ~



These are our comments for the song in Carcar's blog.
Cynthia's comment :
thanks for the is very lovely!
that 'little tiger' dragon fly.
*wo men dou yi jing zhang da..hao duo mong hai yao fei*
wish you all the best!!!!
p/s: my hug is ALWAYS bigger than LB's one, ok? ;)

My Comment :
nice leh this song...
syiok syiok
I like
I remember listening to this song previously during form 6 time :)

Carcar's reply :
hi cynthia,
yes 小虎隊!
wish u all the best too! congrate that u loose weight but still keep yr soul, yr property and yr DIGNITY!!!
haaa... *5*
and yes.. confirm your hug is BIGGER than LBs'!!

hi chen,
yeah syiok lah.. now you, me, cynth are here... winn don't know where...
when you listening to this song at form 6 we are at std 6...
*i never say is generation gap ok*

This Carcar.. hahahha... reply lidat, must piak sayang her... I replayed the song 红蜻蜓 over and over again yesterday night . The lyrics put me in deep thought too.. mmmm.... 红色的蜻蜓 (Red Dragonfly), the 玻璃弹珠 (marbles/guli) ... I miss those childhood days playing guli with friends :)


carcar said...

oh my... you put me in tears too... yes.. thanks for this post, because the song in my blog will soon be replaced by another song, but our frenship is something cannot be replaced by any other thing!

cheers! for your friendship! for both cynthia and myself to success in our exam! for winn to have many more #200 comments in her blog! and for you to continue to have us as your most lovely and cute fren!

may said...

awwww... *sniff sniff*
ain't that the sweetest thing!!
good friends are simply wonderful jewels, aren't they? :)

Chen said...

don't cry leh..
cos i running out of kleenex..

yeah, the song u put in your blog will be replaced by other song with time. And our friendship is... PRICELESS :)

All the best to u & Cynthia for your coming exam. I remember.. this coming Tuesday & Friday.

Ooops about the comments in Winn's post. Just now I chiak pah boh su chor, I go & count the comment I left in her last post.. Wah.. hak sei ngor
90 leh..

F.R.A.N.C.E. (Friendship Remains And Never can Change)


Running out of Kleenex liao..
can use Carcar's sleeve to blow nose :P

Yes, good friends are wonderful jewels, and they are pricessless. :) Nice knowing u too, Maymay & have u as my sotong sister.

Cynthia said...

it is the sweetest thing ever, indeed.
i feel like crying happy for the friendship! it is GOLD! =) nope. gold is abit chepa PLATINUM. ah~!!!

cry also because I 'think' i losse some weight...and my breast also shrink abit. celaka! they r my soul, my property and my DIGNITY!!!!!!!!

CRY!!!! ;)

Chen said...

very very sweet..
as sweet as your pink coloured strawberry Tim Tam..
or even sweeter :D

aiyayayak... don't cry leh..
sniff sniff can liao :)
give u a Pink Ribbon

u really lost weight lah, not u 'think' :) Regarding breast shrink, that one I can't help loh.. but we can give u a big big group hugs

*hugs Hugs HUGS*

L B said...

I can only give small little hugs these days.. arms not long enough... legs not strong enough.. head not wide enough.. but still can give hugs, eh?

May we all live in happy times...

Chen said...

aiyak.. LB is shrinking !!!
LB, u must use Energizer batteries..
so that u can stretch your arm long long long long like what is shown in the energizer advertisement ;)

Can, small little hugs also can,
Big or small hugs, semua sapu..
Tak kisah. :)

mistipurple said...

liu all so tellible. i read oredy oso my eyes moist moist oredy.
*runs away and find towel, since Chen no more kleenex*

Chen said...

sorry oh Misti,
poor Misti..
make u eyes moist-moist pulak
all my fault :(

looking up & down for big-big white karer towel.

_butt said...

*hopping by*

Wah.. very sentimental.. *whispering* OK, I better not kacau the 'hei fen' here.. :)

*hops off*

Ohh.. forgot something..

*hops back*


*hops off again*

Chen said...

since when u become bunny?
from butt --> jadi bunny pulak :P
hopping here & there...

u forget your carrot?
okie okie..
here's your carrot :)

btw, u r not kacau-ing the hei fen leh
your presence is mostly welcomed :)

mistipurple said...

hard on the exterior is just a defense mechanism. i think vely hard to be a human.

mistipurple said...

*tucks loctor to bed*
quick liuliu sleep!

Chen said...

most humans are not emotionless beings.. (except a small minority lah)

TQ Misti,
I go zzzzz liao
u don't stay up too late too, okie?
good night :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaah!!! reading this post is like watching korean drama liddat....cry cry lah..hug hug song summore...

Eh?? Got 18sx summore....the one about boob shrinkage. Hahahaha!!!

mistipurple said...

nite nite loctor. :)
i will replace flower pots tomolo.

angel said...

U play guli wan? How to play ah actually? I dunno punya... it's a boys' game wat, no meh?

I only play 7 batu (chit liap buah), hop-scotch (chit chit chom), and ka li tui (dunno the engrish version of this game *LOL).

a^ben said...

waiseh` everyone all wanna cry`

*io ka chng with dragon fly*

so long din see dragon fly liaw` i still remember last time go catch dragon fly` then ended up in mud` hahahaha childhood yrs` oooolalalala :D

Chen said...

korean drama lidat one meh?
dunno ah..
cos I never watch
i know taiwan drama series (in the past) is lidat lah.. that's why i don't watch taiwan drama series liao.
nowadays, i only watch HK drama series :P

Cynthia piak u with bishop nose then u know :D

good morning misti :)
just let it be...
Don't worry :D

I play all sort of games in the past :D Flying kites, chasing games, catching fish, batu seremban (5 stones) & chit chit chom etc etc. How to play? Throw the guli to hit the target :P

I dunno wat is ka li tui.. :P

i tot u wanna fly together with the dragonfly leh..

The last time I see dragonfly was when I went kayakking in Kuching. The dragonfly rest on our paddles leh... So we stopped paddling for a while cos of that :P

Trying to imagine how the muddy small ah ben looked like :P

mistipurple said...

i played longchiampass. even now everybody will give me strange looks when i say that. then they all themselves got different words come out also. you liuliu me? hahhaaa i always confusing.

Cynthia said...

chen: sweetER than the tim tam. =)

cocka: you are not woman at my won't understand one lah! Hahahah

Chen said...

Wah... apa tu longchiampass?????????
*imagination runs wild*
u conpius me again :P

yeah yeah yeah..
I tasted tim tam yest and I can't disagree with u.
u r indeed much Much MUCH MUCHHHIE sweetER than Tim Tam :D

_butt said...

*hops in again*
hehe.. no worries, this butt-->bunny transformation is temporary punya.

no wonder I can't find my carrot la.. you curi-ed mine already! LOL.. kiddin' nia.. I liked this treasure friendship kinda thing.. so waaaaarm.. :)

Chen said...

wonder what else can this Butt transforms to..
tat day hoh, the spam detector in LB's blog thought Cocka's & your comments are spam. I told LB if Cocka & Butt = spam, then what about Cocka + Butt =?
Guess what comes to my mind?
Bishop Nose...
okie okie, lame joke :P

Hope this cute sweetie labbit doesn't get angry & hop far far away, hoh.....

your carrot very crunchy leh..
I like
Good to made ABC soup too :D

Kenny Ng said...

Fuah!!! old time story ah? really can cry one lor... eh, u also play guli ah? that was my favorite game when i was a kid la...

L B said...

every time, not one day lah.. these bishop nose's comments!! LOLOLOL!! Wanna carrot?

AceOne said... drama show here.

velverse said...

wow.. such a strong and lovely bond. :D

Awwww... how sweet :D

Loong said...

Ahh ... how about "Hu Die Fei Ah" (Butterfly Fly ... literally). Forgot who the singer is ... perhaps "Huang An"?

Red Sponge said...

flooding here?



Chen said...

i hope u didn't cry leh.. :P
I played all sort of games in the past :) I have guli of different sizes.. the mini-sized guli, the normal guli and the bigger guli :)

So colourful..

bishop nose & carrot?
can cook ABC soup with bishop nose or not?
More nutritious then...

real life drama
Kisah Benar...bukan cerita rekaan :P

Chen said...

Yeah. I guess u get to know lotsa people through blogging too, right? :)

Dunno that song leh.
Might be u can ask Cynthia.
She knows lotsa old old songs..
Including the songs from her parents' generation :D

red sponge,
The floor is now mopped clean :)
No more flooding..
Everything is under control ;)

mistipurple said...

*phew* lucky here normal traffic.
(better close mouth)

longchiampass, leh, that one lah. you hold your hand in a fist behind your head, and vice versa your friend oso. then say longchiampass! on the word 'pass', both of liu show your hands, ie. open from fist position to whatever liu choose lah.
hahahahaa i say so long, now i remember, it's also called 'paper scissors stone' game. hhahahaha exprain until saliva all drooled all over my keyboard.

ah yo, i think i backache oso. donno why. didn't rescue stray cats leh..

mistipurple said...

ah, now i remember why.
i washed dishes at my friend's deepavali celebration at his house. every year i liuliu wash dishes. very cham. dare not say i cannot wash alot. skin oso sensitive. back oso ache. lol!

Robin said...

yes, I used to like this song too..

and the little tiger are now big

13th Panda said...

i can still recall this song..:-)) it was popular when i was in primary school

Chen said...

*touch wood*
scared of heavy traffic leh..
traffic jam = headache :P

longchiampass = paper scissor stone ah? cakap awal lah.. kakkakkaa...
I presume most of us knows this simple yet pleasurable game and grow up with this memorable game.

so cham ah? backache?
come come.. massage for u :D

The cubs have grown up to be adult tiger :)

13th panda,
Song of the old days :D
I listened to this song during my Form 5 or Form 6 time :)

Mr.Goober said...

that song sure is a classic..
i think it was sung after our primary school graduation

*cries* and sticks face on wall

Chen said...

primary school graduation song?
wah.. that's indeed nostalgic

instead of a pat on the pod, I will give u a pat on your back :)

I can't remember my primary school graduation song..
mmmm.. i don't think we had a song or sang any song too..

come to think about it, I don't even have a single photo of my primary school classmates.. we didn't have any class photos in the past..
so sad..
wanna look back also nothing to look at :(

*sob sob*
*cries & stick face on da wall together with goober*

labbit said...

hahahahhaa.. LOL!! yalor.. duno why lar, sometimes I comment ppl's blog but kena treat as 'spam' pulak.. haih..

*gasp* so you did stole my carrots!! waaaaaaa... couldn't get strawberries from Angel already gau cham u sumore took my carrots awaaay to make ABC soup? sumore never gimme some.. waaaaaa


Chen said...

since when this butt changed name to labbit? :P

I guess those were the days when the spam detector has PMS? I kenak few times too in the past. Might be cos we have features of spammers? LOL

sorry for curi-ing your carrots..
what to do?
wanna make ABC soup but run out of ingredients..
so i gotta grab whatever essential ingredients that I come across :P

u wanna ABC soup?
last bowl.. ;)

YD said...

aiyo... lokun ar, you keep on putting up the old good songs i would have run out of kleenex liao loh...

hmmm... actually your "old songs" are not too old, cuz i m listening to the same period of music.. and sometimes by influence of grandma, i fell in love with some older in 60's...

more kleenex please! =)

_butt said...

*drink all the soup in one gulp*

*lick lips* (labbit got lips?)


yummy!!! the labbit is now on full stomach.. will curi more soup later.. to be continued.. LOL

Chen said...

nice mah to listen back to old songs :)
songs from the 60's?
Wah.. u even more keng..

Kleenex out of stock liao..
give u scott instead :P

labbit drinks too full liao later cannot hop leh..
sked u might vomit if u hop with full stomach :P