Monday, October 23, 2006

Winn-ing with Winn

I met up with Winn today @ 4 pm since she balik kampung to Penang :) Of course not forgetting the handsome white prince doggy,Liucas, who is so affectionate and so adorable. Jumping up and down when he sees me. Luckily Winn didn't piak me with Liucas cos yesterday night I spammed her post (yeah.. the sweet #88, #100, #188, #200th, #288th and #300th comment). We went to Swatow Lane for late lunch early dinner. Gosh, traffic jam on the road everywhere (everyone busy doing their last minute shopping for raya tomorrow?) I was considered lucky cos I managed to get one legal parking lot nearby the makan place. The hawker stalls in Swatow Lane are packed with people too... (macamlah ikan sardin) . Finally we managed to spot one empty table after exercising our ocular (eye) muscles extensively. Phew........

Swatow Lane is one of the places in Penang whereby you can get most Penang hawker food "under one roof" - not the real roof but the imaginary roof, since these are street vendors :P

Char Koay Teow. I'm wondering how much money the CKT vendor earns per day since he was frying non stop..There are hundreds of broken egg shells seen next to his stove. Winn cakap might be the CKT is tasty cos of the additional ingredient - his sweat on the CKT :P

Tee Nya Kueh - The chewy Nyonya dessert served with palm sugar syrup/gula melaka.

The Fruity Ais Kachang (mango, chiku & banana) with lotsa atap chee (Phua Chu Kang mother's favourite ingredient) topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Penang Fruit Rojak. The rojak that we have been "dreaming" of since I chatted with Winn few nights ago :P

Finally.... After the makan session, we continue our chit chatting session - talking about the spam & havoc created on her latest post, on our doggies, this and that... In short we yakked about everything under the sun for 2 hours before we finally decided to make a move. Nope, not sending her home yet but bringing her to my cosy home to see my cute & adorable Ah Boy. Ah Boy was so happy to see Winn and started manja-ing with her. We continued our yakking session again while playing with the doggy. Somehow Ah Boy merajuk half way... kekekke... kena provoked cos of food? :P


nyonyapenang said...

aiyooh, penang now very jammed-packed ah. am thinking of taking a drive up.
see your pics, beh tahan ledi la. ;)

mistipurple said...

chup then read, then drool.. drip drip..

may said...

Penang CKT and rojak buah!! gosh, I miss eating a really good plate of CKT liao. can tapau some for me please? tengkiu!!

mistipurple said...

so happy you all had fun! and wah vely crowded Swatow Lane. next time must teach Ah Boy how to char kuay teow hor? Liucas maybe learn oso, since he oso can type now. Ah Boy oso can, wah, they both clever.

Mr.Goober said...

hey..that tee nya kueh, looks new to me!! never seen it, but looks like it's sweet and slupry no?

Chen said...

I guess the Malays are busy doing last minute shopping :) But the jam here is not as bad as the one in KL. Hope no more traffic jam tomorrow since I need to buy birthday present for a 3-year-old kid :)

Nyonya, Come, come..
Mari balik kampung :)

kekkekek.. don't drool so much till become dehydrated leh..
Later really have to set and put up drip for u liao ;)

Bila Maymay nak mari Penang?
If I tapao, I scared the delivery man might curi makan half way and the food will be gone liao before it reach KL.
That's why the cookies u sent me never reach Penang in the past... kekkeeek..
Fast-fast call Winn to tapao some back before she balik KL :P

Chen said...

Yeah loh.. even though so late liao (4 pm) still so many people makan-ing.
Ish.. Summore today is Monday leh..
I guess.. Penang people eat non stop around the clock? LOL
or... too many outstation Penangites balik kampung to Penang for the long break, that's why the place is so packed??

Ah Boy too "small" to cook leh..
Small in term of size :P
Ask him to cook, I scared he will eat all the CKT by himself :P

mr goober,
I don't think the tee nya kueh is available in Kuching :) I guess it's not available in KL too..

the kueh by itself is tasteless..
but after adding in the palm sugar syrup, it become sweet :D

zeroimpact said...

Oh miss the food there
Must think when to visit Penang again
*think think think*

angel said...

rojakkkkk!!! why i can't go into my komen box wan???

angel said...

have i been banned???

angel said...

i dun like the tee-nya-kueh... but i like the syrup hehehe!!!

Aiyooo!!! Blogger is liuliu tonite izit??? Or izit only me??? Mine?? Mine???

Chen said...

Come come
No need to think so long leh..
Just come :D
Char Koay Teow, Fruit Rojak, Curry Mee, Penang Assam Laksa, Oh Chean etc etc are waving their little hands calling u :)

Fruit rojak rocks !!

Something wrong with the liuliu blogger tonight too lah, so don't worry.. u are definitely not banned ;)

kakakak.. wah.. don't tell me u "eat" the palm sugar syrup instead... so the liuliu sweet :P

L B said...

Wahahahaha!! So nice the food!!! No wonder you asked me not to come to Penang lah.. You want it all to yourself!! LOL!!!

Kenny Ng said...

OMG!!! My all time favorite Char Koay Teow!!! *crying now*... Still got Tee Nya Kueh? Wow!!! I think I never eat it abut 20 years already! Really miss it... argghhhh~~~~!!!!! *crying more harder*

carcar said...

u got mention my name not when chatting with her?

aiyah, when cynthia come back, we all old timer must go up and gather gather again, sound good ya?

u say no watching tv how u know atachi is PCK's mom favorite? hehe... got secretly watch neh..

Anonymous said...

Aiyo... ais kacang with atapqi....

I'll never look at CKT the same way again: I'll have to watch to make sure the CKT man fries it right.... 'CKT satu, tak mau peluh....'

Simple American said...

It all looks so good. But no pictures of the real treat. Winn and Liucas. ;)

lynnx01 said...

Air liuh meleleh now... nevermind, in 45 mins, I am going to hari raya open houses!

Chen said...

don't say so loud lah I want all the food :P
still dunno where is the mouth watering duck drumstick that u r talking about leh..

When u balik kampung time, we go makan duck egg Char Koay Teow with lard. This one is indeed... *slurp*

I presume Tee Nya Kueh not available in KL. Never see that during my 5 years stay in KL in the past :)

Got. We mentioned your name several times. U'r a big "star", dun u know?

Yes, yes.. when cynthia come back, u all must come too. u like penang assam laksa? The stall next to the longkang in air itam market is her favourite :P

Nyek nyek.. u still remember i don't watch tv. Nowadays I don't watch mah, but previously I watched... Many many years back. I still remember mah..

Chen said...

Once upon a time, I went to the Chowrasta Market to buy one big packet of atapchi back home.. but until now I still haven't finish the atapchi & it's still inside my fridge :P

Or.. to be 101% sure no peluh drop inside the dish, u can opt to wipe the sweat of the CKT man with a big towel while he was frying CKT :P

The "real treat" pict is inside my mind ;)

wow... Raya Open House? o.O
i wanna eat ketupat..
i wanna eat lemang..
i wanna eat sate...
i wanna eat rendang...
i wanna...
*lao hao sui*

a^ben said...

wah~ song si~ wa ma ai ciak!!! hahaha

but hor..

make sure wun lao sai! hahahahaha :X

mistipurple said...

long time ago i ate at our hotel's special buffet of penang food. all these hawkers dressed nice nice in chef's baju and cook/fry/mix all these liuliu food. but hor, i think not the same without their sweat and dirty grimy tee-shirt. not authentic enough. lol.

Cynthia said...

aw mannn!
thats one of my favorite places for food!!!


Chen said...

bila ah ben nak mari penang?
i will bring u jalan-jalan cari makan

won't lao sai wan lah..
u r not angmoh :P

hotel or restaurant hawker food doesn't taste as nice as the roadside hawkers' or street vendors' food :P

Swatow Lane say hi to u :)
Bila nak mari? :)
I love the chee cheong fun there too

mistipurple said...

i learnt so much about malaysia after reading all of you. especially the food, lol! but that is enough eh? even to the extent that i will share with my malaysian colleague about this place and that, and if he has gone to all these places to makan!

zeroimpact said...

Wei doc... now you make it sound scary liao
waving hands of the food eh
Sounds a bit like halloween is coming early for me

Pinky_piglet said...

long time din eat those makanan le la...i tried the penang CKT when i visited penang...really different from kuching punya CKT...nice to makan...hehe...

_butt said...

You make me craaaaaave for CKT now.. *drool*

Chen said...

good hoh..
we learn new things & upgrade our knowledge everyday..
I wanna learn more about Singapore too :)

must use our imagination a bit mah
use a bit can liao...
else will become hallucinating liao

Pg CKT is indeed different from other states' CKT :) I'm not promoting Penang (well, I'm not Penangite) but Penang CKT is still the best :D

Give butt one bowl of ABC soup first :P

mistipurple said...

when i read malaysia's food, i think singapore's ones are all there, though a bit 'diluted' here. :P
your side's still more authentic. i think most/some derived from your side. of course we may have a few unique here, but you know what? i paiseh cannot really think of any without them being already at your end.

carcar said...

hey misti, we have white hokkien mee which m'sia dont have, remember?

mistipurple said...

188 coming!!!!!
princess anjali's house! quick quick call all your impersonators and chup chup chup!!

mistipurple said...

carcar!! is it? ya hor, my malaysian fren tell me malaysia's black color. heehee. at least got something now. lol

Winn said...

wow ur post is up!

the connection is so so so slow tht i cant even blog hop properly. looks like ive missed out a lot.

ehhhhhhhhh chen. tell la the ah boy story!! HAHAHA LOL. faster y u missed that out i purposely logged into ur blog to find out the story lehhhhhhh....

eh i wanna eat the laksa by the longkang next time. ok

Chen said...

sure got something different leh..
at least the Singapore laksa is different :P
I heard my cousin telling me about the laksa, but I have never tasted Spore laksa yet :)

wah.. white hokkien mee?
i want i want..
bila carcar wants to cook that for me?

#188 calling?
okie okie..
run as fast as I can to Angeli punya castle :D

KL hokkien mee & Penang hokkien mee is different too.. Penang hokkien mee = prawn mee :)

yeah.. I conteng & put it up liao yesterday night :D

kakkaka.. that juicy part ah?
i purposely left out.. for u to write mah.
If I tulis all, then u don't have anything to write liao..

next time the meet up venue is..
eating penang assam laksa by the longkang :)
no problem..
kao tim:)

zeroimpact said...

Don't want to hallucinate la
Not nice
Heh heh heh
By the way...
You're tagged

mistipurple said...

ah yo, don't keep saying the laksa by the longkang leh.

Chen said...

how about delusion then?

i'm tagged??
okie okie..
running to zeroimpact punya blog to see what issit about :D

cos that nice laksa stall is indeed located next to the longkang mah.. in the air itam market..
very famous wan..
very yummy..

i always eat assam laksa or tapao laksa from there leh.. :P

ah nel said...

itu liojak mer?seem like fluit salak?

Joycelyn said...

aiyoh,so yummy...lau chui nua liow

Chen said...

ah nel,
haha, cos we haven't mixed up the rojak sauce yet. :P

Today I had fruit rojak too :)

_butt said...

*takes the hot hot bowl of ABC soup*

TQ!! :D

Where you get the soup eh? from LB ar? :P

Chen said...

of course lah..
don't say so loud :P

Red Sponge said...


lau hao shoi liao!!!!!

Chen said...

red sponge,
I went back for more yesterday evening.. but savour different food :P