Tuesday, October 24, 2006

9 Weird Things

I just get to know half an hour ago, I kena tagged by zeroimpact on the first day of Raya. Dah lah tak dapat makan lemang, ketupat, rendang, sate bla bla.. kena tagged pulak.. Kakkaka... But since I'm so hardworking, I will answer this tag now... without thinking twice :)

9 weird things about myself. Mmmm...

1) I love old songs. I guess most people know about this. I don't listen to new songs. The songs that I listen to are songs from the 70's till mid 90's. I totally have no idea who is the most popular artists or singers.

2) I don't like to watch movies in cinema. I don't watch VCDs nor DVDs either. Not my cuppa tea. Say No to movies. Say No to DVDs too. Yawning...

3) I love hot & spicy food. Tiada pedas, tiada syiok. Manyak pedas, manyak syiok. Ada urmmphhh...

4) I enjoy riding vehicle with 2 wheels. Be it be bicycles or motorbikes. I miss my mountain bike and my Yamaha Sports 100cc motorbike. VvroommmmMMMmmmm..

5) I prefer eating vegetables than meat. My favourite vege is still bilin jungle fern.

6) I use the same ringtone (夕陽之歌) for my mobile phones for the past 4 years despite changing few handphones. From Nokia 3315 to Nokia 6610i to Nokia N73, still using the same default ringtone.

7) I love photography and I can spend hours taking shots of anything that catch my attention.Up to date my highest record is taking 500+ photos a day :)

8) Talking craps is fun, provided I get someone that I can click with... Just had a mega crappy chat session with Carcar, Sengkor and Winn in MSN few hours back. How crappy.

9) And last but not least.. I just discover the fun and the joy of spamming commenting non stop in comment box. Hahahah.. I had posted more than 100 comments in Winn's What is love tag post & manage to sapu the 88th, 100th, 188th, 200th, 288th & 300th comment. Oops.. creating traffic jam in her post. Hehehe.. Winn cakap she finally understand Kenny Sia's feeling cos took her so long to load her post. Sorry yeah.. And not forgetting Angel's latest post Monday's Filler with the 168th and 200th comment. Wah.. The fatt syndrome... The feeling is indescribable.. Syiok :)

Have to tag 9 weirdo-es? Who to tag ah? Throw Dice to decide (I'm not playing monopoly nor mahpoly..) The victims are none other than...
1. Misti
2. Cynthia
3. LB
4. May
5. Simple America
6. Sengkor
7. Kenny
8. Ah Ben
9. Papercrazy


angel said...

First!!! Yat Yat Yat Yatttt!!!

chen's impersonator said...

Weird Fact No. 10:

I am a schizo!!! Like Russell Crowe in the movie A Beautiful Mind.

angel said...

Chups for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib!

*tired tired*

Yeah, agree with chen's impersonator... Kakakakkakaka!!! :P

Chen said...

kakkakka... i thought the fatt syndrome is the in-thing? instead of yatt syndrome?

chen's impersonator,
walao.. this angel..
learn the trick of impersonating lioa..

wai, my dear...
only have to list out 9 weird facts leh...
cannot pandai-pandai list no 10 pulak..
break the tag rules liao..

tired hoh playing the spamming games
Indeed very energy consuming
need to drink ginseng chicken soup liao..

angel said...

Haha! Yeah... u Fatt, i Yatt! We combine becum Yat Lou Fatt!

What me impersonating??
*innocent eyes like Liucat's eyes when cheating in mahjong*

Hahahaha!!! Yeah! Very consuming my mind energy!!! One bowl of ginseng soup for me too! TQ!

*waits for momma misti to boil*

may said...

what, no movies? how can?! ok lah, at least makan is still on your list!

Loktor, I very normal only ler... where got weird stuff wan? *think think*

p.s. my avatar cute anot? haha!

Chen said...

true hoh your liuliu theory :)
wait & see who is the 6th commentor..
add all up become 168
really yatt lou fatt :P

wah.. I saw the 6th commentor liao..
none other than our dear maymay
kekee :P

I guess u need to drink 2 bowls leh.
1 bowl definitely tak cukup :)
mana tu Misti?
I guess she busy choosing & buying kampung chicken from the wet market :P

dunno lah..
i just don't like to watch movie :P
sure got some weird stuff leh..
if no weird stuff, then u write 9 normal stuff about yourself loh..

cute leh your zzZzzZzzz avathar :P
I manyak sukak :)

fish fish said...

Yeah... I came from comment by you from Winn's post. o_O What a SHOCK!

Chen, that needs a lot of time and keep updating yourself with all those 88th and 00th position.


I am even too lazy to update my own blog sometimes. :P

carcar said...

hahaha mega crappy chat session!!

it was AWESOME!!!

hey nothing really new here for me to know you more leh... write something really weird lah.. eg: like you always like to switch identity, imitate other people, other dog...etc..

Chen said...

fish fish,
hahhha... since kam ngam I'm free during those moments :P
Didn't expect the outcome will turn out that way :D

The mega crappy chat session can really beat the mega sales carnival.

The Winnism session
The politicians session
The stars session
The confusing session
what else?
indeed AWESOME :P

regarding switching identity lah, imitate other people lah, other dog lah.. that one don't say so loud lah.. Shhhhhhhhh.... :P

L B said...

Long time never spammed here.....

_butt said...

Chen, you very fast!! like fast bikes!!

*vrooom vrroooom*


Kenny Ng said...

it's weird i kena tag by u again... LOL

Kenny Ng said...

it's weird i kena tag by u again... LOL

Chen said...

oops... the traffic here is smooth..
no traffic jam..
okie? :P

LOL... fast is good mah :P

yeah hoh..
indeed weird
how come lidat wan? :D

Cocka Doodle said...

I love bilin fried with blachan too!
Sadly, sarawak's blachan isn't hot enough, hor?

_butt said...

Wah.. so late still haven't sleep??

Oh, I forgot.. holiday. heheh

Chen said...

Yeah, the food there are not spicy.
Might be most Sarawakians don't like hot & spicy foodstuffs (of course there are exceptions, including me !!) :P

wah.. almost 2 am liao ah?
I didn't realise..
sibuk & still awake cos listening to old songs :P

mistipurple said...

how come liu all can come in earlier huh? blogspot gave liu all special pass ah?
Angeliu told me quikly come in. now i see like got my name kena tagged. i notchet read but saw my name somewhere inside. wah nowsaday not safe even if see nama not in other people's blog.
*wait i tie my sari then i answer this tag ok?*

mistipurple said...

hahahaa, liu really got throw dice or not? *spies under Chenliu's sari*
i numbar 1!! you think of weirdo and you think of me numbar 1!!! liuliuliu *run after Loctor with sambal belachan ikan*

mistipurple said...

i pass up homework oredy!!! nite nite!

L B said...

The haze is lifting.....

L B said...

I also done my homework too....

L B said...

... but not yet post cos you are all still asleep!

L B said...


L B said...

You're supposed to be early bird! Cheerp!

L B said...

*brings out frozen worm*

lynnx01 said...

Your statement No.2 describes me too. Lol.

zeroimpact said...

I love photography too, but then I don't have the capacity to take 500...
But sometimes frustrating when memory is full in the middle of things...
I love the biking thing too... vrrrrooommmmm vvvvrrrroooommmmm vvvvrrrroooommmmm

Chen said...

i have no idea why u can't visit blogspot earlier on. Apparently Carcar facing similar problem too in the past. Something to do with spore? :P

Woh..your eyes are indeed very sharp. Can spot your name from far far away...

yeah yeah.. I borrow Ah Boy's dice to play with. He has a soft toy dice (his birthday pressie last year) :P Big dice easier to throw..

Wah.. so fast submit homework liao..
U r indeed an early bird :)
I will ride my motorbike to your site to have a look.


Chen said...

*knock knock*
wah... spamming here too?

clever lah u..
know we are all sleeping..
I wake up liao.. finally :P
I just wake up not long ago...
syiok to laze around in bed :)
No disturbing waking up call from alarm clock..

frozen worms?
early birds don't eat frozen worms, they eat fresh worms..
like the fresh juicy sago worms
Abuthen, i prefer eating frozen grapes than frozen worms :P

hehhee, u don't like to watch movies too?
*Hi 5* ;)

yes, it is indeed frustrating when we are running out of memory space or batteries kaput..

vvVVvvrrrRrroooMMmmmm is syiok,
manyak seronok :)
but i'm not Mat Rempit :P

mistipurple said...

i vely impressed you VVRRRROOOooommMMmmmmm like that! sure every guy and gal on road will stop and let you pass.

Angeliu, momma make ginseng chicken soup oredy! come and get it! Loctor, come, i scoop one big bowl for you here... *fan fan soup for liu to sip*

ini LongBlek Singh maybe need some ginseng oso hor? for his liuliu activities... shhhh...
oso reserve one big bowl for MAY!! shhh.....
ah ya, WINNliuliu oso need for her drive back.
i go bowl GIANT POT like mangali style pot la... so Everyliuliu here can drink oso.....

Chen said...

I haven't VvrrOoooMmmmm for ages liao.
remembering those days :P
trying to recall back good old times again..
hahahaha :P

your kampong chicken ginseng soup very tasty leh.. :D
can I have another extra bowl? ;)

One big mangali pot..
wonder how many kilos of ginseng u used :P

See Fei said...

no wonder could not get thru to angel comment box lah!

me not too bad i am at 160th!

2 claps for you - cannot imagine how you can live in a movie-less world! :-)

Mr.Goober said...

wow chen..
i didn't know,

you don't like watching dvds and movies??

or no suitable shows so far? :P which isn't possible..hmmm..*me thinkings*

mistipurple said...

psst. LongBlek posted. go grab! i think Angeliu told me earlier but she not there leh.

mistipurple said...

ah yo, i think i really 'lao' oredy. i think she earlier told me, it's your place!!! liuliuliu! *must find gingko*

ah nel said...

i lapp old song oso ler!

phangan said...

lui yan becoming a blog spammer these days? :P hehehe

Chen said...

movie-less world is good :)
can have more time to do other stuff

yeap. I seldom or hardly watch tv too, except certain shows that catch my attention.
I dunno what are the programmes available on tv, but at least I know what are the available tv channels :P
I can leave without tv :P

Thanks for the info, Misti.
I was not around earlier on.
Went shopping and buying birthday pressie for a 3 year old boy :)

any leftover ginseng chicken soup?
U can have some for yourself too while searching for gingko :D

ah nel,
old songs are nice :D

only applicable to certain blogs :P
u wanna join in the crowd? :)

Red Sponge said...

hmm why u dun like movie?

lynnx01 said...

Yeah lo... I can never understand movies. *high 5 back*

pamelo anderson said...

contrary to wat was reported.... i like to watch cartoons u know.....

liucas cruise said...

is it??

can borrow?

ah boy simpson said...

oii why u liucas cruise trying to kao my pamelo anderson!!!! kaka cau cau..!! go back to ur nest!!

*turns to pamelo*.

pam pam...i wanna watch cartoons with u.....but u dun fight me for my food else ur fingers will be forveer gone!! gggrrrrrrrr * SHOWS TEETH*......

Chen said...

red sponge,
dunno why...
but I do watch occasionally :D
not to the extend of not watching at all :)

hahahha... finally I have found someone with similar thinking

trying to figure out who is this :D
Issit Winn?
or Carcar?

don't play-play with Ah Boy :P

Kenny Ng said...

mine done!

Chen said...

wah.. your weird points are indeed weird :P

papercrazy said...

Alamak kena tagged ah??? Soli ah, didn't notice until u told me in my chat box..

Ok, Ok, Paper will try her craziest best ok??

Chen said...

hehee, I guess your weird fact #1 will be... I like paper and I craze abt paper? :P

Pink Winnie said...

weird thing- no. 6th.. i don know the song le..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
夕陽之歌 is one of the "old songs" (1989) by Anita Mui. It is also the theme song of the movie 英雄本色III 夕陽之歌 (A Better Tomorrow III). I will post this song up one of these days :)

labbit said...

No new post yet? :)

Chen said...

no new posts yet?
ada woh...

I had two new posts oledi liao leh following this post..

*point point*
-When Winnism Strikes

phangan said...

lui yan: join the crowd as in spam your blog? :P

Chen said...

kakakkaa.. i know u won't...
u only "spam" in forum :P
nyek nyek :D

phangan said...

lui yan: mana ada wor... i very good boy de... no spam spam :P

Pink Winnie said...

ok.. maybe i ever listen it.. *waiting for ur song lo..*

Chen said...

yeah, phangan is good boi :D
still waiting for your photos taken in Japan leh..
fai ti fai ti

pink winnie,
might be :D
I will post up one of these days..
might be next week ;)

Simple American said...

Sorry I did not know. Will do right away mam. *salutes*

Though I did promise misti too. ;)

Chen said...

u r still not too late :D
Will do right away?
wow.. that's impressive :)