Wednesday, October 25, 2006

When Winnism Strikes !!

Winnism strikes my mind when I was thinking of the title of this post. Why Winnism? Is Winnism = A Study of Winn? Dunno. At least "Winnism" is the blog title for during the early days prior to "Neither Here Nor There".

Yesterday night, I had a Mega Crappy Chat Session with Carcar, Sengkor and Winn. The Mega Crappy Chat Session was much better than the Mega Sales Carnival. We had fun craze and played around with our profile names, besides crappy chat. At least everyone was happy and most importantly our pockets were not hurt at all. The only problem was that I laughed too much during the conversation. Ah Boy thought I was crazy at one point and he kept on starring at me. The poor dog was worried !!

Winn, Carcar, Chen & Sengkor playing :
- Winn is Ghost
- Who is Winn?
- I'm not Winn too
- Then, I'm Winn

Why does this occur? Here is the explanation for this weird phenomena :) Lately, Winn Fever attack few helpless bloggers.. These are the sign & symptoms of Winn Fever - those who kena attack will have confused identity. Luckily the fever is just a mild illness and it's self limiting. Doesn't require any treatment at all. However, the sufferers might have delusions with confused self identity.. Besides mistaken themselves as Winn, some might even thought they are politicians, actors, pets (Liucas & Ah Boy), kungfu stars and... ?? porn star.

At one point during the crappy chat, the sufferers thought they were Semi Value, George Bush, Mahal Tail and Tunku Abdul Rahman !!! Luckily this is a self limiting illness. Those who suffered from this ailment have fully recovered within an hour :)

HOW CRAPPY !! (<-- Sengkor cakap I can use this phrase freely)


sengkor said...

someone, everyone is winn and no one is winn.. yikes, see, i m still confused!

i m not winn said...

no not me not me!! chup first!

winn is bodo said...

u forgot , still got a lot leh ie: tammy , pamela anderson, john woo, ah boy, liucas, .......errr.......what else har?

Chen said...

yeah loh...
indeed confusing..
at the end, i'm confused who am i talking with :P
how crappy :D

i'm not winn,
hahhaa... Winn is not Winn?
how confusing :P

winn is not bodo,
yeah i remember..
i have the screenshot for ahboy & liucas too :P
tammy, pamela, jacky chan..
i tak tangkap tu screenshot leh..
cos busy laughing liao that time :P

may said...

winn... errr... not winn... winnliuliu... winncas...
I lap you anyways!!

angel said...

i'm also konpius... but winnism is liu! i subscribe to winnism anytime!

*woof woof*

Chen said...

indeed confusing :D
hope Winn Fever won't attack u :P
I lap u too..
I'm not Winn too lap u too :D
*so confusing*

Winnism is great
Winnism is unique
Winnism is special

might be we should ask Winn to change her blog name back to Winnism? :P

mistipurple said...

chup first then read.

mistipurple said...

i read so long and then thought i was at Winn's blog. cham ah.

Chen said...

hope u didn't suffer from Winn Fever :P LOL
Indeed confusing leh..
how crappy :D

mistipurple said...

i think liu can diagnose all of us properly; afterall we know who is the accomplice to the crime here. *looks away from guilty person/s* :P

Chen said...

the guilty person??
Wah... who are u referring to?
looking left & right....
looking up & down....
looking front & back....


L B said...

Long before there was Winnism, there was Winn.. And long before there was Winn, there was Win... and long before there was Win, there was Wi.... er... ok...

Chen said...

the story goes back back to..
Long long time ago, Once upon a time... (in the dinasour age?)

.... "snip"

Before there was Win, there was Wi,
Before there was Wi, there was WiFi


mistipurple said...

my pet fish wants to talk to liu.

Winn said...

chen can start a chenism too.....haha

Kenny Ng said...

something about winn? LOL...

carcar said...

this inspire me to write about it also, hahahha

Chen said...

wah... communicating with pet fish?
that sounds interesting :D
mari mari :)

I haven't write about Chen-dol yet :P
Now Chenism pulak :P

Everything about Winn ;)

Yeah.. waiting for your entry :)
After your coming exam on Friday, okie? ;)

zeroimpact said...

Totally pengsan case...

AceOne said...

Aiks, so confusing wan. Who is who ar??

carcar said...

sengkor got cakap i can use that phrase freely or not? or he want to impose fee on me?

How Crappy...


*tongue out*

How Crappy...How Crappy...How Crappy...How Crappy...How Crappy...

Cow Happy!!

ah nel said...

im win all the time... LOL

Chen said...

this is just the tip of the iceberg.
if i posted all the names out,
sure u will pengsan again :P

I also dunno who is who at the end, when more & more different nicknames appearing...
ayumi lah
sukiyaki lah
teriyaki lah
dunno who is who lah.. :P

i specifically asked him liao yesterday night leh..
he cakap that phrase no copyright woh..
so we can use it freely :P

How crappy
How happy hoh?

wah.. now become cow happy pulak

Cow Happy got copyright or not?
can use this freely anot? :P

ah nel,
Winn nel, how are u? :D

carcar said...

ok, no copyright, can use it freely, so long the cow is happy.

Chen said...

the cow will be happy as long as got milk to drink..
cow drink milk meh?

Ai Si loh...
why confused?
Still suffering from Winn Fever meh ?

Mr.Goober said...

so i'm not a peanut..

i'm a winn??
i'm winn!!!

yeah i am!!

Chen said...

sad to tell u that u r still peanut
u are the branded peanut - The Winn Brand Peanut :P

*advertisement time*
Winn Peanut - Manyak Crunchy, Sedap Dimakan

ah nel said...

winel not winn nel... :P

zeroimpact said...

I know...
Even now also I pengsan edi with some in my list

Chen said...

ah nel,
winel sounds like thambi punya nama leh... :P

interesting & confusing :D
who cares hoh?
as long as we have fun :D

mistipurple said...

cow will be happy, as long as you squeeze it's neh neh. *cabut*

Chen said...

The cow might kick u leh if u do that :P